We Experiment On Human Beings! OkCupid's blog OkTrends is back!
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I slept on the edge of the Grand Canyon and woke up to find my friend having the World's most e(...)
Federal marijuana bill would legalize some cannabis strains
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Best Review Ever
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LPT: When packing your kitchen to move, wrap your silverware holder with plastic wrap.
This keeps everything in its place, and prevents you from having to pack it all separate. submitted by ITouchedACoelocanth to LifeProTips
Walmart Ice Cream Sandwich's Don't Melt!
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TIL due to their similar protein composition, blood can be used as an egg substitute in baking (...)
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Twitter Won't Unveil New Growth Metrics for Q2 Earnings (Peter Kafka/Re/code)
Peter Kafka / Re/code:Twitter Wont Unveil New Growth Metrics for Q2 Earnings  —  Twitter reports its Q2 earnings tomorrow afternoon, which means investors will be judging whether Dick Costolo has
A/B Testing Service Leanplum Raises $4.8M Series A Round, Adds Marketing Automation Tools (Fred(...)
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:A/B Testing Service Leanplum Raises $4.8M Series A Round, Adds Marketing Automation Tools  —  Leanplum, an A/B testing service for iOS and Android apps, today announced that
Hackers Plundered Israeli Defense Firms that Built 'Iron Dome' Missile Defense System (Brian Kr(...)
Brian Krebs / Krebs on Security:Hackers Plundered Israeli Defense Firms that Built ‘Iron Dome’ Missile Defense System  —  Three Israeli defense contractors responsible for building the “Iron Dome” missile shield
Windows comes to Raspberry Pi-style board in Microsoft/Intel project (Jon Brodkin/Ars Technica)
Jon Brodkin / Ars Technica:Windows comes to Raspberry Pi-style board in Microsoft/Intel project  —  Sharks Cove.  —  Microsoft  —  Even Microsoft wants a piece of the development board market made
Yelp for iPhone now lets you add 12-second videos to your reviews, Android to follow soon (Paul(...)
Paul Sawers / The Next Web:Yelp for iPhone now lets you add 12-second videos to your reviews, Android to follow soon  —  While the move isnt exactly surprising, Yelp has
Multiple reports say Google and Motorola are planning a Nexus phablet (Ron Amadeo/Ars Technica)
Ron Amadeo / Ars Technica:Multiple reports say Google and Motorola are planning a Nexus phablet  —  The Nexus line is definitely not dead.  Over the weekend, a report from Android Police claimed Google and the
LG launches new Android tablet/netbook hybrid with 4GB of RAM, 128GB SSD and an Intel Core i5 ((...)
Quentyn Kennemer / Phandroid:LG launches new Android tablet/netbook hybrid with 4GB of RAM, 128GB SSD and an Intel Core i5  —  Add one more to the list of ridiculous Android
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Jenny McCarthy Regrets Hillary Clinton Gay Joke
Jenny McCarthy is having second thoughts about a recent joke she made regarding Hillary Clintons sexuality.Last week on The View, McCarthy and her co-hosts were discussing Ronald Kesslers new book, The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden
Politics or a Movie - I vote Movie
The Original 1960 ClassicThe Little Shop of HorrorsProduced and Directed by Roger CormanWritten by Charles B. GriffithNarrated by Wally Campo StarringJonathan HazeJackie JosephMel WellesDick MillerJack Nicholson
Conservatives Blame Democrats For Conservative Impeachment Threats
Right-wing media and Republicans are blaming Democrats and President Obama for allegedly ginning up the issue of impeachment for political benefit, but that Pandoras Box was opened by conservatives themselves, who have been demanding impeachment since Obama first too …
CIVILIAN Death Misery Caused by Israeli military in Gaza Continues
Clearly Israel has gone beyond any civilized behavior and norm in this world by attacking and killing civilians in Gaza now on a daily basis. Just today 10 children were killed in a childrens park and a hospital was attacked
Legislators, Corporations Gather For Secret Meeting Against Clean Energy And You're Not Invited
After maintaining a low profile for decades, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) received widespread exposure in recent years for backing Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law, a substantial part of the national discussion following the shooting of Tr …
GOP to America: Rich Kids eat Filet Mignon. Poor kids? Let them eat Cake!!
