Three U.S. citizens last seen with police in Mexico are found dead
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My boss walked into the office like this today
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My boyfriend helped undo my braids
I thought about posting this on a sub dedicated to black women, but I think there are many positives to sharing an "ethnic experience" with a wider audience of women. My hair is natural, thick, and kinky. Lately I've been
As soon as I walked in the door she yelled "get over here".
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Alice in Chainz
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Super Smash Bros 3DS banned me from online play for 136 years.
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TIFU by trying to tip an officer
This morning I was getting late to a meeting, so I decided to hit the gas a bit harder than usual. Before I know, I'm over-speeding on the highway. Not by much, about 10mph over the speeding limit. Two minutes
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Xbox Entertainment Studios officially closed after Nancy Tellem, Jordan Levin let go earlier th(...)
Cynthia Littleton / Variety:Xbox Entertainment Studios officially closed after Nancy Tellem, Jordan Levin let go earlier than expected  —  Nancy Tellem, Jordan Levin Leave Xbox Entertainment Studios Amid Mass Microsoft
AT&T bumps data on $40, $70 Mobile Share Value plans; Verizon bumps data for $100, $80 plans (J(...)
Juli Clover / MacRumors:AT&T bumps data on $40, $70 Mobile Share Value plans; Verizon bumps data for $100, $80 plans  —  AT&T and Verizon Boost Monthly Wireless Data in Ongoing
Will He Ever Return? Head Of Google's Web Spam Team Matt Cutts Extends Leave Into 2015 (Danny S(...)
Danny Sullivan / Search Engine Land:Will He Ever Return?  Head Of Googles Web Spam Team Matt Cutts Extends Leave Into 2015  —  The head of Googles web spam team, Matt
Come Out, Come Out: The Tim Cook Moment Is Here (Kara Swisher/Re/code)
Kara Swisher / Re/code:Come Out, Come Out: The Tim Cook Moment Is Here  —  Looking back, I guess we in the media might have asked Apple CEO Tim Cook if
HTC predicts better sales in 4th quarter after 3-year decline, 3rd straight quarterly profit (A(...)
Aries Poon / Wall Street Journal:HTC predicts better sales in 4th quarter after 3-year decline, 3rd straight quarterly profit  —  HTC Sees Brighter Fourth-Quarter Sales  —  Smartphone Maker HTC Faces
Samsung says Microsoft deal invites 'charges of collusion': filing (Dan Levine/Reuters)
Dan Levine / Reuters:Samsung says Microsoft deal invites ‘charges of collusion’: filing  —  (Reuters) - Samsung said its collaboration with Microsoft on Windows phones raised antitrust problems once Microsoft completed
HP's smartwatch lacks sensors and touchscreen, has 7 day battery life; starts at $349, Nov. 7 ((...)
Michael Hsu / Wall Street Journal:HPs smartwatch lacks sensors and touchscreen, has 7 day battery life; starts at $349, Nov. 7  —  Michael Bastian Creates a Smartwatch That Looks Like
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Brownback Hit With New Tax Revenue Shortfall Right Before Election
New data released Friday, just a few days before the election, showed October tax revenue was 15 percent below projections in Kansas, a bad sign for Gov. Sam Brownback (R), who helped usher in the tax cuts that has helped
Name for my New Nation
I am currently thinking of creating my own Nation, however I yet to establish a name for that Nation.  I would like ideas from my Democratic friends out there.  This Nation will be to address the lies, propaganda, corruption, and
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The Good Dogs of War
Dogs began appearing on U.S. battlefields during the Revolutionary War, though often as pets and mascots. During the Civil War, according to an 1862 article in Harper’s Weekly, a dog named Union Jack ran toward a spray of shells, barking
Texas boy sets his faltering eyes on a bucket list - CBS News
DENTON, Texas - Nine-year-old Ben Pierce of Denton, Texas isnt blind - at least not yet. But he is practicing for that eventuality.Born 17 weeks premature, Ben suffers from a condition that is slowly stealing his sight. He has already lost
China's October factory growth unexpectedly hits five-month low: official PMI
BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinas factory activity unexpectedly fell to a five-month low in October as firms fought slowing orders and rising costs in the cooling economy, reinforcing views that the countrys growth outlook is hazy at best.
