My feelings exactly when playing the Witcher 3
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Reddit, what is the most quintessential middle class behaviour you can think of?
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Found a starfish in my mussel.
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Trying to get out...
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TIL Due to difficulties importing the necessary ingredients to make Coca-Cola syrup into Nazi G(...)
Mysterious Wooden Idol Found in Russia is 11,000 years old, The Shigir Idol is twice as old as (...)
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I should make a monument in my yard dedicated to the guy who killed Hitler.
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Aborted Wikipedia ban in Russia and GitHub ban in China show how HTTPS encryption can limit cen(...)
Parker Higgins / Electronic Frontier Foundation:Aborted Wikipedia ban in Russia and GitHub ban in China show how HTTPS encryption can limit censorship as governments are reluctant to block the entire
Apple TV 4 coming in October for under $200, Apple TV 3 stays & gets new streaming service (Mar(...)
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:Apple TV 4 coming in October for under $200, Apple TV 3 stays & gets new streaming service  —  Rough mockup of fourth Apple TV vs. third
Why It's Hard to Sue the NSA: You Have to Prove It Spied on You (Andy Greenberg/Wired)
Andy Greenberg / Wired:Why Its Hard to Sue the NSA: You Have to Prove It Spied on You  —  Heres a big problem with secret spying programs in the US:
Google Rolls Out Personalized Storm-Tracking Information In Search Results (Sarah Perez/TechCrunch)
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:Google Rolls Out Personalized Storm-Tracking Information In Search Results  —  With the U.S. hurricane season about to kick off, Google announced today that its expanding the weather-related
Verizon customers with two-year contracts can keep and renew them, and still get phone subsidie(...)
Karl Bode / DSLreports:Verizon customers with two-year contracts can keep and renew them, and still get phone subsidies  —  Verizons New ‘Simplified’ No-Contract Prices Confuse Everyone  —  Verizon is reminding users that while the company
New images of the Blackberry Venice slider leak, showing 18MP OIS rear camera, microSD and SIM (...)
Bla1ze / CrackBerry.com:New images of the Blackberry Venice slider leak, showing 18MP OIS rear camera, microSD and SIM card slots on top  —  BlackBerry ‘Venice’ slider spotted once again in
Steve Jobs actively disdained Washington DC, but Tim Cook's Apple has reengaged in politics, es(...)
Tony Romm / Politico:Steve Jobs actively disdained Washington DC, but Tim Cooks Apple has reengaged in politics, especially on issues like privacy  —  Apple Takes Washington  —  Steve Jobs famously
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University of Texas removes Jefferson Davis statue
A judge last week ruled against the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which sued to stop the university from moving it.
Christian pastor offers atheists $100,000 to prove God doesn't exist, atheist proves pastor i(...)
Evangelical pastor and Internet celebrity Joshua Feuerstein lives in a bubble. It’s a bubble so encapsulating, he can’t see how ridiculous he looks challenging his ideological opponents to prove a negative.In a recent video that’s blowing up the Inte …
This feline feels the Force! Cat sits upright to watch 'Star Wars'
No description.
Fight for $15: the strategist going to war to make McDonald's pay | US news | The Guardian
The Fight for $15 is giving McDonald’s a stark choice: either sit down and work together with us to find a way to lift up hundreds of thousands of low-wage McDonald’s workers or face continued economic war.That warning is not
Palestine Overwhelmed by Illegal American Immigrants | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views fo(...)
If there were a Palestinian Donald Trump, he’d be fulminating against illegal immigrants swamping the Palestinian West Bank. And he’d be complaining that fully 1 in 6 of these undocumented squatters are Americans .Since Americans have trouble understanding the ba …
Scott Walker Calls Border Fence with Canada a 'Legitimate Issue'
While a Trump administration will come complete with the “biggest, best wall ever” along the U.S.-Mexico border, a Walker presidency could well see a fence in the north.
