Just breathtaking. Island Lake in Wyoming, a 12 mile hike from any trailhead. (3450x2285)
TIL that Van Gogh most likely didn't commit suicide. He was probably shot by two young boys who(...)
"King of the Ring" Isle of Skye, Scotland by Kah Kit Yoong
Owl just fit right in here.
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Two WoW players realize they can be nerdy on a dating show, and the announcers have no idea wha(...)
School shooting at Marysville - Pilchuck high school WA
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Ebola news coverage - UK versus US News coverage.
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Google bought six Redwood City office buildings totaling about 934,200 square feet for $585M (B(...)
Bloomberg:Google bought six Redwood City office buildings totaling about 934,200 square feet for $585M  —  Google Said to Buy Redwood City Offices for $585 Million  —  Google Inc. (GOOGL) bought six office buildings northwest of
Whisper responds to Guardian's "10 questions", says members of editorial team put on leave (Mic(...)
Michael Heyward / Whisper:Whisper responds to Guardians “10 questions”, says members of editorial team put on leave  —  Setting The Record Straight  —  I wrote last Saturday that we welcome the current discussion around Whisper,
Google's New Search Downranking Hits Torrent Sites Hard (Ernesto/TorrentFreak)
Ernesto / TorrentFreak:Googles New Search Downranking Hits Torrent Sites Hard  —  In recent years Hollywood and the music industry have taken a rather aggressive approach against Google.  The entertainment industry
HP seeking buyers for corporate-networking business in China: WSJ (Sudarshan Varadhan/Reuters)
Sudarshan Varadhan / Reuters:HP seeking buyers for corporate-networking business in China: WSJ  —  (Reuters) - Hewlett-Packard Co (HPQ.N) has begun sounding out private-equity firms in China to buy its corporate-networking
Larry Page reorgs staff, transfers leadership of core Google products to Sundar Pichai (Re/code)
Re/code:Larry Page reorgs staff, transfers leadership of core Google products to Sundar Pichai  —  Exclusive: Google CEO Larry Page Reorgs Staff, Anoints Sundar Pichai as New Product Czar  —  In
Roku prepares to file for confidential IPO, WSJ report says (Sudarshan Varadhan/Reuters)
Sudarshan Varadhan / Reuters:Roku prepares to file for confidential IPO, WSJ report says  —  U.S. TV startup Roku to confidentially file for IPO: WSJ  —  (Reuters) - U.S. TV startup Roku Inc is working on
iPad Mini 3 teardown reveals NFC controller and that hot glue is used to affix the home button (...)
Jordan Kahn / 9to5Mac:iPad Mini 3 teardown reveals NFC controller and that hot glue is used to affix the home button  —  Teardown shows iPad mini 3s “hastily glued” Touch
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Banana splits as Chiquita chops merger with Fyffes
As a result, Chiquita will enter talks with Brazils Cutrale and Safra following its $14.50 a share offer.The announcement sent shares in Fyffes down 5% to 94 cents in Dublin, while Chiquita shares rose 3% to $14.16 in New York.The
Other Dancers Switch Up The Routine, But It's All Part Of An Elaborate Surprise | SF Globe
Chicago Bulls cheerleader, Ariana, showed up for this game like it was any other day. During the third quarter performance, Ariana seems to suddenly get lost in the middle of the dance. The rest of the girls start doing something
UK told to pay £1.7bn extra to European Union budget
The UK has been told it must pay an extra £1.7bn (2.1bn euros) towards the European Unions budget because the economy has performed better than expected in recent years.The payment follows new calculations by the EU that determine how much
Election could impact voting rights for 2016 |
Republicans would benefit in 2016 from having friendly governors running the election process in key states.“Would you rather have Rick Scott in Florida overseeing the voting mechanism, or Charlie Crist?” the New Jersey governor asked a Chamber of Commerce audience. …
McCain Will Push For Ground Troops In Iraq, Syria If GOP Wins The Senate
- If Republicans gain the Senate majority in November, President Barack Obama could face pressure from Congress to send ground troops into Iraq and Syria.Frankly, I know of no military expert who believes we are going to defeat ISIS with
REPRINT!!! The Lessons of Spider Robinson and Shared Pain. They Work. REPRINT!!!!
