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If I were stranded on an island with a fully functioning plane and runway... I'd still be stran(...)
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AFL: Australian Football League
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Virtual Reality
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This truck used SpongeBob stickers to instruct drivers on safe passing practices
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Our outrage over China's Yulin dog meat festival exposes a disgusting hypocrisy: "What really m(...)
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Guy in Ireland builds the most amazing looking batsuit
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Facebook Messenger payments are now available to everyone in the US (Natt Garun/The Next Web)
Natt Garun / The Next Web:Facebook Messenger payments are now available to everyone in the US  —  With the help of former PayPal president David Marcus, Facebook first rolled out its payment platform on Messenger
Trucker Path raises $20M Series A to connect independent big rig drivers with shipping brokers (...)
Caroline ODonovan / BuzzFeed:Trucker Path raises $20M Series A to connect independent big rig drivers with shipping brokers  —  This App Keeps Truckers Rolling In An On-Demand World  —  Trucker
Apple's Beats 1 Radio includes short ads and bleeps out objectionable words or whole lines (Jos(...)
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:Apples Beats 1 Radio includes short ads and bleeps out objectionable words or whole lines  —  Surprises From The First Few Hours Of Beats 1 Radio  —
SoundHound iOS app adds Apple Music integration for listening, Beats 1 promotion (Jordan Kahn/9(...)
Jordan Kahn / 9to5Mac:SoundHound iOS app adds Apple Music integration for listening, Beats 1 promotion  —  SoundHound, a popular sound recognition app for detecting and searching for songs and other
Amazon's new open-source encryption library, s2n, implements TLS, aims to be small, light, and (...)
Serdar Yegulalp / InfoWorld:Amazons new open-source encryption library, s2n, implements TLS, aims to be small, light, and auditable  —  Amazons s2n encryption library aims to be small, light, and auditable 
Xiaomi's $160 Redmi 2 smartphone, launching in Brazil, will be company's first sold outside Asi(...)
Loretta Chao / Wall Street Journal:Xiaomis $160 Redmi 2 smartphone, launching in Brazil, will be companys first sold outside Asia and first manufactured outside China  —  Xiaomi Smartphone Launch in
Intel Capital invests in $39M round for certificate and key management startup Venafi (Ruth Rea(...)
Ruth Reader / VentureBeat:Intel Capital invests in $39M round for certificate and key management startup Venafi  —  Venafi has raised a huge $39 million round of funding from Intel Capital,
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Will Greece leave the eurozone? All you need to know
A primer - in eighteen slides. 
DNA evidence clears inmate on death row
For some, Henry Lee McCollum was the perfect example to justify capital punishment. Yesterday, a judge ordered McCollums release - he was innocent all along.
No matter what, Greece will suffer for years - The Washington Post
Whatever happens, though, it is impossible not to recognize that the Greek story will be one of economic tragedy that far surpasses what modern Western civilization has ever experienced. You can see all this easily enough in the chart above, which Ive modified
Vanessa Bayer's 'Friends' impressions crack up Jimmy Kimmel
No description.
Ranking religions on acceptance of homosexuality and reactions to SCOTUS ruling - Corner of Chu(...)
Religious groups have shown a wide range of reactions to U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that gay and lesbian couples have a right to marry. There are some who have applauded the decision. Others have vehemently disagreed with the ruling as an audacious
Put on a potty dress! Urinal frock for sale
No description.
Breaking: Bronze Star Marine to be denied marriage license in San Saba, County Texas - OutServe-SLDN
Today, Jason White and his fiancé Jonathan Means are planning to obtain a marriage license from the San Saba County Clerk. However, the San Saba County Clerk Kim Wells has indicated that she will deny their application for a marriage
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Government to resume net billing in two to three weeks
The net billing system, which was introduced in 2012, allows persons who own renewable energy generators to generate electricity for personal use, and sell excess energy to the national grid. This forms part of measures that the Government is undertaking
Grammar Girl helps you to correctly use 101 troublesome words
So, if you are stumped by how to correctly use biweekly, or dont know when to use bring versus take , or when to use neither versus nor , then her 134-page, easy-to-reference book is for you.
Fight over gumbo spices leads to fatal stabbing in Florida
Police say a fight over gumbo spices ended with the fatal stabbing of a Florida restaurant worker and former Florida State mascot. Panama City police say 33-year-old Caleb Joshua Halley was working at Buddys Seafood Market last Tuesday when he
LG's hexagonal battery promises longer-lasting smartwatches
Quite a few smartwatches are round , so why are they still using rectangular batteries? LG Chem certainly doesnt think that makes sense. It just started shipping a hexagonal battery that should deliver 25 percent more capacity in circular watches,
Prediction of breast cancer prognosis using gene set statistics...
Different microarray studies have compiled gene lists for predicting outcomes of a range of treatments and diseases. These have produced gene lists that have little overlap, indicating that the results from any one study are unstable.
Donald Trump Fired by NBC: VIDEO
The reality TV star, real estate investor and Republican Presidential hopeful was let go by NBC over comments he made at his campaign announcement earlier this month in which he referred to Mexican immigrants as rapists and murderers. Trumps incendiary
Why buy butter when you can churn it at home?
How often do you think about where your food comes from? Does it weird you out that people not only used to know the name of the dairy farmer their milk came from, but also the name of the cow?
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Photoshop these feigning fan girls
Portland pastor: "Yes, let's look at 'Biblical Marriage'. We have marrying your deceased brothe(...)
Dihydrogen Monoxide will kill you and everyone you care about
And there you were, thinking the anti-vaccination people couldn't get any weirder
Paypal dials down deliberate user abuse from a planned 11 back to their current 8
Quietly and with little fanfare, Nevada just made it legal to sleep it off in your car
London: the city that's become so unlivable, even Los Angeles is a step up
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Brighton's probably still pretty expensive.
It starts with a vanguard class of young creative types reclaiming zones of social and economic dereliction, setting up what Ehrenhalt sardonically describes as projects through which a small coterie of local artists seek to display their sheer edginess to
Take with a grain of salt
Are you ready to start using/buying Artisan Salt?You can also buy over 100 different kinds of salt at The Meadow.
Male and female mice process pain differently, study finds
New research into the pain processing of mice has found male and female mice process pain differently, and the discovery may also apply to other species, including humans. Scientists are now questioning what this means for the future of medical
A Rude Awakening
Sitting in his surgical gown inside a large medical suite in Reston, Va., a Vienna man prepared for his colonoscopy by pressing record on his smartphone, to capture the instructions his doctor would give him after the procedure. But as
China Girls, Color TV, And Racial Bias
The Atlantic covers the fight over color TV, the women who helped push it, and how racial bias influenced the evolution of the technology. Of note is the history of bias influencing all sorts of imaging technologies, pushing towards fidelity
50 Shades of Flashheart
50 Shades of Flashheart. The immortal words of Christian Grey put into the mouth of Blackadders Lord Flashheart. (Single serving tumblr.)
still cheaper than a condo
For $350K You Can Spend Eternity In Manhattan Until you open a vault, you dont know what youre going to find, Iverson says. For example: either of two former mayors of the city, one also a former governor of New
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