My tylenol capsules are just normal pills with little caps on both ends
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Hey Bob, it's Archer.
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My high school won a contest to have Macklemore and Ryan Lewis preform at my school as well as (...)
However, due to complaints of parents and administration at Aliso Niguel High School, that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis promote misogyny and Drug Use, had to decline the concert and grant money. I find this atrocious. I might not be a
Playboy says it will no longer print images of nude women
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FYI: The Land Before Time is FINALLY (and quietly) being released in HD for the first time.
Text post because I just want to spread the word. Official release is October 13. I'll leave the Amazon link out of this post, but it's there. After I inadvertently found out about it, I did some quick Googling and
Programmer creates online library composed of every book that has been and ever could be written.
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Girlfriend is always telling me my shirts are the same color. I had to prove her wrong.
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Adobe Updates Its Document Cloud With Dropbox Integration, Improved eSign Services (Frederic La(...)
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:Adobe Updates Its Document Cloud With Dropbox Integration, Improved eSign Services  —  Compared to its Creative and Marketing Cloud solutions, Adobes recently launched Document Cloud and eSign
Deadspin suspended from Twitter briefly after receiving takedown notices for GIFs from NFL; @SB(...)
Re/code:Deadspin suspended from Twitter briefly after receiving takedown notices for GIFs from NFL; @SBNationGIF remains suspended for posting college football GIFs  —  Twitter Suspends Deadspin, SBNation Accounts for Violating Copyrights 
Australia's data retention laws go into effect today, but two-thirds of ISPs unsure of what to (...)
Will Ockenden / ABC:Australias data retention laws go into effect today, but two-thirds of ISPs unsure of what to retain, are given until April 2017 to become fully compliant  — 
Snapchat To Shut Down Snap Channel, Laying Off Team, Changing Content Plans (Nellie Andreeva/De(...)
Nellie Andreeva / Deadline:Snapchat To Shut Down Snap Channel, Laying Off Team, Changing Content Plans  —  Underscoring the complicated relationship between the tech world and traditional entertainment, Snapchat has done
Former employees say Experian's efforts to improve security slipped after the departure of CIO (...)
Brian Krebs / Krebs on Security:Former employees say Experians efforts to improve security slipped after the departure of CIO John Finch  —  At Experian, Security Attrition Amid Acquisitions  —  T-Mobile
Microsoft previews Windows 10 Skype integration and Cortana inking (Tom Warren/The Verge)
Tom Warren / The Verge:Microsoft previews Windows 10 Skype integration and Cortana inking  —  Microsoft is previewing its latest Windows 10 update today, and it comes with some interesting changes. 
Tag Heuer teases its Intel-powered Android Wear smartwatch launching 11/9 (Ron Amadeo/Ars Technica)
Ron Amadeo / Ars Technica:Tag Heuer teases its Intel-powered Android Wear smartwatch launching 11/9  —  The Android and Tag Heuer Twitter accounts are tweeting up a storm about the upcoming
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Jolie's bodyguards held in India after fracas
No description.
Higher taxes on the rich actually wouldn't lower inequality that much - The Washington Post
WaPo reports;
CW to stop streaming 'Gossip Girl' online
No description.
Pullman Planned Parenthood opens temporary location
Planned Parenthood in Pullman has opened a temporary location at the Tractor Town Square following September’s arson.Tanya Riordan with Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho called the fire and damage “tragic.” Investigators said a wind …
Europe's refugee crisis strengthens far-right parties - The Washington Post
WaPo reports;
Blast rocks Tianjin, 2 months after fatal explosion
AP Latest News;
Mets Rout Dodgers in Game 3 to Take 2-1 Series Lead
No description.
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Memphis Police Officer Shot Dead Sitting in Car - Suspect in Custody
Memphis police officer Terrence Olridge was shot dead on Sunday in his car. He was leaving home for work at the time.
Mattinee Day
Not gonna freak out over 2 games. Not gonna freak out over 2 games. Not gonna freak out over 2 games.
Boy, 10, Shot And Killed On Hunting Trip In Utah
The tragic event happened in a remote area where the child was sitting on the floor of a 4-wheeler while it was parked. According to the Cache County Sheriffs Office, the boy was sitting on the trying to stay warm
Japanese eye contact and interaction
Its often said that Japanese people arent overly fond of eye contact or interaction with strangers - a trait thats supposedly even more pronounced when those strangers are of a foreign persuasion.
Re: Breaking It Down: Bismack Biyombo's Benevolent Defensive Impact
Bismack Biyombo, despite not doing anything spectacular, has been an early success this preseason. Never one to light up the box score, Biyombo has made his mark by adding a subtle spine to the Raptors defense.
'Nation will mourn' Garda Tony Golden, shot dead in Louth murder-suicide
Investigations are continuing into a shooting which claimed the life of a garda and a second man in Co Louth. Garda Tony Golden, who was married with three young children all believed to be under eight years old, was responding
So....about that tweet...
Are you going to delete that dumb tweet that isnt funny and makes other schools think UW fans support racist jokes that arent even funny? Representing UW means representing an entire fan base. Test your jokes on your personal Twitter....lord
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Plans to erect a monument to Martin Luther King, Jr atop Georgia's Stone Mountain--a tribute to(...)
You say that you buy Playboy for the articles? Unfortunately, I have some good news for you
Sorry, folks, Halloween's cancelled. The guy out front with no moose costume shoulda told ya
Target is charging you the wrong price on 10% of the items it rings up. Sears? 16%
The only thing that can stop a terrorist with a gun is a good guy with a motherfarking set of s(...)
Burger King unveils the unholiest concoction known to man: the Pumpkin Spice Oreo Milkshake
Growing MORE weed can help California fix its water problems. Far out, man
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A Very Revealing Conversation With Rihanna
It was hard work maintaining a light buzz for so long, but it paid off. When Rihannas manager, Jay Brown, appeared to tell me that this was one of her first interviews in years I just laughed. And then choked.
Variations on a Traffic Jam
Heres fifty lanes of automobile traffic in Beijing. Heres a bike traffic jam at CicLAvia in Los Angeles, and on New Yorks 5th Avenue the traffic is afoot.
Farewell to a record jacket visionary.
Sly Stone leaping and kicking the air in his ultra-70s platform heel boots. Thelonious Monk at the piano, a weapon slung across his shoulder and surrounded by the accoutrements of underground resistance. Bruce Springsteen grinning and leaning on his buddy,
No Nudes Is Good Nudes?
Previous efforts to revamp Playboy, as recently as three years ago, have never quite stuck. And those who have accused it of exploiting women are unlikely to be assuaged by a modest cover-up. But, according to its own research, Playboys
The Saint of Dry Creek
Patrick Haggerty was a teenager in rural Dry Creek, Washington, in the late 1950s. He remembers the day he first had a conversation with his father about being gay. Previously heard on NPR Morning Edition, newly animated as a part
"Tweets Are Rare, But Precious"
For Reuters, Neil Hall and Angus Berwick tell the tale of Lincolnshire hermit Rachel Denton. In 2006 Denton formally committed to living the rest of her days in solitude after a lifetime as a teacher and Carmelite nun. In addition
"an abyss of hedonistic pleasure"
The room was upholstered in crimson and oatmeal and decorated with Socialist Realist frescoes of industrious maidens. A hefty multipointed star descended from the ceiling like a satellite returning from space. Above the tables a pair of identical life-size plaster
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