TIL that AMC cut the budget of 'The Walking Dead' by 20% for season 2 despite wanting twice as (...)
This Italian edition of the Harry Potter series forms a castle when the books are aligned
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2 Year anniversary of the picture that was taken down from the internet by beyonce's lawyers
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Newfoundland puppy
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I got pulled over by a female cop...
When I rolled down my window to ask what was wrong, she said "NOTHING" submitted by IamConer to Jokes
The Koch brothers have pledged to spend $889M on 2016 races. We are the watchdog group tracking(...)
Who we are: Greetings, Reddit! We're back and ready to take on your money-in-politics questions! We are some of the staff at the Center for Responsive Politics (OpenSecrets.org), a nonpartisan research organization that downloads and analyzes campaign finance and lobbying
An "updated" Rockets of the World.
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Windows 10 for Enterprise is not free in the first year and other changes announced (Shreyas Ga(...)
Shreyas Gandhe / Neowin:Windows 10 for Enterprise is not free in the first year and other changes announced  —  Businesses switching to Windows 10 for Enterprise wont be getting the
Google Earth Pro now available for free, down from $399 a year (Amit Chowdhry/Forbes)
Amit Chowdhry / Forbes:Google Earth Pro now available for free, down from $399 a year  —  Google Earth Pro Is Now Available For Free  —  Today Google has announced that
HTC Admits It Will Miss 90-Day Lollipop Upgrade Window For One M7 And M8 (Ryan Whitwam/Android (...)
Ryan Whitwam / Android Police:HTC Admits It Will Miss 90-Day Lollipop Upgrade Window For One M7 And M8  —  HTC promised to get Android 5.0 Lollipop through the approval process
You can now order Postmates delivery from your web browser (Rex Santus/Mashable)
Rex Santus / Mashable:You can now order Postmates delivery from your web browser  —  Unlike, say, food delivery services like Seamless or Peapod, Postmates delivers almost everything, from a slice
Dropcam CEO leaves Nest; founding VP of technology goes to Twitter (Josh Lowensohn/The Verge)
Josh Lowensohn / The Verge:Dropcam CEO leaves Nest; founding VP of technology goes to Twitter  —  Two high-level employees at Nest have departed the company this week, The Verge has
Singtel to start Netflix competitor in Asia with Sony Pictures, Warner Bros (Terence Lee/Tech i(...)
Terence Lee / Tech in Asia:Singtel to start Netflix competitor in Asia with Sony Pictures, Warner Bros  —  Singapores leading telco Singtel has announced today that it will launch an online streaming video service in
Suits Seek To Force Lyft And Uber To Treat Drivers As Employees (Johana Bhuiyan/BuzzFeed)
Johana Bhuiyan / BuzzFeed:Suits Seek To Force Lyft And Uber To Treat Drivers As Employees  —  A group of drivers have filed suits in San Francisco federal court against Lyft
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Feds Investigating NY Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, Sources Say
No description.
5 Top Reasons Romney ought to have Withdrawn | Informed Comment
No description.
Analyst: 'The whole object of the bombing is to cause fear'
No description.
O'Donnell: 'Shock of what has happened is still being processed'
No description.
How will Americans react to the Boston tragedy?
No description.
Suspicious packages delivered to Congress, White House
No description.
Immigration, gun control take a back seat to Boston bombings
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2015 Waste Management Phoenix Open Discussion Thread
Chamblee seems to blame Como for his short game woes and Notah Begay says its not that cut and dry. Golf is in good hands post-Tiger.
Man, woman shot in separate South Side attacks
A 19-year-old man and a 41-year-old woman were wounded Friday afternoon in separate shootings on the citys South Side. The latest shooting happened about 3:20 p.m. on the 4600 block of South Wentworth Avenue in the citys Fuller Park neighborhood,
NC woman makes fool of herself in road rage video gone viral
Watch the video , filmed by the harassed woman on a cell phone that was mounted to the dash of her car. She had a child with her .
Body corporate costs for new apartments?
Hi, just wondering whether anyone could advise on what one might expect to pay in body corporate fees for a two bed, two bath, 80m living apartment off the plan in Canberra at the moment? It is a small complex
3 American Contractors Killed In Insider Attack In Afghanistan
An Afghan National Army soldier keeps watch at a checkpoint in Herat on January 14, 2015. NATO formally ended its war in Afghanistan on December 28, holding a low-key ceremony in Kabul after 13 years of conflict that have left
Don't bother apologizing if you're just going to continue doinga
Its never too late to start over. If you werent happy with yesterday, try something different today.
She didnt realize that someone spied her . has embarked on a project to catalog and put in a timeline the stories of unarmed black men killed by police officers.
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I'm not saying there's aliens in a spacecraft circling around this asteroid but there's aliens (...)
Ride finding services are about to see an Uber Lyft in their operating cost
They call him Flipper, Flipper, slut of the sea (might be not safe for work)
Call-blocking technology hailed by the FTC as the best available is banned from virtually every(...)
They bring a gun, you bring a gasoline hose. It's the Milwaukee way
Jury awards woman 1.5 million dollars after she transforms from promising student to dominatrix(...)
Photoshop this prissy princess
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You got your kayfabe in my bad lip reading...
The BLR effect applied to pro wrestling.
endless, ecstatic play with thousands of little yellow plastic balls
Suck the Balls! is an installation by Niklas Roy, the first version in Krakow, the second in Prague.When sucking the balls which are surrounding his feet, the balls race through the transparent pipe system, creating a visually stunning scene. The
Not exactly The Rumble In The Jungle
Rope-A-Dope 2 , a short film. Basically Jackie Chan meets Groundhog Day. (via MeFi fave Tony Zhou)
"It's a scary a movie. I was not allowed to watch it."
Nightmares in the Horror Aisle: Exploring the Movie Art That Traumatized You as a Child
American Dynasty
Congressional Democrats for the past six years have lamented their chilly relationship with President Barack Obama. He doesnt schmooze enough, they say. He is missing the glad-handing gene that makes politics fun. He just doesnt get it.But they are starting
zara zara goro goro poki poki zaku zaku
Chocolates That Represent Japanese Onomatopoeic Words To Describe Texture
The trailer is dark and full of spoilers
The final two episodes from Season 4 of Game of Thrones were shown again, in remastered IMAX format, along with a trailer for the upcoming season 5. Unsurprisingly, the trailer was posted online, in all its blurry goodness. So HBO
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