TIL the fizzy sensation on your tongue from carbonated drinks is not caused by the tiny bubbles(...)
Reddit handed over user info for 58% of government requests
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ELI5: Why 'giants' in movies always move super slowly.
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Meanwhile in Japan..
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Suge Knight Just Killed a Guy on a Movie Set: Report
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'Rent Is Too Damn High' candidate now facing eviction
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FCC considers formal complaint process for reviewing paid peering deals (Todd Shields/Bloomberg(...)
Todd Shields / Bloomberg Business:FCC considers formal complaint process for reviewing paid peering deals  —  Netflix Deals With Broadband Providers Said to Get Oversight  —  Dont Miss Out —  (Bloomberg)
Google's search for sales, profit falls short (Richard Nieva/CNET)
Richard Nieva / CNET:Googles search for sales, profit falls short  —  The search giant continues to pull in billions from its search and advertising business, even as the company looks
Google's Q4 falls short of expectations with $14.5B revenue, on real estate purchases and slowi(...)
Larry Dignan / ZDNet:Googles Q4 falls short of expectations with $14.5B revenue, on real estate purchases and slowing ad revenue growth  —  Googles fourth quarter misses mark  —  Summary:In what
OnePlus Will Launch Its 'Oxygen' Android ROM On February 12 (Jon Russell/TechCrunch)
Jon Russell / TechCrunch:OnePlus Will Launch Its ‘Oxygen’ Android ROM On February 12  —  OnePlus introduced its own version of Android for its One smartphone earlier this month in response
Secret co-founder Chrys Bader steps down (David Byttow/Medium)
David Byttow / Medium:Secret co-founder Chrys Bader steps down  —  New beginnings  —  Chrys Bader and I launched Secret exactly one year ago tomorrow.  In that short time, weve grown
Twitch hit 100M unique viewers in December 2014, more than double the 45M from a year ago (Eric(...)
Eric Johnson / Re/code:Twitch hit 100M unique viewers in December 2014, more than double the 45M from a year ago  —  Twitchs Monthly Viewers More Than Doubled (Again) in 2014 
China acknowledges targeting VPN services to foster the "healthy development" of the nation's i(...)
Andrew Jacobs / New York Times:China acknowledges targeting VPN services to foster the “healthy development” of the nations internet, says VPNs are illegal  —  China Clamps Down Still Harder on Internet Access  —  BEIJING —
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Rod McKuen, Mega-Selling Poet of Flower Power, Dies at 81
No description.
Obama announces plan for major Syria address
No description.
Buy Sell New Used Secondhand Motor Bikes-Scooters in Vehicles in New York City NYC, United Stat(...)
End your search to sell the old vehicles. Qads.bz the best online classified site make it easier to sell new scooters in New York city USA at the reasonable price.
Poll: Do "good guys with guns" make us safer?
No description.
One Dead in Boston Fire as Hydrants Blocked by Snow
No description.
Healthier Marijuana Buffalo Wings Recipe
A fun, healthy and practical recipe suggestion... always eat, drink and smoke safely. Be aware of prevailing laws...Healthier Marijuana Buffalo Wings Recipe
Video: Squishy virtual creatures 'evolve' walking behaviors
No description.
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She didnt realize that someone spied her . has embarked on a project to catalog and put in a timeline the stories of unarmed black men killed by police officers.
fish in a bag on my stoop this morning.
Oh those kids today. I dont know what to make of this. Is it a harmless prank or is it a warning like a horsehead on your lawn by the mafia? I think its the former and certainly is a
Residents Displaced by Fatal Four-Alarm Fire Gather at Red Cross Evacuation Center
Around 50 displaced residents have gathered at an evacuation center tonight in San Franciscos Mission District while a four-alarm fire continues to burn nearby, an American Red Cross spokesman said this evening. One person has been killed and several others
Here dwell the fishermen ...
The village is built along the dike around a small harbor well-preserved and behind the same there are fishermen houses built on stilts, overlooking the narrow streets in a maze of narrow streets.
Man found stabbed to death in Belfast
But it was almost deserted today after police sealed off the area to enable forensic investigators to examine the murder scene, which was at the corner of Cameron Street. Detective Chief Inspector Justyn Galloway, from the Police Service of Northern
Top Lingerie trends 2015
Lingerie over the years have been crossing over into daywear and for 2015 many companies have vowed to become more diverse by creating collections to suit every woman.
FolderPie shows where your space has gone
I love this type of utility - on any platform - showing at a glance where all your disk space has gone - absolutely invaluable when having a tidy-up! FolderPie does exactly what it implies, though actual deleting of files
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New poll finds that most people aren't scientists
It turns out all this time Shaggy was taking God's name in vain everytime he uttered, 'Gadzooks(...)
Oregon State coed cited for filming Beaver video in school library, officials claim "It's not c(...)
You've failed your written driver's test 15 times. Do you A) give up, B) find yourself a tutor,(...)
Canadian man misses winning $27 million on Canadian lottery by seven seconds. Lottery: "Sorry a(...)
Suge Knight might be coming back to Death Row
Workman saves pal from electrocution by hitting him with a plank of wood. Way to go, stud
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Fire up the retro rockets
NAMM , the big music equipment show in Los Angeles, featured a remarkable retro trend in synthesizers this year.The legendary synth company Sequential Circuits is back with a Prophet 6! Oberheim is back. Korg is making updated versions of the
OMG, it's full of cars!
Babies going through tunnels in cars {SLYT}
games about killing should probably make you uncomfortable
She kills for a living, and her mission cannot be overlooked as you make her traipse through the maze. Shes not the type to nuke a planet from orbit. No, Samus is hands-on: she likes to explore and kill
Moot is done
I founded 4chan eleven and a half years ago at the age of 15, and after more than a decade of service, Ive decided its time for me to move on. Launched on October 1, 2003, its boards were originally
Gender and the Production of Islamic Urban Space in Iran
What does an Islamic urban space look like? This question has dogged intellectuals and authorities in Muslim-majority lands for centuries, but in recent decades has acquired a renewed sense of urgency amid the emergence of modernizing Islamist political movements. These
Andrew Sullivan retires from blogging.
Its been a strange relationship, hasnt it? Some of you – the original white-on-navy ones – went through the 2000 election and recount with me, when I had to explain the word blog to anyone I met; we experienced 9/11
An ode to libraries
A toronto artist, Daniel Rotsztain, (video) is drawing all of Torontos libraries. Current count, 46/102.
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