I was just was cruising through my archives, and thought this one worthy of re-visiting. Im a fan of Spider Robinson. Hes an un-repentant hippy, excellent science fiction author, and all around neat character. Ive read his works for over 30
A Hispanic man delivers absentee ballots, and now conservatives want him dead
Conservatives are outraged over what they claim, mistakenly, to be evidence of massive voter fraud being perpetrated in Arizona, The Daily Dot reports.Scott Kaufman
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Mumbai cop leaves assault rifle in train
In a major slip up in security, a railway police constable forgot his self loading rifle in a train he was travelling on. The rifle, standard equipment with most police and paramilitary units in India, thankfully didnt fall into wrong
Legal to go for the green or not?
Im hoping someone can settle a disagreement between me and my brother. The question is whether or not it is legal to shoot straight for the green on the hole shown below.
Nebraska students charged in alcohol death
Authorities say several University of Nebraska students in a fraternity face felony charges in the alcohol-related death of a freshman. University of Nebraska-Lincoln police say four FarmHouse Fraternity members were arrested Thursday on suspicion of procuring alcohol to a minor
Man in court accused of stabbing Dublin GAA star in the face
Mark Lavelle, with addresses at Basin Street, Dublin 8 and in Swinford, Co Mayo is accused of attacking the footballer on Dorset Street last month. He was on his way home at around 5am the following morning when a man
'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' in trouble: Mama June's new man is a sex offender
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo might be in trouble because of Mama June s new man. Mama June has been seen out and about with a new boyfriend and his past might shut down the show.
What does your handwriting say about you ?
This infographic put together by The Pen Warehouse highlights just how much of your personality can be found in your handwriting. Everything from the space you leave between your words to the size and shape of your letters can give
Briefs: Woman charged in fatal stabbing; Human remains found in burned vehicle
A woman was charged in the deadly stabbing of her friend and Athens police have joined forces with the GBI to investigate a death after human remains were found in a burned vehicle. An argument between two women ended when
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For the record, getting a tattoo of the Bentley logo on your forehead doesn't make you any classier
Caption what Obama is thinking as he leans in for a hug with Ebola survivor, nurse Nina Pham
Photoshop this browser
Sweden v Russia 0-1
Woman too embarrassed to buy "marital aids" decides shoplifting them would be much more discrete
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I love tortoises, and I love to crochet.
Katie Bradley loves tortises: At this point, I have made well over 1500 turtle cozies.
Disrupting Healthcare
We Are Going For Change: A Conversation With 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki. After spending seven months in the Food & Drug Administrations penalty box, the consumer genetics testing firm 23andMe recently submitted a new health-related test for FDA approval.It was
Should I Work For Free?
Should I Work For Free? A flow chart.
Anarchy in the Pre-K
Martha Stewart Living inspires parents to throw a Punk Rock Inspired Party for their children. Instead of advising parents to hijack the schools photocopier and use ransom-note letters from shoplifted magazines for invites; to get their childs mohawk ready to
I was so taken by the chief
How he can move gigantic marble blocks, but his own movements are light? An excerpt from Il Capo by Yuri Ancarani, which follows a foreman at a marble quarry.
Poor Teeth In A Rich World
But it wasnt sugar, heaps of which are sucked down daily by the middle and upper classes, that guided his and my grandmas dental fates. And it wasnt meth. It was lack of insurance, lack of knowledge, lack of good
a.k.a. the sky is falling and the Boogeyman is chasing me
Chapman University has released The Chapman Survey on American Fears, a comprehensive, scientific survey of 1500 Americans on what they fear the most. The survey shows that the top five things Americans fear the most are:1) Walking alone at night2)
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