Baltimore residents demand tougher laws on police officers: "The hearing came two months after (...)
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Pac-man Meets Van Gogh
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My legally blind father and I made a coffee table out of the tree I climbed as a kid.
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Texas Approves New History Textbooks Without Reading the Changes - Members of public from acros(...)
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The shadow this truck is casting
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Lewis Hamilton is Formula 1 world champion.
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TIL grasshoppers require 12 times less feed to produce a kilogram of edible mass than cattle. W(...)
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Europeans Have Authority To Seek Google Break Up Though Unlikely To Do So (Greg Sterling/Search(...)
Greg Sterling / Search Engine Land:Europeans Have Authority To Seek Google Break Up Though Unlikely To Do So  —  Break Google up.  Thats the thrust of a “non-binding” resolution the
Google and Garmin altered directions to the Hollywood sign on behalf of nearby homeowners to ke(...)
Alissa Walker / Gizmodo:Google and Garmin altered directions to the Hollywood sign on behalf of nearby homeowners to keep tourists away  —  Why People Keep Trying to Erase the Hollywood Sign From Google Maps  — 
The US Congress won't limit the NSA: individuals, courts, and other nations must step up (Glenn(...)
Glenn Greenwald / The Intercept:The US Congress wont limit the NSA: individuals, courts, and other nations must step up  —  Congress Is Irrelevant on Mass Surveillance.  Heres What Matters Instead. 
How 3-D printing is revolutionizing medicine (Jerome Groopman/New Yorker)
Jerome Groopman / New Yorker:How 3-D printing is revolutionizing medicine … “I just hope people in the future are, like, ‘What the hell are these things?’ ”  —  BUY OR
How Cheezburger survived 3 years of turmoil to create a platform for remixing funny images (Ben(...)
Ben Huh / Backchannel:How Cheezburger survived 3 years of turmoil to create a platform for remixing funny images  —  Rewriting Cheezburger Saved My Life  —  Please You Download It …
Passwords don't just protect data, they reveal our hopes, dreams, secrets, fears, and memories (...)
Ian Urbina / New York Times:Passwords dont just protect data, they reveal our hopes, dreams, secrets, fears, and memories  —  The Secret Life of Passwords … Play Videos  —  Howard
Internal NSA debate led Obama to consider plan to stop gathering US phone records in 2009 (Ken (...)
Ken Dilanian / Associated Press:Internal NSA debate led Obama to consider plan to stop gathering US phone records in 2009  —  AP Exclusive: Before Snowden, a debate inside NSA  — 
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Computer spying malware uncovered with 'stealth' features: Symantec|
The Mountain View, California-based maker of Norton anti virus products said its research showed that a nation state was likely the developer of the malware called Regin, or Backdoor. Regin, but Symantec did not identify any countries or victims. .
Obama responds to GOP critics on immigration
The president challenged House Republicans to pass a bill if they are unsatisfied with his executive action on immigration.
Failed Md. Democratic gov nominee Brown borrowed $500G from union, missed payment deadline | Fo(...)
Anthony Brown, the Maryland Democratic gubernatorial nominee who lost in an upset in November, took out a $500,000 loan from a labor union late in his campaign and has so far failed to repay the money as agreed, according to
Blog: The Science is Settled?
Governments are running huge deficits, but still spend billions on “climate research” especially trying to model the effect of the atmosphere and its trace of carbon dioxide on surface temperature. Benefits are hard to find. It may have improved weather
VIDEO: Saturday Night Live takes on President Obama with a Schoolhouse Rock Parody
Sad but true
Why Cold Weather Doesn't Mean Global Warming Isn't Real
The past couple weeks have given climate change skeptics plenty of events that seem like reasons to dispute global warming.An inundation of wintry weather across the country carried snowstorms and freezing temperatures everywhere from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast.Mo …
Carter: Being Called Worst President Better Than Being Called A Warmonger
PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER: Thats a compliment to come from a war monger... I was lucky enough when I was president to keep our country at peace, and provide peace for others. I was lucky enough to go through my four
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2 dead, 1 injured in shooting
A man set his house on fire and then fatally shot a sheriffs deputy and wounded another Saturday when they responded to the scene, a government official said. A Tallahassee police officer who lived nearby heard the shooting, threw on
Paige Birgfeld arrest: Suspect arrested in death of mom who ran escort service
Police have finally made an arrest in the murder of Paige Birgfeld. On Saturday, People shared that a suspect has finally been arrested in the death of Paige which happened seven years ago.
Man arrested in sexual assault of Upper West Side woman
A 43-year-old man has been arrested for the September sexual assault of an Upper West Side woman he followed home, cops said Friday. Andy Sterling was picked up Wednesday and charged with committing a criminal sex act, burglary, sex abuse
WWI-themed Christmas ad goes viral
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Pregnant woman, 3 others shot, killed; girl hurt
Police say a pregnant woman and three others were shot and killed in a Cleveland, Ohio home, and a 10-year-old girl was wounded but expected to survive. Cleveland police Chief Calvin Williams tells the Northeast Ohio Media group that two
6 wounded in shooting near Pittsburgh
A shooting early Friday at a building outside Pittsburgh that police described as a speakeasy left six people wounded, and investigators were searching for a shooter or shooters. All the victims were men in their early 20s, investigators said.
Does traffic noise alter calling time in frogs and toads? A case...
In habitats disturbed by anthropogenic noise, acoustically communicating species may develop behavioral responses that help them transmit information and overcome signal masking. We studied four anuran species breeding in wetlands, ponds, and ditches near a highway in eastern Ontario, Canada,
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New mystery arises from iconic Iwo Jima image; analysis of famous WWII photo challenges long-as(...)
"They thought I was crazy for spending $200 on a free-range turkey for Thanksgiving. But they a(...)
Being one in two million is unique and special ... unless you happen to have a cancer so rare m(...)
This is just sad
These geniuses have come up with a way to have beer for breakfast
SAS troops use 4-wheelers in desert fight against ISIS. Not a repeat from 1966 - wait, actually(...)
Dear officer: At stop light, I saw driver behind me drinking straight from bottle of Crown Roya(...)
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"I have decided you are in a goofy state of mind."
Martha Gellhorns pen pals included Eleanor Roosevelt, Maxwell Perkins, H.G. Wells, her husband (later, ex-) Ernest Hemingway, and Peggy Schutze, my maternal grandmother. Author Amy Shearn shares some of the letters her grandmother received from legendary war correspondent Martha Gellhorn
Unpublished Coffee Table Books
Over the years I have taken countless photos perhaps under the deluded belief that if I dont visually document everything then those very things wont exist because I have a magic camera and enchanted iPhone. Or maybe because I just
Shark Cats, portraits of terror
It was a normal day when I grabbed my sketchpad and began to doodle. What came out was little scribbles of a horrible little creature: the Shark Cat. The initial design was based on the thresher shark. I found that
Caring for monkeys pays better than caring for children
Childcare providers wage growth was lower than the growth in wages paid to fast food workers. They were consistently in the bottom second or third percentile in salary rankings, sharing that status with parking lot attendants, laundry workers, fast food
Marion Barry, former contentious DC mayor, dies at 78.
Marion Barry, former 4-term mayor of Washington DC, has died at the age of 78.
"I cordially dislike allegory in all its manifestations..."
This Kid Just Died
Grief porn enters the Facebook eraAnd, like regular pornography, the internet has transformed it. Freed from the already relaxed constraints of tabloid journalism, grief porn is no longer obligated to fake newsworthiness or importance. You dont need to die in
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