Found my senior quote.
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We found a decaying sea lion on the beach.
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Hustler will be producing and releasing a XXX porn parody based on 'The Interview.' Larry Flynt(...)
PsBattle: Santa directing air traffic on an aircraft carrier
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TIL a young Charlie Wilson's dog was killed by a next door neighbor who was running for city co(...)
"If Kim Jong Un and his henchmen were upset before, wait till they see the movie we're going to(...)
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BitTorrent Offers Distribute Sony’s ‘The Interview’ Via Its Bundle Service
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India's e-commerce giant Flipkart raises $700M, bringing its total investor money in 2014 to ov(...)
Jon Russell / TechCrunch:Indias e-commerce giant Flipkart raises $700M, bringing its total investor money in 2014 to over $2B  —  Indias E-Commerce Giant Flipkart Replenishes Its War Chest With New
Cross platform development by Apple, Google, and Microsoft analyzed and visualized (Jan Dawson/(...)
Jan Dawson / Beyond Devices:Cross platform development by Apple, Google, and Microsoft analyzed and visualized  —  Visualizing cross-platform development  —  Much has been made recently of Microsofts shift from a
Apple Pay claimed 1% of November's digital payment dollars, new report says (Mike Beasley/9to5Mac)
Mike Beasley / 9to5Mac:Apple Pay claimed 1% of Novembers digital payment dollars, new report says  —  A new report from ITG has revealed that Apple Pay was responsible for 1%
US tries to strike deal with EU for immunity over online security breaches (Phillip Inman/Guardian)
Phillip Inman / Guardian:US tries to strike deal with EU for immunity over online security breaches  —  Critics fear Tisa talks could be used to further interests of large corporations
Google bringing always-on voice commands to Chromebooks (Dan Seifert/The Verge)
Dan Seifert / The Verge:Google bringing always-on voice commands to Chromebooks  —  ‘OK Google’ feature now available on Chrome OS Dev Channel  —  Youve been able to yell voice commands
Sources confirm Sony hackers hail mainly from North Korea, and include Japan-based group of eth(...)
Brian Krebs / Krebs on Security:Sources confirm Sony hackers hail mainly from North Korea, and include Japan-based group of ethnic North Koreans  —  FBI: North Korea to Blame for Sony Hack  —  The FBI today
Ubuntu Phone launch delayed until early 2015 (Chris Hoffman/PC World)
Chris Hoffman / PC World:Ubuntu Phone launch delayed until early 2015  —  Exploring Linux, Chrome OS, and beyond.  —  Ubuntu Phone launch delayed until early 2015  —  Earlier this year,
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Did Emperor Obama Really Lie About Not Using Executive Actions?
One of the common threads of opposition to President Obama has long been the idea that he’s a tyrannical fascist overreaching emperor who defies the will of Congress and We The People™ by abusing the authority of his office (this
Why Is Rape at the Origin of Most Religion?
Powerful gods and demi-gods impregnating human women—it’s a common theme in the history of religion, and it’s more than a little rapey.Zeus comes to Danae in the form of a golden shower, cutting “ the knot of intact virginity” and leaving
Is this speck in the Indian Ocean Britain's Guantanamo? Chilling questions raised over secretiv(...)
Lost in the vastness of the Indian Ocean, midway between East Africa and the southern tip of Asia, there is a footprint-shaped coral atoll where orange and blue coconut crabs scuttle across pristine white beaches and turtles wallow in the
Ruble crisis threatens Kontinental Hockey League
With KHL rules stipulating ruble-only contracts, that is bad news for the many U.S., Canadian and European imports on the rosters of the leagues 22 Russian teams. Russias economic woes are starting to spread into neighboring nations like Belarus and
Voices: My Family's Coming to Shop-I Mean Visit-For the Holidays
No description.
Adoring Crowd Surrounds Kim Jong Un in North Korea
No description.
7 anti-aging foods you should be eating today
No description.
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Pa. couple charged in boy's death waives hearing
A Philadelphia-area couple charged in the torture death of the womans 3-year-old son will head to trial after waiving their preliminary hearings. Jillian Tait and Gary Lee Fellenbaum III are accused of shopping, napping and eating pizza as the boy
Pennsylvania Couple Plead Not Guilty In Starvation Death Of Disabled Son
A Pennsylvania mother and father accused of letting their 9-year-old disabled son starve to death last summer entered pleas of not guilty on Thursday. Jarrod Tutko, 38, and Kimberly Tutko, 39, appeared in shackles for their arraignment in the Dauphin
Arrest made in Stafford Walmart parking lot shooting that left father dead
Antonio De la Cruz, 19, has been arrested and charged with the Dec. 10 murder of Christian Eduardo Cardoza, 35, who was shot in the parking lot of a Stafford Walmart while his family looked on. Antonio De la Cruz,
Evidence for a single loss of mineralized teeth in the common avian ancestor
To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document. The absence of teeth or edentulism has evolved on multiple occasions within vertebrates, including birds, turtles, and a
Texas weather man recovering from gunman's attack
He is truly my hero, the wife of Patrick Crawford, 35, said late Wednesday after he underwent surgery for two gunshot wounds. An unknown assailant attacked the KCEN-TV meteorologist at the stations parking lot as he got into his Mustang
1986 Harley-Davidson XLH 1100
The 1986 Harley-Davidson XLH 1100 introduced the first changes to the Sportster engine in nearly thirty years. See more motorcycle pictures .
It's the Friday before Christmas; alcohol consumption to double
Irish people drank 38 million litres of pure alcohol last year, with beer most popular alcoholic drink, followed by wine, spirits and cider in order.
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Photoshop this lifting view
We've identified the mastermind of the attack on the Pakistani school. He's called Slim. (cue E(...)
What brings out the worst in people? If you guessed a badger cull, wait, you guessed a badger cull?
Spangles the cross-eyed cat gets a holiday makeover just in time for Caturday
Mother arrested for living in tents in the woods with her 7 malnourished kids, while feeding th(...)
Little girl can't get over the fact that Santa isn't real, becomes suicidal every year. Did I s(...)
Social etiquette for threesomes explained to people struggling to manage twosomes
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#Gad hi fynd, Gad hi fynd
A year on, yall may be sick to death of Frozen and new versions of Let it Go, but surely theres room for the Welsh version as translated and sung by the 14 year old Rebekah West? Bonus: sing along
US drone strikes: data analysis
41 men targeted, but 1,147 people killed: New analysis of data conducted by the human rights group Reprieve raises questions about the accuracy of intelligence guiding precise drone strikes.
2 bassists, 2 clarinets, 1 cellist, 1 tape-delay technician, 1 pianist
Bing & Ruth is a modern classical ensemble that plays minimalist, piano-driven music. Several videos from Tomorrow Was The Golden Age (RVNG Intl.), their 2014 album, are on Youtube: Warble, TWTGA, Police Police Police Police Police, The Towns We Love
At 20 a little coquette, at 40 not married yet, at 50 a suffragette!
The Turn of the Century Posters that Warned against the Horrors of a World with Womens Rights
Snapshots of LGBT life in Midcentury America Coursey of the ONE national gay and lesbian archives at the University of southern California libraries.
Insight into Military Flight Simulation
Ars Technicas Lee Hutchinson reviews a military grade F-18 flight simulator.
Friday Fun... with a twist
Its finally Friday, and I feel like celebrating with a smooth grooving twist... and a little mashed potato and a little... If you dont do it, youre just considered out.... and go like this!Oh Rob!Twistin (and more) with the Kang!
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