2 thousand up votes and ill dunk on the priest
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I thought I felt something hard underneath the grass.
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My neighbor wraps his entire tree in lights
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You are the sculptor of your own body
My Wife had this made as my Christmas gift. I've always wanted a regal, mantle-worthy painting (...)
Just spent two days drawing and animating my first gif
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100 years ago today John Muir, naturalist and father of the National Park Service, passed away.(...)
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Judge denies Facebook's request to dismiss class action lawsuit over private message scanning t(...)
John Timmer / Ars Technica:Judge denies Facebooks request to dismiss class action lawsuit over private message scanning to target ads  —  Suit over Facebooks practice of scanning users messages to
Preparing for IPO, Alibaba removed 90M counterfeit goods from its marketplaces during the first(...)
Lulu Yilun Chen / Bloomberg:Preparing for IPO, Alibaba removed 90M counterfeit goods from its marketplaces during the first 9 months of 2014  —  Alibaba Took Down 90 Million Fake Products
Google Bars Developers From Including User Testimonials In Play Store App Descriptions (Ryan Wh(...)
Ryan Whitwam / Android Police:Google Bars Developers From Including User Testimonials In Play Store App Descriptions  —  Google has updated its Play Store guidelines to again clamp down on how
Delhi High Court lifts ban on sale of OnePlus handsets (The Economic Times)
The Economic Times:Delhi High Court lifts ban on sale of OnePlus handsets  —  NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court today lifted the December 16 ban on sale of OnePlus handsets embedded with Cyanogen software and
MPAA Secretly Settled With Hotfile for $4 Million, Not $80 Million (Ernesto/TorrentFreak)
Ernesto / TorrentFreak:MPAA Secretly Settled With Hotfile for $4 Million, Not $80 Million  —  Its been nearly a year since Hotfile was defeated by the MPAA, resulting in a hefty $80 million dollar settlement.  — 
Facebook strikes deal with NFL to post short video clips supported by Verizon ads (Mike Shields(...)
Mike Shields / Wall Street Journal:Facebook strikes deal with NFL to post short video clips supported by Verizon ads  —  Facebook Scores NFL Video Clips With Ads From Verizon  — 
PlayStation Now debuting on non-Sony devices in 2015, beginning with select Samsung Smart TVs ((...)
Eddie Makuch / GameSpot:PlayStation Now debuting on non-Sony devices in 2015, beginning with select Samsung Smart TVs  —  PlayStation Now Coming to Non-Sony Devices In 2015  —  Streaming service will
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Pistorius: 'I Didn't Have Time To Think'
No description.
18 things you should know about mass incarceration | Southern Poverty Law Center
Follow the link to see the charts and the statistics of the numbers of blacks incarcerated in comparison to the rest of American and our incarceration numbers as they compare to the world.This is both interesting and educational and gives
Norman Hates Christmas (and my singing)
Norman hates Christmas, but he really HATES when I sing. He gets so embarrassed. Its torture for him! Merry Christmas from our Bullmastiff Scrooge!!
"Time for Three" - musicians play on plane in flight entertainment
No description.
Incredible Spinning Illusion!
No description.
Crowd Protesting Antonio Martin's Death Shut Down Highway
No description.
Here Comes Nick: Christmas Celebrations Around the World
No description.
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Ex-President George H.W. Bush taken to hospital
Spokesman Jim McGrath said in statement that Bush was taken Tuesday evening by ambulance to Houston Methodist Hospital as a precaution. Bush spent nearly two months in the same hospital and was discharged in January 2013 after treatment for a
Climate talks end 2014 in disarray
In case you missed the outcome of the latest United Nations climate change conference in Lima, Peru, it was another costly, embarrassing failure. This one is likely to be remembered mostly for a staggeringly stupid stunt by Greenpeace employees, who
Why You Should Bother
You might think all of these objections would face the folks at NBC News , too. They are, after all, a TV news division and always under the scrutiny of profit-obsessed overlords.
Police clash with protesters in Berkeley after black teen reportedly shot dead
A teenager has been fatally shot by police at around 11:15 p.m. local time Tuesday at a gas station in Berkeley, near Ferguson, the St Louis Post-Dispatch reports . The victim was identified as Antonio Martin, 18, by his mother,
Cruelty Case Against Jeff Flake's Son Dropped In Arizona Dog Deaths
Animal cruelty charges against the son and daughter-in-law of U.S. Senator Jeff Flake and two others will be dismissed after new information came to light about the deaths of 21 dogs at a suburban Phoenix kennel in June, prosecutors said
Low-coverage single-cell mRNA sequencing reveals cellular...
Large-scale surveys of single-cell gene expression have the potential to reveal rare cell populations and lineage relationships but require efficient methods for cell capture and mRNA sequencing1, 2, 3, 4. Although cellular barcoding strategies allow parallel sequencing of single cells
Changes in heart rate recovery index after a programme of strength/endurance training in hypoxia
Apunts. Medicina de lEsport , Vol. 47, No. 173. , pp. 23-29, doi:10.1016/j.apunts.2011.07.003 To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document.
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The moral of this story is don't pretend to be the best friend of someone who just got shot... (...)
Sharing your bed with an infant, which used to be OK, and then became the WORST THING EVER, is (...)
Hey Center for Disease Control, what part of Disease Control do you not understand?
Protip: Before you light the funeral pyre, you might want to make sure that Grandpa is, in fact(...)
911: What's your emergency? Idiot: My wife won't shut up and let me sleep in peace
Photoshop this peek-a-boo
Keep clucking that chicken
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Jan Terri for the holidays
Chicagos own Jan Terri offers up her version of Ave Maria paired with an interpretive video for your Xmastime enjoyment via Jezebel:...a fantastical re-imagining of the holiday (?) classic. Never change, Jan, never change!One of the best things about Jan
In Honour of the One Day A Year This Changes
Only one day a year does this suggest anything but negativity... and in recognition of the change, Id like to throw up one of my favourite retrospectives BetaMaxmas! Every year the posters and paneling changes, every year the programming advances
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Morgan Freeman reads Twas the Night Before Christmas My new Christmas Eve tradition.
Plastic Jesus
I dont care if it rains or freezesas long as I got my plastic Jesusridin on the dashboard of my carcomes in colors pink and pleasantglows in the dark cause its iridescenttake it with you when you travel far Lyrics
Hallelujah, Holy Shit! Where's the Tylenol?
Xmas or Bust: The Untold Story of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. The modern holiday classic and third installment in National Lampoons Vacation series turns 25 this year! Join hapless patriarch Clark Griswold as he struggles to maintain his sanity in
Sleep Well Tonight, Crosswalk Stripes Have Been Banned
As poverty moves to the suburbs, criminalization of walking intensifies. Jaywalking was the reason Michael Brown was first accosted, it is the offense that nearly sent a mother to jail for vehicular homicide when a drunk driver killed her child.
"So, yes, this is Bride of Frankenstein with Christmas characters."
Rankin/Bass made 18 specials, of varying length and ambition, between 1964 and 1985. Nearly all of these films revolve around the performance of some Christmas song or another. Nearly all of them deal with the crippling scars of childhood shame.
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