That's how I roll
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How I think the teacher must feel like when reading any of my essays.
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British people by 2:1 ratio say it was good for society, not bad, that newspapers reported the (...)
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What's the best case of "OP delivers" on Reddit?
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The Flaming Lips -- Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Part 1
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After being on Reddit for a full year, this is the only thing that's changed my life
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After hearing about a disabled kid who was bullied receiving a Wiretapping felony for recording(...)
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Lifeline Ventures, early Finnish backers of Supercell, launch $21M Nordic startup fund (Juhana (...)
Juhana Rossi / Wall Street Journal:Lifeline Ventures, early Finnish backers of Supercell, launch $21M Nordic startup fund  —  Team Behind Finnish Success Story Supercell Launches Nordic Startup Fund  —  The
Glass marketing head addresses criticism from Scoble, others: backlash is a sign of disruption (...)
Jeff Bercovici / Forbes:Glass marketing head addresses criticism from Scoble, others: backlash is a sign of disruption  —  Does Google Glass Have An Optics Problem?  And Does Google Care?  — 
Delivery Hero Gobbles Another $85M To Fuel A Price War With Just-Eat (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:Delivery Hero Gobbles Another $85M To Fuel A Price War With Just-Eat  —  On the heels of online food delivery company Just-Eats successful IPO in London earlier
Meet the One, OnePlus' $299 Nexus killer (Richard Lai/Engadget)
Richard Lai / Engadget:Meet the One, OnePlus $299 Nexus killer  —  Rarely do we see a tech startup spending five months actively hyping up an unborn product; and when we
WSJ Poised to Hire Quartz's Mims as Tech Columnist, After Manjoo Departure to Times (Kara Swish(...)
Kara Swisher / Re/code:WSJ Poised to Hire Quartzs Mims as Tech Columnist, After Manjoo Departure to Times  —  The Wall Street Journal is close to hiring Quartz tech and science
PSA: Sprint Is Planning To Make All Its Devices From February 11, 2015 Onward Domestically Unlo(...)
Ryan Whitwam / Android Police:PSA: Sprint Is Planning To Make All Its Devices From February 11, 2015 Onward Domestically Unlockable  —  The US mobile market is weird in that almost
David Einhorn warns of "second tech bubble in 15 years", shorts undisclosed tech stocks (Alex W(...)
Alex Wilhelm / TechCrunch:David Einhorn warns of “second tech bubble in 15 years”, shorts undisclosed tech stocks  —  David Einhorn Just Cried Bubble And Let Slip The Shorts Of War 
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BBC News - Indian elections: Hope and anger in transgender community
Indian elections: Hope and anger in transgender communityIndias transgender people want to have their say in the 2014 general electionsContinue reading the main storyIndia elections
US Sends Troops to Eastern Europe
No description.
Ted Cruz's Worst Nightmare Is Coming True
Last August, as conservatives barnstormed the country seeking to build support for a cockamamie plan to shut down the U.S. federal government unless Congress voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican senator, said something surprisingly
Netanyahu: Abbas must choose between Israel and Hamas |
Amid reports of Fatah-Hamas reconciliation, PM says he hopes Palestinians opt for peace, even if ‘so far’ they haven’t . . . .“Instead of moving into peace with Israel, he’s moving into peace with Hamas,” Netanyahu said. “He has to
Tally of persons kidnapped by Russian-backed insurgents in Ukraine’s east grows to 11
An English article on the KyivPost details 11 people who have been abducted by separatists or elements aligned with the so-called Donetsk Peoples Republic. These include the mayor and police chief of Slavyansk, the city council member Volodomir Rybak whose body …
BBC News - How South Africa is learning to live with mixed-race couples
 Yes it is wonderful when we rid our communities of racist and those who believe in segregation, so then the population can get on with living and loving as real human beings do, such as these couples that are part
'Object of Interest' Found in Flight 370 Search
No description.
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Photo: WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., le
WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., left, hits a body pad worn by Nate Jones during a media workout at the Mayweather Boxing Club Tuesday, April 22, 2014.
Mocking the Draft Live Draft
Hello! Its that time of year again! Dan Kadar, the head man at your favorite draft site, Mocking the Draft has given the authorization for Music City Miracles to host this years 7 Round Live Draft.
Portland Winterhawks vs. Kelowna Rockets
April 22, 2014--Portland Winterhawks Matthew Dumba defends against Marek Tvrdon in the first period of the third game of the Western Hockey League western conference championship at the Moda Center in Portland Tuesday night.
Is chivalry really dead, or just hiding?
Ask any twenty-something girl about chivalry and likely she will tell you chivalry is dead.
Texas man forced to strangle his dog in mercy killing after deputy leaves scene
A Texas man is grieving the death of his dog, whom he had to strangle and drown with his bare hands following shooting by police.
Inconvenient truths for Earth Day
That was the day when, in the heat of the election campaign, NDP leader Adrian Dix announced in Kamloops that he doesnt support the expansion of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline to its Burnaby terminal, because Vancouver shouldnt become a
Chris Brown's bodyguard found guilty in misdemeanour assault
Los Angeles, April 22: Singer Chris Browns bodyguard Chris Hollosy, accused of attacking the singers fan Parker Adams outside a hotel here, has been adjudged guilty by a court.
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Supreme Court gives police the power to execute searches based solely on anonymous tips. There (...)
Move over, Grinch: Girls caught fencing stolen Easter bunnies
Experts say eating flowers could be good for your health, increase your stamena
Gun silencer sales are skyrocketing, in case you hadn't heard
Paint-filled eggs falling out of my vagina? It's more likely than you think (Not safe for work)
Dumb: A child molester from Georgia travels to Colorado. Dumber: while wearing his ankle monito(...)
Study finds men still interested in sex even when in severe pain. "It's only a flesh wound"
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The Bard's Beehive
Shakespeare is known for his brilliant use of language and rhetorical imagery. Now two antiquarian booksellers believe they have found his dictionary. The Bibliophagist has been keeping an updated survey of responses to the announcement.
The good that men do (sometimes) lives after them
Today is the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeares birth - ...The centenary of Shakespeares birth fell soon after the theatres reopened with the Restoration of the monarchy, following the period when the Puritans had closed them down for the duration
Guys don't remember what chicks wear
Its like magnolia paint in rented accommodations. The tune is turgid. Its like someone going la la la la la in the shower. You dont feel theres a strong voice, and when I say voice, I dont mean Chris De
The Moral Question Of Our Time: Can We Share The Planet?
UN Climate Report: We Must Focus On Decarbonization, and It Wont Wreck the Economy - The basic message is simple: We share a planet. Lets start acting like it. Quick Link to Report and other AR5 volumesWorking Group III Report
Also, you will get your period soon.
Forrest Park Middle Schooler Melissa Bell reads her Ashton Kutcher fanfic for the Spring Talent Show. (SLYT) Dont worry, its fake.
the sky's the limit
That Time Cleveland Released 1.5 Million Balloons and Chaos Ensued
Disney Dconstructed (EDM)
Like most people, my first thoughts upon hearing about Disneys EDM remix album DCONSTRUCTED was: Oh dear God. This cannot end well.
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