I'm blind! I can see! I'm blind!
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120 photos from the making of THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY
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It gets cold in Canada.
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TIFU by trying to have sex with a woman in the woods. (NSFW)
So I've been seeing this girl for a few weeks, and last night was her birthday. After having a few drinks downtown, I suggested we take it back to my place (we've had sex several times already). She says, "How
I am pleased.
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The funniest Alien art I've seen so far
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I turned a 1970s clock radio into a little piece of mechanical art
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Mobile Wallet Laughingstock Clinkle Finally Launches To Let You Pay Friends And Earn "Treats" ((...)
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:Mobile Wallet Laughingstock Clinkle Finally Launches To Let You Pay Friends And Earn “Treats”  —  After 17 months of jokes about vaporware college payments startup Clinkle, its
Tiger Global raises $1.5B pool to invest in private companies, 5 months after last $1.5B raise (...)
Dan Primack / Fortune:Tiger Global raises $1.5B pool to invest in private companies, 5 months after last $1.5B raise  —  Exclusive: Tiger Global raising another huge fund  —  Tiger Global
Comparing photos taken with Camera+ using all iPhone versions, from the original to iPhone 6 (L(...)
Lisa Bettany / snap snap snap:Comparing photos taken with Camera+ using all iPhone versions, from the original to iPhone 6  —  How does the iPhone 6 camera compare to previous
PRSS Digital Magazine Platform Acquired By Apple (Darrell Etherington/TechCrunch)
Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch:PRSS Digital Magazine Platform Acquired By Apple  —  Apple has acquired Dutch digital magazine startup Prss, a platform that makes it easy to create iPad-compatible magazines using
Wink announces Relay, a $300 wall-embedded touchscreen for controlling smart home devices (Ben (...)
Ben Popper / The Verge:Wink announces Relay, a $300 wall-embedded touchscreen for controlling smart home devices  —  How one tiny startup is winning the race to power your smart home 
Former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson to launch on-demand delivery service for gadgets (Jessica(...)
Jessica E. Lessin / The Information:Former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson to launch on-demand delivery service for gadgets  —  Former Apple Exec, J.C. Penney CEO to Launch Delivery Startup  —  The godfather of Apples retail
Blizzard cancels its next-gen MMO Titan after seven years (Philip Kollar/Polygon)
Philip Kollar / Polygon:Blizzard cancels its next-gen MMO Titan after seven years  —  Blizzard has officially canceled development on its mysterious next-generation massively multiplayer game Titan.  The company confirmed the
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Vatican Arrests Ex-Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski on Pedophilia Charges
No description.
GOP stars descend on Kansas
No description.
Why fighting ISIS with allies matters
No description.
Don't Let Go - Fountainheads
Rosh Hashanah
Israel Flagged as Top Spy Threat to U.S. in New Snowden/NSA Document
In a series of articles last May, Newsweek reported that “Israel has been caught carrying out aggressive espionage operations against American targets for decades,” 
Obama Thanks Arab Nations for Support in Syria Strikes
No description.
Scholar Behind Anti-Obama Film, Dinesh D
No description.
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Men's Health Malaysia - October 2014-P2P
Mens Health is the #1 source worldwide of information for and about men. Its the brand for active, successful, professional men who want greater control over their physical, mental, and emotional lives.
Purdue reaches deal to allow fans to see games from years gone by.
Itll cost you an arm and a leg , but through SPARX, a video company that collects, restores, etc., fans will have an opportunity to see past legends, great teams, or just random games from football, mens and womens bball,
Influence of rotational force fields on the determination of the work ...
To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document. For a Brownian system the evolution of thermodynamic quantities is a stochastic process, in particular the work performed
Dog who was shot, beaten, and left for dead finds loving home
Bella the pit bull was beaten, shot, starved, and left for dead - but today, this wonderful, forgiving dog has much to be happy about: shes finally home. Bella was found on Aug. 12 in a wooded area near Coeur
Student bait raped: Special needs student, used as bait to nab rapist, is raped
A 14-year-old special needs student from Alabama , used as bait by a teacher to catch a rapist, was herself raped in a bathroom at the Sparkman Middle School in the city of Toney, Alabama, Madison County. The disturbing plan
Teen, 17, arrested after his father is stabbed to death
Police arrested the 17-year-old Saturday, the same day a man was heard yelling He wants to kill me, in Spanish. The 50-year-old victim was found wounded and bleeding Saturday when cops responded to a robbery call at his home in
Tetris Attack - IGN Plays
To celebrate Nintendos 125th anniversary, were spending time with some of the best games The Big N ever made. Tetris Attack - IGN Plays is categorized as entertainment.
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Photoshop this Heineken-themed lounge
Update: Boob #3 on the woman with three boobs is officially fake, according to the police repor(...)
People seeking licenses to grow marijuana range from "Cheech and Chong types" to hedge fund man(...)
If going on a drunken rampage through a church and swimming half-naked in the holy water is wro(...)
Those runaway Afghan soldiers visited a strip club then headed for Canada when they saw what Am(...)
Woman charged with felony after chewing through back seat of police car
Guy arrested at Sonic Drive-in for using counterfeit cash. This is not a $2 bill story
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People should wear and eat seal as much as possible
Tanya Tagaq, an Inuk throat singer, has won the 2014 Polaris Prize for her album Animism. The Polaris goes to the best Canadian album of the year based on artistic merit without regard to genre, sales history or label affiliation.
From the ever-fertile brain of Ben Cooper (aka Radical Face, half of Electric President) and pals comes Clone, a musical-visual story in six acts, posted weekly starting today. Act I: The Laboratory.
Chikungunya Style
The other epidemic. From 2006 to 2013, the United States had an average of 28 cases per annum of chikungunya, a viral disease. So far, this year, there have been 1052. Once confined to Africa and Southeast Asia, localized outbreaks
Why I Just Asked My Students To Put Their Laptops Away  
Screens generate distraction - biologically impossible to resist - in a manner akin to second-hand smoke. Allowing laptop use in class is like allowing boombox use in class  -  it lets each person choose whether to degrade the experience of
Dodging Healthcare Cost Controls For Fun And (Mostly) Profit
The New York Times reports on a new way medical professionals are gaming the system (to the tune of $2.8T a year) - by making end runs around cost controls through out of network consultation calls.
The Ninth Feltron Report
Nicholas Felton datafied all his conversations in 2013. ALL of them. You may remember Felton, a performance artist, from previous datafication projects. In 2013, he kept detailed records of every conversation he had - with anyone, in any medium. Last
Intelligence X 100 =
being FactMags months-in-the-making rundown of the 100 greatest Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) tracks of all time. For the curious (and, indeed courageous) amongst you, weve now pulled together a mammoth YouTube playlist, featuring all of the selected tracks in order.
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