You gotta do what you gotta do.
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Lawsuit: Meth found at bottom of In-N-Out Burger beverage
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Talk shit. Get Hit.
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Sometimes you'd swear it was the mast of a ship passing by.....
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"Rowdy" Ronda Rousey
My 5 Questions: Did you ever think that your MMA career would explode into what it is today? What's your reaction to being called the best athlete, male of female, in the world? With your acting career beginning to really
If I were traveling at near the speed of light (enough to significantly slow time), would I be (...)
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Jesus knew how to get out of awkward conversations
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Light Raises $25 Million To Put DSLR-Quality Camera In Your Next Smartphone (Aaron Tilley/Forbes)
Aaron Tilley / Forbes:Light Raises $25 Million To Put DSLR-Quality Camera In Your Next Smartphone  —  Our phones have turned everyone into a photographer and laid waste to a huge
IDC: Tablet sales fell 7% YoY to 44.7M units in Q2, but Lenovo, LG, and Huawei grew, pushing Sa(...)
Natalie Gagliordi / ZDNet:IDC: Tablet sales fell 7% YoY to 44.7M units in Q2, but Lenovo, LG, and Huawei grew, pushing Samsungs and Apples market share down to 41% from
Developer preview of Amazon's Alexa Voice Service now available, allowing manufacturers and hob(...)
Mariella Moon / Engadget:Developer preview of Amazons Alexa Voice Service now available, allowing manufacturers and hobbyists to integrate Alexa tech into their own devices  —  Amazon lets anyone put Alexa
Inside the failure of Google+, a very expensive attempt to unseat Facebook (Seth Fiegerman/Mashable)
Seth Fiegerman / Mashable:Inside the failure of Google+, a very expensive attempt to unseat Facebook  —  Create a social network or risk everything.  —  That was the original pitch for
India's Snapdeal, an Amazon Competitor, Raises $500 Million From Alibaba, Foxconn and SoftBank (...)
Jason Del Rey / Re/code:Indias Snapdeal, an Amazon Competitor, Raises $500 Million From Alibaba, Foxconn and SoftBank  —  Alibaba finally has its ally in India, perhaps the worlds hottest e-commerce
Security experts welcome US Commerce Department's decision to rewrite initial US Wassenaar prop(...)
Michael Mimoso / Threatpost:Security experts welcome US Commerce Departments decision to rewrite initial US Wassenaar proposal regarding regulation of cyberweapons  —  Unusual Re-Do of US Wassenaar Rules Applauded  —  In
New attack on Tor can deanonymize hidden services with surprising accuracy (Dan Goodin/Ars Technica)
Dan Goodin / Ars Technica:New attack on Tor can deanonymize hidden services with surprising accuracy  —  Deanonymization requires luck but nonetheless shows limits of Tor privacy.  —  Computer scientists have
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Two women indicted for separate child deaths in Sussex County
Two Sussex County women face charges in connection with separate child deaths. Delaware State Police and the Attorney Generals Office say the death of a ten-month-old boy January 28th, 2015, at Handys Little Disciples day care on Layton-Davis Road has
Pitt, Jolie to sponsor New Orleans rebuilding
No description.
A Pakistan glacier, as viewed from a drone - in pictures | World news | The Guardian
Isnt this amazing...
Do you think John McCain can help boost Lindsey Graham's poll numbers?
No description.
Live From Studio 1A: Brawny vs. Scrawny
No description.
Racist Woman GOES OFF on Racist Rant at IHOP!
An older white woman went OFF on a hispanic woman at an IHOP for not speaking English fluently. Donald Trump even gets brought up in the extremely racist rant. Apparently a plate of pancakes doesnt put everyone in a good mood
If Joe Biden ran for president would he be able to beat Hillary Clinton in the primaries?
No description.
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These TV news screw ups will make you seem good at your job
Everyone has off days, but luckily, most people dont have to worry about them being caught on live television.
Spindeltop changed the world
A century ago, in a place where most people eked out a living from subsistence agriculture, a discovery was made that within a year would make them richer than they had ever dared to dream, and eventually bring millions of
Coal train derails
She says the railways emergency protocols were immediately enacted and all safety precautions and measures are being taken as crews respond to the situation.
Cecil the lion's brother Jericho shot dead in Zimbabwe
Cecil the lion is seen fighting with his brother Jericho in May last year. They were both killed by hunters.
A look at the evolution of modern video game controllers
If anythings kept pace with how video games have changed over the years, its how we interact with them. Our biggest touchpoint with virtual worlds is the gamepad and -- akin to how games themselves have evolved from simple 2D
Official offers roll in for 2016 prospects
August 1 marks the first day programs can send 2016 prospects their official, written scholarship offers. While recruits rack up offers as early as eighth grade, they are merely verbal offers until this day.
Sunday retail management tip: leverage a point of difference on loyalty
More and more retailers are switching from the old school points based loyalty programs to our discount vouchers. They are finding the vouchers are driving more immediate and more valuable outcomes for retailers - they are driving a better bottom
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Adventures in dogbathing. How do you keep your dog from smelling like a dog? Why yes, Subby's h(...)
Photoshop this group of friends
Boston bridge repair project delayed two years after workers discover bridge is full of mysteri(...)
Man teaches his daughter's bullies an important lesson about empathy and loving their fellow ma(...)
Get a room, teachers, get a room
There's jerk and then there's stealing $90,000 worth of human hair meant for cancer patients jerk
Aircraft door washes up ashore on Reunion island as the evidence of MH370 now becomes as plane (...)
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The Eviction Series
Paul Madonna (previously on MeFi) and his wife have been evicted from the home and workspace in which theyve lived for ten years. In response, Paul is drawing and writing All Over Coffee: The Eviction Series about his life in
On the plus side, regular vegetables taste heavenly now.
Remember back in the halcyon days of about five weeks ago when griphus inflicted the Minnesota State Fair menu on us? Many of us sighed, thought Oh, if only..., then moved on to discussing the President on a podcast or
The Tongueless Fish
Ive been infected by a parasite. I wont tell you what because I dont want you to search for it. By the time this reaches you it wont matter much, anyway. In fact, Im forbidding you right now from looking
You can't fuck osmosis jones
you cant fuck osmosis jones. other things you cant fuck: ratigan, rats from secret of nimh, the alan rickman fish from help im a fish, the iron giant, the weed ghost from cartoon all stars to the rescue, mufasas ghost,
Delta Flight 191
30 years ago today (August 2nd, 1985), Delta Flight 191, a Lockheed L-1011 TriStar from Fort Lauderdale, bound for Los Angeles, crashed over a mile short of the runway at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The plane was caught in
Meet Jane Marie Kroc
There has obviously been a great deal of gossip, rumors and questions about me the past few days. To put them to rest: yes, I am transgender/gender fluid. Janae Marie Kroc, in her own words, is a Transgender/genderfluid Alpha male/girly
Don't worry, you probably won't be secretly murdered if you watch this.
In 1991, a documentary, intended to be the first of a series on celebrity businessmen, was completed. It was screened twice, but its subject prevented its release and it was clear that continuing the series wasnt worth the trouble. So
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