That feeling when you wake up from falling in a dream
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Lazy elementary school kid.
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TIL American schoolchildren rank 25th in math and 21st in science out of the top 30 developed c(...)
Late 20s and taking one last class on campus.
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If TV shows' titles were literally what the show was about, what show would be the most/least i(...)
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We are fighting to restore Net Neutrality. Ask us anything. (Josh Levy from Free Press, David S(...)
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Scumbag youtube every single time
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Google Glass now available to anyone, may be prepping for public launch (Terrence O'Brien/Engadget)
Terrence OBrien / Engadget:Google Glass now available to anyone, may be prepping for public launch  —  Google offered Glass to the public as part of a one day sale not
Amazon accelerates plans for its own delivery network, following last winter's shipping woes (W(...)
Wall Street Journal:Amazon accelerates plans for its own delivery network, following last winters shipping woes  —  Amazon Tests Its Own Delivery Network  —  Alternative to FedEx, UPS Could Deliver Goods
ShopKeep's Point Of Sale Software Rings Up $25 Million (Jonathan Shieber/TechCrunch)
Jonathan Shieber / TechCrunch:ShopKeeps Point Of Sale Software Rings Up $25 Million  —  With its latest $25 million financing, ShopKeep POS has come a long way from being the cobbled
Exclusive: Google+ Head Vic Gundotra Leaving Company (Re/code)
Re/code:Exclusive: Google+ Head Vic Gundotra Leaving Company  —  Vic Gundotra, who aggressively led Google into the social world with the creation of Google+, is leaving the company.  —  A Google
Ondot Raises $18M To Let You Take Complete Control Of Your Credit Card Via Your Mobile Phone (L(...)
Leena Rao / TechCrunch:Ondot Raises $18M To Let You Take Complete Control Of Your Credit Card Via Your Mobile Phone  —  Managing credit and debit cards is still a relatively
FCC attempts to clarify new net neutrality plan but fails (Chris Welch/The Verge)
Chris Welch / The Verge:FCC attempts to clarify new net neutrality plan but fails  —  FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has just published a blog post that expands on a statement
Lyft Launches In 24 New Markets, Cuts Fares By Another 10% (Ryan Lawler/TechCrunch)
Ryan Lawler / TechCrunch:Lyft Launches In 24 New Markets, Cuts Fares By Another 10%  —  On-demand ride-sharing startup Lyft is expanding aggressively in the U.S., announcing the launch of service
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Deepak Chopra's guide to thinking rich
No description.
Tech giant goes green with renewable energy
No description.
Timothy Simons: 'Veep' cast instantly 'clicked'
No description.
Hillsborough Wikipedia insults added from Government computers -
A series of sickening revisions to the site began on the 20th anniversary of the 1989 tragedy, when “Blame Liverpool fans” was anonymously added to the Hillsborough section of the encyclopedia site.Computers on Whitehall’s secure intranet were used again in
Santelli: Treasury market digesting well
No description.
Boards' obligation to push back
No description.
Some Coral May Be Resistant to Climate Change, Researchers Say
No description.
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Audrey Lowndes shooting: Murder or a tragic accident?
On April 14, Glenwood Springs resident Audrey Lowndes, forty, was shot in the back of the head.
New bill to combat exploitation of undocumented workers
The legislation ensures access to legal redress for undocumented workers, so they can take a case in the civil courts against exploitative employers for back wages and compensation.
13 phrases you just should not say to your lover
To be in loved with a girl and start a relationship is a wonderful thing. Long term relationships are usually based on love, trust and honesty.
Delaware County SPCA trying to save three day-old kittens saved in house fire
Three newborn kittens were rescued from a house fire and brought to the Delaware County SPCA by Chester Fire Commissioner James Johnson Three newborn kittens were rescued from a house fire and brought to the Delaware County SPCA by Chester
Fantasy Baseball: New Users Play FREE Tonight for Shot at $400,000 Friday
Play for free tonight to get your entry in DraftKings Sweet Spot THIS FRIDAY, 4/25, with $400,000 in prizes.
Accused gunman in fatal Harrisburg drive-by shooting will testify at his murder trial
A Dauphin County jury on Thursday will hear from a Harrisburg man accused of pulling the trigger during a fatal drive-by shooting in the city.
This stunning iPhone amplifier is as fragile as it is gorgeous
We all know the old toss your iPhone in a mug trick to making your smartphones speaker output a bit more beefy, but if youre willing to spend some serious coin, Aric Snee might have what youre looking for.
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After being accused of not doing enough to prevent sexual violence on campus, Columbia Universi(...)
California's fire season has been expanded a bit, now runs from May 1st to April 30th
The Ku Klux Klansman who shot up a Jewish community center was once arrested for picking up a b(...)
"We weren't expecting to hear calls to prayer from mosques on our holiday to Turkey. Now give u(...)
Man successfully robs ice cream store with syringe "full of AIDS". In a related story, Baskin R(...)
Apparently when you build extra cabins on top of a ferry and carry three times as much cargo as(...)
From the "things you thought only happened in movies/long running 70's sitcoms" file: five cast(...)
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A Dangerous Dance of Frost and Flame:
More Than 100 Wildfires Now Raging Along Siberian Melt-Freeze Line (Shout out to the Climate Reanalyzer from UMaine for the image in the main link.
Higher self-perceived attractiveness increases support for inequality
seeing yourself as physically attractive leads you to believe you belong in a higher social class, according to a recent study by Peter Belmi and Margaret Neale of Stanford Graduate School of Business. Through a series of five studies, they
Hygge, Danish for cozy, comfort, community, warmth and so much more
Hygge is a Danish word often associated with being cozy in winter, with candles, family and friends, but even if Christmas is the high hygge season, there is hygge in warmer months, too. Pronounced hoo-gah or hYOOguh or something like
the endgame to every woman's story
Of course women can have it all. Nor is the question should women have it all. The question is, must women have it all. The AV Club on Parks and Recreations Leslie Knope, feminism, and a problematic sitcom trend. (Contains
"Forensic Retrocomputing"
PITTSBURGH—A multi-institutional team of new-media artists, computer experts, and museum professionals have discovered a dozen previously unknown experiments by Andy Warhol (BFA, 1949) on aging floppy disks from 1985. The purely digital images, trapped for nearly 30 years on Amiga®
*The New York Yankees were removed to make this map possible.
Up Close on Baseballs Borders is a detailed, zoomable interactive map which uses data from Facebook to present the team preferences of baseball fandom in the United States. Around the end of March, Facebook had released a map using the
We're looking for someone with character
Soft skills, such as grit and creativity, are are being increasingly considered in school admissions and job recruiting while standardized test scores and knowledge are being de-emphasized. But can you measure what theyre looking for, or even gauge it holistically?
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