Christmas 1999 I received my first bike. I was just a little surprised.
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TIL of a man who suffered a stroke and, due to brain damage, lost the ability to feel sad
ROCKY IV poster by Jason Edmiston
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1.2-million-year-old stone tool unearthed in Turkey
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Apollo 8: Christmas At The Moon
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My SO got a me a Used Book for Xmas; with a surprising Signature...
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cat teaching her baby how to drink water.
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NSA reports show agency may have violated laws by unauthorized surveillance of Americans for ov(...)
David Lerman / Bloomberg:NSA reports show agency may have violated laws by unauthorized surveillance of Americans for over a decade  —  U.S. Spy Agency Reports Improper Surveillance of Americans  —  The National Security Agency today
Facebook's Year in Review app shows how algorithms can inadvertently hurt users in worst-case s(...)
Eric Meyer / Thoughts From Eric:Facebooks Year in Review app shows how algorithms can inadvertently hurt users in worst-case scenarios  —  Inadvertent Algorithmic Cruelty  —  I didnt go looking for
Judge denies Facebook's request to dismiss class action lawsuit over private message scanning t(...)
John Timmer / Ars Technica:Judge denies Facebooks request to dismiss class action lawsuit over private message scanning to target ads  —  Suit over Facebooks practice of scanning users messages to
Preparing for IPO, Alibaba removed 90M counterfeit goods from its marketplaces during the first(...)
Lulu Yilun Chen / Bloomberg:Preparing for IPO, Alibaba removed 90M counterfeit goods from its marketplaces during the first 9 months of 2014  —  Alibaba Took Down 90 Million Fake Products
Google Bars Developers From Including User Testimonials In Play Store App Descriptions (Ryan Wh(...)
Ryan Whitwam / Android Police:Google Bars Developers From Including User Testimonials In Play Store App Descriptions  —  Google has updated its Play Store guidelines to again clamp down on how
Delhi High Court lifts ban on sale of OnePlus handsets (The Economic Times)
The Economic Times:Delhi High Court lifts ban on sale of OnePlus handsets  —  NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court today lifted the December 16 ban on sale of OnePlus handsets embedded with Cyanogen software and
MPAA Secretly Settled With Hotfile for $4 Million, Not $80 Million (Ernesto/TorrentFreak)
Ernesto / TorrentFreak:MPAA Secretly Settled With Hotfile for $4 Million, Not $80 Million  —  Its been nearly a year since Hotfile was defeated by the MPAA, resulting in a hefty $80 million dollar settlement.  — 
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Obama-nominated judge tosses lawsuit brought by controversial Arizona sheriff seeking to block (...)
15 Things That Used to Be Free but Now Cost Money - Yahoo Finance
If you feel as though you’re being nickel-and-dimed by businesses nowadays, that’s probably because you are.By Maryalene LaPonsie
The Interview Will Stream Online at YouTube and Xbox
Sony Pictures will release its beleaguered Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy The Interview on several streaming sites Wednesday afternoon, in a move that sidesteps concerns about online threats made against theaters that show the film.The move marks another turn in Sony’s
Japan nationalists return after nearing islands disputed with China
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Policing is a Dirty Job, But Nobody's Gotta Do It: 6 Ideas for a Cop-Free World
Unarmed mediation and intervention teams
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Environmental noise in spawning areas: the case of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna
Fisheries Oceanography , Vol. 16, No. 2. , pp. 202-206, doi:10.1111/j.1365-2419.2006.00424.x To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document.
OK, lets have your thinking on how best to tackle the 40-60 yard approach shot
I prefer to keep the ball as low as possible with a fair amount of spin, couple hops and stop from that 40-60 yard range. Of course that has to come from the fairway to get the ball cleanly to
6 easy last minute Christmas gifts you can make at home
The day before Christmas is often a hectic one, featuring a certain amount of mad scrambling to ensure everything is in order for the big celebration. Before dashing off to the mall for last-minute purchases to round out someones gift
Ex-President George H.W. Bush taken to hospital
Spokesman Jim McGrath said in statement that Bush was taken Tuesday evening by ambulance to Houston Methodist Hospital as a precaution. Bush spent nearly two months in the same hospital and was discharged in January 2013 after treatment for a
Climate talks end 2014 in disarray
In case you missed the outcome of the latest United Nations climate change conference in Lima, Peru, it was another costly, embarrassing failure. This one is likely to be remembered mostly for a staggeringly stupid stunt by Greenpeace employees, who
Why You Should Bother
You might think all of these objections would face the folks at NBC News , too. They are, after all, a TV news division and always under the scrutiny of profit-obsessed overlords.
Police clash with protesters in Berkeley after black teen reportedly shot dead
A teenager has been fatally shot by police at around 11:15 p.m. local time Tuesday at a gas station in Berkeley, near Ferguson, the St Louis Post-Dispatch reports . The victim was identified as Antonio Martin, 18, by his mother,
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You might be in Australia if you find yourself at a festival where 200 sheep wearing red-woolen(...)
100 years ago today, for a few brief moments, tidings of great joy and peace crawled out of the(...)
Unknown flying object hovering over a Colombian forest caught on tape. No, it's definitely not (...)
Ever wonder what it takes to raise five biological and 29 adopted children? "Not a lot of peopl(...)
Man enduring middle school Christmas concert has what should be a fatal heart attack, but fello(...)
Denver shelters blame legalization of teh Debbil's weed for rise in homeless population, not la(...)
If you're visiting France for the first time expect to see street protests, babies eating adult(...)
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Merry Dunkmas
There will be several NBA games on TV this Christmas day. But they just dont make the basketball like they used to, do they? Perhaps you would be more interested in that Old Timey Basketball instead. For that we have
The timelapse video that rules them all
A 6-minute video of Earth from space, featuring aurora borealis, cities at night, storms, and other wonders , created by ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst from 12,500 images taken during his ISS Blue Dot mission.
"Returning to Earth, that was the challenging part"
Forty-five years ago, Buzz Aldrin became the second man to walk on the moon. It made him one of the most famous people in the world. And it has haunted the rest of his life.
Jan Terri for the holidays
Chicagos own Jan Terri offers up her version of Ave Maria paired with an interpretive video for your Xmastime enjoyment via Jezebel:...a fantastical re-imagining of the holiday (?) classic. Never change, Jan, never change!One of the best things about Jan
In Honour of the One Day A Year This Changes
Only one day a year does this suggest anything but negativity... and in recognition of the change, Id like to throw up one of my favourite retrospectives BetaMaxmas! Every year the posters and paneling changes, every year the programming advances
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Morgan Freeman reads Twas the Night Before Christmas My new Christmas Eve tradition.
Plastic Jesus
I dont care if it rains or freezesas long as I got my plastic Jesusridin on the dashboard of my carcomes in colors pink and pleasantglows in the dark cause its iridescenttake it with you when you travel far Lyrics
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