Clumsy puppies are the best
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World's smallest kids play on inflatables
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Abiqua Falls, Oregon OC
This wolf was a goofball. He was trying to lick my camera. Almost got it, too.
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Banksy's earth day piece
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Those skills tho….
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It's that time of year again
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Android mobile ad traffic beats iOS for first time (Matt Hamblen/Computerworld)
Matt Hamblen / Computerworld:Android mobile ad traffic beats iOS for first time  —  But iPhones and iPads still command top ad revenues  —  Android smartphones and tablets now get the most mobile ad traffic worldwide,
FCC proposes sharing 150MHz of federal spectrum with wireless broadband (Megan Geuss/Ars Technica)
Megan Geuss / Ars Technica:FCC proposes sharing 150MHz of federal spectrum with wireless broadband  —  “HetNet demo.”  Small cells like the ones in this image could be used to augment
Zuckerberg: More Than 200 Million People Use Facebook Messenger (Mike Isaac/Re/code)
Mike Isaac / Re/code:Zuckerberg: More Than 200 Million People Use Facebook Messenger  —  Yes, Facebook is big on mobile.  But messaging on Facebook is pretty big on mobile, too.  — 
Conversnitch lamp listens to nearby conversations and posts transcribed audio to Twitter (Andy (...)
Andy Greenberg / Wired:Conversnitch lamp listens to nearby conversations and posts transcribed audio to Twitter  —  An Eavesdropping Lamp That Livetweets Private Conversations  —  As former NSA director Michael Hayden
Net neutrality dead for good? FCC may endorse pay-for-play deals (Jon Brodkin/Ars Technica)
Jon Brodkin / Ars Technica:Net neutrality dead for good?  FCC may endorse pay-for-play deals  —  FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.  —  Computer History Museum  —  FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler confirmed today
Apple Has Acquired 24 Companies in Last 18 Months (Juli Clover/MacRumors)
Juli Clover / MacRumors:Apple Has Acquired 24 Companies in Last 18 Months  —  During todays second quarter earnings call which is still ongoing, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple
Brazil enacts Internet 'Bill of Rights' (Associated Press)
Associated Press:Brazil enacts Internet ‘Bill of Rights’
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#myNYPD Twitter campaign backfires on the NYPD
No description.
New study finds no link between 'too many vaccines' and autism
No description.
Front runner emerges in Florida special election
No description.
Producers evict Chima from 'Big Brother 11'
No description.
Bad is good: Movies love evil kids
No description.
The deaths of 477 Florida children
An investigation by The Miami Herald found that since 2008, nearly 500 children whose families had priors with DCF, died from abuse or neglect. Ari Melber talks to Carol Marbin and James Harn.
Families of Missing Jet Passengers Release Statement
No description.
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Fantasy Baseball: New Users Play FREE Tonight for Shot at $400,000 Friday
Play for free tonight to get your entry in DraftKings Sweet Spot THIS FRIDAY, 4/25, with $400,000 in prizes.
Accused gunman in fatal Harrisburg drive-by shooting will testify at his murder trial
A Dauphin County jury on Thursday will hear from a Harrisburg man accused of pulling the trigger during a fatal drive-by shooting in the city.
This stunning iPhone amplifier is as fragile as it is gorgeous
We all know the old toss your iPhone in a mug trick to making your smartphones speaker output a bit more beefy, but if youre willing to spend some serious coin, Aric Snee might have what youre looking for.
What is kinetic energy? Can it be harnessed to power our stuff?
So what is kinetic energy? Can it be harnessed to power our stuff? Weve written many articles about various things that do that, from small gadgets to big infrastructure , but weve never really looked at the field as a
Man Arrested for Trying to Sell North Miami High Girls as Sex Slaves
David Llama Lopez, 46, has been arrested and is being held without bond as police investigate a scheme in which he allegedly tried to sell girls who attended North Miami High School into sex slavery.
this is your baby on drugs
Youve probably seen a lot of fantastic anti-substance abuse campaigns, but can you recall any using babies, using? Yeah, thats right.
Photo: WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., le
WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., left, hits a body pad worn by Nate Jones during a media workout at the Mayweather Boxing Club Tuesday, April 22, 2014.
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NPR asks the question: Why do so many people on the internet enjoy spoiling TV shows for people(...)
Photoshop this remotely unique moment
Russia sends 50 year old bombers to invade Britain
You should visit a dentist at least once every six months. Unless of course the dentist randoml(...)
Police attach explosives to rental car for training exercise, forget to tell the company which (...)
True story: Jay-Z once wrote a song for Bugs Bunny
Most people use log splitters to break up their firewood. This guy decided to use a frieght tra(...)
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Hippocrat and Midas walk into a clinic.
UC OKs paying surgeon $10 million in whistleblower-retaliation case. The settlement ends a case brought by the ex-head of UCLAs orthopedic surgery department, who says the medical school allowed doctors to take industry payments that may have compromised patient care.
"Inaccurate maps are valuable aids."
Made for French television to promote a map exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris Raúl Ruizs (wiki imdb) Zig-Zag is a good place to begin ones trek through the Chilean artists work. The metafictional universe of Ruiz is neither
"Let's stop telling Adam and Steve jokes."
Weve run off at the mouth, said things we shouldnt have said. Weve run around like a peacock all over the platform. We have said things because we were playing to the home team, and they all liked our act.
Mery Talys and Quicke Answeres
Shakespeare Jest-Books: Reprints of the Early and Very Rare Jest-Books Supposed to Have Been Used by Shakespeare.
Dedicated "to those who have held the bag on a Snipe hunt"
Published in 1910, William T. Coxs Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods, With a Few Desert and Mountain Beasts is one of the earliest written accounts describing fabulous beasts of lumberjack lore, together called fearsome critters. Read of tales of the
3 levels of lasers. It's rescanning the udder and looking for the teats
Something strange is happening at farms in upstate New York. The cows are milking themselves. Rise of the Milkbots.
"So... do you... do you suppose we should... talk about money?"
Introducing Sociology: Tim Kreiders influential 1999 essay (previously) on how Stanley Kubricks Eyes Wide Shut uses sex and infidelity to cover up a story of greed and murder by the elite gets a brand new afterward by the author to
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