I went to Target today and saw this. So there's that.
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TIL mechanisms exist in law that can legally kill and break up corporations. The corporation is(...)
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TIFU by breaking into an abandoned dorm
Alright, so there are a couple of abandoned dorms on my college campus. They were shut down like, 15 years ago because of...actually, I don't really know why. Asbestos, maybe? Anyway, they're abandoned. It's rumored that they'll be renovated at
Philly just decriminalized marijuana
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My first drink with my son...
I was reading an article last night about fathers and sons, and memories came flooding back of the time I took my son out for his first pint. Off we went to our local pub which is only two blocks
How to do homework in college
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Doggy Devito
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Local police in US giving families free ComputerCop keylogging software in "Internet Safety" in(...)
Dave Maass / Electronic Frontier Foundation:Local police in US giving families free ComputerCop keylogging software in “Internet Safety” initiative  —  ComputerCOP: The Dubious ‘Internet Safety Software’ That Hundreds of Police
Yelp, TripAdvisor, others, launch "Focus on the User" campaign against Google search results (G(...)
Greg Sterling / Search Engine Land:Yelp, TripAdvisor, others, launch “Focus on the User” campaign against Google search results  —  Focus On User Group Uses Google Algorithm To Attack Map Pack 
Startups are very counterintuitive, and you can't always trust your instincts (Paul Graham)
Paul Graham:Startups are very counterintuitive, and you cant always trust your instincts  —  Before the Startup  —  (This essay is derived from a guest lecture in Sam Altmans startup class at Stanford.  Its intended for
ZenMate Scores $3.2M Series A For Its VPN-Style Private Browsing Service (Steve O'Hear/TechCrunch)
Steve OHear / TechCrunch:ZenMate Scores $3.2M Series A For Its VPN-Style Private Browsing Service  —  As consumers become more tech savvy and privacy conscious, its not surprising to see VCs
Dropbox for Android users can now export files to SD cards (Mark Hearn/9to5Google)
Mark Hearn / 9to5Google:Dropbox for Android users can now export files to SD cards  —  After several requests, Dropbox for Android users can now can now export files to their
Verizon and Sprint follow AT&T's lead with new double data offers (Jacob Siegal/BGR)
Jacob Siegal / BGR:Verizon and Sprint follow AT&Ts lead with new double data offers  —  Over the weekend, AT&T announced a data plan promotion which would allow customers to sign
Lost-Item Tracker Tile Raises $13 Million To Fund International Expansion, Android Release (Sar(...)
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:Lost-Item Tracker Tile Raises $13 Million To Fund International Expansion, Android Release  —  Tile, the lost-item tracker that raised millions in crowdfunding wants to give objects a
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Chinese Court Convicts 15 People in Kidney-Harvesting Case
No description.
maglatina's hope for Civil-liberties
Democrats win elections so that civil liberties be safeguarded and promoted.Universal Health care gets stronger.Erradication of isil
The West - "Daesh" or "IS" - closing Pandora's box
The West - “Daesh” or “IS” - closing Pandora’s boxHowever you define Civil Liberties, Civil Rights or Human Rights, more and more governments are today finding it necessary to place an upper limit on tolerance, defining what they considered the
Shooting Death of Bell Gardens Mayor Stuns Friends
No description.
Company has 'parted ways' with PR exec after tweet on AIDS, Africa and race
No description.
Nuclear-armed and coup-prone Pakistan appoints powerful new army chief
No description.
New York man charged with aiding Taliban wanted US soldiers 'cut to pieces'
No description.
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What now?
WHAT seemed like an endless summer for parents, guardians and students ended Sept. 29 when public schools once again opened following the longest teacher strike and lock out in the provinces history.
At The Bar - October 2014
SB Nation communities are supposed to be like internet sports bars, but even within a sports bar, you still have options. If you want privacy, one-to-one conversation, and the opportunity to engage in specific debate about a single topic, you
Ford's F-150 gets more details in the spotlight
Presentations prepared ahead of journalist test drives of the F-150 in the pickup aficionado area of Texas have further revealed new and interesting details about the aluminum intensive truck. For once, those who thought the 2015 F-150 only uses aluminum
2 suicide bombers attack Afghan troops in Kabul, killing 7, wounding 21
Afghan police say two suicide bombers in the capital have targeted two buses carrying Afghan army troops, killing seven and wounding 21 people. Kabul criminal investigation police chief Mohammad Farid Afzali says first attacker Wednesday morning hit a bus with
UFC Fight Night 53 fight card: Gunnar Nelson vs Rick Story fight preview
In a pivotal welterweight match up, Gunnar Nelson and Rick Story collide in search of a top 10 ranking this Saturday at UFC Fight Night 53 in Stockholm, Sweden, at the Ericsson Globe Arena. In a battle of untested prospect
I am calling you out as a non-golfer IF.........................
If you dont spend most of your work day on thesandtrap.com no matter how many times they have threatened to fire you. And I am still a real golfer since I switched to ProV1s about a month ago.
FCC unanimously rejects NFL's blackout rules
Well, that didnt take long. We reported yesterday that the FCC was taking aim at sports blackout rules this week, and today the Commission voted to nix the unnecessary and outdated regulations.
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And the most ticketed car in America is the ____________
No need to panic at all, but if you've flown United Airlines very recently between Washington D(...)
Hundreds of police departments have quietly been trying to return tanks, MRAPs, and other surpl(...)
Crime statistics show that kids in Britain are racking up their first drunk-driving charges aro(...)
Theme of Farktography Contest No. 491: "Can't See the Forest for the Trees". Details and rules (...)
How do you make a swaying walkway suspended 600 feet above the ground even more fun? Add a see-(...)
Jury decides you cannot stand your ground against an unarmed teenager who was playing his music(...)
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Trip Report: The Hajj
The Trip Reports section of the venerable Flyertalk forums contains a lot of things you might expect: a fastidious appraisal of AA Flagship Suites, a Taste of Turkey in TK economy class, even a review of the business class product
A post about a short film that cannot be described in 72 characters.
Circle of an Abstract Ritual is the latest stop motion timelapse from artist Jeff Frost (previously)who creates short films that defy description. This latest work gathers hundreds of thousands of photographs taken over the last two years during wildfires, riots,
The Scarecrow Project
Scarecrow Video (previously), also known as the largest independent video store in the world, announced back in August that they were closing its doors. But Wait! Theres More! Scarecrow also announced their plans to soon after re-open as a non-profit.
"The Rick Scott is perfect"
Democrats are like a bad wedding dress. College Republicans make Say Yes To The Dress themed ads for governor races across the country. Because, you know, its culturally relevant.
Some people, they like to post on MetaFilter
StandinonacornerSuitcaseinmyhandJacks inhis corset, JaneisinhervestAndme,Iminarocknrollband.Huh. Riding in a Stutz Bearcat, JimYou know, those were different timesAll the poets studied rules of verseAnd those ladies, they rolled their eyesSweet Jane oh ohSweet Jane
Ghost Gunner
Ghost Gunner is a computer-numerically-controlled mill that sells for $1200. Using it, and datafiles from the manufacturer, you can create your own AR-15 lower receiver. All the rest of the parts necessary can be purchased legally, to permit you to
76 of 79 Deceased NFL Players Found to Have Brain Disease
76 of 79 Deceased NFL Players Found to Have Brain Disease As the NFL nears an end to its long-running legal battle over concussions, new data from the nations largest brain bank focused on traumatic brain injury has found evidence
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