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Emma Watson Cast as Belle in Disney's Live-Action 'Beauty and the Beast'
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I love living in Colorado because I can take pictures like this half an hour from my house.
TIL there was a woman who survived a gas chamber, three Nazi concentration camps, testing by th(...)
My bad, Bill
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Important to Remember, Easy to Forget.
Coach K's letter to Michael Jordan after hearing he wouldn't be coming to Duke, 1980.
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Facebook Said to Block Pages on Muhammad to Avoid Ban in Turkey (New York Times)
New York Times:Facebook Said to Block Pages on Muhammad to Avoid Ban in Turkey  —  ISTANBUL — To avoid being banned throughout Turkey, Facebook has blocked a number of pages containing content that the Turkish
Former Motorola CEO: Nexus 6 doesn't have fingerprint reader because Apple bought the best supp(...)
Matt Warman / Telegraph:Former Motorola CEO: Nexus 6 doesnt have fingerprint reader because Apple bought the best supplier AuthenTec  —  Dennis Woodside on Motorola, Google and the future of Dropbox 
Exclusive: politicians are supporting Comcast's TWC merger with letters ghostwritten by Comcast(...)
Spencer Woodman / The Verge:Exclusive: politicians are supporting Comcasts TWC merger with letters ghostwritten by Comcast  —  On August 21st, 2014, Mayor Jere Wood of Roswell, Georgia, sent a letter
Stripe Partners With Intuit To Help On-Demand Workers Keep Track Of Their Finances (Ryan Lawler(...)
Ryan Lawler / TechCrunch:Stripe Partners With Intuit To Help On-Demand Workers Keep Track Of Their Finances  —  Startup Stripe helps to power payments for a large number of new services
Apple shutting down legacy TestFlight next month following iTunes Connect integration (Zac Hall(...)
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:Apple shutting down legacy TestFlight next month following iTunes Connect integration  —  Apple today began informing legacy TestFlight users that the services on TestFlightApp.com will no longer
Uber to Cap Car-Service Price Surges During East Coast Snowstorm (Bloomberg)
Bloomberg:Uber to Cap Car-Service Price Surges During East Coast Snowstorm  —  A “life-threatening” storm that is forecast to dump as much as two feet of snow from New York to Boston is a great chance
Facebook Is Testing A Simple App For Low-End Android Phones (Jon Russell/TechCrunch)
Jon Russell / TechCrunch:Facebook Is Testing A Simple App For Low-End Android Phones  —  Not content with spinning out apps for stickers inside Messenger, Groups and new addition Rooms, Facebook
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How to Spot Asteroid 2004 BL86, in the Sky and Online
No description.
Wall Street Braces for Storm; Exchanges to Stay Open
No description.
AT&T to buy NII Holdings' wireless business in Mexico
(Reuters) - AT&T Inc said it would buy bankrupt NII Holdings Incs wireless business in Mexico for $1.875 billion, less outstanding net debt.
Baby, it's cold outside! Here are 9 films that'll keep you toasty warm in a blizzard
No description.
The first blizzard to be declared a federal emergency in the U.S. occurred when?
No description.
Tom Brady And The Liberal War On Success
Can we be honest for a minute about the latest liberal crusade gripping the country like a deflated football? If you are sincerely concerned about fair play in sports and waiting patiently for the NFL to conclude its investigation of
The day I was bitten by a Grinny. My Monday Writing Challenge entry.
The summer of my eighth year, the city planted 15 foot balled White Pines all over the projects and it created a nicer view all around the place. They planted three beside the building where we lived. One day I
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This site makes me want to bash heads.
Basically these agressive clothes make me laugh at them. They think they are so hardcore because they have a headcover with a skull and crossbones on it.
Pac-12 tipping point classes
Its a fairly unusual year for recruiting when it comes to the two Los Angeles programs.
Gaeltacht areas see job growth rise to highest level for seven years
Figures for 2014 show that more than 7,600 jobs were created by client companies in 2014, and of these, 100 jobs were created by 28 new start-ups.
At Least 200 Killed in Boko Haram Assault on Major Nigerian City
Islamist group Boko Haram launched an assault from three fronts on Maiduguri, a city of 2 million people in Nigerias northeast, early Sunday morning, the Associated Press reports . This latest attack was repelled, and at least 200 combatants were
A week of symfony #421
This week, Twig introduced a new profiler extension that provides an exhaustive profiling of whats going on when rendering templates. In addition, the the service container is now considered non-fresh when any environment parameter is added/removed/changed.
Men who find themselves in the company of fertile women are more likely to make creative attempts at sentence structure to signify their mating fitness, a study has found. Researchers discovered that when young men talk with a woman who
Re: Raptors Play Slightly Better Than 76ers, Escape With Win
Philadelphia has spent the past few years attempting to be as awful as they possibly can, but despite their best efforts they still find themselves ahead of both the New York Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves. Think about it, Philadelphia used
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So, Gwyneth Paltrow barks for sex
This guy applied to be a police officer but failed his polygraph pretest. Not only that, he end(...)
Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes to be released in Florida because it's only Florida(...)
1.25 billion chicken wings to be eaten during the Super Bowl. Once again, it's the only day of (...)
Fark NotNewsletter: In which Drew tells us what he's been hinting at
So I'm running for Governor of Kentucky in 2015 DIT - Drew
"Hi, boss? We just took the day's takings from the store to the casino, bet it all on red and i(...)
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Try to make you angles as non-euclidean as possible
Yoga Fhtagn A holistic workout were we tone our bodies while slowly losing our minds (SLYT 3d6 SAN loss)
Nothing but an endless supply of mental arithmetic problems. Five levels of difficulty, from 10 - 6 to √370881. You can find slightly more granular training here. See Wikipedia for a survey of mental methods, or read A.C. Aitkens explanation
100 milligrams twice a day of "shut up and deal with it"
But heres the facts: Like most other psychiatric disorders, we are really unlikely to hurt another person. Even when were really upset at someone, were still convinced that its entirely our fault, so we mostly take it out on ourselves.
Are You Ready For Some Football?
Dear Kitten Attends a Superbowl Party. Bonus: a room full of evaporated people.
Tips for crafting the perfect email subject line.
The youth of Greece are revolting
In a functional market economy, the classic couple in a posh restaurant are young and close in age. In my travels through the eurocrisis – from Dublin to Athens – I have noticed that the classic couple in a dysfunctional
Why you should stop relying on your phone, and buy a nice camera
Like beer and pop music, it was easy to make do with whats cheap and available, only to look back on a life of Dave Matthews and Bud Light and wonder why Id gotten by on good enough. Because I
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