My old co-worker just posted this announcement on his Facebook
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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart: Dueling Instagrammers (NSFW Language)
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This bag of 100 plastic pennies costs a lot more than 100 real pennies
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LPT: How to get free internet on US Airways/American Airlines on a Mac or iPad
Connect to the gogo wifi network Browse the movie library and find a free movie Click on the free movie and it will bring you to a page to download the gogo app Enter the code to access to App
Selby likes to be in control.
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Improved my desk by resurfacing it with a whiteboard!
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I leaned over the edge of a skyscraper and saw this reflection of the Empire State Building
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SoundCloud updates iOS app with "play related tracks" feature that creates a stream of songs (S(...)
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:SoundCloud updates iOS app with “play related tracks” feature that creates a stream of songs  —  In Wake Of Apple Music, SoundCloud Update Focuses On Music Discovery,
Scribd found that paying publishers based on how much readers read is too expensive in genres l(...)
Laura Hazard Owen / Nieman Lab:Scribd found that paying publishers based on how much readers read is too expensive in genres like romance  —  What Scribds growing pains mean for the future of digital content
Yelp stock closes down about 10% amid reports it has stopped pursuing a sale of company (Jacob (...)
Jacob Pramuk / CNBC:Yelp stock closes down about 10% amid reports it has stopped pursuing a sale of company  —  Yelp skids 10% amid sale halt reports  —  Yelp shares
Apple's iOS 8.4 kneecaps Home Sharing, music streaming now limited to Apple TV (Mikey Campbell/(...)
Mikey Campbell / AppleInsider:Apples iOS 8.4 kneecaps Home Sharing, music streaming now limited to Apple TV  —  While Apple introduced an array of new music features with its latest iOS
Berlin-based on-demand cleaning startup Helpling, backed by Rocket Internet, acquires UK-based (...)
Robin Wauters / Tech.eu:Berlin-based on-demand cleaning startup Helpling, backed by Rocket Internet, acquires UK-based rival Hassle.com for €32M, about $35M  —  A clean exit: Helpling acquires Hassle.com for €32 million to dominate on-demand cleaner space 
Prince sends takedown requests to Spotify, Rdio, and Deezer (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:Prince sends takedown requests to Spotify, Rdio, and Deezer  —  Prince Wont Stream 4 U (Unless Youre On Tidal, Or Maybe Google Music)  —  Call it the
Apple removed Home Sharing support for music in iOS 8.4 (Chance Miller/9to5Mac)
Chance Miller / 9to5Mac:Apple removed Home Sharing support for music in iOS 8.4  —  Apple yesterday rolled out iOS 8.4 to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users and the big
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His gift to US before he passed
In Memorial jistinnkees I am so liberal I will hug a conservativejistinnkeesAuthorMemberJun 30, 2014#4Guys I got to logout for a week. See you when I get back all the best. keep up the fun and good work. 
Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy Meets with Rand Paul | Hatewatch
Rancher Cliven Bundy, the tax scofflaw whose defiance of a federal court order invigorated the antigovernment movement last year, is becoming something of a political asset. On Monday, Bundy met with Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul during a campaign swing
North Korean defector lifts lid on world's most secret state - Yahoo News
LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As a schoolgirl in North Korea, Hyeonseo Lee was forced to watch executions, denounce her friends for fabricated transgressions and dig tunnels in case of a nuclear attack.By Emma Batha
Obama: There's so many Republicans running for my job I've lost count - they'll have enough for(...)
Obama had just finished taking a victory lap over the Department of Labors announcement today that the unemployment rate had dropped to 5.3 percent - the lowest rate in seven years - when he deviated from the economy to mock
Superman faces police brutality in 'Action Comic' #42
One of the biggest changes to come out DC Entertainments big comics revamp this summer turned Supermans world upside-down: Lois Lane revealed his identity to the world, and then he lost almost all of his powers.We still dont know how
Was Hillary Clinton the Original 'Birther'?
