Fall is here, which means my cat has gone full pumpkin
IamA Guy who built the Lego tower that was destroyed by Terry Crews on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. AMA!
My short bio: As requested by a user on r/pics, I'm doing an AMA. I'm surprised how much interest this has gotten. My Proof: https://imgur.com/a/khn83 submitted by austoncall to IAmA
Living with your best friend.
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One brick is missing.
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It was so windy in England today that this waterfall ceased to exist.
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The bottom half of the mirror at the hairdressers is glass. It confused me for a second when so(...)
I swear he's real!!!
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Leeo launches $99 Smart Alert Nightlight, alerts you via mobile when smoke/CO2 alarm sounds (Ky(...)
Kyle VanHemert / Wired:Leeo launches $99 Smart Alert Nightlight, alerts you via mobile when smoke/CO2 alarm sounds  —  A Fire-Safety Nightlight That Offers a New Take on the Smart Home 
Apple Pay: Seamless in Stores, but Quirky Online (Molly Wood/New York Times)
Molly Wood / New York Times:Apple Pay: Seamless in Stores, but Quirky Online  —  AFTER I used Apple Pay for a day of shopping in stores, a few things became
Google exec: Chromecast V2 is coming; users have cast 650 million times (Jonathan Vanian/Gigaom)
Jonathan Vanian / Gigaom:Google exec: Chromecast V2 is coming; users have cast 650 million times  —  Googles Mario Queiroz said that 650 million people have now hit the cast button. 
Product Hunt Gets Social With Twitter-Like User Profiles, Following Features And Notifications (...)
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:Product Hunt Gets Social With Twitter-Like User Profiles, Following Features And Notifications  —  Product Hunt, the Andreessen Horowitz-backed aggregation site currently focused on surfacing new tech products
iPad Air 2: great hardware but lacks multiuser, multitasking support, tablet-specific features (...)
Nilay Patel / The Verge:iPad Air 2: great hardware but lacks multiuser, multitasking support, tablet-specific features  —  Apple iPad Air 2 review  —  What is an iPad?  —  When Steve
iPad Air 2: best iPad ever, but only a modest evolutionary improvement over the Air (Walt Mossb(...)
Walt Mossberg / Re/code:iPad Air 2: best iPad ever, but only a modest evolutionary improvement over the Air  —  Apple iPad Air 2 Review: Its Better, but Is It Better
iPad mini 3 review: last year's screen, CPU, camera; buy iPad mini 2 instead and save $100 (Die(...)
Dieter Bohn / The Verge:iPad mini 3 review: last years screen, CPU, camera; buy iPad mini 2 instead and save $100  —  Apple iPad mini 3 review  —  How much
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Republican's North Carolina Senate bid imperiled by tea party toll-road disdain
Republican Thom Tillis, running against Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, faces conservative backlash for supporting project as North Carolina House Speaker.They spoke one after another at a tea party meeting at an upscale pub — conservative voters and activists vowing to
Now that Scotland has had its say, it's England's turn to vent
CHELMSFORD, England — Just a month after the United Kingdom survived a near-death experience when nearly half of Scots voted to secede, the focus of British politics has rapidly shifted to that other hotbed of churning nationalist discontent: England.The English,
Poll Tax is Legal? Yep! in Texas...thank you, SCOTUS!
How to hijack and steal an election, the Republican way...go visit an uncle at the US Supreme Court. A Court, that at the whim of a Political Party...or a very special VIP...will go out of their way, even coming up
Accused White House Intruder Omar Gonzalez Hit With New Charges
No description.
The Leaves Are Coming Down.
