Original Scumbag Steve
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Won't settle for another spot
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I am author and scholar of religions Reza Aslan. I'm here to answer your questions about God, J(...)
My second AMA after the one following that infamous Fox news video. You can learn more about me at rezaaslan.com My Proof: https://twitter.com/rezaaslan/status/456161151055699968 submitted by RezaAslan to IAmA
Get me my slingshot
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The Office is too funny
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‘True Detective’ Now Most Watched HBO Freshman Series Ever.
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If a gorilla lifted weights, would it improve its physique?
Why do humans need to lift weights a lot to look strong, and gorillas can naturally strut around with muscles? submitted by phfan to askscience
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Inside Alibaba, China's e-commerce giant with 2X Amazon's revenues, and plans for a $15B IPO (W(...)
Wall Street Journal:Inside Alibaba, Chinas e-commerce giant with 2X Amazons revenues, and plans for a $15B IPO  —  Alibaba Flexes Muscles Before IPO  —  Chinese E-Commerce Giant Speeds Toward $15 Billion Deal  —  Jack Ma
Pioneer says CarPlay firmware update for existing 2014 in-dash systems coming this summer (Jord(...)
Jordan Kahn / 9to5Mac:Pioneer says CarPlay firmware update for existing 2014 in-dash systems coming this summer  —  Following reports yesterday that car electronics manufacturer Alpine was planning to launch aftermarket
Marketing automation startup Act-On raises $42M, sets sights on IPO (Taylor Soper/GeekWire)
Taylor Soper / GeekWire:Marketing automation startup Act-On raises $42M, sets sights on IPO  —  In one of the bigger tech-related fundraising rounds that the Portland area has seen over the
Etsy to launch its wholesale platform this summer, will take a 3.5% commission for each order ((...)
Nick Summers / The Next Web:Etsy to launch its wholesale platform this summer, will take a 3.5% commission for each order  —  Etsy plans to publicly launch its wholesale program in August, and today revealed
Turkey says Twitter agrees to close some accounts, no tax deal yet (Orhan Coskun/Reuters)
Orhan Coskun / Reuters:Turkey says Twitter agrees to close some accounts, no tax deal yet  —  (Reuters) - Twitter will close some accounts in Turkey but will not for now
Investors Send Twitter Up 11.4% Following Gnip News, Adding $2.7B To Its Market Cap (Alex Wilhe(...)
Alex Wilhelm / TechCrunch:Investors Send Twitter Up 11.4% Following Gnip News, Adding $2.7B To Its Market Cap  —  Twitter had a massive day in the markets, soaring more than 11
Apple cannot escape U.S. states' e-book antitrust cases: judge (Nate Raymond/Reuters)
Nate Raymond / Reuters:Apple cannot escape U.S. states e-book antitrust cases: judge  —  (Reuters) - Apple Inc on Tuesday lost an attempt to dismiss lawsuits by state attorneys general accusing
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I Gave It A Try Leb. Timed Shots.
What i got out of all of this, cold feet, cold hands and i truly think i need to use a tripod. LOL
Watch Young Kids Hilariously Try to Identify a Piece of 1980s Technology
Are you old enough to remember the Sony Walkman?Image source: YouTubeThe once-ubiquitous portable cassette player turns 35 on July 1. Introduced in 1979, Sony did not know if the Walkman was going to be a hit, barely selling 3,000 at first.
Justin Bieber gets a lashing from Zach Galifianakis
No description.
A blurred picture is worth a thousand words
Earning the title of Ed Schultzs Pretender, union busting Gov. John Kasich, R-Oh., uses old photographs in commercials and websites to manipulate the past.
White Sox Don 'Boston Strong' Shirts on Attack Anniversary
No description.
Climate change causing fish to lose survival instinct, researchers warn
Fish are losing their survival instinct as the worlds oceans become more acidic because of climate change, researchers have claimed.The study confirms laboratory experiments showing that the behavior of reef fishes can be seriously affected by increased carbon dioxide concen …
Second rare oarfish washes up in Southern California
No description.
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Photo: Tiffany Dail sands a platform as volunteers work o
Tiffany Dail sands a platform as volunteers work on building a KaBoom playground for Child Haven Tuesday, April 15, 2014.
My body is a cage: mechanisms and modulation of plant cell growth
To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document.
Farmland fight sheds little light
Detailed debate on changes to the Agricultural Land Commission got underway in the legislature last week, while protesters played to urban voters outside.
5 killed at house party
Police say a person who had fled from the home was arrested with the help of a canine unit and later taken to hospital for treatment of dog bite injuries.
iPhone 6 size tipped by manufacturing mold
Only a couple days ago we saw some details on the iPhone 6 surface in the form of some images of molds claimed to be used in making the smartphone and some schematics that show the next iPhone.
Man shot dead in Ballymun attack
It is understood the victim, who was in his 40s, was shot several times by a lone gunman, who then fled.
Don't miss the total eclipse
The eastern coast of Australia will be lucky enough to witness a twilight total lunar eclipse tonight, with the moon expected to glow a striking shade of blood red.
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South Korea hires Costa Concordia Captain
Pvt. Edward Ambrose died while fighting in the Great War in 1916. His distraught family was una(...)
If you're going to burglarize a business, it's probably best not to follow them on Instagram
If your Nigerian "girlfriend" whom you met on the Internet sends you thousands of dollars in hu(...)
News: Principal diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Spiffy: His students, faculty and staff fl(...)
...but in his defense, it does sound like a pretty damn good deal
Man drives his car into side of moving train. Yes, alcohol was involved
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If I saw this as a kid I probably would have joined the gymnastics team
Lousiana State University sophomore Lloimincia Hall becomes an Internet sensation after her perfect 10 performances in the floor exercise, combining gymnastics technical proficiency with hot dance moves.
SpongeBob And The Ice King - One And The Same
You may or may not be aware that voice actor Tom Kenny performs as both the Number One Employee at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob SquarePants, and the nemesis of Finn and Jake, the Ice King. It is a strange nexus
You cannot outrun the past, because the past is awesome.
If cruising through neon wireframe landscapes is your kind of thing, and previous mefi posts havent satisfied your burning desire for synth wave/retro electro/neo 80s, then perhaps you would be interested in a few of the following albums... Almost all
Holding Hands + Narrow Sidewalk : Q) Isn't that sweet? A) NO
NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette
Rowsdower vs. Trumpy: FIGHT!
Whats that you say? You need character drawings for your MST3k-themed RPG? Well, heres 85 of them! Some favorites include Crenshaw, Krasker, Ryder and Rex Dart: Eskimo Spy!
A Report From The Front
TechCrunchs Kim-Mai Cutler delivers a 12,000-word deep-dive on San Franciscos Housing Crisis. Touching on: rent control, the Ellis Act, Dianne Feinstein, the mission, the Fillmore, Angelo Sangiacomo, Howard Jarvis, the failure of the Greater San Francisco movement, the perfidy if
Money For Nothing
At first, the new Jerry Seinfeld show seemed reassuringly like the old one. Spontaneous coffees with friends. Mindless chatter that occasionally verged on the hilariously brilliant. But look closer and you see that this show isnt that show, and that
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