Tattoo armor broken by scar
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If your girlfriend looks like this
Amazingly creative short film. "Time Trap" a great way to waste 7 minutes (and 45 seconds)
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What do British nuclear engineers eat?
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PsBattle: Distracted Jogger
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Malaysia officially ends search for MH370 plane; declares disappearance an accident
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“Sponsored” by my husband: Why it’s a problem that writers never talk about where their m(...)
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Intel Announces Broadwell vPro Processors: Wireless Docking and More (Stephen Barrett/AnandTech)
Stephen Barrett / AnandTech:Intel Announces Broadwell vPro Processors: Wireless Docking and More  —  While Intel formally announced availability of Broadwell-U processors at CES this year, vendors did not actually have
Samsung's Gear VR will provide in-flight entertainment for first-class Qantas passengers (Owen (...)
Owen Williams / The Next Web:Samsungs Gear VR will provide in-flight entertainment for first-class Qantas passengers  —  A new partnership between Samsung and Australian airline Qantas means passengers flying on
Symantec gives Veritas name to new info-management arm (Hannah Breeze/CRN UK News)
Hannah Breeze / CRN UK News:Symantec gives Veritas name to new info-management arm  —  Vendor outlines strategy for soon-to-be spun-off arm  —  Symantec has settled on the name Veritas for
Valve has paid out $57M+ to 1.5K creators across 75 countries through Steam Workshop since 2011(...)
Alden Kroll / Steam Community:Valve has paid out $57M+ to 1.5K creators across 75 countries through Steam Workshop since 2011; announces curated workshops for non-Valve games  —  Content Creators Earn Over $50M Through Steam Workshop,
White House privacy bill empowers FTC to levy steep fines on privacy violators, strengthen over(...)
Tony Romm / Politico:White House privacy bill empowers FTC to levy steep fines on privacy violators, strengthen oversight of data brokers  —  White House preps expansive online privacy bill  — 
Snapchat's Discover feature for news could also function more broadly as an app platform (Micha(...)
Michael Sippey / Medium:Snapchats Discover feature for news could also function more broadly as an app platform  —  theory: snapchat launched an app platform  —  And then go through the list of capabilities they can
Spectra Wireless and Microsoft launch first commercial broadband network using TV white space, (...)
Vlad Dudau / Neowin:Spectra Wireless and Microsoft launch first commercial broadband network using TV white space, in Ghana  —  Microsoft launches first TV white space network in Africa  —  Microsoft,
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From Terry Tate to Little Darth: Where your favorite Super Bowl commercial stars are now
No description.
Police question child who backed Charlie Hebdo attackers
AP reports;
Sexy 'Frozen' Halloween costumes (including Olaf) hit stores — and weird us out
No description.
Hey girl! Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes welcome daughter
No description.
In Ferguson's wake, police and citizens scuffle at St. Louis meeting
An attempt to mend the relationship between citizens and police in St. Louis broke into a shouting and shoving match late Wednesday -- between citizens and police.Council members considering a bill to establish a civilian oversight board over police work
10 slow-cooker breakfasts you'll dream about all night
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Which King quote is scarier?
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Top Lingerie trends 2015
Lingerie over the years have been crossing over into daywear and for 2015 many companies have vowed to become more diverse by creating collections to suit every woman.
FolderPie shows where your space has gone
I love this type of utility - on any platform - showing at a glance where all your disk space has gone - absolutely invaluable when having a tidy-up! FolderPie does exactly what it implies, though actual deleting of files
Inflow velocities of cold flows streaming into massive galaxies at high redshifts
We study the velocities of the accretion along streams from the cosmic web into massive galaxies at high redshift with the help of three different suites of AMR hydrodynamical cosmological simulations. The results are compared to free-fall velocities and to
You're spending more time playing mobile games than ever before
The average time spent playing mobile games in 2014 increased by 57 percent compared to 2012, according to a report from industry intelligence group NPD Group . The study reveals that people spent about 3 hours every day playing games
Neighbors say man killed in fatal Middletown fire was a 'nice guy'; coroner IDs victim
The only visible signs of fatal fire that killed a man and his dog were two open windows, faint burning smells and splintered wood near one of the buildings four entrances on Tuesday morning. James McMeniman, 54, died of smoke
Like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli
All day Ive been listening to channel 7 reporters and anchors repeatedly, and non-ironically, refer to the angry sea. Not a single Seinfeld reference.
A firm-level analysis of ICT adoption in an emerging economy:...
This study examines information and communication technologies adoption among 3759 Colombian manufacturing firms to identify factors that are pertinent to the adoption and usage of ICT at the firm level. This article also attempts to ascertain if the determinants of
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Arkansas gun range that banned "Muslims" is suffering due to boycott. Just kidding, business ha(...)
Rather than waiting for the weather to warm up, Nebraska is going to use dynamite to break up a(...)
Deaf viewers complain automated live subtitling software is telling them to mambo dogface to th(...)
"Negative Ghostrider, the Admiral's daughter is full"
Sex den found where shameless humans first had sex with Neanderthals. You can probably hear the(...)
Hunt for MH370 ends. CNN to go dark
Meal at Denny's turns into huge, greasy, life-threatening mess
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Piratenpartei accessing to Berne?
Piratenpartei MEP Julia Redas draft report on copyright (pdf) has been heavily criticized by former Swedish Pirate Party MEP Amelia Andersdotter (previously).
Theatre should be written on water.
Iain talks about how it feels when a show closes (SLYT) Previously
punchlines for a global audience
Last summer, Tilbury, Essex became Grimsby, North Lincolnshire. Detritus was strewn across the streets to affect the temporal change. Caricatures of slags and obese scroungers marauded up and down the road. Across one of the pulled-down shop shutters was scrawled
Offline underclass
75 million Americans dont have internet. Heres what its like.
Who owns Los Angeles?
Using publicly available data and open source tools to find answers to questions about Los Angeles. What are the most expensive pieces of land in LA County? Which of these has the most expensive improvement, or building? What is the
Sorry, Canada
Reddit user TeaDranks has made a map of the world resizing every country in proportion to its population. The results are fascinating. NPR has a look. As originally seen on Reddit.
Random Game Map Maker
Daves Mapper automatically generates tiled RPG/adventure game maps by recombining tiles submitted by artists, with a pile of customization map generation options. Have fun and be inspired, or submit your own tiles.
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