Quebec Judge issues $1 fine for possessing 30 cannabis plants, calls marijuana laws obsolete
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Americans... Amirite!?
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When a father calls his daughter a princess, he is subtly calling himself a king.
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People who got fired on the first day of the job, what happened?
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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
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A photorealistic rendering of the far side of the Moon
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I am Eric LeGrand, founder of Team LeGrand, radio host, motivational speaker & paralyzed former(...)
My short bio: Hey everyone! This is Eric LeGrand. In 2010, I wore the number 52 as a DT on the Rutgers University football team and I was paralyzed after making a tackle in a football game against Army. I
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Autodesk announces Forge development platform and launches $100M fund (Barb Darrow/Fortune)
Barb Darrow / Fortune:Autodesk announces Forge development platform and launches $100M fund  —  Autodesk to Developers: May the Forge Be With You  —  Autodesk, the company that sells the software
Zuckerberg intends to remain Facebook's controlling stockholder for foreseeable future (Matthew(...)
Matthew Lynley / TechCrunch:Zuckerberg intends to remain Facebooks controlling stockholder for foreseeable future  —  Mark Zuckerberg Is Now A Dad, Pledges To Give Away 99% Of His Shares  —  Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan pledge 99% of their Facebook shares, now worth $45B, to Chan(...)
Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook:Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan pledge 99% of their Facebook shares, now worth $45B, to Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a new charity, during their lifetimes  —  A letter to our daughter  —  Your
Lending startups Branch, InVenture look at borrowers' phone usage to assess creditworthiness as(...)
Elizabeth Dwoskin / Wall Street Journal:Lending startups Branch, InVenture look at borrowers phone usage to assess creditworthiness as they look to disrupt lending in the developing world  —  Lending Startups
Samsung launches Internet for VR, its web browser for Gear VR, with Gaze Mode for UI navigation(...)
Samsung Newsroom:Samsung launches Internet for VR, its web browser for Gear VR, with Gaze Mode for UI navigation, on-screen keyboard, voice controls, more  —  Samsung Launches Optimized Web Browser for
Mozilla wants to split off its Thunderbird email/chat client to focus on projects like Firefox (...)
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:Mozilla wants to split off its Thunderbird email/chat client to focus on projects like Firefox that have an “industry-wide impact”, says Mitchell Baker memo  —  Mozilla Wants
China-based attackers use Dropbox for malware communications, targeted Hong Kong media outlets (...)
FireEye:China-based attackers use Dropbox for malware communications, targeted Hong Kong media outlets in August  —  China-based Cyber Threat Group Uses Dropbox for Malware Communications and Targets Hong Kong Media Outlets 
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Negotiators strike deal on five-year, $305B highway bill |
The measure calls for spending approximately $205 billion on highways and $48 billion on transit projects over the next five years. It also reauthorizes the controversial Export-Import Banks expired charter until 2019. 
AFP: Israel PM admits forces operating in war-hit Syria -
We occasionally carry out operations in Syria to prevent that country from becoming a front against us, Netanyahu told reporters during a visit to northern Israel.We also do everything to prevent weapons, particularly lethal ones, being moved from Syria to
Hillary's classified count piles up | Fox News
HILLARY’S CLASSIFIED COUNT PILES UP Fox News: “The latest batch contains 328 emails deemed to have classified information. According to the State Department, that brings the total number with classified information to 999. The emails in question were deemed classified …
Articles: What Do Yale, Missou, Alinksy, Cloward-Piven and Obama's Organizing for Action Add Up To?
Ever since we learned about President Obama’s marination in the ideas of Saul Alinsky we’ve been frightening ourselves with a future defined by Obama’s fundamental transformation through community organizing. And we have seen the fruit of his politics in the
Chicago police chief out, inquiry launched over black teen's death
CHICAGO, Dec 1 (Reuters) - Chicagos police chief was ousted on Tuesday after days of protest over a white officers shooting of a black teenager 16 times and the departments refusal to release a video of the killing for more
Police: Neighbor shot man over parking spot
SAN ANTONIO - Police have charged an elderly man with shooting his neighbor because the victim parked in front of his home.
