If you could convince the entire human population of one thing, what would it be?
Could be something you feel passionately about, or something that would benefit you the most, or would just be really fun to watch. submitted by spn1452 to AskReddit
This seems like a step backward for South Park
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TIL that in 2005, the DEA reported seizing $477 million worth of drugs, whereas the estimated v(...)
More gaming habits.
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Rose Leslie Joins Vin Diesel in 'The Last Witch Hunter'
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Tomorrows Game
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TIL After his success in the Harry Potter films Rupert Grint bought a 1974 Mr Whippy Bedford va(...)
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Unable to fork Android and keep Google services, Samsung faces PC-maker-like commoditization (B(...)
Benedict Evans:Unable to fork Android and keep Google services, Samsung faces PC-maker-like commoditization  —  Unbundling innovation: Samsung, PCs and China  —  It seems pretty clear now that the Android OEM world is starting to play
Hulu to stream South Park episodes immediately after broadcast, gets exclusive rights to back c(...)
David Carr / New York Times:Hulu to stream South Park episodes immediately after broadcast, gets exclusive rights to back catalog in deal worth $80M+  —  Hulu to Stream ‘South Park’ as More Players Jostle for
Curated Food Delivery Startup Caviar In Talks To Be Acquired By Square For $100 Million (Sarah (...)
Sarah Buhr / TechCrunch:Curated Food Delivery Startup Caviar In Talks To Be Acquired By Square For $100 Million  —  Curated food delivery startup Caviar is in talks to be acquired
Just Like Facebook, Twitter's New Impression Stats Suggest Few Followers See What's Tweeted (Da(...)
Danny Sullivan / Marketing Land:Just Like Facebook, Twitters New Impression Stats Suggest Few Followers See Whats Tweeted  —  Twitter has new analytics available that let anyone understand exactly how viewed
Apple China denies location tracking claims: we're 'deeply committed to protecting the privacy (...)
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:Apple China denies location tracking claims: were ‘deeply committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers’  —  This past week, Chinese State TV called the iPhone
Google expands in San Francisco: leases space at 1 Market Street, buys 8-story building at 188 (...)
Brandon Bailey / Mercury News:Google expands in San Francisco: leases space at 1 Market Street, buys 8-story building at 188 Embarcadero  —  Google expanding its San Francisco offices  —  Google
Bot @congressedits tweets all anonymous Wikipedia edits made from Congressional IP addresses (E(...)
Ed Summers / inkdroid:Bot @congressedits tweets all anonymous Wikipedia edits made from Congressional IP addresses  —  why @congressedits?  —  Note: as with all the content on this blog, this post
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Diet during Pregnancy Linked to Diabetes in Grandchildren
What mom eats during pregnancy dramatically influences not only the health of her kids but future generations as well.By Dina Fine Maron
Parched Texas Town Turns to Treated Sewage as Emergency Drinking Water Source
WICHITA FALLS, Texas—City officials began blending 5 million gallons a day of treated wastewater into their municipal water system this week, launching one of the biggest so-called direct reuse programs in the country.By Mike Lee and ClimateWire
Fighter Jets and Missile Attacks: More Ukraine Violence Erupts"'
No description.
Israeli Ground Troops Enter Gaza in Raid
No description.
Tracy Morgan Released From Rehab a Month After Crash"'
No description.
Can eating too much make your stomach burst? '"
No description.
Romney Ahead In NH Presidential Poll, Christie Close Behind
Tongues have been waging that Mitt Romney just might throw his hat in the ring for a third run at the GOP nomination for president, and a new poll in New Hampshire shows he is still well thought of by
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World Cup 2014: Loss to Netherlands in consolation match completes fall of Brazilian soccer
And so the shakeup and possible philosophy change within Brazils national soccer team begins.
How the public library looks these days
I completed an annual ritual this week - the renewal of my public library card! I almost exclusively use the library for ebook borrowing these days, but my local library system still insists on that antiquated ritual of the card
Israel widens air attack, Gaza death toll hits 135
Israel widened its air assault against the Gaza Strips Hamas rulers on Saturday, hitting a mosque, Hamas-affiliated charities and an Islamic home for the disabled, as Palestinians said the death toll from the five-day offensive rose to 135.
4 civilians killed in artillery fire in Ukraine
Artillery fire killed at least four people in an overnight attack on a residential area in eastern Ukraine, spurring more people to flee the besieged city of Donetsk and its suburbs on Saturday to take their chances elsewhere.
Dave Legeno of 'Harry Potter' fame found dead in Death Valley: Autopsy revealed
Harry Potter actor Dave Legeno was found dead in Death Valley after he had apparently set out for a hike.
Mother charged with abuse in death of infant
Child abuse is a growing epidemic around the globe. Its hard to rationalize, but statistics show a child is abused every 10 seconds in the United States and today, 5 children will die from abuse or neglect .
'Just spit on your camera and see what's gurgling around in there.'
The duo swallow individual frames of 35mm film, excrete them and then wash them.
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Today's camel accident comes to you from (a) the sands of the Sahara, (b) somewhere on the Arab(...)
Forget about the economy, crime, or global warming. Florida officials are worried about: Air Po(...)
Our long national nightmare is over and we can stop lighting candles, praying for and looking f(...)
Photoshop Theme: Ruin a Norman Rockwell painting
3rd Annual Orange County Fark Party, July 19th, 7pm
Seattle marijuana shop has to close its doors because A). It's raided by the cops, B). Doesn't (...)
Chicago gets the weekend started with a bang by seeing 21 people shot on Friday night
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while my guitar not-so-gently weeps
Weeping, wailing Japanese politician inspires copycat guitarist to dizzying heights of emotional expression.
An ornithologist, an editor, & a VP walk into a conference room...
We ornithologists, with our Important Capitals, continue to look Curiously Provincial : copy-editors and ornithologists fight a very pilkunnussija-esque war over conventions of bird names.
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
Japanese Doctor Who (SLYT). A highlight clip from the long-running tokusatsu series which featured a multitude of actors, in addition to a variety of period costumes and wood-and-resin models, and location shots mostly based in a public park or rock
Playgrounds as nightmare fuel
Creepy masterpieces of sculpture and landscaping masquerading as childrens playgrounds. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
I rode my mountain bike over the continental divide and it was so Galaga
Galaga is an excerpt from Michael Kimballs book of the same name about the classic arcade game of the same name. Kimball is also the author of the heartbreaking novel Us and the experimental non-fiction Michael Kimball Writes Your Life
A Life In Bits
For the past 105 days, Ive been tracking everything about myself. Anand Sharma shows the progress of his life through a beautifully designed site. If you want your own micro browser-based momento mori, you might start with the Motivation Chrome
Fascinating Articles About Mental Illness With Misleading Titles
MIT Technology Review summarizes new directions in medical research, while a Pacific Standard writer experiments with Botox to treat depression.
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