When you see all your friends hanging out and you can't because you're not born yet
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Solar electricity on track to be as cheap or cheaper than average electricity-bill prices in 47(...)
Reddit, how did the dumbest person you know prove it to you?
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This is teamwork!
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TIL In 1965, Andre the Giant received a draft notice for French's peace time army, but was unab(...)
Autumn Swedish Style (Helsingborg)
Overweight crash test dummies being developed in response to rising obesity levels in the Unite(...)
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Taiwanese smart energy startup Gogoro, led by former HTC exec, is close to raising $150M (Chris(...)
Chris Ziegler / The Verge:Taiwanese smart energy startup Gogoro, led by former HTC exec, is close to raising $150M  —  Mysterious smart energy company raises $150 million, led by ex-HTC
Vodafone and EE begin LTE-A rollout in the UK (Samuel Gibbs/Guardian)
Samuel Gibbs / Guardian:Vodafone and EE begin LTE-A rollout in the UK  —  UK joins worlds fastest mobile internet club with next generation 4G+ rollout  —  EE joins Vodafone with
Tim Cook: "I'm Proud to be Gay" (Tim Cook/Businessweek)
Tim Cook / Businessweek:Tim Cook: “Im Proud to be Gay”  —  Throughout my professional life, Ive tried to maintain a basic level of privacy.  I come from humble roots, and
Lenovo Completes $2.9 Billion Motorola Purchase From Google (Ina Fried/Re/code)
Ina Fried / Re/code:Lenovo Completes $2.9 Billion Motorola Purchase From Google  —  When Motorola President Rick Osterloh said Tuesday that the Lenovo deal was nearly done, he wasnt kidding.  — 
Homejoy Officially Moves Beyond Cleaning With Launch Of Handyman Services In The Bay Area (Anth(...)
Anthony Ha / TechCrunch:Homejoy Officially Moves Beyond Cleaning With Launch Of Handyman Services In The Bay Area  —  In its first big move beyond home cleaning, Homejoy is adding carpet
Sony Replaces Mobile Division Head (Takashi Mochizuki/Wall Street Journal)
Takashi Mochizuki / Wall Street Journal:Sony Replaces Mobile Division Head  —  Hiroki Totoki Has Been Widely Viewed as Instrumental in Sonys Structural Reforms  —  TOKYO— Sony Corp. on Thursday named
Google Play Movies & TV app gets redesign, second-screen experience w/ actor & soundtrack info (...)
Jordan Kahn / 9to5Google:Google Play Movies & TV app gets redesign, second-screen experience w/ actor & soundtrack info  —  Google today announced that its rolling out an updated Google Play
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Elton John calls Pope Francis 'my hero' for acceptance of gays - NY Daily News
Elton John AIDS Foundation benefit draws star power to Manhattan event while Sir Elton singles out Pope Francis for his conciliatory push to bring gays into the Catholic Church.
College student hits 4 shots to win $10K
College student (Bryan College) hits four shots in a row to win $10,000 in tuition.
No description.
U.S. Economy Expands at 3.5 Percent Clip in Third Quarter
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First Read's Morning Clips
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Polish prosecutors question Polanski over U.S. extradition request
KRAKOW (Reuters) - Polish prosecutors said on Thursday they had interviewed filmmaker Roman Polanski in connection with a U.S. extradition request over a 1977 sex crime conviction, but decided not to detain him, the Polish state news agency reported.
Hawaii lava flow is slow, gentle yet unrelenting as it edges close to town's road, homes
Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, moves gradually and persistently as she deposits lava across the Big Island of Hawaii. People in the small town lying in its path say the lava will reshape th...
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Is it too late to save Honey Boo Boo from mom's pedophile boyfriend?
Honey Boo Boo has been completely silent during the scandal surrounding her mothers sex offender boyfriend, but the world is worried about her nonetheless. This Wednesday news report shares more heartbreaking statements being made by the main victim of Mama
Albany woman arrested for stabbing 2-month-old puppy during domestic spat
The 2-month-old puppy is in temporary custody of the Albany Humane Society and is expected to make a full recovery. Katrina Wilson, 34, was arrested on Monday in Albany, Georgia and faces felony animal cruelty charges for stabbing a two-month-old
Do you feel safer in the subway?
From NY1 : Newly released subway crime statistics show drops in more serious crimes but big increases in lesser offenses. Transit police say subway robberies are down 32 percent from last year.
In Re A.B.
You read a ton of dependency cases in which drugs are involved. Not surprisingly.
Difficult birth for LNG cash cow
Debate is underway on the B.C. Liberal governments tax and environmental plan for liquefied natural gas exports, amid the usual political theatre. Most media reported that the government slashed its proposed seven-per-cent LNG processing income tax by half, caving in
AMEDISYS (AMED) Q3 2014 Results - Earnings Call Webcast
The following audio is from a conference call that will begin on October 29, 2014 at 10:00 AM ET. The audio will stream live while the call is active, and can be replayed upon its completion.
Dead body not suspicious
The Penticton RCMP confirmed Tuesday that the body of a man was found in an abandoned shed in a field off Green Mountain Road on Monday. People who work and walk in the area, near the Okanagan River Channel, described
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Dad finds out his daughter has been pretending she's a teenager online, publicly posts pictures(...)
Oh, thank goodness Salon has decided to tell us where Gamergate went wrong
Photoshop these ugly ass collection of baby ducks
Manuel Noriega's lawsuit claiming Call of Duty unlawfully used his likeness thrown out of court(...)
Nope.. Nope.. Nope.. The eel in the anus that has to be surgically removed is a NOPE
Apple CEO Tim Cook: iGay
Ten hours of walking in NYC as a man
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"I was just using it to sound different"
T-Pain performs without auto-tune for NPRs Tiny Desk Concert.
Rock and Rule.
It just might be the most classically animated teeth-gnashing and hair-flipping metal youve seen in your lifetime. Master animator Juanjo Guarnido had a successful Kickstarter to assemble a killer crew to make a music video for the face-meltingly awesome Swedish
Guide to the Races of Star Wars
georgelucasfan1 here. I was a little boy in 1979 when Episode 3 The New Home came out. These films and shows have been a big part of my life. And I would like to share with you my Star Warms
"I agreed to a scouted-out project!"
The Dissolves Movie of the Week on this week leading to Halloween has been The Blair Witch Project, which it describes as the most widely despised great horror movie. They discuss the legacy of the film fifteen years after its
Age ain't nothing but a number
One day in the fall of 1981, eight men in their 70s stepped out of a van in front of a converted monastery in New Hampshire. They shuffled forward, a few of them arthritically stooped, a couple with canes. Then
Butch Cannon, Bear Detective
In 2010, BEAR Magazine introduced an occasional single-page comic by Logan Kowalsky, Butch Cannon: The Bear Private Eye, full of pretty typical gay magazine comics tropes. There is no indication as to whether this is a complete collection, but Kowalsky
If everyone sees your dickpic hanging in a gallery except you is it art?
In light of Dries Verhoevens public art of his Grindr interactions (since cancelled), Arne Svensons show, The Neighbors (previously) and Future Femmes piece, Show Me More: A collection of DickPix, and amid questions of legality and ethics, the Guardian examines
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