A bear and a wolf meet between the Finnish-Russian border. Photo by Thomas Mørch.
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TIL in 1997 William Shatner agreed to become the spokesman for Priceline in exchange for some s(...)
As a British citizen this actually made me realise I cant make fun of Americans anymore.
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Netflix tells FCC that Comcast's slow speeds were making them lose customers.
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This is how we get rid of bugs
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Cop who pointed his gun, threatening to kill protestors and journalists, has resigned.
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JPMorgan Hack Said to Span Months Via Multiple Flaws (Bloomberg)
Bloomberg:JPMorgan Hack Said to Span Months Via Multiple Flaws  —  Hackers burrowed into the databanks of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and deftly dodged one of the worlds largest arrays
White House picks D.C. attorney Danny Marti to be the next "IP czar" (Nancy Scola/Washington Post)
Nancy Scola / Washington Post:White House picks D.C. attorney Danny Marti to be the next “IP czar”  —  The White House announced Thursday that is nominating a new Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, known colloquially as
Lyft says its drivers lose up to 48% from Uber recruiting, due to shorter and cancelled rides ((...)
Nick Bilton / New York Times:Lyft says its drivers lose up to 48% from Uber recruiting, due to shorter and cancelled rides  —  Lyft Says Ubers Recruitment Efforts Are Hurting
Snapchat's new "Live" section shows "Our Story" posts from select events around the world (Jord(...)
Jordan Crook / TechCrunch:Snapchats new “Live” section shows “Our Story” posts from select events around the world  —  Snapchat Steps On Twitters Toes, Lets You Follow Remote Events Live  — 
Intel unveils high-end Haswell-E chips, including its first 8-core desktop CPU, priced at $999 (...)
Andrew Cunningham / Ars Technica:Intel unveils high-end Haswell-E chips, including its first 8-core desktop CPU, priced at $999  —  Haswell-E arrives, bringing a $999 8-core desktop CPU with it  — 
Sony's next Xperia flagship phone will be sold on Sprint as Softbank targets US market
Reuters:Sonys next Xperia flagship phone will be sold on Sprint as Softbank targets US market  —  SoftBanks first Sony smartphone deal takes aim at U.S. market  —  (Reuters) - Japans
Vital Connect gets green light from FDA for biosensor patch (Mark Sullivan/VentureBeat)
Mark Sullivan / VentureBeat:Vital Connect gets green light from FDA for biosensor patch  —  Connected health devices that help at-risk populations, like senior citizens and the chronically ill, make good
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Muscle And Fitness Body , We Are Looking For
Too much of food even in it right order can lead to a very great problem. Sugary food need to be avoid because they causes different typ.Muscle And FitnessMuscle And Fitness
24h gym: A buzzword among all workaholic people
In our hectic schedule it is really hard to find time for exercises. It is not always true. There has been a new concept . It is popularly known as 24h gym.24h gym
What Are The Different Benefits Of Using Coupon Fitness Deals, Discounts Or Promos?
Coupon fitness deals, discounts and promos are ideal for people, whether they are overweight or underweight, since they join a variety of weightcoupon fitness
Go Further Fitness With Simple Ways Now
Go Further Fitness, First things first, if you haven’t decided that you want to get fit then nothing can help you. Hence, first take a firm decision that you are going to do things that will help you get fit
The Dangers in Eating Sugar for Your Mental Health
mental health issues, particularly Alzheimers disease and other dementia problems. They are becoming more and moreMental Health
Role of Family Therapy in Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Family Therapy has shown great results. Alcoholism rehabilitation centres across the world are embracing the newfamily therapy
High Intensity Interval Training for Enhanced Fitness
High Intensity Interval Training for Enhanced Fitness There exist different types of different exercise regimes revolving around fitness training and nutrit enhanced fitness
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Mother's girlfriend charged with murder in death of 4-year-old girl in Clayton
Clayton County police have charged a mother and her girlfriend in connection with the death of a 4-year-old girl, Clayton County police said.
Lucius Robbi found dead: Missing college student victim of fatal car accident
Lucius Robbi, missing Montana college student found dead in his car after accident put him down an embankment out of the sight of passersby on the road.
David Barajas: Cleared in the murder of drunk driver who killed his sons
David Barajas is acquitted of murdering a drunk driver who killed his two sons. The Independent reports Aug. 28 that the ruling came from Brazoria County Courthouse in Texas this week.
lode 0.2.2
Lode is designed to be used in the case where normally simple print statement style debugging would be useful, like checking whether or not a section of code is executed, but stdout or stderr has been robbed from you by
improving the cerebrum limits in my body
A moderate number of low-rep sets give a mix of force and volume, which has dependably been connected with size and quality increases.
Young Jeezy arrested in rap concert fatal shooting probe in California
Young Jeezy is currently behind bars for possession of an assault rifle ... and TMZ has learned the weapon turned up during the investigation into the deadly shooting at Wiz Khalifa s concert Friday night.
In the aftermath of dog shot, family needs help after devastating fire and death
A family touched by unimaginable grief when their dog Jordan was shot by Peoria Police in May is now facing another tragedy.
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One does not simply walk into Prescott, and pee on a Bible
Coming soon to Florida restaurant menus: Manatee
Leader of the Christian homeschooling movement thinks that the Duggars and other adherents of t(...)
Robber jumps from hotel window while fleeing from police, winds up on USC injury report
Mayor orders man removed after not standing for Pledge of Allegiance. So much for freedom of choice
Photoshop this Papal Blessing
"I would like to thank you for solving a 10-year family mystery as to who stole the hot dog"
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Hidden patterns even in the most mundane of objects
Mathematician Zachary Abel builds impressive Mathematical Sculptures from office supplies and other household objects. Via this mildlyimpressive reddit post: I made a ball out of binder clips (130 binder clips, decently heavy) whose poster sadly has not yet followed up
Leading Ladies
Big list of Games – An unfiltered list of games featuring a leading lady, because such a list should exist.Have a suggestion for a game?Leading Ladies in Media – Highlighting female protagonists in Film, TV, Comics, and Books.Bonus link: hardcore
A few things from the bike shop
So you want a bike that you can ride to work, goes really fast, is good for that triathlon youre doing this summer (snicker), is good on trails and mud, and costs less than $300. . . Yeah. Listen, I
Alternate reality photos of her life as a married woman
Staging lives: Who do you want to be? Or, more accurately, who could you have been? Czech photographer Dita Pepe takes these musings quite literally, re-imaging her life in a hundred different scenarios in her series Self Portraits with Men.
"For years I lived in the dark, part dead, part asleep...."
... now, my sight and my world and my life have all returned. Vision: Healing the Blind in Ethiopia Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide, accounting for over half of all cases. The condition is reversible by a
"The problem is I'm black. That's the problem."
St. Paul police roughly assault and arrest man, who is black and sitting in public area waiting for his kids. Police defended arrest but all charges were dropped by St. Paul police against 27-year old Chris Lollie. Lollie is filing
Always look both ways when running a red light
This week Allstate Insurance released its 10th annual Best Drivers Report for the 200 largest US cities. Its wicked pissah being at the bottom (again). The report tabulates property damage collision frequency of Allstate insured drivers from 2011-2012. This year
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