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The Sausage Principle.
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TIL that when the number of chlamydia cases in young Swedish people doubled in one year, it was(...)
Angie's List canceling $40 Million Headquarter and employee expansion in Indiana following pass(...)
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TRANSFORMATION. Yesterday a guy referred to me as "the bear", 1,5 yrs ago I was anorectic
About five years ago I was diagnosed with anorexia. Went through some hospital treatments and nothing worked. One day I decided to get my shit together. Got myself a gym card and fell in love with the weights. Here's my
TIL that in 2013 an abandoned Russian cruise ship began drifting through international waters. (...)
One punch KO!
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The on-demand world isn't about sharing; it's about being served and self-isolation (Lauren Smi(...)
Lauren Smiley / Matter:The on-demand world isnt about sharing; its about being served and self-isolation  —  The Shut-In Economy  —  In the new world of on-demand everything, youre either pampered,
Pebble Time Kickstarter project raised $20.3 million (Hope King/CNNMoney)
Hope King / CNNMoney:Pebble Time Kickstarter project raised $20.3 million  —  During its month-long crowdfunding campaign, which ended 10 p.m. ET Friday, Pebble Time shattered two Kickstarter records.  —  It
Uber plans to pay for drivers' commercial licenses to make an Uber X-like service legal in Germ(...)
Maria Sheahan / Reuters:Uber plans to pay for drivers commercial licenses to make an Uber X-like service legal in Germany  —  Uber plans legal taxi service in Germany - manager
Tumblr's Mobile App Will Now Add 'Buy,' 'Pledge,' And 'Get Involved' Buttons To Select Posts (S(...)
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:Tumblrs Mobile App Will Now Add ‘Buy,’ ‘Pledge,’ And ‘Get Involved’ Buttons To Select Posts  —  Tumblr today introduced a change to its service that will encourage
Microsoft's next Windows 10 Mobile test build on track to support majority of Windows Phones (M(...)
Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:Microsofts next Windows 10 Mobile test build on track to support majority of Windows Phones  —  Summary:Microsofts next Windows 10 Mobile test build, expected around early
Yahoo, Microsoft extend search partnership talks for 30 days (Alexei Oreskovic/Reuters)
Alexei Oreskovic / Reuters:Yahoo, Microsoft extend search partnership talks for 30 days  —  (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc (YHOO.O) and Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) agreed to extend by 30 days the deadline
Quebec to block gambling and gaming sites to boost revenues for its own gaming site Espacejeux (...)
Michael Geist Blog:Quebec to block gambling and gaming sites to boost revenues for its own gaming site Espacejeux  —  Quebec Takes on the Internet: Government Announces Plans to Require Website
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Indiana's New Anti-Gay Law Made This Company Cancel $40M/1000 Job Expansion
Ever since Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) signed a “religious freedom” bill allowing businesses to turn away LGBT customers, many companies have taken this as a cue to take their business out of Indiana.One business in particular, Angie’s List, a $315 m …
Hundreds rally against Indiana law, say it's discriminatory
AP Latest News;
Saudi-led airstrikes intensify in Yemen as possible coalition land attack looms - The Washingto(...)
WaPo reports;
Storeowner defends "good luck" Hindu swastika after Jewish man demands its removal | The Rock(...)
 Storeowner and pharmacist Dipak Rao of Spring Valley Drug says two small, red swastikas above the entrance of his shop at 180 E. Central Ave., Spring Valley have a benign meaning in Hinduism and their presence should not be interpreted
MetroLink assault victim speaks out; suspects caught on surveill - KMOV.com
According to the 43-year-old victim, a man in his early 20s asked to use his cell phone. When the victim declined to let the suspect use his cell phone, the suspect sat next to him and asked what he thought
A Repost of BlaiseP's, "Perfume: from smoke"
 ***A couple excerpts from the article: Many of the best parfumiers in the business are blind, and many of the best parfumiers are women. Perfumes vocabulary is poetic and musical. Top notes are  …
How Liberals Hope to Nudge Hillary Clinton to the Left
Liberals have two recurring nightmares about the 2016 elections.In the first, they wake up on Nov. 9, 2016, to find that Americans have elected a Republican who has spent the past year and a half promising to dismantle Obamacare, undo
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In the mountains...
I took this photo in one of the many villages I visited in the area of Chiang Rai. As far as I remember, its a Yao village, a very old ethnic group originary from China.
Ball markers
I have to wonder about some of the playing partners some guys have. I know you dont always choose them.
flavor of someone's home
Did you grow up eating flavored rice and noodles from Knorr? The memory seems to be the most comforting thing now that we are older we and more aware of the ingredients in these bags. Knorr wants to capitalize on
Ranaghat gang-rape case: Arrested man's wife identifies 7 accused
The wife of Gopal Sarkar, one of the two men arrested in connection with the nun gangrape case, has identified seven accused persons by their photographs caught on the CCTV camera at the convent school on March 14 night, a
How antibiotics kill bacteria: from targets to networks
To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document. Antibiotic drug-target interactions, and their respective direct effects, are generally well characterized.
Should You Get a Dog or a Kid?
You need another living creature to fill the hole in your life or relationship. Should it be a dog or a child? Rob Fee of Mandatory runs through the differences in the two experiences.
The problem with genuine clubs
You could start a thread about counterfeit clubs you are aware of breaking just this week and make a very convincing case for staying with genuine OEM equipment. They make the faces hotter , this kind of nonsense is bound
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Party in Fort Worth. Queers, steers, beers, and a lot of hetero weird
Ozzy Osbourne's daughter is about to hit it big time. No, not Kelly. The unknown one that nobod(...)
Researchers use GPS collars to track wild pandas. Turns out each panda really eats shoots and l(...)
Springtime in Edinburgh, where the "bloomin' potholes" are actually in bloom
Photoshop theme: Create an ad for a product no one wants
Family of Aurora theater shooting victim loses lawsuit against online sellers of ammo used, bec(...)
Mother of God, why the hell hasn't the mainstream media told anyone about the worldwide pastram(...)
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Aussies v. Black Caps
In a few short hours the final of the Cricket World Cup will be held at the G. With some games of the World Cup reaching a billion viewers globally, it has now come down to a dream final between
This town is crooked!
Lavenham was a wool boomtown during the 15th and 16th centuries. It grew so fast that many of the houses were hastily built with green timber that proceeded to twist and warp.
The creek the city loved to hate
Charlotte, NC is unusual in not being located on the coast of an ocean, lake, or major river. Instead, it has Little Sugar Creek: The creek the city loved to hate
"It's Over!"
Amanda Knox Acquitted of 2007 Murder by Italys Highest Court ROME — Italys highest court overturned the murder convictions of Amanda Knox and her Italian former boyfriend on Friday, throwing out all charges and ending a long-running courtroom drama over
Ingredients: The mumbled chantings of a certified tea shaman...
Steven Smith, teamaker, passed away last Monday. He was a co-founder of Stash teas, founder of Tazo tea, and most recently, founder of the eponymous Steven Smith lines of teas. Stash Tea, founded in 1972, makes a wide variety of
Lonely is the Night, Detroit 1983
This is simply a 1983 concert video of Billy Squier performing the single greatest cocaine fueled butt rock song ever made in all of its glory. Here is Everybody Wants You from the same concert.This is a full 1981 Los
Time for Joy Division! Time for Joy Division! Time for Joy Division!
Teletubbies Joy Division Edit. Chris G. Brown has made a video mashup that may ruin, or redeem, your memories of the Teletubbies. The pairing was suggested in comments after Mark Holland tweeted this image, with the comment, The Teletubbies are
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