This is Gracie. She's a feral cat that lives in the woods behind my favorite cupcake shop.
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"Fly? Yes. Land? No." -Harrison Ford
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ELI5: If Barack Obama was "born in Kenya" and therefore not eligible to be US President, why is(...)
I am not American, I am not Canadian, I am not Kenyan, but I am confused. Donald Trump, among others, do not believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States and therefore ineligible to be the President of
Because I'm a god damned adult and I can decorate my office however I want
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It wouldn't fit in one shot so I took 13 and stitched it. Big Bend at Zion National Park
Why does putting salt water (saline) into our blood stream rehydrate us, but drinking salt wate(...)
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10 seconds before vs. 10 seconds after surgical sedatives.
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The Back Story of Meerkat: A Side Project That Took Off (Yuliya Chernova/Wall Street Journal)
Yuliya Chernova / Wall Street Journal:The Back Story of Meerkat: A Side Project That Took Off … At three in the morning on Tuesday, Eden Shochat, founding partner at Israeli
VMware sued for alleged GPL license infractions (Jeremy Kirk/PC World)
Jeremy Kirk / PC World:VMware sued for alleged GPL license infractions  —  A Linux kernel developer is suing VMware in Germany, alleging the company has not complied with copyright terms for using open-source software.  — 
Shazam plans to add object recognition capabilities to its music ID app (Leila Abboud/Reuters)
Leila Abboud / Reuters:Shazam plans to add object recognition capabilities to its music ID app  —  Music app Shazam to add sights to sounds  —  (Reuters) - Shazam, the company behind the mobile phone app
Amazon Opens Store on Alibaba's Tmall for Chinese Shoppers (Spencer Soper/Bloomberg Business)
Spencer Soper / Bloomberg Business:Amazon Opens Store on Alibabas Tmall for Chinese Shoppers  —  Dont Miss Out —  (Bloomberg) — Amazon.com Inc. has opened a store on Alibaba Group Holding
Oracle extends its adware bundling to include Java for Macs (Ed Bott/ZDNet)
Ed Bott / ZDNet:Oracle extends its adware bundling to include Java for Macs  —  Summary:For years, Oracle has tormented Windows users by bundling adware with its Java installer for Windows PCs.  With the most recent
Microsoft in surprise partnership with Google to improve Angular 2, the next version of Google'(...)
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:Microsoft in surprise partnership with Google to improve Angular 2, the next version of Googles JavaScript web app framework  —  Microsoft And Google Collaborate On Angular 2
Stop the presses: HTTPS-crippling "FREAK" bug affects Windows after all (Dan Goodin/Ars Technica)
Dan Goodin / Ars Technica:Stop the presses: HTTPS-crippling “FREAK” bug affects Windows after all  —  Microsoft advisory dramatically raises the number of vulnerable end-user devices.  —  Computers running all supported
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Absolutely adorable: TODAY's Babies of the Week
No description.
Jane Lynch promises booze, raucous fun on 'Hollywood Game Night' 
No description.
Facebook removes mom's photo of daughter's bare bottom
No description.
Awkward Thanksgiving photos
No description.
'Nothing is impossible for a Chilean': Miners emotional World Cup ad goes viral
No description.
Little girls strike power poses in viral photo series
No description.
Mom killed during school pickup spurs safety reminder
No description.
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Witness: Man accused in Naperville stabbing death 'pounced' on victim
The man accused of killing a Naperville teacher pounced on him inside a crowded nightclub, a friend of the teachers testified Thursday as the mans murder trial continued. Witness Samantha Doti said she called out to her friend Shaun Wild
Cop death 34 years after shooting could mean life for gunman
The Tuesday death of an ex-NYPD officer shot 14 times by two radical gunmen in a 1981 ambush that killed his partner could insure the surviving assassin dies behind bars. The peaceful passing of retired Officer Richard Rainey , 67,
quick parent safety lectures
The principals of all the local schools got together and did a parent safety evening at the school. I was one of the presenters.
Cabela The Dog Shot, Tied To Railroad Tracks In Florida
Officers in Tampa, Florida, have rescued a dog who was shot twice and tied to railroad tracks -- and now she needs the publics help. Police responded to reports of three shots fired at about 5:23 p.m. on Wednesday, and
the ripple effect
Doing good holds the power to transform us on the inside, and then ripple out in ever-expanding circles that positively impact the world at large.
As you pass by her, she wonders if you would want some flowers for your soul. Here is a beautiful scene from Chennai that is embedded in our daily life.
12 best fitness apps to help you stay motivated
If you want to monitor or track your fitness and diet goals, using your smartphone is an ideal way to do it. Because your smartphone and apps are always with you, they are a constant reminder to check in on
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"With four American states so far having defied the United Nations and the federal government b(...)
Group of Sheriffs from Colorado join Kansas and Nebraska to sue the state of Colorado, ask cour(...)
Italian teacher who posed for nude pics told she can keep her job. MAMA MIA (Not safe for work (...)
Japanese woman, the world's oldest person, turns 117. Which means if she lived in the U.S. she (...)
Speed dating. For seniors
China is about to build Pakistan a pair of unproven nuclear reactors in a tsunami and earthquak(...)
"There are no laws in existence that protect the rights of people whose photographs have unwitt(...)
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The Fourth War: My Lunch with a Jihadi
As a Marine Captain in Iraq, Elliot Ackerman lost men fighting jihadis, but then he found himself breaking bread with a former adversary in a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey.
Why I've posted 27,000 times to one online forum
Facebook and Twitter are indifferent to your conversation, as long as youre having it on their platform. A veteran of the Rotten Tomatoes forums laments the decline of online forums in the age of social media.
"My name comes out of my mouth in English."
The Right Words to Say: On Being Read as White (SLToast/Butter)
A man may have been kidnapped by Mexican drug cartels for his IT skills
A telecommunications worker has disappeared, and there seems to be evidence that drug cartels are responsible. Missing man Felipe del Jesús Peréz García is one of about 40 IT professionals who have been taken in the region, possibly to maintain
Get ready to rumble, if you are furry and nurse your offspring.
Thats right - its time for Mammal March Madness! Battle outcome is a function of the two species attributes within the battle environment. Attributes considered in calculating battle outcome include temperament, weaponry, armor, body mass, fight style, and other fun
To survive on this shore
To survive on this shore: Photographs and interviews with transgender and gender variant older adults is a joint project of photographer Jess Dugan and professor Vanessa Fabbre. It combines photographs of transgender and gender variant people over the age of
Roller Coaster Tycoon
Carowinds Amusement Park just released a video of the very first test run of their brand new Fury 325 roller coaster, which they claim is the biggest and fastest in the world. The initial hill rises to a height of
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