Forced Perspective Graffiti
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LPT: Use the Socratic Method to persuade others
I put this as a tip because my instinct is to defend my views with facts rather than questions and I need to constantly work at this. Humans are egocentric and we don't usually contradict the data we generate from
Nude Portraits
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TIL When Bono was 14, his mother died at her father's funeral
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The dark side of Carnival in the UK: Woman's selfie goes viral after being punched in the face (...)
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TIFU by accidentally making my sister hold my dick.
Temporary because I don't want to embarrass myself any further. Today as I woke up with a raging boner, I decided to relieve myself under the sheets. As I'm climaxing, my 6 year old sister comes into the room to
A really dedicated female fan of Persona.
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Lending Club files for IPO, lists $500M as a preliminary fundraising target (Michael J. de la M(...)
Michael J. de la Merced / New York Times:Lending Club files for IPO, lists $500M as a preliminary fundraising target  —  Lending Club, Leader in Peer-to-Peer, Plans I.P.O.  —  In
Pandora launches on Google Glass with voice controls and sound via earbuds or bone-conduction ((...)
Joan E. Solsman / CNET:Pandora launches on Google Glass with voice controls and sound via earbuds or bone-conduction  —  Pandoras Google Glass app puts music right into your bones  — 
Facebook Turns On "Bandwidth Targeting" To Match Mobile Ads To Your Network Quality (Ingrid Lun(...)
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:Facebook Turns On “Bandwidth Targeting” To Match Mobile Ads To Your Network Quality  —  Facebook today counts more users, and faster growth, outside of its home market
Code/red: Apple Plans to Announce Wearable in September (John Paczkowski/Re/code)
John Paczkowski / Re/code:Code/red: Apple Plans to Announce Wearable in September  —  // HAPPENING TODAY  —  Start the Countdown Timer on Whatever Old-Fashioned Piece of Junk You Have on Your Wrist Right Now  —  Remember
Alibaba's net income nearly triples to $2B in the quarter, may price IPO as soon as Tuesday (Mi(...)
Michael J. de la Merced / New York Times:Alibabas net income nearly triples to $2B in the quarter, may price IPO as soon as Tuesday  —  Alibaba Profit and Mobile
Microsoft announces standalone Xbox One Kinect sensor coming October 7 for $149.99 (Emil Protal(...)
Emil Protalinski / The Next Web:Microsoft announces standalone Xbox One Kinect sensor coming October 7 for $149.99  —  Microsoft today announced plans to sell the Xbox One Kinect sensor separately.  The standalone option comes with
Time Warner Cable suffered a nationwide outage this morning due to "Internet backbone" issue (D(...)
Don Reisinger / CNET:Time Warner Cable suffered a nationwide outage this morning due to “Internet backbone” issue  —  Time Warner Cable suffers massive outage nationwide  —  The cable giants services
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ESPN apologizes for Michael Sam shower report
Clearly yesterday we collectively failed to meet the standards we have set in reporting on LGBT-related topics in sports.
GOP Senate candidates credit Koch backing
No description.
Police let their dog urinate on Michael Brown memorial, then drove over it
Why have the residents of Ferguson, Missouri reacted with such anger to the still-unexplained shooting of Michael Brown? It is a mystery (not really). 
Surveillance Tape Shows John Crawford Was Shopping When Police Gunned Him Down In Ohio Walmart
The video shows that Crawford was not menacing, threatening or harassing anyone at any time while he was in the store. He was doing his shopping and minding his own business.The footage also shows that John Crawford was not even facing
Reclining airplane seats are a terrible idea and should be banned.
This guy thinks that anyone who reclines their airplane seat is evil, and should have their seat kicked throughout the flight.If the airlines install reclining seats, Im allowed to recline my seat, and Im going to recline it.  Half the
Ukraine Says Russian Forces Lead Major New Offensive in East
NOVOAZOVSK, Ukraine — Tanks, artillery and infantry have crossed from Russia into an unbreached part of eastern Ukraine in recent days, attacking Ukrainian forces
Georgia cops fired Taser 13 times 'as a cattle prod' to make tired man walk before he died
How can these cops get away with this?
