Nature of war - Chimps inherently violent: Study disproves theory that 'chimpanzee wars' are sp(...)
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Wait... who is holding the umbrella?
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The right kind of immaturity
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Ravens player retires to give kidney to younger brother, a retired Steelers player
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Police foiled plan by IS supporters in Australia to "snatch a random member from the public, dr(...)
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Sean Connery on the set of Goldfinger c. 1964
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American Obesity Map from 1985 to 2008
This is a series of maps that show the rising obesity rates in each state throughout the last few decades: http://imgur.com/a/EaGOa submitted by Strikerrjones to Fitness
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Profile of Kevin Lynch, the VP in charge of wearable software at Apple (Shara Tibken/CNET)
Shara Tibken / CNET:Profile of Kevin Lynch, the VP in charge of wearable software at Apple  —  Meet Kevin Lynch, once a Flash point, now winding up Apple Watch  — 
Tim Cook's letter on privacy takes aim at Google's business model, noting Apple doesn't monetiz(...)
Tim Cook / Apple:Tim Cooks letter on privacy takes aim at Googles business model, noting Apple doesnt monetize its users personal information  —  A message from Tim Cook about Apples commitment to your privacy.  — 
Uber and Lyft drive a 65% decline in San Francisco taxi trips between March 2012 and July 2014 (...)
Jessica Kwong / San Francisco Examiner:Uber and Lyft drive a 65% decline in San Francisco taxi trips between March 2012 and July 2014  —  Report says SF taxis suffering greatly 
Apple execs brief Congress on new products to allay privacy and security concerns (Tony Romm/Po(...)
Tony Romm / Politico:Apple execs brief Congress on new products to allay privacy and security concerns  —  Apples health privacy pitch hits Hill  —  A week after Apple rolled out
Music Collaboration Suite Splice Raises $4.5M From True And DJs, Launches Public Beta (Josh Con(...)
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:Music Collaboration Suite Splice Raises $4.5M From True And DJs, Launches Public Beta  —  GroupMe co-founder Steve Martocci has found some powerful allies for his music production
Apple can no longer decrypt user data on iPhones and iPads for police, starting with iOS 8 (Cra(...)
Craig Timberg / Washington Post:Apple can no longer decrypt user data on iPhones and iPads for police, starting with iOS 8  —  Apple will no longer unlock most iPhones, iPads for police  —  Apple said
Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Has 2-Year Replacement Offer (Anna Attkisson/Laptop Mag)
Anna Attkisson / Laptop Mag:Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Has 2-Year Replacement Offer  —  NEW YORK - Not to be outdone by the likes of kiddie-tablet makers Fuhu or competitors
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Texas executes woman for starvation of boy, 9
A Texas woman convicted of the starvation and torture death of her girlfriends 9-year-old son a decade ago was executed Wednesday eveningFor this particular person......better late than never.
Ted Cruz's Dad Explains "The Average Black"
From TYT:Ted Cruz’s dad, Rafael Cruz, in an effort to “reach out” to African-Americans for Republicans, says that “the average black does not understand” the minimum wage…
Police Seek Man in Hannah Graham Disappearance
No description.
الشيخ وجدي غنيم يفجر قنبلة بعد مغادرته قطر |
من بعد فض اعتثصام رابعة والعالم بشهد احداث مأساوية .
For the Win: These Football-Playing Girls Inspire'"
No description.
Hannah Graham Disappearance Rattles University of Virginia Students
No description.
Elizabeth Warren, Anthony Weiner duke it over Eric Cantor
The rotating door between Wall Street and Capitol Hill is all too obvious to the people of this nation.
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Key issues around security laws likely to get lost in the terror noise
Who gets to sign off on important new ASIO powers is an issue that should be carefully debated, but it will get ignored as fear of terrorism ramps up. Australias intelligence and law enforcement agencies appeared unhampered in preparing and
Most feminist moments in sci-fi history
Their contributions are so essential that without them, the genre could not possibly have grown into the blockbuster behemoth it is today.
Woman charged in Slidell murder and arson pleads guilty to obstruction charge
A woman charged in a 2012 murder and arson in Slidell has pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice, admitting that she tampered with evidence that could be relevant to the case. Katelyn Lusich, 20, was sentenced to 40 years in
Where do you get player statistics?
As a semi casual fan trying to learn more, Ive made a half hearted attempt to get things like heat charts and pretty much failed. Take this as a request to my more learned colleagues to share sites/techniques to gain
DataNumen Disk Image v1.0
DataNumen Disk Image is a tool you can use to easily create disk or drive images. It can clone the raw data of the disk or drive byte by byte.
EE overhauls its SIM-only plans, gives you more data for your money
EE has overhauled its range of SIM-only plans, with more affordable options available, and more data included as part of its tariffs. From today, getting a SIM-only service with the UKs largest 4G network will start from just 9.99, which
Vix Bit
This might seem like a bit of a specialty tool, but for a homeowner or finish carpenter, it makes installing any kind of fixture a snap. Vix is a brand name for the S.E. Vick company, more generically its a
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I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace where never lark nor even eagle flew-and, wh(...)
The only problem using drum circles to treat troubled teenagers, is that they sound a lot coole(...)
Theme of Farktography Contest No. 489: "Challenge Accepted". Details and rules in first post. L(...)
Live rundown of anti-terror operation in Sydney, 800 police officers involved. Plot to behead m(...)
Why waste valuable time while waiting to pick the schoolchildren up in your coach, just perform(...)
It's not a tum...wait a moment. I'm being told by my producer that it is, in fact, a tumor
Scotland could end up becoming England's Mexico. Or Canada, not sure
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I.P. Freely
What happened to pay toilets in the USA? In the early 1900s, when railroads connected Americas biggest cities with rural outposts, train stations were sometimes the only place in town with modern plumbing. To keep locals from freely using the
The anime of Makoto Shinkai: beautiful, somber, with moments of humor
If I had been born 10 years earlier, I dont think I would be an animator, wrote Makoto Shinkai. Despite the fact that even his earliest animations were completed with a Mac and a tablet, his style is influenced by
"remove line breaks? where have you been all my life!"
Welcome to TextMechanic.com! A suite of simple, single task, browser based, text manipulation tools. Basic Text Tools:Add Prefix/Suffix into Line - Insert a prefix and/or suffix into the content of each line.Add/Remove Line Breaks - Add new line breaks and/or
Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas
For those of you that havent discovered her yet, I present Jessica Hernandez (and the Deltas).Demons, Sorry I Stole Your Man, Tired Oak, No Place Left to Hide, and Cry, Cry, Cry.(heres a handy Spotify playlist.)
This is not the stirring tale of macho crew cuts and heroic deeds from The Right Stuff that is now a fat chapter in every U.S. high school history book. This is a tale replete with fumbling, bumbling, bickering and
25 Of The Most Creative Sculptures And Statues From Around The World
Our cities are full of majestic monuments, stunning sculptures and artistic statues, each having a story to tell. Thousands of them have been made but only a few of them are really extraordinary and picture-worthy. Thats why our readers set
I don't know if you're aware that you've been throwing out my shoes.
Lil Dicky - Lemme Freak
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