Coraline's Other Mother Cosplay
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Fish diversity exploded when dinosaurs went extinct
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Which fan theory do you adamantly believe?
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Leaf Art By Kerby Rosanes, 2015
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When dinosaur bones were initially discovered how did they put together what is now the shape o(...)
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My friend just sent me this pic from the cinema
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We've been together 10 years and she still loves date night. Tonight was the drive in.
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Apple Releases iOS 8.4 With Apple Music, Beats 1, and Revamped Music App (Juli Clover/MacRumors)
Juli Clover / MacRumors:Apple Releases iOS 8.4 With Apple Music, Beats 1, and Revamped Music App  —  Apple today released iOS 8.4, the fourth major update to iOS 8.  First
Medium adds sign-in option that emails users a one-time login link, no password required (Ruth (...)
Ruth Reader / VentureBeat:Medium adds sign-in option that emails users a one-time login link, no password required  —  Medium doesnt think it needs passwords to offer secure authentication  —  Blogging
Profile of Amazon SVP Andy Jassy, who helped AWS dominate cloud-computing services (Leena Rao/F(...)
Leena Rao / Fortune:Profile of Amazon SVP Andy Jassy, who helped AWS dominate cloud-computing services  —  How Andy Jassy helped Amazon own the cloud  —  Major League baseball uses Amazons
EU to eliminate roaming charges for calls, SMS, and data from June 2017 (Rich McCormick/The Verge)
Rich McCormick / The Verge:EU to eliminate roaming charges for calls, SMS, and data from June 2017  —  EU agrees to eliminate roaming charges but net neutrality rules disappoint  — 
Cisco to buy cybersecurity firm OpenDNS in $635m deal (Charlie Osborne/ZDNet)
Charlie Osborne / ZDNet:Cisco to buy cybersecurity firm OpenDNS in $635m deal  —  The deal will give Cisco better visibility into the security and threat landscape.  —  Cisco has announced
Apple Music first look: rich in features, smooth iTunes integration with good curated suggestio(...)
Walt Mossberg / Re/code:Apple Music first look: rich in features, smooth iTunes integration with good curated suggestions, but has no lyrics and is complicated  —  Apple Music First Look: Rich,
EU plans to destroy net neutrality by allowing Internet fast lanes (Glyn Moody/Ars Technica UK)
Glyn Moody / Ars Technica UK:EU plans to destroy net neutrality by allowing Internet fast lanes  —  Potentially a big defeat for EU internet users, online startups and future innovation. 
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Catholic Priest Spit On at Bronx Gay Pride Parade - The Gateway Pundit
Two gay rights activists reportedly spat on Fr. Jonathan Morris today in New York City.Morris was walking near this year’s gay rights parade.Via Twitchy:
Paul Krugman: What Happens When the West Imposes Endless Crippling Austerity on a Country
Paul Krugman has long been sounding the alarm about the relentless imposition of economy-hobbling austerity measures on Greece. Now, the worst-case scenario he has warned about seems to be coming to pass, with Greek banks closing and panic spreading. Will
Diesel has been an alternative for sturdy pickup individuals for rather some time now, as well as the views and also noises of a huge Power Stroke-equipped Ford or Cummins-engined RAM will be rather acquainted to the majority of.
Democrats Flew The Confederate Battle Flag, Not Republicans | ZoNation - YouTube
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How do you keep your burger juicy? Try this easy, foolproof trick
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Pitcher perfect: 5 summer cocktails that are great for a crowd
No description.
Dylan Roof is getting what he wanted.
According to Roof and Friends, he did it for one reason.....to get a war going:
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Grammar Girl helps you to correctly use 101 troublesome words
So, if you are stumped by how to correctly use biweekly, or dont know when to use bring versus take , or when to use neither versus nor , then her 134-page, easy-to-reference book is for you.
Fight over gumbo spices leads to fatal stabbing in Florida
Police say a fight over gumbo spices ended with the fatal stabbing of a Florida restaurant worker and former Florida State mascot. Panama City police say 33-year-old Caleb Joshua Halley was working at Buddys Seafood Market last Tuesday when he
LG's hexagonal battery promises longer-lasting smartwatches
Quite a few smartwatches are round , so why are they still using rectangular batteries? LG Chem certainly doesnt think that makes sense. It just started shipping a hexagonal battery that should deliver 25 percent more capacity in circular watches,
Prediction of breast cancer prognosis using gene set statistics...
Different microarray studies have compiled gene lists for predicting outcomes of a range of treatments and diseases. These have produced gene lists that have little overlap, indicating that the results from any one study are unstable.
Donald Trump Fired by NBC: VIDEO
The reality TV star, real estate investor and Republican Presidential hopeful was let go by NBC over comments he made at his campaign announcement earlier this month in which he referred to Mexican immigrants as rapists and murderers. Trumps incendiary
Why buy butter when you can churn it at home?
How often do you think about where your food comes from? Does it weird you out that people not only used to know the name of the dairy farmer their milk came from, but also the name of the cow?
Flowers in her hair
With their colors and fragrances, there is no doubt that flowers make beautiful adornments. In a crown, in a bun or on the top of your head, we invite you to see and take inspiration from our latest gallery:
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Starting tomorrow in Florida, you will be able to buy "64-ounce beer containers known as 'growl(...)
The Greek government insists that a "no" vote on Sunday will not mean an exit from the euro
Photoshop this most welcome visitor
So, you thought body cams would deter police brutality, did you?
Real life angry birds are much more terrifying than the game
Hyundai replaces GM as official automotive sponsor of the NFL
Wenatchee wildfire is "like watching a natural disaster within arm's reach". ... LIKE?
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The Life and Death of Misty Upham
My name is Misty Upham, and someday you will know that name as the best living Native American actress. This story is about her demise. How she went missing for 11 days. How she was found by folks enlisted by
To bid them farewell.
For most of US history, our relationship with death was more intimate than it is today. Americans often died at home and remained there until burial, where they were washed, wrapped in shrouds, and laid out on boards while the
Men! Gild your hair in the colors of MetaFilter...
In fashion news, apparently, Merman colour is the next big thing in mens hair. This styling and particular coloring replaces man buns as the in-thing for the man-about-town. Radiant blues and purples predominate, with the occasional green, and the occasional
The word forces us to reconsider ideas of default gender identities
While Friday marked a historic victory for the LGBTQ community, it turns out theres another advancement to celebrate: Last week, the Oxford English Dictionary released a list of 500 new entries, and among the more notable additions was cisgender. The
Scandals Of Classic Hollywood
The Gloria Swanson Saga: Part One Gloria Swanson wasnt here to make friends. She wasnt just like us. She didnt take out the garbage or wear cotton or go to the bathroom. Lady had a gold-plated bathtub. She married a
Baby Tree Kangaroo raised by surrogate Rock Wallaby
In a world-first for conservation a tree kangaroo has been raised by a rock-wallaby surrogate mother When Makaia, a Goodfellows Tree Kangaroo, was only five weeks old, he lost his mum. He needed a nice warm pouch to grow big
And with that, for the very last time, goodbye
After nine years, 222 episodes, 100 panelists and three governments, Sandi Toksvig hosts the News Quiz for the final time (autoplaying video). Sandi is leaving her most dysfunctional family at the New Quiz (autoplaying audio) to help lead the Womens
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