god damnit, human.
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As a kid, nothing excited me more than seeing a McDonalds PlayPlace. As an adult, nothing disgu(...)
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Daredevil Season 2 has started filming
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Bill Nye is not impressed
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Bloomberg - Reddit users call for CEO Ellen Pao to resign
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LPT: Don't ask your realtor for these referrals
Don't ask a Realtor to recommend a Lawyer or Home Inspector when you are buying or selling a house. The inspector and lawyer are your advisers on a transaction. You are paying for their advice and knowledge as they lookout
This little guy I caught has fire and ice running through him.
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Eddy Cue: Apple 'working' to bring back music Home Sharing with iOS 9 (Mark Gurman/9to5Mac)
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:Eddy Cue: Apple ‘working’ to bring back music Home Sharing with iOS 9  —  Last week, we noted that Apples latest iOS 8.4 release with Apple Music
Sheryl Sandberg Joins SurveyMonkey's Board (Quentin Hardy/New York Times)
Quentin Hardy / New York Times:Sheryl Sandberg Joins SurveyMonkeys Board  —  Sheryl Sandberg is taking a seat on the board of SurveyMonkey, her late husbands online survey and polling company. 
Sony Xperia Z4 tablet review: incredibly thin and light, and near-flawless performance, but use(...)
Aaron Souppouris / Engadget:Sony Xperia Z4 tablet review: incredibly thin and light, and near-flawless performance, but useless keyboard dock makes it too expensive  —  Sony Xperia Z4 tablet review: a
Amazon must face trademark lawsuit by high-end watchmaker Multi Time Machine, which claims sear(...)
Dan Levine / Reuters:Amazon must face trademark lawsuit by high-end watchmaker Multi Time Machine, which claims search results were misleading users  —  Amazon must face trademark lawsuit over search results  —  Amazon.com Inc must face
All Apple Stores to reduce third-party accessories selection to items sold in packaging co-desi(...)
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:All Apple Stores to reduce third-party accessories selection to items sold in packaging co-designed by Apple, starting next week  —  All Apple Stores revamping third-party accessory selection
Google releases Material Design Lite, a web framework for making Material Design-style websites(...)
Tom Maxwell / 9to5Google:Google releases Material Design Lite, a web framework for making Material Design-style websites  —  Google Developers, the team at Google which creates tools and learning materials for
Microsoft rebrands Xbox Music as Groove, Xbox Video as Movies & TV (Emil Protalinski/VentureBeat)
Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat:Microsoft rebrands Xbox Music as Groove, Xbox Video as Movies & TV  —  Microsoft just announced a big change for its entertainment apps and services.  In short,
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Bill Cosby Drugged Women: Quaaludes Deposition + Rape Accusations
On July 6, the Associated Press reported that Bill Cosby testified in 2005 he had obtained Quaaludes to drug young women and had indeed dosed at least one woman. This admission, from a lawsuit that was settled in 2006, should move the
Rabbi: Temple Mount Thugs Boss Police Around - Defense/Security - News - Arutz Sheva
“The Hamas thugs – ostensibly members of the Waqf – are the bosses of the Israel police,”
Bill Cosby admits to buying drugs for sex with women
Gonna get some Quaaludes, and some bennies, and perv a while. Everyday, A playa gotta play. (Cue Music to the Bill Cosby Show)That wasnt quite how the theme song to Bill Cosbys show went. But it could have.Im not cheering the
Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans - The New Yorker
Scientists have discovered a powerful new strain of fact-resistant humans who are threatening the ability of Earth to sustain life, a sobering new study reports.The research, conducted by the University of Minnesota, identifies a virulent strain of humans who are
The Real Story of Obamacare's Birth
The U.S. Supreme Court’s remarkable 6-3 decision in King v. Burwell saves the Affordable Care Act from evisceration, although Obamacare will undoubtedly face a continuing pattern of guerrilla attacks from Congress, the courts, and Republican governors and state legislatures …
It just keeps getting better 3. /s
Vicksburg park removes Confederate items from store
Racist Texans Spray Paint 'Everything From KKK To N***er' On $50,000 Truck (IMAGES)
Josh Joseph went to visit his good friends Darren and Hayli Frank in Spring, Texas, just north of Houston, for the 4th of July weekend. He never expected that he was going to be offending anyone in the neighborhood by doing so.
