Israelis in Tel Aviv chanting, “There’s no school tomorrow, there’s no children left in G(...)
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This bean looks like a duck
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I didn't do it mama!!!
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Amazingly intricate cut paper designs by artist Bovey Lee
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Fresh Pasta
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Fallout in Minecraft
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A guy's house is destroyed by a tornado. When his neighbors show up to help, they find items pr(...)
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LinkedIn Redesigns Mobile Profiles to Put Relationships Into Context (Karissa Bell/Mashable)
Karissa Bell / Mashable:LinkedIn Redesigns Mobile Profiles to Put Relationships Into Context  —  LinkedIns flagship app has gotten a major overhaul.  —  The company rolled out an update to its
BlackBerry acquires mobile security firm SecuSmart, an anti-eavesdropping provider (Larry Digna(...)
Larry Dignan / ZDNet:BlackBerry acquires mobile security firm SecuSmart, an anti-eavesdropping provider  —  BlackBerry acquires Secusmart, ups voice security ante  —  Summary: BlackBerrys acquisition of German software firm Secusmart is
"Unread" app sales show how hard it is for indie devs to earn a living from paid-up-front apps (...)
Jared Sinclair:“Unread” app sales show how hard it is for indie devs to earn a living from paid-up-front apps  —  A Candid Look at Unreads First Year  —  To my
Enterprise Investments Surge To Over $5.4 Billion (Jonathan Shieber/TechCrunch)
Jonathan Shieber / TechCrunch:Enterprise Investments Surge To Over $5.4 Billion  —  After years of backing headline-grabbing consumer internet deals, it seems that venture capitalists are paying more attention (and more
UK police start placing anti-piracy warning ads on copyright-infringing websites (Andy/TorrentFreak)
Andy / TorrentFreak:UK police start placing anti-piracy warning ads on copyright-infringing websites  —  Police Begin Placing Warning Adverts on ‘Pirate’ Sites  —  For a year, City of London Police have
Flipkart raises $1 billion to strengthen its bid to own India's e-commerce space (Jon Russell/T(...)
Jon Russell / The Next Web:Flipkart raises $1 billion to strengthen its bid to own Indias e-commerce space  —  Its turning into quite a year for Flipkart.  Today the e-commerce
Apple Launches Retina MacBook Pros with Faster Haswell Processors, More RAM Standard (Richard P(...)
Richard Padilla / MacRumors:Apple Launches Retina MacBook Pros with Faster Haswell Processors, More RAM Standard  —  As indicated over the weekend and yesterday, Apple today launch refreshed 13-inch and 15-inch
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War-weary Gazans lash out at Hamas |
But as the body count mounts under superior Israeli firepower, many Gazans are turning on Hamas. A Washington Institute study released this week which surveyed 450 people in Gaza found 70 percent support better relations with Israel. While the poll
Second Beachgoer, 9, Dies After Florida Airplane Crash
No description.
Power - Sex - Money!
This is the inaugural seed in the Power - Sex - Money  Nation.This is Nation designed to focus on those things that I am most interested in.  It is NOT meant to be a political battleground but more a showcase for
Wanna Know Why Republicans Can't Give Up Calling Obama 'Not American'? They've Got Nothing Else(...)
No description.
Turkey condemns Israel'€™s €˜systematic genocide in Gaza
ISRAELI WAR CRIMES CONTINUE: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has strongly denounced Israel’s ‘systematic genocide’ of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, as the Tel Aviv regime continues bombing and killing civilians
5 states that drink the most beer- MSN Money
About this reportTo identify the states with the highest beer consumption rates, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed Beer Marketers Insights recent report on alcohol consumption. Drinking habits were measured in gallons shipped to distributors annually per 100,000 drinking-age adults. Adu …
Study: 35 percent in US facing debt collectors: Associated Press
Wages have barely kept up with inflation during the five-year recovery, according to Labor Department figures. And a separate measure by Wells Fargo found that after-tax income fell for the bottom 20 percent of earners during the same periodI have
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Lost Out on Sex.com? Sex.nyc Will Soon Be Available at a Domain Auction Near You
When the web address Sex.com was sold in 2012 for a reported $2.6 million, it was most likely the highest price ever paid for a single domain name.
20-year-old man murdered in Edo over N2,000 debt
A young man, simply identified as Frederick, 20, was on Monday murdered by his friend over his attempt to recover a N2, 000 , debt.
Commuting the death sentence: how oocytes strive to survive
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The deep roots of the fight for medical cannabis in Wisconsin
The North Hearing Room at the Wisconsin State Capitol was the site of an historic medical cannabis hearing on July 31, 1979.
Just spit on your hand and see what's gurgling around in there
The Scottish woman took herself to hospital complaining that she was tired, incontinent, and losing weight.
Police: Boy, 15, charged with murder in death of teen
A 15-year-old boy has been charged with murder following the slaying last week of a 16-year-old boy who was inside an apartment when he was shot in the neck on the Southwest Side, police said.
Family of 5 shot in Maine: Murder-suicide suspected in deaths of parents, 3 kids
Family of five found dead in Saco, Maine apartment. Parents and three children are dead it what appears to be a murder-suicide.
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Drew's friends who own Seacrets in Ocean City kindly ask you to vote them Coolest Bar Ever in t(...)
New gag order in Fark's favorite state prevents doctors from warning patients about guns or ask(...)
Ebola is nothing to get worried about
Ebola is coming to kill us all
Photoshop this unusual leaf
True of false. You can have a key made and shipped to you by emailing a picture of any key
Want to live longer? Just out run the Grim Reaper
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Prepare for a significant decline in gang activity.
This person made a giant spirograph and its actually pretty awesome. Heres the reddit link where the creator, HaHaBird, talks some more about it.
Yeah, that's right.
The location of the photograph used on the Boards of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children album cover has been found. See it on Google Maps.
"If you care about WisCon, rebuild it."
Last year at WisCon 37, I told a Safety staffer that I had been treated by another attendee in a way that made me uncomfortable and that I believed to be sexual harassment. One big reason I did was that
'Put anything you want in me' said Space to Time, 'and you'll see.'
Leo Vroman, a Dutch scientist, artist and poet who lived in the US for many years, died in February of this year. Elsevier Connect did a great article back in 2012. Its rare that we see people who are great
From Above
How the US Stumbled into the Drone Era As ubiquitous as Predators, Reapers, Global Hawks and their ilk may now seem, the U.S. actually stumbled into the drone era. Washington got into the business of using drones for counterterrorism well
Virginia is for Lovers
The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds the decision overturning Virginias ban on Same sex marriage: We recognize that same-sex marriage makes some people deeply uncomfortable. However, inertia and apprehension are not legitimate bases for denying same-sex couples due process
Even The Stars
Even the Stars is a game about wandering through space without a purpose This game uses text input commands, but you can switch to flying mode with the Space bar.Land and write log entries on findings, some users are sharing
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