Two blondes are in heaven.
One blonde says to the other, "how did you die"? "I froze to death," says the second. "That's awful" says the first blonde. "How does it feel to freeze to death?" "It's very uncomfortable at first," says the second blonde.
My pup waiting for my husband to get home! She likes to bring him a toy.
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TIFU by posting for three years and just now realizing I've been shadow banned this entire time.
It never really made sense why over the course of three years I never got one comment or upvote/downvote for all of my posts. Reddit is an absolutely huge site, but after a couple years you begin to have your
My future kids.
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TIL The relationship between single-parent families and crime is so strong that controlling for(...)
New virtual reality theme park in Utah looks very, very promising.
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TIL Tim Russ aka Star Treks Lt Tuvok was also the trooper in Spaceballs with the famous line "W(...)
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We tried Microsoft HoloLens: This is going to be much bigger than Google Glass (Business Insider)
Business Insider:We tried Microsoft HoloLens: This is going to be much bigger than Google Glass  —  We just tried the companys new hologram gadget HoloLens.  —  It was a demonstration
Rocket Internet's Foodpanda Gobbles Up $100M More Led By Goldman Sachs (Jon Russell/TechCrunch)
Jon Russell / TechCrunch:Rocket Internets Foodpanda Gobbles Up $100M More Led By Goldman Sachs  —  Less than two months after raising $110 million, Foodpanda — the Rocket Internet-backed food delivery
Satya Nadella envisions a Microsoft that is more willing to favor big bets on new technologies (...)
Nick Wingfield / New York Times:Satya Nadella envisions a Microsoft that is more willing to favor big bets on new technologies over protecting legacy cash cows  —  Microsoft (Yes, Microsoft)
Microsoft details HoloLens: spatial sound, inertial measurement unit with accelerometer, gyrosc(...)
Todd Holmdahl / Conversations:Microsoft details HoloLens: spatial sound, inertial measurement unit with accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and Holographic Processing Unit  —  BUILD 2015: A closer look at the Microsoft HoloLens hardware 
Mozilla wants to deprecate non-secure HTTP, will make proposals to W3C 'soon' (Emil Protalinski(...)
Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat:Mozilla wants to deprecate non-secure HTTP, will make proposals to W3C ‘soon’  —  Mozilla today announced its intent to phase out non-secure HTTP, and that it will
Tweets viewed on the web can now embed playable emulations from Internet Archive's collection o(...)
Chris Kohler / Wired:Tweets viewed on the web can now embed playable emulations from Internet Archives collection of classic MS-DOS games  —  Turns Out You Can Embed Playable MS-DOS Games
Grooveshark ceases operations as a result of settlement with major record companies, offers apo(...)
Peter Kafka / Re/code:Grooveshark ceases operations as a result of settlement with major record companies, offers apology  —  Grooveshark, the Free Music Service That Used to Scare the Big Labels,
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Robert Blay: UKIP suspends parliamentary candidate after he threatens to SHOOT Tory rival in sh(...)
Former bank accountant Blay, 55, who used to be a member of the Conservative Party, told our reporter that Jayawardena had been tipped to potentially be the country’s first British Asian Prime Minister.And in a vile and shocking outburst, he
Paws together for Bow to Wow's 1-year anniversary!
No description.
5.05 - All In
No description.
US due to stop managing Afghan airspace by end of June
AP Latest News;
Report: 2.2 million Iraqis displaced by Islamic State
AP reports;
This is a great site for help infinding surgeons in the tampa bay area
There are so many places to look in a competitive market of plastic surgeons in Tampa Bay. I was lost and unsure so I found tampas best surgeons and they were so nice placing me with a great plastic surgeon
Idaho Cop Greg Moore Dies After Suspect Opens Fire
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Exploring the use of qualitative methods in published health services and management research.
There is interest in promoting greater use of qualitative methods in health care research. However, little is known about the volume or characteristics of published studies that use qualitative methods.
A guaranteed way to increase your chances of success
Alternatively, you can save yourself a lot of time and money. You can find out what needs to be done, and then proceed with confidence.
Officer Charged in Freddie Gray's Death Defends Legality of Arrest
One of the six Baltimore officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray filed a motion in court today defending the legality of Grays arrest. Grays confrontation with the police ended up with the 25-year-old dead while in police custody.
Myvi-Pajero Sport fatal incident shocks the nation - why...
If youve been following the news, I dont think I have to go into detail on what happened over the weekend. A quick recap - six Perodua Myvis belonging to a club were allegedly racing on the DUKE highway, and
Texas shootings: Gunman well-known to FBI before attack
Investigators box up an assault weapon outside the Curtis Culwell Center on Monday in Garland, Texas. Two men opened fire Sunday night at a contest for cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.
NBC Declines to Label Gunmen in TX Terror Shooting 'Islamic Extremists' or 'Terrorists'
In covering the failed terrorist attack at a Prophet Mohammad cartoon event in Texas, NBC neglected to describe the two gunmen on Monday evening as Islamic extremists or terrorists while all three English networks prominently touted the Southern Poverty Law
New York Senate Majority Leader Arrested for Seriously Criminal Nepotism
Skelos and his 32-year-old boy, Adam, were both arrested Monday on corruption charges, the New York Times reports -the result of a year-long investigation into just how far a dad might go for his good-for-nothing kid. The charges against Senator
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It's spring time in Minnesota; the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the state's first med(...)
Other than the 30-lb rat that keeps trying to damage the foundation, the self-sufficient floati(...)
Discovering a cache of newspaper articles written by 29-year-old Mark Twain while he was drinki(...)
Sometimes you Skidoo away, sometimes you Skidon't
The coolest video of an exploding lake of lava you'll see all day
Oppose GMOs? Good for you, you're a crusader, you care about your food. Eat sweet potatoes? Uh-oh
Police dog refused to leave a dead officer's side after he died in a head-on crash. Give that d(...)
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ICHIs song GO GAGAMBO opens with a universally recognisable mosquito hum, then proceeds with a catchy, familiar-sounding bass line, strummed out on a long, thin insect-like home-made instrument, while the vocals are punk-like, small and high-pitched, in the language of
Restroom etiquette
Pfft. . . A real man just craps his pants and asks if anyone has a problem with it. The anthropologist Horace Miner once wrote about the Nacirema, a strange North American people he said all perform the exact same
In which a bee stings a pianist's hand and all musical hell breaks loose
Alfonso Muskedunder , an animated video by Bendik Kaltenborn and Espen Friberg for the song by Norwegian DJ, songwriter, and record producer Todd Terje. A 60s jazz influenced (yes thats 7/8 time) hodge-podge with 4 additional remixes (soundcloud) and a
Not the usual ship sails.
In keeping with sweet music videos evening here on Metafilter, please take a moment to appreciate the sheer number of hours and sore thumbs it must have taken to make Son Luxs new video for Change is Everything.
"Bored yet? Dunked in the alphabet soup?"
So the Scottish National Party is nationalist and socialist. Does this mean they are secretly fascists? In what sense are national socialists socialist? Were The Nazis Right-Wing? – or – Weimar Culture: The Insider As Outsider
New Chemical Brothers Song
Chemical Brothers Go. They still sound like the 90s. Music video by Michel Gondry.
Gloucester's plan for their opiate crisis
Lives are literally at stake. I have been on both sides of this issue, having spent 7 years as a plainclothes narcotics detective. I have arrested or charged many addicts and dealers. Ive never arrested a tobacco addict, nor have
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