My mom always told me she went to school with Adam Sandler and I never believed her, until I fo(...)
I have two adopted younger brothers. The struggle to keep up with them physically is real.
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Life, death, and reincarnation, via makeup.
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My buddy's high school track team's stars photo
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The Rockets of Human Space Flight
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Just one.
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An armed man wearing a fedora was not taken seriously when trying to rob a pharmacy. Instead he(...)
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Vine now lets you favorite accounts and get push notifications when they post new videos (Emil (...)
Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat:Vine now lets you favorite accounts and get push notifications when they post new videos  —  Twitter today updated its Vine app with the ability to favorite
Twitter declines to release full-archive search API to devs, wounds third-party clients again ((...)
Marco Arment / Marco.org:Twitter declines to release full-archive search API to devs, wounds third-party clients again  —  New Twitter search API wont be available to third-party clients  —  This is just the next step in
StealthGenie CEO ordered to pay $500K fine for selling spyware app, surrender source code to go(...)
Department of Justice:StealthGenie CEO ordered to pay $500K fine for selling spyware app, surrender source code to government  —  Man Pleads Guilty for Selling “StealthGenie” Spyware App and Ordered to Pay $500,000 Fine  —  A
Uber Said Close to Raising Funding at Up to $40B Value (Serena Saitto/Bloomberg)
Serena Saitto / Bloomberg:Uber Said Close to Raising Funding at Up to $40B Value  —  Uber Technologies Inc. is close to raising a round of financing that would value the
Facebook's AI group hires Vladimir Vapnik, who pioneered statistical learning theory and co-inv(...)
Facebook AI Research:Facebooks AI group hires Vladimir Vapnik, who pioneered statistical learning theory and co-invented the Support Vector Machine method  —  We are delighted to announce that Vladimir Vapnik has
Going Out App YPlan Raises $24M As It Lays Off Staff, Plans Pivot Into Long-Tail Events (TechCrunch)
TechCrunch:Going Out App YPlan Raises $24M As It Lays Off Staff, Plans Pivot Into Long-Tail Events  —  YPlan — the app that gives people with no plans a curated selection
Twitter has talked to Bieber-backed Shots: Source (Kristin Cwalinski/CNBC)
Kristin Cwalinski / CNBC:Twitter has talked to Bieber-backed Shots: Source  —  Twitter has talked about an acquisition of Shots, the selfie app backed by singer Justin Bieber, a source close
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Viewers Are Drawn To Fox News Like Flies Are Drawn To Bullsh*t (And For The Same Reason)
The Baltimore Sun’s media critic, David Zurawik, wants very badly for his analysis to be taken seriously. But it doesn’t help to burnish his credibility when he makes frequent appearances on Fox News. His objectivity is thrown into question due
White Police Chief Loses It and Tells the Blunt TRUTH About Black Crime
Recently, the chief of Milwaukee’s law enforcement agency came under attack by black activists.The activists accused Flynn of not taking a recent officer-involved shooting seriously.That shooting ended with a black man named Donte Hamilton dead. The officer was def …
Police: Teen girl sets up high school prostitution ring
SARASOTA, Fla. — Two teens — 17-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy — are at the root of a prostitution ring involving students at three Sarasota County high schools, police said Tuesday.After four students at Venice High School in Venice,
Oh boy,
A little uncomfortable, isnt it??
Yesterday, Oh How I Long For Yesterday.
Monday it was 44 and raining when i went to bed it had started to snow. When i got up and pulled up the shade, i pulled it back down right away. Went put coffee on, but it was all
African American Ferguson Citizens...Shame On You!
 Per the 2010 census, the population of Ferguson, Missouri was 67.7 percent African American.  If the residents were truly concerned about the state of their police force and government officials then they had the power, and still have the power, to make  …
Michael Brown's stepfather: 'Burn this bitch down!' - CNN.com
(CNN) -- Michael Browns stepfather consoled the dead teens distraught mother after Mondays controversial grand jury announcement and then turned to the crowd of demonstrators, saying, Burn this motherf---er down and Burn this bitch down, according to a New York
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Rescue only: Florida dog will be killed in 48 hours unless rescues saves her
According to a Facebook: Friends of Lake County Animal Services ~ Tavares, FL post November 24, this sweet dog only has 48 hours in which to be rescued. The shelter believes she has chemical burns.