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Three people shot after fight breaks out in Queens nightclub
Another woman was shot in the buttocks and leg, while a bullet grazed a male victims hed, according to cops. A woman was killed and two more people were shot when a fight broke out at an after-hours party in
A checkbook-like register GUI lets you enter and track bank accounts stocks, income, and even currency trades. A full set of reports allow you to see the state of your finances.
Tiger Costume Fools Police, Man Charged with Possessing Bestiality Porn
Summary: A man who had a fake bestiality sex video of a woman and a man in a tiger costume was arrested when officers believed the tiger was real. Somewhere, a tiger costume designer should be patting himself on the
Man charged with murder in SWAT officer shooting
A suspected Mongols motorcycle gang member was charged with murder Thursday in the killing of a Pomona SWAT officer during a crackdown on the group. The charge against David Martinez, 36, included special circumstances that could bring the death penalty,
OnStar Can Help You Escape When Monsters Attack
If your car gets swarmed by zombies, would you know what to do? While that question may seem far-fetched, Halloween car safety is an integral part of ensuring every little vampire and mummy gets home safely after trick-or-treating. Chevrolet and
Government 'to propose a 100 off water bill'
Every home in Ireland is reportedly due to get a 100 off their water bill, according to new plans from the Government. The Irish Independent reports the tax relief may be extended to try to ease mounting pressure over the
MLB hot stove: 5 top free agent starting pitchers
A handful of pitchers are going to get big paydays soon. And their new clubs will get a change in fortune.
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Alabama man robs four Subway sandwich shops because he was outraged the Jared diet didn't work
Australia urges its medical workers to volunteer to help with the Ebola outbreak, as it's safer(...)
Finland's first suspected Ebola patient confirmed to have the same strain of Ebola as everybody(...)
And now for your Halloween enjoyment, here's a 4-acre spider web inside a building
Amateur sleuth believes the Zodiac Killer will soon be unmasked. No, really. This time for sure
Man rowing across Atlantic attacked by pirates of the Caribbean, claims he only managed to surv(...)
Before you go trick-or-treating, here's I-Mockery's ultimate guide to the Halloween candies of 2014
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He who laughs last, laughs longest
Victor Hugo, famous for Les Miserables and Notre-Dame de Paris, wrote LHomme Qui Rit, or The Man Who Laughs in 1869 on the isle of Guernsey. The story was adapted for film in 1928, directed by Paul Leni and starring
ghosties & ghoulies & lang-legged beasties
For others stuck at home tonight, as I am, answering the doorbell for little spooks, some between-rings amusement.From poetry.about.com, a very fine link farm to some spooky halloween poems. If you dont know Christina Rossettis Goblin Market, go there first.More
longer than the Bible and with a better afterlife scenario
Alan Moores Jerusalem - The frequently confusing cross-currents of Moores late work make much more sense, in fact, when one sees them not just as entertainment products but as attempts at building a better reality.
Where stray or personal thoughts have intruded, you may delete them.
Black Box, a futuristic spy story by Jennifer Egan. Published over the course of nine days in May 2012, the 8,500-word story was originally serialized in installments of ≤ 140 characters each:I found myself imagining a series of terse mental
Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me candy to trade for cash
Halloween is not good for the teeth of trick-or-treaters. Theres a plethora of candy, and kids will eat candy they wouldnt normally eat, because hey, its there. Whats a parent to do? Offer cash for candy, with the help of
Spaceship Two has crashed
Spaceship Two lit its engine for a test flight then experienced an anomaly. Reports from the field indicate at least one dead. A news conference is scheduled for 2pm.
Pornhub Comments Replace Horror Poster Taglines
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