Two Republican presidential candidates claim the so-called “birther” movement originated with the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2008. While it’s true that some of her ardent supporters pushed the theory, there is no evidence that Clinton or her campaign had anythi …
Glenn Beck Pretty Sure Non-Existent Navy Yard Shooter Was Probably A Muslim
Early this morning, it was reported that a shooter was on the loose at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., but those reports eventually turned out to be false after D.C. police responded and found no signs of a shooter, no shooting
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Little girl knows exactly where babies come from
Three-year-old Adella is going to be a big sister later this year, and she definitely knows whats going down. When prompted by her dad to tell the camera Whats happening in October?, Adella maintains her flawless composure and simply says
The best use of sex in marketing
We hear the phrase sex sells all the time, but rarely do we take the opportunity to celebrate the fine brands that bring us our most treasured NSFW media. Here are some companies that have excelled at the sex marketing
Louisiana Avenue homeowner arrested after shooting man in backyard, police say
A Louisiana Avenue homeowner was arrested Tuesday after shooting a man in his backyard who he thought was trying to break into his house, New Orleans police said. Luiz Delima, 40, was arrested on a single count of aggravated battery
23,000 jobs promised for agri-food sector
Targets for farmers and the broader sector are to grow exports by 95% to a 19bn over the next decade. The strategy warns that profitability and viability of farm enterprises will remain a concern.
These little kids are really bad at exiting a tent
These five little boys are having a blast in their tent fort, but when its time to leave their fortress of solitude - all of them promptly fall on their faces, because tents are difficult. Except for the last little
Wave of Attacks Kill 50 Soldiers in Egypt Near Gaza Border
As many as 50 Egyptian soldiers have been killed in a wave of simultaneous attacks unleashed by Islamist militants, military officials say. Security sources say 15 died when a car bomb exploded at a military post in North Sinai, one
3D plant scans will help build lighter, stronger cars
Dont look now, but the plants in your backyard might just shape the next generation of cars. University of Freiburg researchers have found a way to study the junctions between living plants branches and stems using MRI scans, giving insight
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Good news, everybody -- Sarah Palin has solved California's drought crisis. "They should just b(...)
"Flying a drone" is a crime according to Officer Madeitup
Fark Food Thread: Enjoy refreshing fruits this summer.. The Fark way. Show us how you cool down(...)
In this Farkcast, Drew talks about his autonomous cannon. Surprisingly, that is not a euphemism
Are you worried about your neighbor's gun collection? Try living next door to a German man with(...)
"What are you in for?" "Murder. You?" "I had a fake service dog"
Flag-burning group Disarm The Police make a panicked call to their new best friends, the police
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Pop! Pop! Poppoppop! Pop!
Its the end of bubblewrap as we know it. iBubble Wrap isnt inflated until it reaches its destination, so it saves a lot of space in transit. When buyers (largely retailers that ship products) receive the rolls, they will use
The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes
Interactive animation of the Atlantic slave trade. Pause and click on individuals ships for detailed data (not available for all ships).
I Guess My Corpse Is a Swan Now: Weird Folk Education
Annotated for your pleasure, these Weird Folk Song Premises are very educational. Some plots are wonderfully bizarre, sung in lost languages - others have familiar echoes that youll pick up later in your favorite stories. Eight female trad/folk singers explain
"There are an estimated 155,000 modern-day slaves in Mauritania."
A photo feature on five Mauritanian women, now freed from contemporary slavery. Slavery in Mauritania has been called a major human rights issue, with roughly 4% (155,600 people) of the countrys population – proportionally the highest for any country –
The developer's high score is 12 369.
Atomas is a fun little smartphone/tablet game in the vein of 2048, using fusing atoms together as the mechanic. Available for iOS, Android, Windows.
Women in Magic
Magic: the Gathering is a fantastic strategy trading card game, currently in its 22nd year and more popular than ever. But as it becomes more mainstream, an ugly issue is coming to light: there just arent many women players. The
"They can strip the plankton off this cow in as little as seven days!"
If Jurassic Park Were In Different Geological Eras
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