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Browns WR Josh Gordon suspended for 2014 season
Browns star wide receiver Josh Gordon has been suspended the entire NFL season for another violation of the leagues substance abuse policy.
Scarborough Nearly Loses It Over Accidental Shooting Range Death
MSNBC host Joe Scarborough was incredulous Wednesday over the accidental killing of a firearms instructor by a nine-year-old girl he was teaching, calling it sick and angrily claiming that the Second Amendment supporters doesnt give nine-year-old children the right to
How to whitelist an IP in Fail2ban on Debian Wheezy
Fail2Ban is used to protect servers against brute force attacks. Fail2ban uses iptables to block attackers, so, if we want to add permanent IP address and never be blocked, we must add it in the config file.
Non-working BMW i8 display car is for sale
A non-working BMW i8 display car is currently looking for a new owner as the model in question is being offered for sale, for a price which can buy you a brand new compact car.
HP recalls 6 million laptop power cords after reports of burns
Heads-up: if youre holding on to an HP or Compaq laptop sold between September 2010 and June 2012, you may need to swap out its power cord.
Lip Service creator, Drew Bernstein, found dead in apparent suicide
On Monday, August 18, Drew Lippy Bernstein, the creator of the popular subculture fashion lines Lip Service and Kill City , was found dead of an apparent suicide .
Greg Gutfeld Blasts 'Commie-Scum' Russell Brand for Racist Attack ...
Fox News host Greg Gutfeld blasted wealthy white leftist British comedian Russell Brand for his recent racist attack on black conservative author Jason Riley.
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56-year old Indian woman who is a bigger badass than you've ever been kills a man-eating leopar(...)
If you've ever seen a Hitachi Magic Wand and wondered what all the buzz is about, here's a litt(...)
The recursive causality loop known as "procrastination." I'll read the article later
Nigeria shutting down all schools until October in response to ebola. Kids now free to run and (...)
Oregon tries to take ownership of mythical Springfield with new Simpsons mural
Comcast hasn't even finished its acquisition of Time Warner, but that isn't stopping them from (...)
Wonkblog: New study shows that white people rarely have non-white friends. Author of the study:(...)
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TL;DW - Biology first, THEN physics.
Why are Stars Star-Shaped? A SLYT of one of the innumerable little educational youtube channels explaining something that always fascinated me. Educational Youtube channels give me much hope for the next generation. Though they still get all over my grass
For Kate I wait: BBC documentary and first live show in 35 years
Last night, Kate Bush performed her first concert in 35 years at Londons Hammersmith Apollo. She last toured in 1979, following the release of Lionheart. Not since the surviving members of Led Zeppelin reunited for a one-off show in 2007
Galts Gulch Chile is (was) meant to be a modern and real-world replica of Ayn Rands objectivist hide-out in Atlas Shrugged. Wealthy investors (or at least folks with a lot of bitcoin) envisioned a protected libertarian community where they could
When he answered the "Did Tony die" question, he was laconic.
David Chase finally answers the question he wants fans to quit asking. (Agita warning: spoilers. Whaddya, nuts? ) Martha P. Nochimson: The cut to black brought to American television the sense of an ending that produces wonder instead of the
Medium Egg Custard with Marshmallow
You may think you know what a snowball is. That conical treat of chunky ice where all of the flavor drips out of the bottom of a paper triangle? Nope, thats a snowcone. That fruity, pureed ice that you have
The oral history of looking like a dork
Virtual Reality: an oral history.
SRLP and Laverne Cox
Last week, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project uploaded a YouTube video of Laverne Cox reading a letter written by a New York State inmate named Synthia China Blast, who described living in solitary confinement for the last decade. However, that
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