Chief's least favorite activity
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People seem to like these so here goes: Attack of the Killer Movie List part 1st
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My new favourite gif
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This happened to me today. I hope it inspires someone to mend their broken friendships.
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What it feels like being chased in a dream
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Girls of Reddit, what do you think is the best thing about being a guy?
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How Ukraine's Readdle built a business on unglamorous apps like Scanner Pro and PDF Expert (Chr(...)
Chris Stokel-Walker / The Verge:How Ukraines Readdle built a business on unglamorous apps like Scanner Pro and PDF Expert  —  The app men of Odessa  —  How a Ukrainian software
Square discussed possible sale to Google, Apple, and PayPal, recorded loss of $100M in 2013 (Wa(...)
Wall Street Journal:Square discussed possible sale to Google, Apple, and PayPal, recorded loss of $100M in 2013  —  Mobile-Payments Startup Square Discusses Possible Sale  —  Company Faces Wider Loss, Less
Weibo IPO Reveals a Company Struggling With Censorship (ProPublica)
ProPublica:Weibo IPO Reveals a Company Struggling With Censorship  —  Starting yesterday, investors can purchase shares of Weibo, sometimes called “Chinas Twitter,” on NASDAQ.  The companys regulatory filing with the SEC
Case preview: Supreme Court to hear oral arguments from Aereo and broadcasters on Tuesday (Lyle(...)
Lyle Denniston / SCOTUSblog:Case preview: Supreme Court to hear oral arguments from Aereo and broadcasters on Tuesday  —  Argument preview: Free TV, at a bargain price?  —  At 11 a.m.
Facebook Launching Mobile Ad Network At F8 Conference (Mike Isaac/Re/code)
Mike Isaac / Re/code:Facebook Launching Mobile Ad Network At F8 Conference  —  Lots of people have wanted Facebook to build an ad network for a long time.  —  Here it comes.  Facebook will take the
Former MSN Messenger Service developer recounts battle to reverse engineer AIM's chat protocol (...)
David Auerbach / n+1:Former MSN Messenger Service developer recounts battle to reverse engineer AIMs chat protocol  —  Chat Wars  —  In the summer of 1998 I graduated from college and
Tencent: the Chinese internet giant founded by Ma "Pony" Huateng guns for global expansion (Dor(...)
Dorinda Elliott / Fast Company:Tencent: the Chinese internet giant founded by Ma “Pony” Huateng guns for global expansion  —  Tencent: The Secretive, Chinese Tech Giant That Can Rival Facebook and Amazon  —  Chinas most powerful
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No description.
6 Dead, 24 Wounded In Shootings Across Chicago Since Friday Evening
Six people have been killed–not including a death from a murder-suicide–and at least 24 others have been wounded in shootings across the city since Friday evening.
Former Democratic lawyer goes after the IRS
“This is a sea change! People need to understand — this has never happened before in my lifetime and I don’t think anybody’s lifetime, where you have the president of the United States, elected members of Congress calling on the
Business Plan
Business plan is a written description to set Business goals and plans for reaching to these goals. It will help in what you plan to do and how to do. It is also help in minimizing risk if occur in
Watch NHL Live: Kings Try to Tie Series with Sharks
No description.
Bundy supporter OWNS Chris Hayes on MSNBC: 'We will not allow governance by gunpoint, ever'
Nevada assemblywoman Michele Fiore clashed with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes regarding rancher Cliven Bundy’s conflict with the federal government on Friday.As Hayes pressed Fiore about her position on the standoff, she relentlessly criticized the government’s handli …
No description.
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Effects of body position and loading modality on muscle activity and strength in shoulder presses.
To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document.
dugong 3.0
The Python Dugong module provides an API for communicating with HTTP 1.1 servers.
Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, Boxer Wrongly Convicted of Murder, Dead at 76
Rubin Hurricane Carter, the boxer imprisoned 19 years for a crime he did not commit and whose plight became a rallying point for racial inequality - as well as a Bob Dylan song and a movie starring Denzel Washington -
Healthy hoofs 101
Although everyone knows that a hoof is a horses foot, few people actually understand the actual mechanics of a hoof, i.e. what makes up a hoof, and how it functions.
Shootout in eastern Ukraine leaves 1 dead
A shootout took place Sunday at a checkpoint manned by pro-Russia insurgents in eastern Ukraine, which the insurgents and the Ukrainian police said left one person dead and others hospitalized with gunshot wounds.
Man, 23, found shot to death in road near Red Lobster and suspect killed himself
Cobb County police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide after they found one man shot in the road near Red Lobster and another shot at Kroger.
Fabricio Werdum vs. Travis Browne fight results UFC on Fox 11, Round 5
Werdum earned a takedown to start the round. Browne got back to his feet quickly, however, and started in on the front kicks.
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Internet broadcasting VS traditional broadcasters, and the decision will be made by... the Supr(...)
Teenager shot after cutting in line at a Foot Locker where everyone was waiting to purchase som(...)
Easter morning sights: Families dressed up for church, Easter egg hunts in the park, ice cream (...)
Oscar Meyer pulls their wieners
Easter weekend in Chicago sees 26 wounded and 9 dead
If you've ever wondered why all babies, across all language and cultural barriers, love to play(...)
Remember 10 years ago when you bought your Mazda SUV and the salesman tried to push the rustpro(...)
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"We made it for the audience, and we're taking it straight to them."
Its a very exciting night for us, because its not just the première of the film, it is the worldwide release date. - Joss Whedons new film, In Your Eyes celebrated its global premiere and release simultaneously tonight. The Dissolve
Everything is meaningless.
#PostModem is a comedic satirical sci-fi pop-musical based on the theories of Ray Kurzweil and other futurists. Its the story of two Miami girls and how they deal with the technological singularity, as told through as series of cinematic tweets.
Graeme Downes on Lorde
Graeme Downes of the Verlaines explains why Royals is such a great song.
Black and White and Code All Over
hiddenenigma is an Instagram account featuring daily monochrome experiments created with the Processing library, currently on day 110 and going for 365.
Starring Robin Williams as "Everyman". Nuff said.
When the 20th anniversary of Earth Day rolled around in 1990, there was a desire to mark the occasion in a big way in order to teach a new generation about the environment. The celebration went global with events in
Going Fising, In Suburban Baltimore
The hottest poker room in the US is at Maryland Live, a casino just Southwest of Baltimore. The reason is that the poker rooms are well stocked with fish, amateurs that regularly lose large sums at poker, but keep coming
Sad Panda No More
After being separated from her long time companion, who was sent to another zoo in China, Sijia the panda started showing worrying signs of depression. So the staff at Yunnan Safari Park decided to make things a bit more fun
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