Psychologists have found that children flexibly choose when to imitate and when to innovate the(...)
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Being topless in public is legal, woman reminds others after police encounter
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What job, if removed, would cause the least amount of unemployment but the most chaos?
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I found this guy all alone in the grass.
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My wife finally found out where I've been getting my frozen edamame soybeans.
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This took some training
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This will always be my favourite question on Yahoo Answers.
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LG Posts Slim $206M Profit In Q2 2015 As Smartphone Shipments Slip To 14.1M (Jon Russell/TechCrunch)
Jon Russell / TechCrunch:LG Posts Slim $206M Profit In Q2 2015 As Smartphone Shipments Slip To 14.1M  —  Koreas LG shipped a (then) record 14.5 million smartphones in the second
Study shows that Uber's app for passengers doesn't reliably show the exact locations of drivers(...)
Alex Rosenblat / Motherboard:Study shows that Ubers app for passengers doesnt reliably show the exact locations of drivers, likely as a side-effect of forecasting supply  —  Ubers Phantom Cabs  — 
Review: Windows 10 is the best version yet--once the bugs get fixed (Peter Bright/Ars Technica)
Peter Bright / Ars Technica:Review: Windows 10 is the best version yet—once the bugs get fixed  —  Your very own personal assistant, a better browser... and something called the Start
Windows 10 Free Upgrade Available in 190 Countries Today (Terry Myerson/Windows Blog)
Terry Myerson / Windows Blog:Windows 10 Free Upgrade Available in 190 Countries Today  —  When we first unveiled Windows 10 in September, we outlined our plans for a new era
Expensify launches venture arm for strategic investments in business travel, payments, and fina(...)
Yuliya Chernova / Wall Street Journal:Expensify launches venture arm for strategic investments in business travel, payments, and finance startups using part of their recently raised $17M  —  Expensify Launches Venture Arm With Part of $17M
Razer says it will pay what Ouya owes to indie devs (Brian Crecente/Polygon)
Brian Crecente / Polygon:Razer says it will pay what Ouya owes to indie devs  —  Razer will make good on more than $600,000 in funds potentially owed indie developers as
Coding bootcamps to graduate 16K students in 2015, up from 6,740 in 2014, almost one-third as m(...)
Steve Lohr / New York Times:Coding bootcamps to graduate 16K students in 2015, up from 6,740 in 2014, almost one-third as many as all US Computer Science departments  —  As
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DAY 208 AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE by the Republican Congress and Conservatives ......47 Republican S(...)
The majority of Americans want peace with IranMost Republicans in Congress, supported by a minority in this country, want war with Iran - and will not even consider peace...their minds are made up!Vote out these anti-peace hostage-takers in 2016!
Judge allows viewing of R. Kelly sex tape
No description.
No description.
This boy just had both hands transplanted
8 year-old Zion Harvey recently received a bilateral hand transplant - and he was the first juvenile to ever receive the surgery. Watch Zions experience in this video produced by The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia.
Tom Brady Offered to Help NFL Gather Text Messages
No description.
Jordin Sparks hopes to live up to 'Idol' title
No description.
The New Health Care: Health Spending Forecast: No Drastic Rise, but Slowdown Seems Over
The big question is whether health spending will reset to the slow rate of recent years or return to the long-term pattern of high growth.
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8 times tech leaders warned us that robots will kill us all
Computers and machines are becoming increasingly sophisticated as advances in the field of artificial intelligence start to come through thick and fast. But some of the most intelligent people in the world are deeply concerned that one day in the
Suspect in shotgun slaying of woman in Hollywood is charged with murder
Carrie Melvin was involved in a financial dispute with the man who has been arrested in her July 5 slaying, police say. Carrie Melvin was involved in a financial dispute with the man who has been arrested in her July
The Moto X Play is the Style's more affordable cousin
While we expected Motorola to refresh the Moto X and revise the best selling Moto G , we werent anticipating a big-screened handset for those on a budget. The new water-repellent Moto X Play is designed to be exactly that:
Prison employee accused of helping 2 killers escape in court
In this June 15, 2015, file photo, Joyce Mitchell appears before Judge Mark Rogers in Plattsburgh, N.Y., City Court for a hearing. The New York prison worker accused of smuggling hacksaw blades in frozen hamburger meat to two killers who
A strong candidate for the breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility gene BRCA1.
Science , Vol. 266, No. 5182. , pp. 66-71, doi:10.1126/science.7545954 A strong candidate for the 17q-linked BRCA1 gene, which influences susceptibility to breast and ovarian cancer, has been identified by positional cloning methods.
3 men charged with murder of teens in firebombing
Three fugitives have been arrested and charged in connection with a firebombing that killed three teenagers at a tire shop in April. Prosecutors announced Monday that 20-year-old German Monrreal, 20-year-old Estevan Castillo and 19-year-old Mario Godina were arrested in Mexico
Where to drop?
Then above the green in the bushes put red stakes. Although marking the area around the green with yellow is not strictly necessary, it has the advantage of making it clear about when the DZ should be used and hopefully
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(○) (○) /... (○) (°), (○) (•), (*) (.), (●) (°)
I'll take 175 pounds of the unintelligible naked baloney, please
For a short time only, 20% more old-ass naked guy with every grande cappuccino
Is this the end for the ACT and SAT? A) Yes; B) No; C) 42; D) A jar of almonds; E) Both A&C; F)(...)
Happy birthday, Wil Wheaton! We miss you around here. Hope your birthday is a good one
Another reason child beauty pageants should be outlawed: They just crush the feelings of the li(...)
Oklahoma Governor has been hillbilly-shamed. Says daughter will move the trailer she has been l(...)
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Operation Vula
How the ANC sent encrypted messages to one another during the struggle against apartheid. Talking to Vula is a series of six articles by Tim Jenkins about the project from the ANC`s monthly journal Mayibuye from May 1995 to October
"We are the megadead."
In 1983, at the height of the Cold War, the National Film Board of Canada produced War with Gwynne Dyer, a seven part series in which the historian Gwynne Dyer traced the evolution of total warfare from its origins to
The great dinosaur fossil hoax
China has enjoyed an unprecedented gold rush of feathered dinosaur fossils – but how many are real?
Famous Fluid Equations Are Incomplete
The Singular Mind of Terry Tao - Imagine, he said, that someone awfully clever could construct a machine out of pure water. It would be built not of rods and gears but from a pattern of interacting currents. (via) Tao
The Dark Knight Cringes
Activist Deray McKesson took this photo of an armored vehicle parked at the Waller County, TX jail. JPat Brown at Muckrock asked the Waller County Police Department for ny documentation (receipts, work orders, emails ) regarding customization of armored vehicles
Last survivors of the Indianapolis
Warships Last Survivors Recall Sinking in Shark-Infested Waters
Consultdustry Business Consulting Expands ASEAN Business Transactions
Consultdustry business consulting expands with new asean business transactions services Consultdustry Business Consulting serves Tech Industry in ASEAN and provides interim management, counseling, development programs and recruitment and has recently expand with a new ASEAN Business Transactions services which includes;
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