Pentagon Tells Congress to Stop Buying Equipment it Doesn't Need
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Gagging during a blowjob is really a romantic sound, think about it. Someone is choosing your d(...)
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I found Pepsi Pink in Japan!
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TIL that in Star Wars Tales #19: Han Solo travels through time and crashes on Earth. Han is kil(...)
How the snow peeled away from the bricks
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reddit’s first transparency report
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ELI5: Why have I learned so much about the Holocaust and the war crimes committed by the Nazis,(...)
Is it because I have grown up in the western world and the Holocaust involved mostly white people? Edit: I have obviously read about some of Japan's atrocities during WWII (or else I wouldn't have asked this question), it just
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GIF search engine Giphy raises $17M Series B led by Lightspeed Ventures at $80M valuation (Jord(...)
Jordan Crook / TechCrunch:GIF search engine Giphy raises $17M Series B led by Lightspeed Ventures at $80M valuation  —  After An Approach From Facebook, Giphy Raises $17M At An $80M Valuation  —  Giphy — the
Nokia reports net profit of $502M in Q4 2014, up nearly 10% year over year, higher operating ex(...)
Matti Huuhtanen / Associated Press:Nokia reports net profit of $502M in Q4 2014, up nearly 10% year over year, higher operating expenses in technologies and mapping services  —  Nokia turns to fourth quarter profit buoyed
Reddit complied with 64% of U.S. govt. data requests in 2014, according to its first transparen(...)
Ruth Reader / VentureBeat:Reddit complied with 64% of U.S. govt. data requests in 2014, according to its first transparency report  —  When Reddit revised its Privacy Policy and User Agreement
Microsoft to Invest in Rogue Android Startup Cyanogen (Rolfe Winkler/Wall Street Journal)
Rolfe Winkler / Wall Street Journal:Microsoft to Invest in Rogue Android Startup Cyanogen  —  Microsoft is investing in a hot startup thats trying to weaken Google s hold over Android. 
Nintendo to share up to 70 percent of ad revenue with game YouTubers (Kyle Orland/Ars Technica)
Kyle Orland / Ars Technica:Nintendo to share up to 70 percent of ad revenue with game YouTubers  —  Video partnership program comes with some important restrictions, though.  —  Nintendos somewhat
Facebook invades Yelp, Foursquare territory with geo-specific Place Tips for iPhone (Daniel Ter(...)
Daniel Terdiman / VentureBeat:Facebook invades Yelp, Foursquare territory with geo-specific Place Tips for iPhone  —  Facebook knows that being able to target users with information about exactly where they are
Nickelodeon to unveil stand-alone streaming video subscription service in February (Brian Stein(...)
Brian Steinberg / Variety:Nickelodeon to unveil stand-alone streaming video subscription service in February  —  Nickelodeon to Unveil Stand-Alone Subscription Video Service in February  —  Kid-entertainment giant Nickelodeon intends to follow
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Right-Wing Media Won't Tell You That The CBO's New Obamacare Cost Estimates Are Lower Than Expe(...)
Why Me???
So.....I was checking my emails yesterday, just before I when out. I got a email from Newsvine saying I was made an administrator??? Did everybody else take a step back? Has the whole world gone nucking futz? My literary skills
Bratz dolls with 'makeunders' go on sale in online auction
No description.
Sony's $1,200 Walkman NW-ZX2 for Audiophiles Is Ready for Pre-Order
No description.
The NFL released an extended version of a commercial that will be released during the Super Bow(...)
No description.
Rutland resident describes sensation of earthquake
An earthquake with a magnitude of 3.8 has been recorded in the East Midlands, the US Geological Survey has reported.
10 Senate Ds Think Drillers Should Be Able to Inject Whatever the Frack They Want into Your Water
Last night, I reported on the 12 amendments that the Senate voted on in its latest Keystone vote-a-thon.  However, I want to focus on one in particular: Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)s amendment to close the Halliburton loophole.-by Liberty Equality Fraternity and
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Man found stabbed to death in Belfast
But it was almost deserted today after police sealed off the area to enable forensic investigators to examine the murder scene, which was at the corner of Cameron Street. Detective Chief Inspector Justyn Galloway, from the Police Service of Northern
Top Lingerie trends 2015
Lingerie over the years have been crossing over into daywear and for 2015 many companies have vowed to become more diverse by creating collections to suit every woman.
FolderPie shows where your space has gone
I love this type of utility - on any platform - showing at a glance where all your disk space has gone - absolutely invaluable when having a tidy-up! FolderPie does exactly what it implies, though actual deleting of files
Inflow velocities of cold flows streaming into massive galaxies at high redshifts
We study the velocities of the accretion along streams from the cosmic web into massive galaxies at high redshift with the help of three different suites of AMR hydrodynamical cosmological simulations. The results are compared to free-fall velocities and to
You're spending more time playing mobile games than ever before
The average time spent playing mobile games in 2014 increased by 57 percent compared to 2012, according to a report from industry intelligence group NPD Group . The study reveals that people spent about 3 hours every day playing games
Neighbors say man killed in fatal Middletown fire was a 'nice guy'; coroner IDs victim
The only visible signs of fatal fire that killed a man and his dog were two open windows, faint burning smells and splintered wood near one of the buildings four entrances on Tuesday morning. James McMeniman, 54, died of smoke
Like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli
All day Ive been listening to channel 7 reporters and anchors repeatedly, and non-ironically, refer to the angry sea. Not a single Seinfeld reference.
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"A stowaway who was trying to get to London after sneaking onto an empty plane was discovered a(...)
Inventor of the origami condom -- which came in male, female, and anal versions -- being forced(...)
I don't know what the hell a Bieber is - but it just apologized for being such a Bieber for the(...)
Suitcase full of body parts found in San Francisco. Looks like someone left their heart there..(...)
Cure for cancer found...by little girl...over dinner
Do not taunt the red colobus monkeys. Oh wait, you're one of the world's most elusive cats and (...)
You're trying to kill a cockroach. Do you A) stomp it with your shoe, B) wrap it in tissue pape(...)
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If You Want, We Can Pretend To Be Crows. No? Okay.
Jeff Bridges (The Dude himself) has released an album called Sleeping Tapes. Its a collaboration with Squarespace to raise money for No Kid Hungry. Its also deeply, deeply weird.
Let Us Face the Future - All parties pay lip service to the idea of jobs for all. All parties are ready to promise to achieve that end by keeping up the national purchasing power and controlling changes in the
The men in hoodies and crocs
I want to decide what to do when. That is a major reason why I decided in 2005 to self-publish rather than chase after a record deal. I am independent because I didnt want a bunch of men in suits
if only Soundcloud was higher quality than 128kbps
Aphex Twin is (apparently) unloading over 100 rare and unreleased tracks from his 20+ year vault, now streaming for free on Soundcloud. Late last year, the semi-reclusive and often-inscrutable electro master Richard D. James released Syro, his first official release
Tick Tick Boom
Along the western coast of England, under a half-moon hidden by clouds, a dark Audi sports car with fabricated plates followed an empty road toward a Barclays bank. Inside were five men, dressed all in black, and their gear: crowbars,
Do not look directly into the eyes of the World Science Fiction Society.
Worldcon is the world science fiction convention. Its been around in one way or another since 1939 and is typically hosted at a different existing convention every year. (The Hugo awards are voted on by Worldcon members.) Last year it
Do not add "bruh" or "fam" to your post title just to sound black.
Almost five years ago Metafilter was introduced to Black People Twitter, but Metafilter has no chill. Since then Black People Twitter has become hot af. Compilations of black people being hilarious on twitter that were posted to reddit and a
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