Getting dressed before my wedding. Only noticed the belt after the pictures had been distributed.
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3 little purritos.
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ELI5: Why are tobacco companies not allowed to produce flavored cigarettes because it is "adver(...)
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Children who love harry potter book
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Beans isn't scared of no vet
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If glasses become sexy, then having bad eyesight will make you more likely to reproduce. We wil(...)
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New poster for 'Terminator: Genisys' featuring Arnie
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Delhi Uber passenger who alleges driver rape sues in U.S (Dan Levine/Reuters)
Dan Levine / Reuters:Delhi Uber passenger who alleges driver rape sues in U.S  —  (Reuters) - A passenger who said she had been raped by an Uber driver in Indias
FTC shuts down "revenge porn" operation, but imposes no fine (Jeff John Roberts/Gigaom)
Jeff John Roberts / Gigaom:FTC shuts down “revenge porn” operation, but imposes no fine  —  In one of the most despicable scams on the internet, Colorado resident Craig Brittain ran
Imgur introduces new tool to make high-quality GIFs from streaming video like YouTube (Jacob Ka(...)
Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge:Imgur introduces new tool to make high-quality GIFs from streaming video like YouTube  —  Imgurs new tool makes the most beautiful GIFs on the web  —  Imgur has been on a
CyLon, Europe's first cyber security incubator launches in London (Natasha Lomas/TechCrunch)
Natasha Lomas / TechCrunch:CyLon, Europes first cyber security incubator launches in London  —  Europe Gets A Cyber Security Incubator  —  Londons — and Europes — crowded startup accelerator scene is
Spotify working with Goldman Sachs to raise $500M at possible $6B+ valuation; could delay IPO f(...)
Maya Kosoff / Business Insider:Spotify working with Goldman Sachs to raise $500M at possible $6B+ valuation; could delay IPO for another year  —  Spotify Is Looking To Raise $500 Million
Amazon posts $214M profit, $0.45 EPS in Q4 2014 on $29.33B revenue; Prime membership grows 53% (...)
Taylor Soper / GeekWire:Amazon posts $214M profit, $0.45 EPS in Q4 2014 on $29.33B revenue; Prime membership grows 53% year over year  —  Amazon Prime memberships grow 53% in 2014,
FAA imposes 30-mile radius ban on drones around stadium hosting Super Bowl XLIX (Jeff John Robe(...)
Jeff John Roberts / Gigaom:FAA imposes 30-mile radius ban on drones around stadium hosting Super Bowl XLIX  —  Super Bowl will have 30-mile “no drone zone”  —  Buzzing quarterback Tom
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The 82-year-old father of which 1980s teen starlet came out this week, declaring "I'm a gay man"?
No description.
Feds Have Seized 326,000 Pieces of Fake Sports Memorabilia Since Last Super Bowl
No description.
United States and Colombian Law Enforcement Authorities Execute Simultaneous Arrests in Puerto (...)
This morning, U.S. federal agents in coordination with Colombian law enforcement authorities simultaneously executed arrest warrants in Puerto Rico, Florida and Colombia, dismantling an international drug trafficking and money laundering organization responsible for the importati …
The Power of Nonrecognition :: Article II. Executive Department :: US Constitution :: US Codes (...)
“Foreign nations communicate only through their respective executive departments.The Right of Reception: Scope of the Power“Ambassadors and other public ministers” embraces not only “all possible diplomatic agents which any foreign power may accredit …
The Rude Pundit: In Brief: No, Lindsey Graham, You Can't Marry Multiple Partners
Jesus Christ, the Rude Pundit is sick and tired of this lame fucking argument against same-sex marriage. Its been around for years and trotted every fucking time someone on the right needs to make some faux profound point about allowing
Survey Shows Scientists and Public at Odds Over Climate, GMOs and More
No description.
FBI — Four Florida Residents Sentenced to Federal Prison for Roles in $6 Million Miami Home H(...)
WASHINGTON—Four South Florida residents were sentenced today in connection with a long-running $6.2 million Medicare fraud scheme involving Professional Medical Home Health LLC (Professional Home Health), a Miami home health care agency that purported to provide home health …
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Here dwell the fishermen ...
The village is built along the dike around a small harbor well-preserved and behind the same there are fishermen houses built on stilts, overlooking the narrow streets in a maze of narrow streets.
Man found stabbed to death in Belfast
But it was almost deserted today after police sealed off the area to enable forensic investigators to examine the murder scene, which was at the corner of Cameron Street. Detective Chief Inspector Justyn Galloway, from the Police Service of Northern
Top Lingerie trends 2015
Lingerie over the years have been crossing over into daywear and for 2015 many companies have vowed to become more diverse by creating collections to suit every woman.
FolderPie shows where your space has gone
I love this type of utility - on any platform - showing at a glance where all your disk space has gone - absolutely invaluable when having a tidy-up! FolderPie does exactly what it implies, though actual deleting of files
Inflow velocities of cold flows streaming into massive galaxies at high redshifts
We study the velocities of the accretion along streams from the cosmic web into massive galaxies at high redshift with the help of three different suites of AMR hydrodynamical cosmological simulations. The results are compared to free-fall velocities and to
You're spending more time playing mobile games than ever before
The average time spent playing mobile games in 2014 increased by 57 percent compared to 2012, according to a report from industry intelligence group NPD Group . The study reveals that people spent about 3 hours every day playing games
Neighbors say man killed in fatal Middletown fire was a 'nice guy'; coroner IDs victim
The only visible signs of fatal fire that killed a man and his dog were two open windows, faint burning smells and splintered wood near one of the buildings four entrances on Tuesday morning. James McMeniman, 54, died of smoke
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New Jersey went on pron binge during winter storm Juno
"Life like" polar bear roaming London would be mistaken for real bear, except it hasn't actuall(...)
Guy who has been to Best Korea 140 times and is totally not an agent for their government would(...)
Baby too young to be vaccinated held in quarantine after outbreak of herd stupidity
Fark Food Thread: When you're putting together a fancy, romantic meal for a special someone, wh(...)
The media are starting to realize people lie a lot on sex surveys with "shocking" findings that(...)
Photoshop this sledging slider
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Adventures in tastelessness at The Onion
Another joke of Carols was to say, on a crowded subway, Did you hear about Marias new boyfriend?I enjoyed this, so Id always go, What? Marias dating someone? Id be pleasantly surprised. How longs this been going on?Carol would act
The Fire on the 57 Bus in Oakland
This happened where I work and live, its a devastating read about ignorance, healing and forgiveness Well balanced NYT article about Sasha Fleischman, an agender teen who fell asleep on a city bus and was set on fire by a
A bad day and a dark, dark tango played on the accordeon, out of a boat.
Mal día - Pascuala Ilabaca (SLYT)
Head-butt Victims: 2 Goblins (Pig Men?)
The Head-butts Of Our Lives: The Filmography Of Jason Statham
Buy high, sell low
Treading Water by Laura Parker Phil Stoddard, in his third term as mayor of South Miami, is one of the few politicians willing to talk about when that time might come... He drew a graph with three lines that show
It was called the Golden Age of Civilization for a reason
Women Murdering Men in Western Art History: The Venn diagram of female devotees of Dionysus who savagely tear apart Orpheus and parties I would love to attend has an overlap of roughly 100%.
"oh my god your life is a slim erotic novel..."
Realizing you were gay/bi - Anecdotes shared via Twitter to Mallory Ortberg (The Toast, @mallelis) about realizing the first time that you were gay or bisexual. This is a Storify piece assembled by AKATheReader (@akaTheReader).
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