Frank Miller's Latest Batman Tackles Police Brutality
Batman has always been a force for good, stopping diabolical, often fantastical enemies before they hurt the innocent. Now, hes got a new foe: police misconduct.
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Photo: Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, lef
Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, left, faces off with the worlds first Mike Tyson wax figure during the figures unveiling at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas Tuesday, Dec.1, 2015. The figure is modeled after Tysons appearance as himself in The
5.8 million foreclosures, and counting
Over the past eight years, housing counselors and the mortgage servicing industry have learned a lot, and its our joint responsibility to avoid the mistakes of the past, to maintain momentum, and to create new pathways for homeowner-centric loss mitigation
NZX lifts minimum volume threshold for block trades of whole, skim...
The minimum volume thresholds that apply to block trading for the whole milk powder futures and skim milk powder will increase to 150 lots from 50 lots effective Dec. 8, NZX said in a statement. The company, which launched its
11 Low-tech ways to keep your home warm this winter
Thick, heavy curtains help prevent heat loss through windows, says uSwitch.com. The longer, the thicker the better, so go for thermal-lined floor-to-ceiling curtains if possible.
Four men charged with riot and assault after Black Lives Matter protesters shot in Minneapolis
It is unconscionable that you would use the terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut to prevent terrorisms worst victims from... A week after gunmen shot into a crowd of Minneapolis protesters, Minnesota prosecutors have filed charges against four men. The
$1 million bail for Jersey City man charged with killing mother-in-law, stabbing wife
Hudson County Assistant Prosecutor Michael DAndrea argued that the high bail was appropriate because the defendant, Oliver Pangilinan, 53, of Winfield Avenue is a flight risk and had attempted to flee after the incident on Friday afternoon. After he allegedly
Like a spacesuit meant for use under the sea, the Exosuit gives you the ability to explore the water while maintaining your dexterity. It has an onboard atmospheric system that maintains the same pressure as the surface all the way
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Pro-tip: Never steal an ambulance, it usually has a tracking system and people inside of it
Woman charged with DUI for hit-and-run on motorcyclist, smuggling Elmo on her head (pic)
California congressional contingent on alert on news that thieves are ravaging California's nut(...)
"Hello Police? My truck was just stolen." "Did the thief have any identifying marks?" "Yeah, so(...)
I think we have found the outer limit of Rule 34
Bugatti has yet to unveil it's new $2.4 million "Chiron" hypercar, or make one available for a (...)
Photoshop these happy fishers
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"I spent most of my life as a nobody."
Diana Serra Cary, also known as Baby Peggy, is one of the last living silent film actors, and possibly the only major star of the 1920s still alive. During her heyday, she was most famous for films such as Captain
When AIDS Was Funny
A new short film, When AIDS Was Funny, unearths never-before-heard audio reaction to the escalating AIDS crisis.
"...if you use a razor blade and glue; you can change the whole world."
The Art of Punk (previously) is a documentary series from MOCAtv, the L.A. Museum of Contemporary Arts YoutTube channel. The series looks at the visual language of the punk rock movement by focussing on three legendary punk rock bands and
Bang Bang you're dead
The County: the story of Americas deadliest police. First in a five part series by the Guardian.Here is some data which has been posted before For those keeping count Police in Kern County, California, have killed more people per capita
He killed a mouse in Reno, just to watch him die.
Orange is the new cats. The folks behind the game Exploding Kittens want to repair their kitten-related karma. Theyve launched a project to convince people to put orange collars on their indoor cats and to educate people that an orange
"Tiny Band, Big Heart"
The 24-person marching band from Rotan, Texas, made it to the Division 1A state finals (i.e., State) for the first time this year. For comparisons sake, you may enjoy watching the countrys largest marching band (from Allen High School, mentioned
"...which will make your enhanced viewing even doper."
The cast and crew of Tarantinos The Hateful Eight discuss the upcoming old-fashioned roadshow screenings of the first film to be projected in Ultra Panavision 70 in nearly fifty years. Almost two years ago, the project looked like it would
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