The dilemma of growth: prosperity v economic expansion | Global | The Guardian
Rethinking prosperity is a vital task because our prevailing vision of the good life – and the economics intended to deliver it – have both come badly unstuck. Financial markets are unstable; inequality is rising; and despite the 500,000 or so people
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Sheriff's office: Suspect arrested, to be charged in killing of deputy in Houston suburb
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What your bagel order says about you
Heres your handy chart that explains what your bagel and spread of choice says about you. Turns out your pumpernickel everything bagel isnt hipster; its predictable.
Passing combo carries Oakridge to stunning 45-26 victory in first...
The Eagles passed that goal in a big way behind the passing combination of junior quarterback Brady Luttrull and senior receiver James Cooper III that lit up the scoreboard Friday in the MLive.com Game of the Week. The two hooked
45 murders in 31 days
July saw 45 homicides across Baltimore, a toll that matched the deadliest month in the citys modern history and came amid a violent crime surge that has stretched the entire summer. The killings occurred across the city, overwhelmingly in historically
Cameras for school buses
It is a law that all cars must stop for school buses.The buses give a person plenty of time to come to a stop. The buses have the flashing lights and the stop sign that swings out.
26 cockroaches found inside teenager's ear in Australia
A 19-year-old, who went to his doctor complaining of a ear ache, was horrified when he was told that 26 cockroaches were living inside his ear. Li, 19, recalled that he woke up in the middle of the night with
Top Jeb fundraisers leave campaign amid troubling signs
Top Jeb fundraisers leave campaign amid troubling signs - Three top Jeb Bush fundraisers abruptly parted ways with his presidential campaign on Friday, amid internal personality conflicts and questions about the strength of his candidacy, POLITICO has learned.There are different
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**ding dong**
The man who wrote The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat has seen his last awakening: RIP Olive(...)
You have an evil spirit following you. You must undergo the ceremony of giving me all your mone(...)
Search parties looking for the body of a woman who went missing from a funeral home last week h(...)
Now that Erika has pretty much fizzled out, let's welcome Tropical Storm Fred to the Atlantic
Man jailed for four months for possession of crystal meth is freed ... when police realize it's(...)
The pen is mightier, always
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Chad Crow, the Super Chill Grandson of Jim Crow
Also known as Polite White Supremacy. No but seriously, Polite White Supremacy is very real.... #PWS puts the responsibility solely on the creators of a systemic problem..., addresses the subtlety and casualness with which oppression is administered..., eradicates the all-too-common
"The Capricorns love you with a pure undying magic filled love"
In the summer of 2000 Heather Lynn and Kirsten Nordine started playing synthpop together in Grayslake, IL as The Capricorns. Only one song exists online from their first cassette, The Capricorns Are Gonna Get You. In 2001 Paroxysm Records released
Paper showing effectiveness Golden Rice on Vitamin A levels retracted
Paper showing positive effect of Golden Rice on Vitamin A levels in children retracted. Though the retraction wasnt for any issues around the science (which was solid), but around the ethics. Lead author of the study Guangwen Tang (of Tufts
Build it with timbits, glued together with maple syrup
Wisconsin governer Scott Kevin Walker, currently the 3rd favorite to be the GOP 2016 presidential candidate, is said to have been approached by voters with the idea of building a wall between the USA and Canada. Walker claims some voters
I Could Do That
So you look at a work of art and think to yourself, I could have done that. And maybe you really could have, but the issue here is more complex than that -- why didnt you? Why did the artist?
The End of the Appalachian Trail
Where would they end it? At a stream? On a piece of grass? Maines Baxter State park, which hosts the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, pressures local and national groups affiliated with the AT to address their concerns of
Durham Pop-Up Chorus - no auditions
Birdhouse in Your Soul The Pop-Up Chorus in Durham, NC. has no auditions. Once a month, anyone can show up and sing - people of all ages do. Imperfection is embraced. Birdhouse in Your Soul - They Might Be GiantsHow
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