Axe with intact wooden shaft uncovered at Rødbyhavn, Denmark. Dates to the Stone Age, about 5,(...)
Crows Playing in the Snow
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Afghan woman kills 25 Taliban rebels to avenge her son’s murder
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His first day at a new job. Had to look snazzy.
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I'm an XY and I never truly understood gender issues until I was recently married.
The world is so backward when it comes to gender. At times its even laughable. My wife and I just got married back in May but so far this is what I've seen. My wife wears a little medical pendent
Smash Smashed
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A True Giant
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Lack of centralized cloud infrastructure team hampering Apple's development of iCloud services (...)
Katie Marsal / AppleInsider:Lack of centralized cloud infrastructure team hampering Apples development of iCloud services - report  —  Apples work-in-progress iCloud Photo Library still hasnt fully realized the original concept,
Sony Pictures hacked, entire computer system reportedly unusable (Owen Williams/The Next Web)
Owen Williams / The Next Web:Sony Pictures hacked, entire computer system reportedly unusable  —  Reports that Sony Pictures has been hacked have been trickling in this morning, after a thread
Slack courts larger, regulated enterprises by letting employers export private messages (Casey (...)
Casey Newton / The Verge:Slack courts larger, regulated enterprises by letting employers export private messages  —  Slack alters privacy policy to let bosses read your messages  —  A necessary trade-off
Post Rakuten Acquisition, Slice Buys UnrollMe To Add Email List Control To Its Shopping App (In(...)
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:Post Rakuten Acquisition, Slice Buys UnrollMe To Add Email List Control To Its Shopping App  —  Slice, the shopping and package tracking app acquired by Rakuten earlier
Sony's Backup & Restore System App Compromised Via The Play Store (Michael Crider/Android Police)
Michael Crider / Android Police:Sonys Backup & Restore System App Compromised Via The Play Store  —  Oh dear.  The folks at XperiaBlog got a nasty shock when checking the My
Snapchat's Newest Money Maker Is A Sponsored Our Story For Samsung And The AMAs (Josh Constine/(...)
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:Snapchats Newest Money Maker Is A Sponsored Our Story For Samsung And The AMAs  —  Snapchat took its first shot at monetizing its Our Stories collaborative livestream
Google for Work beefs up security with revamped Devices and Activity dashboard, new account che(...)
Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat:Google for Work beefs up security with revamped Devices and Activity dashboard, new account checkup wizard  —  Google today improved the security features in Google for Work,
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Moon Rover Reporting for Duty: 'Andy' Joins Astrobotic Team
No description.
Ferguson Grand Jury Reaches Decision, Announcement Planned | 92 Q
No description.
Judaism Must Embrace the Convert
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — THE recent arrest of an Orthodox rabbi in Washington, who was charged with having watched women showering via a hidden camera installed at the mikvah, or ritual bath, at his synagogue, has drawn attention to the challenges
Can love be blind? 'Paper bag' dating experiment puts attraction to the test
No description.
Conviction in Fatal Crash Overturned Over Link to GM Recall
No description.
My Insurance Company Killed Me, Despite Obamacare - The Daily Beast
This man could have lived but the insurance company killed him.  Wen need further regulation of insurance companies.
Hagel's Predecessors Decried White House 'Micromanaging'
No description.
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Ariz. man freed in murder convicted in Colo. sex assault
William Macumber waves after being released from prison on Nov. 7, 2012, but the 79-year-old Arizona man is headed back to prison after being convicted of sexual assault of two children on Friday. Set free in 2012 after serving 37
Bushnell Binoculars
Buyer Collects, collect from address specified Collection restrictions at this property are as follows:- Wednesdays ONLY between 0900-1500hrs. No appointment required - collections can be confirmed on the following numbers: Office 0117 982 7908.
Thief stabs, mugs cab driver in Brooklyn attack: officials
The unidentified suspect attacked his 47-year-old victim inside the mans cab on Halsey St. near Knickerbocker Ave. in Bushwick at 11 a.m. The knife-wielding thief stabbed his victim twice and slashed his face before running off with the cabbies cash
How Many One-A-Day Vitamins is Right to Take?
You have to wonder how many people under-dosed on these vitamins because they reasonably assumed that the whole point of One-A-Day is to take one per day.
Flatley tapping out a 30k paintings with his dancing feet
His pieces are created by foot taps with paint onto the canvas, in what he says is a way to capture moments and reflections of his dance and musical passions.
3D printing technique will put electronics into just about everything
You can use 3D printing to make a handful of electronics, such as antennas and batteries , but LEDs and semiconductors have been elusive; you usually need some other manufacturing technique to make them work, which limits what they can
Man on parole for armed robbery charged in Logan Square liquor store holdup
Maurice Ellis, 22, was arrested on a warrant Friday night at his residence and charged in connection to the Oct. 28 robbery of Tip Top Liquor in the 2700 block of W. North Avenue, according to Cook County court records.
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Police dog looking for man who stabbed his paw with screwdriver
Photoshop this welcoming entrance
Alec Baldwin's stalker back in action in spite of jail time, apparently refuses to change her b(...)
"May it please the court, the prosecution would like to enter into evidence an incoherent rant (...)
Good fences make good neighbors. Not so much Nazi protest flags
New deal signed with the leaders of the breakaway region of Georgia, gives Russia much greater (...)
"Who on Earth thought it would be a good idea to encourage men to grow mustaches and beards dur(...)
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13 amazing food and life hacks you need to know right now.
this will answer all of your questions but it is in Chinese
The Shack Up Inn is a hospitality institution just outside of historic Clarksdale, Mississippi. Their FAQ page helpfully provides information regarding any questions you might have about amenities, bedding quality, or Didelphimorphia reproduction.
Hiding the Hollywood Sign through Garmin 'n Google
Youre not really supposed to try to find this sign up-close in person, youre supposed to look at it from a distance. Arguments begin on how short that distance can be... Chronologically, todays take on the issue starts with some
Almost 530,000 words long—still a little shorter than "Infinite Jest."
Paul Ford explains the long road to HTML5 and the web standardisations process in the New Yorker. In Gathering of the Player Men at Buffalo, the Music Trade Review described a heady scene in which Mr. P. B. Klugh, speaking
Seven great movies expiring from Netflix on December 1st
Every month, Netflix quietly clears its virtual shelves to prepare for the arrival of new offerings. There are roughly 80 movies expiring from Netflix Instant at the end of November. Weve picked seven that we think you should make sure
Ex-Maple Leaf coach Pat Quinn dead at 71 Former Toronto Maple Leaf coach and general manager Pat Quinn has died at the age of 71. Quinn died Sunday night in Vancouver after a lengthy illness, the Hockey Hall of Fame
"Bonding with owners is much more important for dogs than other pets,"
Dogs dont just seem to pick up on our subtle mood changes — they are actually physically wired to pick up on them. A recent neuroimaging study shows how closely tied to humans dogs have become over the last 30,000
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