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Future triffid in the garden?
Because its only a small amount of water, I made no special arrangements for it. It drops straight onto part of the side footpath and drains away.
Interview: Suspect in SF pier attack admits he shot woman
A man arrested in the seemingly random fatal shooting of a woman at a San Francisco pier admitted in a jailhouse interview that he shot her, but said it was an accident. Francisco Sanchez, 45, told KGO-TV Sunday n a
Burt's Bees cofounder Burt Shavitz dead at 80
Burt Shavitz, co-founder and namesake for natural care product company Burts Bees, has died, the company said on Sunday. He was 80. Shavitz, a a wild-bearded and free-spirited Maine man and beekeeper, co-founded the company with artist Roxanne Quimby in
Relief From Cart Path and Obstruction Question
I suppose you could hot wire the tractor and move it, or put it in neutral and get your foursome to push it out of the way if it were possible to do that - i.e. the ground under was
Canon A-1 Film Camera
Buyer Collects, collect from address specified Collection restrictions: Monday to Thursday 1000-1500hrs . Collections can be confirmed by telephoning 01275 816558.
An observation on the $135,000 cake refusal
Has anyone noted that the Ferguson syndrome of ruinously escalating fines for petty violations , might actually amount in part to the same issue?
Stunning Superluminal upset in Jamaica St Leger
Jockey Paul Francis, aboard the 35-1 outsider SUPERLUMINAL, raises his whip in celebration as he wins the 89th running of the Jamaica St Leger, a length ahead of the favourite SEEKING MY DREAM at Caymanas Park yesterday. Dennis Smith ,
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Since Colorado started offering free birth control six years ago STD numbers in the state have (...)
Woman arrested for attacking boyfriend who refused to have sex with her. With mugshot glory
Farmers are in hot water for spanking their monkeys
Photoshop this duck
Looks like Francis will not lighten up his tour schedule
3rd Annual Farks In The Wild at the Buffalo Zoo. July 22, 6pm. Elephantastic Tour
Bill Cosby in 2005 admitted: I put the Quaaludes in the Jell-O for the sexy women
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"You ever seen GI Joe?" / "Lol nope"
Win a Date with Channing Tatum: a Twine game by Mefis own nerdfish From the Projects page:My first experiment with the Twine platform, inspired by Channing Tatums recent AMA. Guess how many jellybeans are in a jar to win. Tell
Brahms's First Symphony
Leonard Bernstein conducts the Vienna Philharmonic in Johannes Brahmss First Symphony. Second movement. Third movement. Fourth movement. Listening guide to a Bernstein performance with the Vienna Philharmonic from 1983, two years after this one. Tom Service writes about the piece
If it weren't for Edison we'd be watching TV by candlelight
James Comisar has amassed a collection of movie and TV props which he currently houses in storage while he sets up the actual Museum of Television.
Calvin and Markov
Calvin and Markov Garkov, previously
Burt Shavitz, namesake and co- founder of Burt's Bees has passed
Burts Bees (SLYT) Ingram Berg Shavitz, known as Burt Shavitz, was an American beekeeper and businessman notable for founding the Burts Bees personal care products company with businesswoman Roxanne Quimby. Burts likeness is featured on the Burts Bees products. Burt
Forty at even, forty at even, forty at even...
After 167 years of continuous trading, the end of trading bell today in the open outcry futures pits of the Chicago Board of Trade, along with its sibling at the New York Mercantile Exchange, will signal their permanent closure .
Extremely Pointy Shoes, Medieval and Modern
Everything old is new again, sometimes more than once.
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