One of the Sims 3 reviews
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Lithuania converting to Euros - banks handing out little cheat sheets
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TIL that in the 1920's, the Ford Motor Company produced so much factory wood waste that they ma(...)
High jump
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Pole to pole...
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Seven miles from Anchorage
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Terrorists Win
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Obama says Sony hack was an act of cybervandalism, not war, considers putting North Korea back (...)
Guardian:Obama says Sony hack was an act of cybervandalism, not war, considers putting North Korea back on state sponsors of terrorism list  —  Obama: North Korea hack on Sony Pictures
Lyft says drivers can make $35/hour, but reporter who drove Lyft for a week earned $10.50/hour (...)
Timothy B. Lee / Vox:Lyft says drivers can make $35/hour, but reporter who drove Lyft for a week earned $10.50/hour  —  Lyft says its drivers can make $35 an hour. 
Facebook blocks Russian page supporting Navalny, Putin's biggest critic (Michael Birnbaum/Washi(...)
Michael Birnbaum / Washington Post:Facebook blocks Russian page supporting Navalny, Putins biggest critic  —  MOSCOW — In a sign of new limits on Facebooks ability to serve as a platform
Verizon to FCC: You can't stop Netflix-like interconnection payments (Jon Brodkin/Ars Technica)
Jon Brodkin / Ars Technica:Verizon to FCC: You cant stop Netflix-like interconnection payments  —  Verizon told the Federal Communications Commission yesterday that it has no right to regulate paid interconnection deals like the ones Netflix
Over half the chips Intel will sell to public clouds in 2015 will have custom designs (Quentin (...)
Quentin Hardy / New York Times:Over half the chips Intel will sell to public clouds in 2015 will have custom designs  —  Intel Betting on (Customized) Commodity Chips for Cloud Computing  —  Cheap, mass-produced semiconductors
Cable industry group explains why it's so afraid the FCC will regulate ISPs like utilities (Jon(...)
Jon Brodkin / Ars Technica:Cable industry group explains why its so afraid the FCC will regulate ISPs like utilities  —  Making the Internet a utility—whats the worst that could happen?  —  There seems to be
Republicans prepare bill allowing FCC to regulate ISPs under new "Title X" provision to Communi(...)
Brian Fung / Washington Post:Republicans prepare bill allowing FCC to regulate ISPs under new “Title X” provision to Communications Act instead of Title II  —  Congress wants to legislate net
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They Booed Gabby Giffords
Yesterday there was a I will not comply rally in Olympia, Washington, to protest the passage, by voters, of Initiative 594, which expands background checks on the sales of guns between private owners. This riled up the states gun-rights-supersede-everything-else crowd,
Sinjar battle: Kurds 'take control' of large area from IS
Massoud Barzani: Any place we can find them we will crush the Islamic StateKurdish authorities say their Peshmerga forces have taken control of a large area of the Iraqi town of Sinjar from Islamic State militants.
Week in Geek: Holiday lights edition
No description.
New message from group behind Sony hacking
No description.
Heavy rain in Pacific Northwest threatens holiday travel plans
No description.
Florida police officer shot dead; suspect in custody
PINIELLAS COUNTY, Fla. - A police officer was shot and killed early Sunday in Tarpon Springs, Fla.WTSP-TV
NPJ Members seeds/articles week ending: December 20, 2014
NPJ Members seeds/articles week ending: December 20, 2014 These are our NPJ members seeds/articles for the week*, compiled in one place as a sort of week-in-review, second look.*Only News/Politics seeded to NPJ will appear on this list.Tips for seeders and
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A day in the life of a hospitalist
I am a young hospitalist who is 16 months into my role at an urban academic medical center. Unlike many of my more-senior colleagues who found their way to hospital medicine by circumstance, luck, or as a second-career path, I
Arrest warrants issued against Pakistan Taliban chief Mullah Fazlullah for attack on Karachi airport
An anti-terrorism court in Pakistan on Saturday issued non-bailable arrest warrants against eight persons, including Pakistan Taliban chief Mullah Fazlullah, for the brazen militant assault on Karachi airport in June. An anti-terrorism court in Karachi issued the arrest warrants against
Major cell death pathways at a glance.
To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document. Cell death is a crucial process during development, homeostasis and immune regulation of multicellular organisms, and its dysregulation
San Francisco prosecutor charges deputy in hospital assault: report
The San Francisco District Attorneys office charged a sheriffs deputy on Friday for allegedly attacking a hospital patient and covering it up with a false police report, according to officials and local media. District Attorney George Gascon said in a
Car crash?
This morning I was driving west on Bertona between 37th and 38th, Saw a prius with its side airbags deployed sitting outside that house in the back ground, and this audi was sitting where it is in the photo, I
Two More Protesters Arrested in Connection With Attack on Lieutenants
Police say two more people have been arrested in connection with the attack on two police lieutenants on the Brooklyn Bridge. Police say they conducted a search warrant before arresting one person on Friday morning.
Pa. couple charged in boy's death waives hearing
A Philadelphia-area couple charged in the torture death of the womans 3-year-old son will head to trial after waiving their preliminary hearings. Jillian Tait and Gary Lee Fellenbaum III are accused of shopping, napping and eating pizza as the boy
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Droopy poinsettias can be saved. This is not a euphemism
Bitcoin pioneer getting two years in prison is a virtual reality
Apparently, there were some researchers out there who actually thought cities had installed red(...)
Photoshop this badass
CSB Sunday Morning: Cool Story Bowlcut
Cleveland men's argument over their sexuality ends in a sword fight. Well, that clears up any c(...)
Couple moves into a serial killer's old digs and then bolts a life size replica of the murder's(...)
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D-Day to Germany, 1944 color home movies
D-Day to Germany, 1944. Color home movies by Allied pool reporter Jack Lieb. There is little to no combat, its all behind the lines offering a different perspective from total war. Some famous actors and writers appear. The best part
"Beany" Burger - 20¢
Spend 8 minutes in the 50s, at Beanys Drive-in (and thru).
Power of Art
Simon Schamas Power of Art is available in full. Part 1 Caravaggio. Part 2 Bernini. Part 3 Rembrandt. Part 4 David. Part 5 Turner. Part 6 Van Gogh. Part 7 Picasso. Part 8 Rothko. Or Part 1. Part 2. Part
The Legend of the Free Labour Market
The Legend of the Free Labour Market . From the excellent HR/Economics blog Flip Chart Fairy Tales.
"I know who they are. You don't need to."
I was surprised when I saw this photograph in a colour supplement a few days after the demonstration. It was captioned A West End shopper argues with a protester, but thats not what happened at all: I was trying to
Christmas gifs
Christmas themed gifs by contemporary artists. Jake and Dinos Chapman, Judy Chicago, Jeremy Deller, Tony Oursler, Marc Quinn, Anri Sala (NSFW, strobe imagery)
What my dog does when I leave
So, my buddy got a GoPro. We decided to put it on my dog to see what he does when we leave.
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