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Million dollar idea: A tribute album to Weird Al where the original artists play the parodies o(...)
Well, Michael Jackson would be out, but I wonder how many other artists he's parodied would be on board with this? It seems like most of them are big fans of his and he gets clearance for any song he
Calls for NYPD chokehold investigation - “Let’s not play games with this one. You don’t n(...)
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It is a refrigerated strip in the bar itself. You set your beer on it and it stays cold,
Russia massing 15,000 troops on Ukraine border, NATO envoy says
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TIL that while recording their debut album, 40oz. to Freedom, Sublime did not have permission t(...)
This bear...
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Judge Denise Cote expresses concern over Apple e-book settlement she has yet to approve (Nate R(...)
Nate Raymond / Reuters:Judge Denise Cote expresses concern over Apple e-book settlement she has yet to approve  —  U.S. judge says she is troubled by Apple $450 million e-books deal 
Apple Secretly Acquired "Pandora For Books" Startup BookLamp To Battle Amazon (TechCrunch)
TechCrunch:Apple Secretly Acquired “Pandora For Books” Startup BookLamp To Battle Amazon  —  TechCrunch has learned that Apple has made another acquisition, one that it is using to boost its e-books
Vevo, the Giant Music Video Site, Tries to Fix Itself Before It Sells Itself (Peter Kafka/Re/code)
Peter Kafka / Re/code:Vevo, the Giant Music Video Site, Tries to Fix Itself Before It Sells Itself  —  Music videos are huge on the Web, and Vevo is huge in
Bose sues Beats over headphone noise-cancellation patents (Andrew Chung/Reuters)
Andrew Chung / Reuters:Bose sues Beats over headphone noise-cancellation patents  —  (Reuters) - High-end sound system and headphone maker Bose Corp is going after the newer kid on the block, Beats Electronics, with a lawsuit
Google pays €27.7m tax at Irish subsidiary on €17bn revenue (Laura Slattery/The Irish(...)
Laura Slattery / The Irish Times:Google pays €27.7m tax at Irish subsidiary on €17bn revenue  —  ‘Administrative expenses’ of €11.7bn stripped out from Google Ireland Ltd, accounts show  —  Revenue
Homejoy Expands Beyond Cleaning With Beta Test Of Home Services (Ryan Lawler/TechCrunch)
Ryan Lawler / TechCrunch:Homejoy Expands Beyond Cleaning With Beta Test Of Home Services  —  When Homejoy raised its $38 million round of funding last December, the company did so with
IBM Said to Reject Globalfoundries Offer for Chip Unit (Bloomberg)
Bloomberg:IBM Said to Reject Globalfoundries Offer for Chip Unit  —  International Business Machines Corp. (IBM)s talks to sell its money-losing chip-manufacturing operations to Globalfoundries Inc. have ended after the two
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Hamas Didn't Kill The 3 Israeli Teenagers, It Turns Out
No description.
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese herbal medicine is not based on mainstream Western concepts of medical diagnosis and treatment. It treats patients’ main complaints or the patterns of their symptoms rather than the underlying causes. Practitioners attempt to prevent and treat imbalances, such as
Judeo-Fascist state Israel rejects US offered Cease fire
    Judeo Fascist war mongering genocidal state of Israel rejected another ceasefire proposed by its biggest supporter US. Judeo-Fascists state Israel seems not to be yet satisfied with blood spilling of women and children it has been doing for  …
Michele Bachmann: Gay people want to legalise child molestation · PinkNews.co.uk
Michele Bachmann, who is famed for her homophobic views, has said that gay people want to sexually abuse children.During conservative radio show Faith & Liberty, the Minnesota congresswoman said: “I think also they want to abolish age of consent laws, whic …
My Interview With Former Reporter Now Mystery Novelist Brad Parks
originally published hereAuthor Brad Parks and I share some things in common. I’ll admit from the start that this may be a conflict-of-interest and why I’ve always look forward to reading his books. However, it doesn’t seem like I’m the
GAZA/ ISRAEL: In This Gaza War, the Truth Is Buried
The tunnels that Hamas has dug under Gaza’s border with Israel -- tunnels designed not for commerce, but for kidnapping -- reportedly contain tranquilizers and handcuffs, seemingly meant to be used by Hamas terrorists to gain physical control over Israelis
3-D Printed Copy of Richard III's Skeleton Haunts Reburial Site'"
No description.
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Scooter: Sweet terrier mix available July 27 at high-kill upstate shelter
According to Facebook: Greenville County Pet Rescue , this beauty will be available July 27 at the high-kill upstate shelter.
Jurors to deliberate in trial of man accused in Nassau cop's slaying
The fate of a New York parolee charged with killing a Long Island police officer and fatally shooting a motorist during an alleged carjacking is in the hands of a jury after the panel heard closing arguments Friday .
The first accident at this intersection is stunning. The second will leave you speechless.
First, a scooter barely paused before zooming out into oncoming traffic where it was hit and run over by not one but two speeding cars.
5 killed in West Bank, amid new Gaza truce efforts
The U.N. chief and the U.S. secretary of state made a new attempt Friday to nail down a temporary truce between Israel and Hamas, as Israels 18-day military operation in the Gaza Strip fueled new unrest in the West Bank,
The Big Mac index
THE Big Mac index is a lighthearted guide to whether currencies are at their correct level.
Missile guidance with constrained intercept body angle
Aerospace and Electronic Systems, IEEE Transactions on , Vol. 50, No. 2. , pp. 1445-1453, doi:10.1109/taes.2014.120100 To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document.
leaning the hands forward?
The club actually does return back very closely to the address position as long as the address is of course correct.
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America's favorite burger chain? Well it's not that one place, or that other place either
"How shenanigans start on the internet." Article is a bit more in-depth than "Hey, y'all, watch(...)
Newest trend in marriages? Beta testing. Thanks, millennials
BART's coliseum station closed due to A's signing a new 10-year lease
Not News: Insurance refuses to buy 6 year old a prosthetic arm. News: Engineering students deci(...)
Here is a list of some of the best New Yorker articles that you have three months to read befor(...)
Man searches abandoned house, finds "old mop" and brings it to the local SPCA to get cleaned up
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How Much Does "Does Poetry Matter" Matter?
This Weekend, The New York Times went all in for poetry. In addition to six — count em — articles about poetry in the Review, the Times also included an entire panel in its Room for Debate section in which
NONE of the visual & audio materials in this film were made by me
NOT MINE by Guy Trefler.
New study: Pronation does not predict injury when using standard shoes
Researchers from the Netherlands invited 927 novice runners with different pronation types to run in the same model of neutral shoes. After a year, they found that Foot pronation is not associated with increased injury risk in novice runners wearing
Don't think 'What's Hot?'
Jason Blum—producer of Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Sinister, The Purge, The Bay, and Oculus—participated in an interesting interview at SXSW Film 2014 about his model of producing high-quality low-budget horror films for wide release. The video is almost an hour long,
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"I think it's the person inside that matters"
Shatteringly Beautiful: The Glass Dresses of Diana Dias-LeãoDiana Dias-Leão combined her fashion design and glass making skills to create couture dresses made of glass, ceramics, wire and silken yarns to stunning effect. Beautiful, but how do you wear a breakable dress? Well, you dont. These were
Freemanic Paracusia
To help us all relax before the weekend - have a few links celebrating the dulcet tones of Morgan Freeman. THE MAN HIMSELF:* From HLN network - A morning news anchor asks Morgan to read the definition of twerking.* During
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