God, Family, and Country...which comes first to you?? If youre a Republican...add $$$. Which comes first to them?? What Republicans are truly all about: The world, for the Rich and the Famous...trickle a buck or two, to those ignorant inside
Activists Install Jury Nullification Billboard In DC, Plan More in Major US Cities | The Free T(...)
For those who don’t know, jury nullification is basically the right for any juror to not only judge the facts of the case, but to also actually judge the validity of the law itself. This means that if a jury
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Just spit on your hand and see what's gurgling around in there
The Scottish woman took herself to hospital complaining that she was tired, incontinent, and losing weight.
Police: Boy, 15, charged with murder in death of teen
A 15-year-old boy has been charged with murder following the slaying last week of a 16-year-old boy who was inside an apartment when he was shot in the neck on the Southwest Side, police said.
Family of 5 shot in Maine: Murder-suicide suspected in deaths of parents, 3 kids
Family of five found dead in Saco, Maine apartment. Parents and three children are dead it what appears to be a murder-suicide.
Dublin man convicted child porn charges 'forced out of his home'
A man who had pornographic images of children as young as10 on his phone was forced to leave his home because of media reports of these offences, a court has heard.
NCT changes mean you can test your car any time you like
Motorists will be able to get their car tested any time before their normal NCT date under new measures to be announced today.
Local taxi destroyed in Saturday evening accident
Well known and easily recognizable Quacker Jack or Mad Jacks Taxi, adorned with numerous ducks, geese and recently a gramophone speaker to amplify his well known duck call, was destroyed in a Saturday evening accident at the corner of Nash
Three days in, no arrest in hunt for Philadelphia carjackers who killed 3 children
The hunt for two Philadelphia carjackers who rammed a stolen SUV into a family, killing three children, entered its third day Sunday as officials offered a $110,000 reward for information leading to their capture.
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It's the goddamned bat goatee in this week's Mugshot Roundup
University of Delaware announces mandatory threesomes for incoming freshman class. University o(...)
Nothing like 'White Pride' tattoos for eyebrows to show how good you are at life decisions
The risks of circumcision: Loss of sensitivity, mutilation, herpes... wait, what?
Photoshop this shopping cart
4th Circuit: Virginia is for lovers, even same-sex lovers
Silly White Girl or: How I learned that I am useless at foreign aid and love staying the fark a(...)
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see if you can guess this month's fossil from the underside of the box
Its underwhelming fossil fish of the month again. That wonderful time of the month where we take a look at one of the underwhelming fossil fish specimens in the Grant Museum collection. By staring at and reading about unloved, unspectacular
I'm not sure how they got these opinions wedged into their cats, or why
Confused cats against feminism: Because they have no idea what feminism is. Theyre cats. A project by We Hunted The Mammoth (formerly Manboobz) a blog dedicated to mocking the manosphere, which mostly consists of mens rights activists and occasional pick-up
On balancing career and family as a woman of color
Michel Martin, in her last week as host of NPRs Tell Me More, responds to conversations about work/life balance such as Anne-Marie Slaughters much-commented 2012 Why Women Still Cant Have It All, (previously) where the discussion too often ends where
Carla Bozulich
So, my life was not too bad. It was during the period where I was still panhandling daily and doin good at that due to looking much younger than my eighteen years. It was weeks before I went to jail
Piety and Perversity: The Palms of Los Angeles
Parisians claim that in Paris, one is never more than 400 yards away from a Metro station. In Los Angeles, I am equally certain that one is always within 400 yards of a palm tree. Scores of streets are lined
Shouldn't that second one be "xyr", not "xyrs"?
Practice with Pronouns is a site that lets you practise subject, object, possessive, and reflexive forms of English third person pronouns. It comes with a few of the most common options, but you can also fill in whatever pronouns you
Marilyn Myller - a stop motion short by Mikey Please
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