Twin girls with the best costumes at the party!
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TIL that in the 60's Ford was in talks to buy Ferrari but when Ferrari backed out at the last m(...)
Transcendence, took many hours and lots of dots, everything was drawn with pen.
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Did somebody say treats?!
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Bolivia declares Israel a "terrorist state" and bans its citizens from entering the country wit(...)
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How reddit works
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A buddy of mine seemed to think stick sun screen was a good idea.
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Popcorn Time Adds Apple TV Support, iOS App Coming Soon (Ernesto/TorrentFreak)
Ernesto / TorrentFreak:Popcorn Time Adds Apple TV Support, iOS App Coming Soon  —  The Popcorn Time phenomenon is one of the biggest piracy stories of the year thus far.  — 
HealthTap debuts $99/month service for 24/7 video, audio, and chat access to licensed doctors ((...)
James Temple / Re/code:HealthTap debuts $99/month service for 24/7 video, audio, and chat access to licensed doctors  —  HealthTap Turns to Telemedicine, but Will Consumers Pay?  —  HealthTap is unveiling
PayPal Will Expand Business and Consumer Lending Outside the U.S. (Greg Bensinger/Wall Street J(...)
Greg Bensinger / Wall Street Journal:PayPal Will Expand Business and Consumer Lending Outside the U.S.  —  EBay is betting big on debt.  —  The San Jose, Calif., companys PayPal payments
Interim No More: Rob Glaser Named Permanent CEO of RealNetworks (Kara Swisher/Re/code)
Kara Swisher / Re/code:Interim No More: Rob Glaser Named Permanent CEO of RealNetworks  —  Rob Glaser, who founded RealNetworks in 1994 and served as its CEO until 2010, has been
Yelp Swings To Profitability In Strong Q2 With $88.8M In Revenue, EPS Of $0.04 (Alex Wilhelm/Te(...)
Alex Wilhelm / TechCrunch:Yelp Swings To Profitability In Strong Q2 With $88.8M In Revenue, EPS Of $0.04  —  Today after the bell Yelp reported its second-quarter financial performance, including revenue
Apple TV overhaul not expected to debut until 2015 (Zac Hall/9to5Mac)
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:Apple TV overhaul not expected to debut until 2015  —  A new report from The Information published today discussing the next generation of Apple TV says the
Xbox One launching in China on September 23, becoming its first major home console since PS2 (A(...)
András Neltz / Kotaku:Xbox One launching in China on September 23, becoming its first major home console since PS2  —  The Xbox One Will Be Chinas First Major Home Console
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I Will Not Be Silenced
I will not be silenced. I will not stand by as the world willfully swallows the steady stream of carefully drafted blitz of Bullshit regarding Palestine and Israel. My husband is Jewish, I am not. However, we both are capable of
Indian Entrepreneur Refuses to Sell U.S. Lethal Injection Drugs
NEW DELHI, India — In 2010, the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services sent an email to a small, unknown, Indian pharmaceutical company in Mumbai, Kayem Pharmaceuticals. Navneet Verma, 54, the companys owner, was overjoyed: “I was happy to have the
The Counter Protest Of Proselytizing Evangelicals That You Don't Want To Miss (IMAGES)
Evangelicals trying to preach to Comic Con attendees in San Diego were met by followers of Galactus and Godzilla, among others. According to an interview by Nikolai Fomich, the evangelical protesters come yearly. Not surprisingly, there are those that don’t handle …
Imagine if your face was to last one thousand years!
Do you think you would look as good as this one thousand years on?  
Crushing The GOP Lie: Here Is a List of Republican Incumbents Who Support Impeachment
...the truth usually comes out, and when dealing with Republicans, the truth is often revealed by taking the logic behind their biggest fails from the past and applying it to today (former Speaker Gingrich ringing any bells?). Even as they deny reality and the …
'Ed Show' poll: July 30, 2014
No description.
Why It Matters That Norman Finkelstein Just Got Arrested Outside the Israeli Consulate
At 12:30 pm today, a few dozen people laid down in the street at the intersection of 43rd Street and Second Avenue, stopping traffic from reaching the 42nd Street block housing the Israeli Consulate. Around them, a hundred or so
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Dog trapped under floor of home rescued: Dog jumps into rescuers arms
As rescuers dig to reach Allie the dog, Allie was digging her way towards her rescuers.
The hidden danger of buying exclusively from local suppliers?
It has become very noble for individuals and companies to buy from businesses located in their own state.
Barclays profits hit by investment bank problems
Barclays investment banking profits almost halved in the first half compared to the same period last year, as trading revenues slumped.
Ferrari 458 replica looks like the real deal
A replica of the Ferrari 458 has been recently spotted out while looking for a new owner, who will have to pay 50,000 GBP before getting his hands on his new ride.
Consuming five daily portions of fruits, veggies lowers death risk
A new study has revealed that having five daily portions of fruits and vegetables lower the risk of death, however having more than five has no effect at all.
Top 5 classic children's birthday party games
It takes a lot of planning to make a childrens birthday party successful; one of the favorite things for kids to do at a birthday party is to play the kids party games.
A meal with broccoli stalks
Broccoli stalks are known to hold more nutrients and mineral in the stalk. Most times, they are cut off and discarded into the trash.
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Online following grows around black-clad woman walking from Georgia to Ohio, with "fans" waitin(...)
So it turns out that Europe has been paying ransom money to Al-Qaeda for years now
Don't text and drive, you might spill your beer
Morning in West Virginia: birds chirping, a gentle breeze, and a woman taking her naked guy out(...)
"I love you more than all the world and have no hope of reward on earth or hereafter, so precio(...)
Cop stops driver to give him a speeding ticket, settles for heart attack instead
Photoshop this unusual statue
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Did you know that Hawkeye has impaired hearing?
Hawkeye, lost 80% of his hearing in West Cost Avengers #1. When a 4 year old boy refused to wear his hearing aids since no super hero wore them, this was used to help convince him. Matt Fraction has revived
The American Room - Behind the nation's closed doors, with YouTube.
Its a standardized room. Like Diet Coke or iPhones, American rooms are a kind of product, built as quickly and cheaply as possible to a standardized specification. Article describing the standard American room as viewed through youtube videos.
Charmingly Antiquated comics, about love and loss, and other odd things
Charmingly Antiquated is a tumblr of the usual random sort, plus original art by Sam, which includes three one-shot short comics: a little love story about a mermaid and tattoos, a morbid little comic about a banshee, and a silly,
DIY Law School: Learn the Law Without Law School
Attorneys trained in this way will be able to be average people, Ms. Orsi said, not just because they dont have debt, but because law school tells us that were really special. ). With the ongoing concern over the state
We Spelled This City
In Lexicopolis, buildings are constructed from the letters that make them up. Construct buildings by typing words like HOUSE, OFFICE, or PARK.
What if there was a Robot cheering for those fans?
The Hanwha Eagles, a much beleaguered South Korean major league baseball team have introduced Fanbots, jersey-clad robots who lead cheers, display messages (and selfies where the robot would otherwise have a blank screen) sent in from fans at home, and
No stakes, not relatable. I think I'm realizing: Shakespeare sucks.
Ira Glass tweeted that John Lithgow was amazing as King Lear in Central Park, but added, Shakespeare: not good. No stakes, not relatable. I think Im realizing: Shakespeare sucks. Then ProPublica reporter Lois Beckett had an idea: This American Lear.
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