Oklahoma teacher fired after making snack run with 11 children in car — two in trunk
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Tim Burton on why he didn't return to Batman: "I think the studio wanted to move on. I think I (...)
Teacher finds a cat drawn on his whiteboard
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Hi, Im Nigel McGuinness, Retired pro wrestler. Now I'm an editor, film maker, producer, writer,(...)
My name is Nigel McGuinness. Well, at least that’s what I’ve been called for as long as I can remember, so we’ll stick with it. After graduating with a degree in chemistry I spent the majority of my adult life
Player 2.
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I am the person from your 3rd grade math word problems.
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Old guy gets a gun pointed to his head. He couldn't give a f*ck
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Twitter closes up 3.6% after analyst on CNBC's Halftime Report says "there's a good chance" Dic(...)
Jay Yarow / Business Insider:Twitter closes up 3.6% after analyst on CNBCs Halftime Report says “theres a good chance” Dick Costolo will be out as CEO within a year  — 
Google adds new stats, examples of government requests in latest Transparency Report (Stephen H(...)
Stephen Hall / 9to5Google:Google adds new stats, examples of government requests in latest Transparency Report  —  Google released the latest version of its Transparency Report today, revealing data about government
Tempo smart calendar app for iOS updated with new widget, notifications, 9 languages, launches (...)
Abhimanyu Ghoshal / The Next Web:Tempo smart calendar app for iOS updated with new widget, notifications, 9 languages, launches in 26 new countries in Asia  —  Tempo for iOS updated
Apple expands its social presence with new iTunes Tumblr blog (Benjamin Mayo/9to5Mac)
Benjamin Mayo / 9to5Mac:Apple expands its social presence with new iTunes Tumblr blog  —  In an interesting move, Apple has today launched a Tumblr blog for iTunes.  The ‘blog’ runs
Google expands Android One program from India to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal (John Ribeiro/(...)
John Ribeiro / PC World:Google expands Android One program from India to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal  —  Google Android One phones to sell in three more Asian countries  —  Googles low-cost Android One smartphones
North Korea's internet appears to be under mass cyber attack (Max Fisher/Vox)
Max Fisher / Vox:North Koreas internet appears to be under mass cyber attack  —  Internet connectivity between North Korea and the outside world, though never robust to begin with, is
Google announces its self-driving car is now fully functional (Emil Protalinski/VentureBeat)
Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat:Google announces its self-driving car is now fully functional  —  Google today announced it has completed the first build of its self-driving vehicle prototype.  This is the
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This Is the Stupidest Anti-Science Bullshit of 2014 | Mother Jones
2014 had its fair share of landmark scientific accomplishments: dramatic cuts to the cost of sequencing a genome; sweeping investigations of climate change impacts in the US; advances in private-sector space travel, and plenty more. But there was also no
Milwaukee cop shot mentally ill man in the back: autopsy - NY Daily News
#view=detail&mid=9D60E2EB6C63EE645D169D60E2EB6C63EE645D16Milwaukee cop fatally s …
Singer Joe Cocker dies at 70 after battle with lung cancer - AOL.com
Legendary With a Little Help from My Friends singer Joe Cocker has died after a long battle with lung cancer.The British-born singer died at his home in Colorado.He was 70-years-old.
Joe Cocker, Grammy-winning singer, dies at age of 70 | Music | The Guardian
Fiskebollar: 'Twas a Christmas Tradition
  Fiskeboller?  What is it you ask?  It was part of a Christmas tradition shared by my family at the urging of our matriarchal Grandmother Helena.  A strong woman, my grandmother once saved hunters lost in the woods in Hartford
Internet in North Korea goes down!
North Korea is experiencing severe Internet problems, it is not clear if this related to the Sony hacking.
What About Free Speech?! We Don't Need No Stinking Free Speech Here!
America is advanced citizenship. It requires you to defend the right of someone to say something you would oppose at the top of your lungs. Well it seems that there is a nation here that does NOT believe in free speech
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Man arrested on rape, other charges in Denbigh incident
A 21-year-old homeless man was arrested Monday on rape and other charges in connection with an incident involving a Denbigh woman over the weekend, according to police department news release. The incident was reported to have happened between 1:30 and
My Swing
The URC is near the top of your sternum. Consider that it is a lot closer to whatever your swing center would be if there was one swing center in the golf swinga and if your hips go forward, and
2 cops ambushed, fatally shot in car; gunman kills himself
The warning came just moments too late: A man who had shot his ex-girlfriend a few hours earlier had traveled to New York City and vowed online to shoot two pigs in retaliation for the police chokehold death of Eric
Two New York City Cops Shot 'Execution Style' in Revenge Attack...
Two New York City Cops Shot Execution Style in Revenge Attack for Eric Garner Two NYC police officers were assassinated Saturday afternoon as they sat in their police car in Brooklyn, NY. Without any warning, a gunman shot dead officers
Too many fittings going on
They manufacture stock clubs based on average static measurements, like height and wrist to floor. Problem is, fittings need to be done dynamically, because what really matters is how the club is brought down at impact.
Christmas Crack
Line 1 large or 2 small jelly-roll pans with aluminum foil, spray with nonstick spray and arrange the saltines salt-side down in a single layer.
Some high resolution woodtype
Does anyone know if there is a large online library of scanned woodcut typefaces to download as high res TIFFs? Dont know about complete fonts, but Dover Publications publishes books of copyright-free decorative letters. Some may be from woodcuts.
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Fark's 2014 Headline of the Year contest, Round 4: September through November
In a simply amazing coincidence with absolutely no relationship to world events whatsoever, Nor(...)
Don't mess with Mrs. Claus. Santa is packing heat
Joran van der Sloot offered to tell Natalee Holloway's mom where the body is. For $250,000
Photoshop this dash of color
Fark NotNewsletter: The White Elephant of the Internet
And you thought "Jerry Springer" was bad: Popular new Iraqi TV reality Show "in the Grip of the(...)
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When Santa got stuck in the chimney...
Eventually I got my phone up and called 999. Ambulance, fire brigade or police? they asked. Im stuck in a chimney, I replied, and they repeated the question with more urgency. I dont know, Ive never been here before, I
Follow That Dog!
The adventures of Maya , an English bulldog with a flair for the dramatic.
The Humane Representation of Thought
Bret Victor talks about media, abstraction, and the richness (and neglect) of human experience (slvimeo) Bret Victor, previously (1) (2) (3)
How to knock over a 100 pound domino using a teeny tiny domino
If you had to knock over a 100 pound domino with a domino that is 5mm high and 1mm thick (and weighs a few ounces), how would you do it? Give it some thought, perhaps discuss it over a beer,
He was "simply unique"
Singer Joe Cocker has died at age 70, according to the BBC. Heres his iconic performance of With a Little Help from my Friends.
Birth in a Northern Nation
The majority of Nunavuts children are born thousands of kilometres away from home. The territory is working to reverse that trend. Longform journalism by Katie May.
Less Talk, More Monkey
Mendelssohn Concerto for Violin Four-Hands - a piece that violinists apparently like to monkey with
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