TIL a tax auditor in Finland died at his desk, and despite there being 100 staff on the same fl(...)
Texas lawmaker files bill to legalize marijuana
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TIFU by logging in to my wifes facebook account
My wife and I have been trying for a second baby for about 3 months now and still have not gotten pregnant. During this time she started baking cupcakes and cake truffles from our home to sell. I created her
Quentin Tarantino
My 5 Questions: Despite all the great dialogue, blood and violence? What do you consider the biggest feature of your movies? Have you ever thought about making a movie mafia-related? Is there a subject you would like to make a
ELI5: Why is Braille not just bumped out letters of the alphabet?
I'm pretty sure it's just because it would take up too much space, but am not sure. submitted by SamMcgeesAshes to explainlikeimfive
My dog's reaction to snow never gets old.
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time for spring to arrive, i wanna try this
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Windows 10: A closer look at Cortana integration with Spartan (with video) (Zac Bowden/WinBeta)
Zac Bowden / WinBeta:Windows 10: A closer look at Cortana integration with Spartan (with video)  —  Microsofts new browser has a unique feature built in... Cortana  —  Microsoft announced back
With $66M in funding from a consortium of 15 banks, Goldman Sachs backed messaging and social n(...)
Kevin Dugan / New York Post:With $66M in funding from a consortium of 15 banks, Goldman Sachs backed messaging and social networking service Symphony will launch by July  —  Goldman
Game developers favor Steam and PC over other platforms (Dean Takahashi/VentureBeat)
Dean Takahashi / VentureBeat:Game developers favor Steam and PC over other platforms  —  Gaming execs: Join 180 select leaders from King, Glu, Rovio, Unity, Facebook, and more to plan your
PCH buys Fab.com, will use it as a sales channel for the hardware products it helps startups ma(...)
Jason Del Rey / Re/code:PCH buys Fab.com, will use it as a sales channel for the hardware products it helps startups make  —  Fab.coms Fire Sale Is Official  —  Fab.com
Uber launches a quarterly print magazine, Momentum, for drivers in Boston, New York City, San F(...)
Alyson Shontell / Business Insider:Uber launches a quarterly print magazine, Momentum, for drivers in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Ohio, and Oklahoma  —  Uber just launched a quarterly
Pebble Reveals Pebble Time Steel And A Smartstrap System Open To Hardware Developers (Darrell E(...)
Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch:Pebble Reveals Pebble Time Steel And A Smartstrap System Open To Hardware Developers  —  Pebble announced Pebble Time last week, the next-generation version of its Pebble smartwatch,
Oculus Has Hired Mary Lou Jepsen Away From Google X (Kurt Wagner/Re/code)
Kurt Wagner / Re/code:Oculus Has Hired Mary Lou Jepsen Away From Google X  —  Facebook-owned Oculus has hired away big-time Google X executive Mary Lou Jepsen, according to sources familiar
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To Bibi or not to Bibi | New York Post
In the end, it’s not about Obama. It’s not even about Jerusalem’s relationship with Washington, which will survive the current tensions. It’s about whether Israel itself can survive a bad American deal with Iran.
John Boehner Blinks, Will Allow For Clean Funding Of Department Of Homeland Security
Michelle Obama, daughters to spring break in Japan, Cambodia | WashingtonExaminer.com
Who could fault her taking another vacation?  I wouldnt want to be around her hubby after Bibis speech to Congress!
Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules
The POTUS network on Sirius XM interviewed the former attorney for the National Archives this morning.  That brought my attention to this story, which was the front page of the NY Times this morning.Below is a small excerpt:
Hear Me, See Me, The Revictimization of Incarcerated Women/Disgusting Politicians!
If we went back to the imprisonment rate we had in the early 70s, something like four out of five people employed in the prison industry would lose their jobs. Thats what youre up against.Eugene Jarecki 
Yesterday we found out that many of us are sharing the same problems with the Vine functioning properly. 24hrs later the problem still exist. Some of the smart tech members said it could be a bad script that causing the
Radio, Light Or Electromagnetic Waves - Do They Exist?