The leaves are really coming down now, i used to like raking them 10-12 years ago. Not so much anymore, but if i dont get them up ill not have any grass next year. Ive been doing it for 2
Hendo Hoverboard is the closest thing to Marty McFly's levitating toy -
One by one, it seems that crowdfunding websites are enabling us to build the devices of science fiction folklore. The Oculus Rift was thrust into the mainstream tech community via Kickstarter a year and a half before Facebookscooped up the project and now,
Baron and Buddy
Baron has been with me about 10 or so days, now. He didnt have the idyllic ranch life I thought. Im pretty sure, while he wasnt abused, he has handled roughly - no nonsense, get to work, throw on the
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Man falls off dock and into water during selfie attempt
Smartphones can be a hazard when in the wrong hands; this fact has been established by distracted users spanning the globe. Some people, caught up in the task at hand, wander into traffic, into closed doors, trip on curbs, and
How do you hit 170 yards with 7 iron?
My 7 iron at 37.25 and 35 degree loft is between 155-165 yards. Thats plenty enough for me.
Woman stuck in man's chimney was rescued by firefighters and arrested by police
A woman has been rescued and then arrested after getting stuck in the chimney of a house of a man she reportedly met online. According to People magazine on Monday, a woman got stuck in a chimney when trying to
Carlisle Companies (CSL) Q3 2014 Results - Earnings Call Webcast
The following audio is from a conference call that will begin on October 21, 2014 at 08:00 AM ET. The audio will stream live while the call is active, and can be replayed upon its completion.
Suspect in Va. abduction charged in DC area rape
Forensic tests are underway to identify the human remains found in rural Virginia on Saturday. A crew found the remains while searching for missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham.
Libyan militant pleads not guilty in attack on U.S. compound in Benghazi
A Libyan militant on Monday pleaded not guilty to charges arising from the 2012 Benghazi attacks that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. Ahmed Abu Khattala, 43, entered the plea through his lawyer in a 15-minute court proceeding
NCW Chairperson Mamta Sharma urges courts to expedite verdict in rape cases
Former National Commission for Women chairperson Mamta Sharma on Monday welcomed the decision to award life imprisonment to all five accused in the Dhaula Kuan gang-rape case and called upon the countrys judicial system to adopt a sensitive attitude for
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Colorado grocery store is completely sold out of Count Chocula cereal. Because one guy uses it (...)
Latest nail in the coffin for traditional taxis: minorities prefer Uber and Lyft because they d(...)
If you're going to steal merchandise from a store and flee on foot, make sure it's not an outdo(...)
Paralyzed man walks again after having nasal tissue injected into his spine, is expected to be (...)
People under 35 do not like eating food from the freezer. Unless you call vodka and ice food
Photoshop this melty glass and nail art vase thingee
The key to happiness is lorem ipsum
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Rob Cantor has been having a very good year
You may know Rob Cantor for his work with Tally Hall (previously), or for his hit meme-song Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf (also previously), for which a new, amazing video was released today, or for the time he faked a bunch
"I'm actually kind of surprised that no one has made one by now."
I tend to spend months on a piece here and there, but once this one got in my blood, I couldnt stop. It all started with the Cyberdemon by Reaper Miniatures my friend Chris Fields gave be back in 2004.
And yet, I still haven't discovered what the heck "Snarf Farms" are.
Figuring out some of the more obscure references in an episode of MST3k is a labor of love for some devoted fans. The folks over at The Annotated MST3k (previously) have been at it for eleven years now and have
Marriage Equality in the Equality State
At 10AM Mountain Time on Tuesday, October 21, Wyoming began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The U.S. Supreme Court had announced its decision to let stand appeals court rulings allowing same-sex marriage in five states, including Wyoming, on October
music video: The Tropics, "Fireproof"
Fireproof is the new music video from San Francisco pop group The Tropics. It features an enjoyable, upbeat, punchy song with a vibrant vocal from lead vocalist Claire George. Lighthearted, smile-inducing bonus: The video is also a spirited, shot-by-shot homage
We have no sense of scale for this...is it some kind of pipe?
Mystery photos from CERNs history
...and then Druids for some reason!
The entire 10 movie Halloween series in two minutes.
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