Domestication of the dog from the wolf was promoted by enhanced...
To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document. Dogs shared a much closer relationship with humans than any other domesticated animals, probably due to their unique
Ferguson protesters vandalize shops, set police cars on fire, taunt cops; officers lob tear gas
Some of the hundreds of people who gathered outside the Ferguson Police Department erupted in anger as St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCullochs announced that Officer Darren Wilson, who is white, wouldnt be indicted in the shooting death of 18-year-old
No CNN, the iPhone 6 is not better than a professional TV camera
CNN is committed to asking the hard hitting, need to know, questions that haunt everyone. The big questions, like is the iPhone 6 camera as powerful as CNNs multi-thousand dollar professional TV camera ? The answer will probably not surprise
Why The iPhone 6 Should Be On Your List
Although the Apple iPhone 6 was released earlier this fall, its not until the holidays that people start to add this gadget to their wish lists. And since the mega-tech brand rarely participates in any Black Friday deals , you
Huh? NYT Says Hagel 'Wasn't Fired,' But Obama...
As is the case with so many executive changes in both the public and the private sector, there is vagueness in the circumstances surrounding the end of Chuck Hagels stint as Obama administration Secretary of Defense. While its not unusual
Arrest airport man rampage: 26 y/o creeper crashes from ceiling, attacks old man
An arrest at Logan airport after a man went on a rampage is one of the most bizarre crimes to make the news this morning. A 26-year-old creeper is charged with sneaking into the womens bathroom at the airport, stripping
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Guess who got banned because of their dubious sexuality and for walking around half naked? Ok, (...)
If you're planning on travelling along the east coast for Thanksgiving, you should plan to leav(...)
Shooting yourself in the face won't win the argument you're having with your wife. Oh, it will (...)
The definitive ranking of Thanksgiving sides is pretty thorough, with charts and graphs and MAS(...)
When they say that Australia is the land down under they really mean it
Police investigate suspicious envelope because, really, who uses the mail anymore?
Man who grows the hottest chilies in the UK reveals his secret to getting them so hot - he shou(...)
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Sleepless in Shanghai
Shanghai Tango - Whimsical illustrations.
"Here's another one you don't wanna hear. And frankly, neither do I."
The Disastrous Show That Made The Replacements Legendary Stinsons remarks, as well as a series of other unexpected antics, placed the bands show at Chicagos Grant Park on July 4, 1991 as one of the most legendary concerts in history
Bob Dylan Plays Concert for One Insanely Lucky Superfan
Ongoing Swedish film series Experiment Ensam (Experiment Alone) films people experiencing things completely alone that are usually reserved for large crowds. Past films focused on lone people at comedy clubs or karaoke bars. The filmmakers thought a lot bigger for
Ice cream is the solution to all of life's problems
San Francisco Ice Cream Wars: What Your Allegiance Says About You from KQED Pop. Meanwhile, Fentons Ice Creamery, which is in the Piedmont neighborhood of Oakland, California, and was featured in Pixars animated movie, Up, doesnt get mentioned, since its
"stopped vampires from pinning their crimes on babies and children"
A selection of curious notes from videogame patch logs.
Is Africa cursed by oil?
Oil and conflict in Nigerias Niger Delta region: Between the barrel and the trigger. In the most recent issue of The Extractive Industries and Society, Cyril Obi examines the resource curse explanation for the failure of African states: poverty, corruption
The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure
The harsh environments of our neighboring planets will require proper attire, with 3D-printed, biological fashions that, in the words of the designer Neri Oxman, blur the boundary between the environment and ourselves. Oxmans other recent work explores similar lines of
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