The title of this article may seem at first glance to be obviously incorrect, but I think everyone would be surprised to learn that some debate does exist around this matter.  What debate can there be?  Radio is used daily,
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This Alleged Drunk Driver Got Arrested Wearing The Worst Shirt Possible
Luciano Gutierrez of Temple, Texas was arrested last week on a drunk driving charge, but it took social media users a little longer to notice the irony of his T-Shirt. Gutierrez, 66, wore a shirt that read WARNING I DO
Man charged in killing, robbery of transgender woman and rape of 11-year-old girl
Mourner Paulisha Thomas dances in tribute to Deshwanda Sanchez before her burial at Angeles Abby Memorial Park in Compton on Dec. 19. Mourner Paulisha Thomas dances in tribute to Deshwanda Sanchez before her burial at Angeles Abby Memorial Park in
3 injured in Quincy Township crash
Pennsylvania State Police, Chambersburg, said Sidney E. Miller, 72, Mont Alto, was driving south on Anthony Highway on Feb. 26 when he tried to turn left into the Susquehanna Bank parking lot. SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. - A husband and wife
Microsoft Lumia 640 And Lumia 640 XL Announced
After all, new Windows-powered smartphone models are few and far in between, so much so that any new release is worth checking out, what more handsets by Microsoft itself. While both of these smartphones will be powered by Windows Phone
reflected light
It has been really overcast the last few days here in Houston, which makes photographing actual light a bit more difficult. So I had to get creative: a neighbours tulip magnolia tree is in full bloom, so I figured that
Moving ahead on harnessing synthetic lethality to fight cancer
To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document. We have recently developed a data-mining pipeline that comprehensively identifies cancer unique susceptibilities, following the concept of Synthetic
9 new ways to thrive after 40
Meet the new middle age, as personified by women who are extending the prime of life-with all its rich emotional, intellectual and spiritual potential-way beyond the short horizons that defined their mothers middle years. Are you among them? If so,
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What happens when your iPhone overheats in your pocket and spews lithium lava? 'They smelled my(...)
Soon you'll be able to watch targeted ads playing on your whiskey bottles
And the world's most expensive city to live in is
Quick someone find Indiana Jones, they think they've found the White City of the Monkey God in (...)
Remember how NYC said that their murder rate would fall in 2015? Well, you can kill that prediction
Massachusetts Supreme Court says there is no constitutional right to have a Taser because stun (...)
Photoshop this trombone player
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I'm more of a "four desserts" person myself...
The 4 Deserts race series is a series of 250km ultramarathons held in the Atacama Desert, Gobi Desert, Sahara Desert, and Antarctica. Competitors are only provided with water, tents, and medical support; they must carry everything else themselves. The Sahara
Let us not wait for the millionaires to give us this money.
The Statue of Liberty is a shining symbol of Franco-American amity, but the story of its pedestal is a tribute to the immigrants, workers, and children who raised and donated money to build it. 1n 1885 - 120, 000 of
The humble quest to read all things lesbian
The Lesbrary - The humble quest to read everything lesbian: a lesbian book blog. Also see sidebar for links to other lesbian book blogs, websites, and online resources. The Lesbrary elsewhere - Tumblr: Fuck Yeah Lesbian Literature (and more!), Twitter
Boring rooftop? Put a house on it
If your apartment building is looking a little plain, just build a house on the roof. NYC isnt the only place to find homes on rooftops, though some arent for the faint of heart.
I Want To Live In A House
Once upon a time there was a family that lived in a pub. Starstruck is an Australian musical released in 1982, directed by Gillian Armstrong, which was her second major film after My Brilliant Career. Jackie (Jo Kennedy) is an
Plunging deep into the manosphere
I already know that the manosphere refers to an online network, nascent but vast and like the universe constantly expanding, each twinkling star in its firmament dedicated—obviously—to men. Men and their problems. Usually with women.Jeff Sharlet asks: What Kind of
Next I would like to visit Okonomiyaki Galaxy please 
Okonomiyaki World is a surprisingly comprehensive cooking resource that includes a history, recipes and variations for both Osaka/Kansai and Hiroshima styles, information on ingredients and nutrition, supplies and utensils, restaurants serving okonomiyaki around the world, and even an okonomiyaki discussion
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