Family members of a murderer, do you still love that family member?
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In Skyrim, Khajiit should have reduced fall damage, since cats always land on their feet.
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My girlfriend recently broke up with me and all my friends and family live in a different state(...)
That isn't normal
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I'm watching you
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My friends make balloon sculptures for a living
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Fuck your circle and it's magic.
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Braintree founder Bryan Johnson announces $100M OS Fund to spur founders with audacious ideas ((...)
Bryan Johnson / Medium:Braintree founder Bryan Johnson announces $100M OS Fund to spur founders with audacious ideas  —  Change the World  —  A challenge worthy of the greatest hearts and minds of our generation  — 
Mac Mini 2014 teardown: CPU and RAM soldered to logic board, impeding user repairs or upgrades (...)
iFixit:Mac Mini 2014 teardown: CPU and RAM soldered to logic board, impeding user repairs or upgrades  —  Mac Mini Late 2014 Teardown  —  This guide has been found to be
Apple Pay's speed, security, and timing will help push mobile payments into the mainstream (Sha(...)
Sharon Profis / CNET:Apple Pays speed, security, and timing will help push mobile payments into the mainstream  —  Can a phone replace your wallet?  I went shopping to find out. 
Obama signs "BuySecure" initiative to speed EMV adoption in the US (Megan Geuss/Ars Technica)
Megan Geuss / Ars Technica:Obama signs “BuySecure” initiative to speed EMV adoption in the US  —  A chip card and the inside of a cards chip.  —  Explain That Stuff 
Sources: Yahoo In Talks To Buy Video Ad Platform BrightRoll For Around $700M (TechCrunch)
TechCrunch:Sources: Yahoo In Talks To Buy Video Ad Platform BrightRoll For Around $700M  —  Yahoo has been building up its video and video advertising content, and we have heard that
uberX, Lyft approved to pick up and drop off passengers at SFO (Taylor Soper/GeekWire)
Taylor Soper / GeekWire:uberX, Lyft approved to pick up and drop off passengers at SFO  —  San Francisco International Airport is now allowing the three major on-demand transportation startups to
Microsoft launches Azure cloud in a box (Mary Jo Foley/ZDNet)
Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:Microsoft launches Azure cloud in a box  —  Summary: In partnership with Dell, Microsoft is launching its Azure cloud in a box offering, codenamed ‘San Diego.’ 
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They Don't Want You To Vote? Vote Anyway!
In  physics, the force of one body to another is met with an equal but opposite force from the other.So, in each of the states that are hell-bent on forcing you from not voting, behave just as the other force -
Pakistani Court Upholds Death Penalty for Christian Woman Accused of Blasphemy; Muslim Extremis(...)
In 2009, a Christian woman named Aasiya Noreen (a.k.a. Asia Bibi, below) got in a fight with Muslim co-workers over shared water — they said it was unclean because Noreen was Christian. A fight began, during which Noreen said she
Openly lying in public: Why certain people buy it...even if they know it's a Lie
Open public Lies and Fearmongering...what a lovely way to win an election!...or in the case of Texas, denying 600,000 people the right to Vote! And all this, from the same people whove brought you the constant and hypocritical criticism of
Fun with the Stars - Simple Astrophotography Part II
From Fun with the Stars - Simple Astrophotography we were left with this prediction:
Alabama House Speaker Arrested on 23 Felony Charges
No description.
My try at a few photos
OK Mick I gave it a shot!These are photos of my back yard just as a snow was ending last winter but it was kind of Hazy still. Of course the sky cleared just in time for a great sunset.
NC Senate candidate Thom Tillis set to debate himself on television
RALEIGH --It appears Thom Tillis will get the spotlight to himself on a television show billed as a debate for North Carolinas U.S. Senate hopefuls. The Republican state House speaker will be the only candidate on an hour-long program Tuesday
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NCW Chairperson Mamta Sharma urges courts to expedite verdict in rape cases
Former National Commission for Women chairperson Mamta Sharma on Monday welcomed the decision to award life imprisonment to all five accused in the Dhaula Kuan gang-rape case and called upon the countrys judicial system to adopt a sensitive attitude for
Dog found burned, possibly alive, in a garbage can in Detroit
A burned dog was found in a Detroit garbage can on Friday, October 17, 2014 and the Michigan Humane Society is looking for help finding the persons responsible, according to the Michigan Humane Society Facebook page . Investigators suspect the
It's all or nothing for CNY high school football teams as they prepare for the playoffs
All the off-season conditioning, pre-season two-a-days, daily practices, and seven regular season games are now a thing of the past as a new season begins - the playoffs.
Colt McCoy in at QB for Redskins against Titans
Colt McCoy replaced Kirk Cousins at quarterback for the Washington Redskins opening possession of the second half against the Tennessee Titans. On McCoys second play from scrimmage - and his first pass attempt - he threw a short pass to
Have free rent offers slowed the for sale market?
More than a dozen real estate brokers have told me that the for-sale market slowed perceptibly and dramatically beginning several months ago. None of them ventured much of an explanation for what they were seeing and none of them, when
Two charged in shooting death to have pre-trial hearing
CHAMBERSBURG >> Carl Leonard Varner and Jason C. Shauf are scheduled to have a pre-trial conference as co-defendants on Wednesday, for the first-degree murder and robbery charges they are facing in the death of Victor Hugo Campos-Olguin. According to court
2014 Volvo World Match Play Championship
Im here, Im here. 5 hours of sleep...completely hungover...and at work. But im here.
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If any Farkers had a baby today, you can get them started on retirement with a free $500
A supervillian's guide to creating Cobra Commander-like natural disasters with a Hank Scorpio-l(...)
Photoshop this time consuming grooming
Pilot ejects after two F16s from the 138th Fighter Wing collide over southern Kansas
Check out this 13th century mural depicting a penis tree (which had to be cleaned due to thick (...)
Twinkies are not vegetarian
'Sims repeatedly masturbated while in the interview room despite numerous warnings from deputie(...)
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When you meet a stranger, look at his shoes.
The Rise Of Mens British-Made ShoesThe most famous Northampton technique is the Goodyear welted shoe. Invented in 1869 by Charles Goodyear, Jr., the Goodyear welted process is the footwear equivalent of the off-side rule: until somebody sits you down and
ARES is a new tabletop wargame technology by the US Army. STTC briefing. Article. A modern take on one of the oldest forms of simulation: drawing stuff in the ground with a stick. Gary Gygax had a sandtable in his
Rick Was Here, a short film on the NYU dorm room where Def Jam started
30 years ago, Rick Ruben was a college student, living in NYUs Weinstein Residence Hall, room #712. It was there that Def Jam Records was formed, shifting the focus of hip-hop from the MCs to promote the DJs, too. Ruben
It's time...
Gough Whitlam, the progressive Labor prime minister of Australia from 1972 to 1975, has died aged 98. Whitlam came to power in 1972, as the Labor Party overturned 23 years of conservative government by a landslide in a campaign whose
Don't Let's Stop
Why is the world in love again?Why are we marching hand in hand?Why are the ocean levels rising up?Its a brand new recordfor nineteen-ninety,They Might Be Giants brand new album:FLOOD (43m)Or, if youd rather meet James Ensor, theres John Henry
Tuck Me In
One minute horror film. By director Ignacio F. Rodó, based on this two sentence horror story from an AskReddit thread last year. Picohorror previously.
I have no idea how these people got their cats wedged into their boedgas
Last Week, Buzzfeed posted 110 Reasons Why You Should Never Leave New York City, which is somehow even more vapid than youd expect it to be. Today, Brooklyn Magazine reviewed the list, and offered some feedback.
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