Pill Cosby
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I think my dog is just done with our trip
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Window on the world (Scott Kelly, ISS)
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First image from Axanar, the Star Trek war movie (info in comments)
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Be proud.
Ruby Falls, underground waterfall in Chatanooga, TN | by /u/jaconphil.
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Showtime officially launches streaming service for the web, Apple TV, iOS, Roku, and Playstatio(...)
Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge:Showtime officially launches streaming service for the web, Apple TV, iOS, Roku, and Playstation Vue, does not require a cable subscription  —  You can now subscribe
13 top cryptographers issue report opposing US, British proposals for circumventing encryption,(...)
Nicole Perlroth / New York Times:13 top cryptographers issue report opposing US, British proposals for circumventing encryption, say plans would put the worlds digital communications at risk  —  Code Specialists
Showtime now available on Apple TV w/o a cable subscription, iOS app soon (Chance Miller/9to5Mac)
Chance Miller / 9to5Mac:Showtime now available on Apple TV w/o a cable subscription, iOS app soon  —  @ChanceHMiller July 7, 201542 minutes ago  —  CBSs channel Showtime is now available
Whipclip Raises Over $40 Million For Its TV Show And Music Video Clipping App (Sarah Perez/Tech(...)
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:Whipclip Raises Over $40 Million For Its TV Show And Music Video Clipping App  —  Whipclip, the makers of a mobile application that lets you quickly -
Samsung Sees Seventh Straight Profit Decline (Min-Jeong Lee/Wall Street Journal)
Min-Jeong Lee / Wall Street Journal:Samsung Sees Seventh Straight Profit Decline  —  The worlds largest smartphone maker by shipments said operating profit likely fell about 4%  —  SEOUL— Samsung Electronics Co. said Tuesday its second-quarter
Tinder introduces Verified Profiles for notable public figures, says 26M matches made daily (Ti(...)
Tinder Blog:Tinder introduces Verified Profiles for notable public figures, says 26M matches made daily  —  Introducing Verified Profiles  —  Tinder: its how people meet.  Each day, 26 million matches are
HP's former COO and Chief of Strategy Bill Veghte named CEO of SurveyMonkey (Kara Swisher/Re/code)
Kara Swisher / Re/code:HPs former COO and Chief of Strategy Bill Veghte named CEO of SurveyMonkey  —  HPs Veghte Named CEO of SurveyMonkey  —  Friends since college, the late Silicon
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Kathryn Steinle killing fuels outrage over Democrats' deportation opposition
The Democratic campaign to relax national, state and local deportation policies is fueling outrage ignited by the shocking slaying of a woman in San Francisco by an oft-deported illegal immigrant with seven felony convictions.
New Texas Textbooks, Slavery A 'Side-Issue' Of Civil War
U.S. History, taught minus the existence of the KKK or Jim Crow laws – with a focus on sectionalism as a cause for the civil war. The state of Texas continues to be the lone star beacon of a south concerned with
Joe Scarborough Humiliates MSNBC By Giving Chris Christie Airtime To Attack The Network
In a slap in the face to the liberal audience and the network that employs him, Joe Scarborough gave Chris Christie airtime to attack MSNBC.Jason Easley 
A FreeMarket Particpant B future Darwin awardee
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Bernie Sanders Says 'Real' Unemployment Rate Is Actually 10.5 Percent
Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders undermined a key Obama administration talking point Monday when he said the actual unemployment rate in the U.S. is double what the federal government claims.“When you talk about the economy we also have to have
Pubic Hairstyles You Should Know About
You may be familiar with the landing strip or the Brazilian, but in the world of pubic hair, theres a lot more all of us could know.
World powers and Iran delay nuclear deal deadline to Friday
World powers seeking a nuclear deal with Iran in Vienna will continue negotiating past a second deadline on Tuesday — after missing a previous one last week.We are continuing to negotiate for the next couple of days, European Union representative
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Amanda Peterson: 'Can't Buy Me Love' star found dead at 43
Amanda Peterson, the star of the 80s cult classic film Cant Buy Me Love has died. The actress was found dead in her home on Sunday, Hollywood News Daily reported on July 6. According to the report, Amanda Peterson was
Florida man in pirate costume busted for black-powder blasts
Jamie Spiering, dressed in a pirate outfit, was arrested in the Florida Keys after firing blanks from his black-powder pistols at passing cars, authorities say. Jamie Spiering, shown in a mug shot, was dressed as a pirate when he was
ANRCETI consults on draft tenders for spectrum in 2600MHz, 3400MHz-3800MHz bands
The regulator outlined its plans to limit the number of authorisations issued in the 2500MHz-2690MHz band - which will give the winners the rights to use the spectrum for the deployment of networks using ) services, should be limited to
DC Police Arrest Man In Shocking Rush Hour Train Stabbing
District of Columbia police arrested a man Monday morning they suspect was behind the stabbing murder that took place on the Fourth of July in a crowded subway car. Jasper Spires, 18, was out of jail no less than 24
Crush the ball when driving
Ill take 275 in the rough, You never know maybe he just had a bad driver day, I know at least for me some days your on with the driver and other days I couldnt hit the fairway no matter
Future triffid in the garden?
Because its only a small amount of water, I made no special arrangements for it. It drops straight onto part of the side footpath and drains away.
Interview: Suspect in SF pier attack admits he shot woman
A man arrested in the seemingly random fatal shooting of a woman at a San Francisco pier admitted in a jailhouse interview that he shot her, but said it was an accident. Francisco Sanchez, 45, told KGO-TV Sunday n a
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"This is my horrendous car, it could be yours. I'll level with you, it's shiate - all rusted an(...)
Doctors of alternative medicine in Florida are dying off. Some are concerned about this trend. (...)
Illuminati, Knights Templar, Freemasons and Trilateral Commission tremble in fear as true evil (...)
Stifler and his mom arrested after attacking police officer
Google's Dream Robot is running wild across the Internet. Pics in article will ensure you'll ne(...)
Here's an interactive map of where all 447 presidential candidates live. See which of your neig(...)
Oh come on, bankers aren't all that ba... Oh MY GOD, what the hell were you thinking
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Inside JFK's amazing, abandoned TWA terminal
A pristine time capsule from 1962. Stunning pictures and video from this classic terminal, designed by famed Finnish architect Eero Saarinen. JetBlue has been working with the Port Authority with the intent to turn it into a boutique hotel.
Nonpartisan Redistricting
Supreme Court rules against gerrymandering - Ginsburgs opinion is now the law, and I suspect that, in a few decades, this case will be considered one of the most important of the term. Thus far, only California has copied Arizona
Searching for Ways to Emotionally Traumatize Superman
Marsh Davies talks about how games distribute power to players and how power fantasies often fail to work as parables about bigotry through the window of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, with side discussions of how violent combat became so common
"People in 2015 shouldn't be able to get away with things like this ..."
There was a thought that there werent enough bands with guitars that were exciting in the same way as the bands we cared about so we had the thought lets try and do it better ourselves ... What I wanted
Double time swing
Comparison between a scene in the film Whiplash and the short film it was based on(MLYT) (NSFW) Movie Audio OnlyShort Audio OnlyActor J.K. Simmons and director Damien Chazelle discuss what it took to go from their Sundance-winnnig short to a
New job, same as the old job.
Eric Holder goes home.
Best album ever. 8/10.
The editor of the 63-year old weekly music magazine announces a new direction for Britains flagship music publication. Following the trend of shrinking sales across all printed media (from a peak of over 300000 issues sold weekly to barely staying
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