Sims 3 teaches you new sex positions
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Big kitty and baby kitty wanting the same thing :)
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ELI5: In a gender-equal society, does the rule of saving women and children first still apply, (...)
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Bruce when he was a puppy
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Yoga instructor Lindsey Radomski gets drunk at bar mitzvah, gets kids to fondle her breasts and(...)
Assassination of 4 Student Leaders in Honduras Prompts Protests--Four high school students who (...)
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Panning in 2001: a space oddyssey
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Jay Z To Relaunch His New Tidal Music Service Today With Madonna, Kanye, Beyonce Exclusives In (...)
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:Jay Z To Relaunch His New Tidal Music Service Today With Madonna, Kanye, Beyonce Exclusives In Tow  —  Tidal, the high-definition music streaming service acquired by rapper
Amazon tests delivery drones at secret Canada site after US FAA frustration (Ed Pilkington/Guardian)
Ed Pilkington / Guardian:Amazon tests delivery drones at secret Canada site after US FAA frustration  —  Exclusive: Guardian gains access to unnamed British Columbia site where tech giants roboticists and
Spotify is launching today for Sony's PS4 and PS3 (Nathan Ingraham/The Verge)
Nathan Ingraham / The Verge:Spotify is launching today for Sonys PS4 and PS3  —  A few months ago, Sony brought good news to its music-loving PlayStation users — the company
Vulnerability in InnGate routers, used in hotels worldwide, could let an attacker distribute ma(...)
Kim Zetter / Wired:Vulnerability in InnGate routers, used in hotels worldwide, could let an attacker distribute malware to guests  —  Big Vulnerability in Hotel Wi-Fi Router Puts Guests at Risk 
How Google, Facebook And Others Pay Their H-1B Employees (Kiran Dhillon/TechCrunch)
Kiran Dhillon / TechCrunch:How Google, Facebook And Others Pay Their H-1B Employees  —  Editors note: Kiran Dhillon is a senior editor for FindTheBest, where she tackles big datasets to produce
Chrome OS beta gets new launcher with Google Now integration and a redesigned Files app (JC Tor(...)
JC Torres / SlashGear:Chrome OS beta gets new launcher with Google Now integration and a redesigned Files app  —  Its Chrome OS turn for the Google Now upgrade  —  Google
Tim Cook speaks out in op-ed against state "religious freedom" laws that discriminate (Tim Cook(...)
Tim Cook / Washington Post:Tim Cook speaks out in op-ed against state “religious freedom” laws that discriminate  —  Tim Cook: Pro-discrimination ‘religious freedom’ laws are dangerous  —  Theres something very
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QA: to test ads with external (article)
No description.
QA: nbc video
No description.
President smash! Dwayne Johnson's The Rock Obama delivers GOP smackdown
No description.
For real? This mom wants to de-virginize her son before Harvard
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Robin Williams
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QA: Helen - widget first
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You never need to apologize for how you chose toa
Its never too late to start over. If you werent happy with yesterday, try something different today.
rtv 1.1
RTV is built in python using the curses library, and is compatible with most terminal emulators on Linux and OS X. RTV will read a configuration file located at ~/.rtv . This can be used to avoid having to re-enter
State controller's office approves $1 billion in tax refunds
In its monthly report, the office, responsible for reviewing state contracts and payments, says it also approved $116.8 million for 19,000 corporate and other tax refunds and $44 million for 325,000 property-tax-freeze credits.
One killed in stabbing
They found three men inside the home; one was dead, one is now in custody, and the third had to be taken to hospital with injuries sustained during the arrest.
The siloes of academic medical centers
A big challenge facing academic medical centers is how to maintain a focus on patient care in an artificially divided environment. Most academic medical centers developed in a system with abundant resources, cost-based reimbursement and a traditional academic departmental structure.
Leading Suspect in Tunisia Museum Attack Is Killed
Tunisias prime minister said Sunday a leading suspect in a deadly museum attack on foreign tourists has been killed in anti-terrorist operations, as tens of thousands of Tunisians marched through the capital to denounce extremist violence. State news agency TAP
Should you play tees/courses based soley from driver times 28?
You make it sound like youre playing PGA tour distances there. I would venture a guess and say that the majority of scratch/low single digit golfers in the USA play from tees that are between 6800-7200 yards.
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Just because marijuana is legal in Alaska does not mean you can smoke it in the police departme(...)
Paramedic recalls saving physician's life after car crash...who was the same doctor who saved h(...)
We bow and toke our joints in praise for the Lord Almighty
This is why you and your wife should avoid breaking into the home of a female weightlifter. "He(...)
By today's standards, Coney Island's 87-year-old wooden Cyclone roller coaster is tame and dull(...)
Coming this Easter: Cadbury Creme Egg milkshakes blended with cheesecake batter
Polio eradicated but still no cure for cancer. Wait, reverse that
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Nebula with gas streams – cat fur, garlic powder, salt, flour, cumin...
Artist Creates Artificial Space Images Using Food SuppliesBrooklyn-based artist, Navid Baratys latest project WANDER Space Probe creates a fictional universe constructed from food and home supplies. Partially edible, Baratys photographs are made by arranging household items on a scanner. With
Will Scunthorpe be safe this time?
Mangling an authors text is a clear violation of the authors Moral rights, an element of copyright which is very weak in the United States and very strong elsewhere (primarily in civil law jurisdictions). (The moral right is the right
More clichés than you can shake a stick at. (stick not included)
Confessions of an Idiom a 2½ minute animated film depicting a confrontation between the elephant in the room and the skeleton in the closet. Many turns of phrase and one plot twist.
Spin theory
Twirl an upside-down soda glass and toss it down a tabletop (somewhat like the hero in the video game Tapper), and the glass will pull off in a direction opposite of the spin. Spin a granite curling stone and throw
Nils Frahm declares March 29th Piano Day with a free album
At the end of 2014 I had an immediate urge to release a solo piano album which I recorded some time ago, and I was looking for a specific occasion to do so. I wanted it to be a nice
"Every person is a half-opened door leading to a room for everyone."
Tomas Transtromer, Nobel-Winning Poet, Dies at 83 Previously.
Dough wrapped around a filling
Dumpling Week has come to Serious Eats! Learn about dumplings around the world, which frozen potstickers are best, where chicken and dumpling soup came from, and how to make your own pierogi, xiao long bao, and gyoza. Its a dumpling
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