/u/surger1 describes how difficult it is to be mentally ill in today's society.
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My friend and this dog look like they're rehearsing for a play.
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Belgian Ice Cream Sandwiches.
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I'm sorry about your diabetic classmate; here is my horror story. This poor girl in my class wa(...)
ELI5: What is happening in the brain when you die?
So I have two friends that both died (they came back to life after medical treatment) on a rock climbing trip. One of the friends says that dying was like falling asleep. "Like I crossed a line between excruciating pain
TIL There is an abandoned 120 year old concert hall buried underground in the middle of downtow(...)
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eBay Rolls Out New Mobile Apps Focused On Discovery And Personalized Experiences (Sarah Perez/T(...)
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:eBay Rolls Out New Mobile Apps Focused On Discovery And Personalized Experiences  —  Online marketplace eBay rolled out a series of changes to its mobile experience across
Accompli is the powerhouse email app for iPhone that Outlook users have been waiting for (Casey(...)
Casey Newton / The Verge:Accompli is the powerhouse email app for iPhone that Outlook users have been waiting for  —  Email on smartphones is finally growing up  —  For all
Exclusive: Google may offer Wi-Fi for cities with its Google Fiber (Martyn Williams/Computerworld)
Martyn Williams / Computerworld:Exclusive: Google may offer Wi-Fi for cities with its Google Fiber  —  Cities getting gigabit-speed fiber Internet could also gain Wi-Fi networks  —  Google is considering deploying Wi-Fi networks in towns and
Salesforce launches Service SOS, an enterprise version of Amazon's Mayday button (Larry Dignan/(...)
Larry Dignan / ZDNet:Salesforce launches Service SOS, an enterprise version of Amazons Mayday button  —  Summary: Salesforce plans a limited beta of Salesforce1 Service SOS, which takes Amazons Mayday concept
Pinterest Hits 30 Billion Total Pins, Up 50% In 6 Months (TechCrunch)
TechCrunch:Pinterest Hits 30 Billion Total Pins, Up 50% In 6 Months  —  Tonight at an event in the companys San Francisco headquarters, Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann announced that users had
Calm down: the FCC's position on Net neutrality hasn't changed (Marguerite Reardon/CNET)
Marguerite Reardon / CNET:Calm down: the FCCs position on Net neutrality hasnt changed  —  Theres been a lot of confusion about what the FCC is or is not proposing for
Focusing on single-purpose social apps could be the key to Google's social future (Danny Sulliv(...)
Danny Sullivan / Marketing Land:Focusing on single-purpose social apps could be the key to Googles social future  —  What Would Happen If Google Really Did Kill Google+?  —  News is leaking out that Google might
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The Life and Death (and Life?) of the Party | Texas Monthly
Everyone questions whether Texas will go Blue, in the next two election cycles. The question isnt if, but when. This story outlines the Democratic Partys vibrant young bloods and changing demographics, but the blatant facts are: this is just the
Nationwide Insurance Roofing North Carolina
Get nationwide insurance roofing services, as a team of experts they offer all types of damage restoration services. Get services of licensed insurance adjusters who are legally allowed to interpret and negotiate claims on behalf of our clients.
Why Wendy Davis' Abortion Rights Filibuster Matters | Politics News | Rolling Stone
Womens Rights to individual choice of what to do with their bodies - and the Republican State Senate in Texas.
This woman could turn Texas purple — and it's not Wendy Davis
Why when Hispanics vote in Texas, they will vote Democrat.
Wendy Davis Demands GOP Opponent Expose His Ties to the Standardized Testing Industry
Corporate money at work.
No description.
Minnie's "Easter Lilies" -- Random Cellphone Photos
So at long last I have transferred the photos from the Tracfone cellphone and gotten around to posting a few. But what a headache that was! I think I gotta put an ice pack on my head!The major challenge was
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Police Arrest Man In Connection With Molotov Cocktail Attack at Brooklyn Store
Police say Charles Diaz turned himself in after video captured the incident at the store on Fort Hamilton Parkway near 39th Street just before 2 a.m. Wednesday.
Man charged in fatal stabbing at Harris County gas station
Cannon pulled into the gas station about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday. Savoy allegedly walked up to Cannons Range Rover and demanded cash.
Philip Bertelsen charged for killing two driving drunk at 100 mph; released without bail
Think the court system took it easy on Amy Senser ? Consider the case of 55-year-old Golden Valley resident Philip Bertelsen.
Audrey Lowndes shooting: Murder or a tragic accident?
On April 14, Glenwood Springs resident Audrey Lowndes, forty, was shot in the back of the head.
New bill to combat exploitation of undocumented workers
The legislation ensures access to legal redress for undocumented workers, so they can take a case in the civil courts against exploitative employers for back wages and compensation.
13 phrases you just should not say to your lover
To be in loved with a girl and start a relationship is a wonderful thing. Long term relationships are usually based on love, trust and honesty.
Delaware County SPCA trying to save three day-old kittens saved in house fire
Three newborn kittens were rescued from a house fire and brought to the Delaware County SPCA by Chester Fire Commissioner James Johnson Three newborn kittens were rescued from a house fire and brought to the Delaware County SPCA by Chester
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Things are getting so safe in Chicago for fast food workers that you now have to talk to a guy (...)
Say what you will about our cold winter, or too much rain, but at least we don't have billions (...)
Daughter really wants her unemployed dad to get a job ... so she hands the First Lady his resum(...)
Dear Jewish NYU student, you are hereby evicted from this dorm - sincerely, pro-Palestinian act(...)
You know what state needs faster speed limits?
Homeless man breaks into Lorraine Motel, site of MLK assassination, looking for a place to slee(...)
NYT: "Should A Chimp Be Able To Sue Its Owner?" Probably, but he would lose on a peel
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That Time H.G. Wells Interviewed Stalin
Wells: I am very much obliged to you, Mr Stalin, for agreeing to see me. I was in the United States recently. I had a long conversation with President Roosevelt and tried to ascertain what his leading ideas were. Now I
Happy Sad Songs and Sad Happy Songs, by The Gregory Brothers
Happy Sad Songs and Sad Happy Songs, by the Gregory Brothers Song list from the video:0:07 - Happy0:30 - Dark Horse1:02 - All of Me1:24 - Dream On1:40 - Empire State of Mind2:03 - Radioactive2:25 - Stay2:51 - Let It
Sex Advice From An Uncomfortable Guy
Volume 1 So there you are, having sex, on top of a guy, and youre probably naked, and thats, you know, thats great. But now youre wondering how to move around up there. Well, this one time I had sex
Red Armor Rolling
A huge column of Russian armored vehicles moving towards the borders of Ukraine (possible NSFW.) Via r/
Who is that man?
Perhaps youve seen a shorter version of Heinekens commercial The Odyssey on television. If you havent seen the full-length piece, or if you havent watched closely, you may not realize that the lead role is played by 20 different men,
"Why in the world would someone be doing this with a rabbit?"
Youve heard of dog and horse shows, but are you familiar with rabbit shows?  Rabbit Fever is a coming-of-age story that follows six competitors as they strive to win the top title at the National American Rabbit Convention - an
The unparalleled delights of escaping notice
Maybe I am extra aware of it because I am currently visiting with my parents, and they have a tendency to shout to each other between floors, and I have a tendency to regress, and suddenly, just as when I
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