TIFU by making a funny face at a kid on the bus
A kid on the bus makes a funny face at me so I make a funny face back. We're stuck in traffic so we get into a little contest and exchange funny faces for the next while. The kid is
Yes, that is an acceptable answer.
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Chicago from 30k
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UPS now lets you use 3D printers in nearly 100 US stores
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Christian Mingle
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Tunak Tunak Tun has been re uploaded in High Quality
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Finally an honest candidate
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Google Structured Snippets Officially Live In Search Results (Barry Schwartz/Search Engine Land)
Barry Schwartz / Search Engine Land:Google Structured Snippets Officially Live In Search Results  —  Earlier this month, we caught Google testing a form of knowledge graph data within the search
iPod Mastermind Tony Fadell On The Death Of The iPod: "You Can't Get Too Nostalgic" (John Brown(...)
John Brownlee / Co.Design:iPod Mastermind Tony Fadell On The Death Of The iPod: “You Cant Get Too Nostalgic”  —  After 13 years, the iPod Classic is dead.  Googles Tony Fadell
Google Must Improve Search Settlement or Face Charges, EU's Almunia Says (Tom Fairless/Wall Str(...)
Tom Fairless / Wall Street Journal:Google Must Improve Search Settlement or Face Charges, EUs Almunia Says  —  Antitrust Chief Says Investigation Hasnt Been Swayed by Political Pressure  —  BRUSSELS— Google
Apple Announces iOS 8 Adoption Has Already Reached 46% (iClarified)
iClarified:Apple Announces iOS 8 Adoption Has Already Reached 46%  —  Apple has announced that iOS 8 adoption has already reached 46%.  First spotted by iClarified, Apple quietly revealed the statistic
Q&A with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner on strategy, management, setbacks, and company culture (Henry(...)
Henry Blodget / Business Insider:Q&A with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner on strategy, management, setbacks, and company culture  —  LinkedIns CEO Jeff Weiner Reveals The Importance Of Body Language, Mistakes Made
Sharing Economy Faces Patchwork of Guidelines in European Countries (New York Times)
New York Times:Sharing Economy Faces Patchwork of Guidelines in European Countries  —  LISBON — Start-ups like Uber and Airbnb want European consumers to embrace their companies.  Yet when it comes
Say hello to Talko: Ray Ozzie's startup wants to reinvent the phone call, starting with an iPho(...)
Todd Bishop / GeekWire:Say hello to Talko: Ray Ozzies startup wants to reinvent the phone call, starting with an iPhone app  —  What has Ray Ozzie been focusing on since
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9/23: Al's Shine a Light, Kindest Kid Contest, #100HappyDays
No description.
What is Google's most creative interview question?
No description.
Born on live TV one year ago, babies celebrate their first birthday with TODAY
No description.
15-Year-Old Bystander Shot Dead Near Hospital"'
No description.
U.N. Declares Southeast Asia's Seas the Most Dangerous in World
No description.
Rickie Fowler cuts a dash with 'USA' hairstyle | Bunker Mentality -
Europe have won seven of the last nine Ryder Cups and, led by world number one Rory McIlroy, are the favourites to triumph again in the 40th edition at Gleneagles.
WATCH: This 90-Yard Goal Will Blow Your Mind
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Student bait raped: Special needs student, used as bait to nab rapist, is raped
A 14-year-old special needs student from Alabama , used as bait by a teacher to catch a rapist, was herself raped in a bathroom at the Sparkman Middle School in the city of Toney, Alabama, Madison County. The disturbing plan
Teen, 17, arrested after his father is stabbed to death
Police arrested the 17-year-old Saturday, the same day a man was heard yelling He wants to kill me, in Spanish. The 50-year-old victim was found wounded and bleeding Saturday when cops responded to a robbery call at his home in
Tetris Attack - IGN Plays
To celebrate Nintendos 125th anniversary, were spending time with some of the best games The Big N ever made. Tetris Attack - IGN Plays is categorized as entertainment.
EE scoops up 58 Phones4u stores
When Phones4u entered administration , it immediately shut all of its doors and put thousands of employees on notice. It didnt take long for Dixons Carphone to secure 800 positions , with Vodafone sweeping in shortly after to buy 140
The metaphysics of our newfangled parking meters
Those new digital-era meters had to have a silver lining somewhere, and it turns out its actual silver. The authority reported a few days ago that as of mid-August it had issued 15 percent fewer parking tickets than in the
Election 2014: Aussies draw lessons from John Key's victory
If you dont yet have an NBR membership you can subscribe below . The easiest way for subscribers to stay logged in is to click the Remember Me option on the Member Log In box on the top right of
Jessica Arrendale hides baby in toilet before she's killed: Body conceals baby
Jessica Arrendale drops baby in toilet after she was shot, in a move that saved her 6-month-old babys life. Jessica Arrendale drops baby in toilet after she was shot, in a move that saved her 6-month-old babys life.
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Man stands his ground against dog during five-year old's birthday party
A window washer at the University of Alaska Fairbanks needs a new bottle of Windex, a few Tylen(...)
Man drag races his vintage Chevy, flips it multiple times, becomes lodged in the windshield, wa(...)
Starbucks new beer-flavored latte has no actual beer in it, will still cost you three times as (...)
England People Problems: How to wear pyjamas as daywear without looking daft
Pro tip: You risk losing some street cred if authorities dub you 'binky bandit'
US airstrikes get Syrious
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How a Squad of Ex-Cops Fights Police Abuses
In 1997, Smith retired from the police force. He needed a job to help cover his two daughters college expenses, so he signed up as an investigator in the Broward County Public Defenders Office. He had little idea that hed
One small step for a man, one giant leap for amanimator
NVIDIA demonstrates how the lunar landing photos were not faked.
Bye For Now
Noting the passing Saturday of Eric S. Lynch, a.k.a. Eric the Actor, a.k.a. Eric the Midget, a regular caller to The Howard Stern Show. Lynchs survival to age 39 was a rebellion in and of itself against doctors who said
They're making a list checking it twice...
For the cat and free speech lover in your life are these fabulous Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un scratching posts. Also a variety of more affordable litter trays.
The Great Authorial Hookup Chart, version 1
The Great Authorial Hookup Chart (larger image), or how to connect Bram Stoker to Arthur Miller in 12 connections, and from Oscar Wilde to Roald Dahl in 12 romances (or how to make distracted students pay attention to English and
Is this Joey?
Grantland writer Rembert Browne journeys into the dark heart of 90s nostalgia via Central Perk, the museum / tourist trap / coffee dispensary dedicated to the popular television show Friends. The modestly popular show premiered 20 years ago today, and
hey hey oh oh
Protestors gathered today in opposition to the opening of the Metropolitan Opera in New York, on the grounds that its planned performance of John Adamss The Death of Klinghoffer could promote terrorism and anti-Semitism. UCLA computer scientist Judea Pearl, father
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