The banthas were elephants
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TIFU by squirting whilst masturbating onto my floor, slipping in it and scarring my roommate fo(...)
This happened not half an hour ago, I was getting ready for my job as a a bartender. I always wank before work, since it relaxes me and I can only assume my customers appreciate my shit eating grin. I
There is no time I have ever thought, 'Oh awesome, iTunes opened itself.'
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Indian Air Force asks personnel not to use Xiaomi phones as these are believed to be transferri(...)
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More images from Rosetta...
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Ukraine: The Battle for Donetsk airport
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Soft Machines, which has raised $125M, leaves stealth, plans to license "virtual cores" technol(...)
Don Clark / Wall Street Journal:Soft Machines, which has raised $125M, leaves stealth, plans to license “virtual cores” technology  —  Secretive Startup Unveils Universal Chip  —  Venture capitalists these days
The FCC as data security cop: $10 million fine for carriers' security breaches (Michael Cooney/(...)
Michael Cooney / Network World:The FCC as data security cop: $10 million fine for carriers security breaches  —  FCC says TerraCom and its affiliate YourTel stored Social Security numbers, names,
Apple reviewer sent screenshot of explicit image without warning to developer to show that app (...)
Chris OBrien / VentureBeat:Apple reviewer sent screenshot of explicit image without warning to developer to show that app could be used to find porn  —  App developer claims Apple sent
First Android 5.0 Lollipop updates should hit the Galaxy S5 in December (Abhijeet Mishra/SamMobile)
Abhijeet Mishra / SamMobile:First Android 5.0 Lollipop updates should hit the Galaxy S5 in December  —  Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming to the Galaxy S5, and weve already given our readers an exclusive look at
Google bought six Redwood City office buildings totaling about 934,200 square feet for $585M (B(...)
Bloomberg:Google bought six Redwood City office buildings totaling about 934,200 square feet for $585M  —  Google Said to Buy Redwood City Offices for $585 Million  —  Google Inc. (GOOGL) bought six office buildings northwest of
Whisper responds to Guardian's "10 questions", says members of editorial team put on leave (Mic(...)
Michael Heyward / Whisper:Whisper responds to Guardians “10 questions”, says members of editorial team put on leave  —  Setting The Record Straight  —  I wrote last Saturday that we welcome the current discussion around Whisper,
Google's New Search Downranking Hits Torrent Sites Hard (Ernesto/TorrentFreak)
Ernesto / TorrentFreak:Googles New Search Downranking Hits Torrent Sites Hard  —  In recent years Hollywood and the music industry have taken a rather aggressive approach against Google.  The entertainment industry
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Washington's 'Man on Fire' tops at box office
No description.
Premier League Livestream: West Ham vs. Manchester City
No description.
Halliburton admits destroying evidence in Deepwater Horizon disaster
No description.
5 things you need to know this weekend
Luis Suarez sinks his teeth back into soccer
5 reasons you smell bad (and fast fixes that can help)
No description.
Athens Co. Man Accused Of Running Meth Lab Sentenced
No description.
So Allen West Wants To Shut Down 'Dens Of Sedition'? | Crooks and Liars
No description.
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Last season's Big East champs are honored
In honor of their Big East championship from last season, the VU players from that team will receive rings at tonights #HoopsMania2014. While the tournament was not as successful as Nova fans would have hoped for, it was a season
School shooter dead
Marysville Police Commander Robb Lamoureux said Friday the shooter was a student and could not say if anyone else was wounded. Arthur White, who lives across from the school, tells The Daily Herald a large number of police vehicles converged
Chinese builder escapes stuck elevator by chiseling through wall
A Chinese builder took matters into his own hands after getting stuck inside an elevator that suddenly stopped between two floors. The man, who was trapped alongside 10 other people , then whipped out his trusty hammer and started to
Mumbai cop leaves assault rifle in train
In a major slip up in security, a railway police constable forgot his self loading rifle in a train he was travelling on. The rifle, standard equipment with most police and paramilitary units in India, thankfully didnt fall into wrong
Legal to go for the green or not?
Im hoping someone can settle a disagreement between me and my brother. The question is whether or not it is legal to shoot straight for the green on the hole shown below.
Nebraska students charged in alcohol death
Authorities say several University of Nebraska students in a fraternity face felony charges in the alcohol-related death of a freshman. University of Nebraska-Lincoln police say four FarmHouse Fraternity members were arrested Thursday on suspicion of procuring alcohol to a minor
Man in court accused of stabbing Dublin GAA star in the face
Mark Lavelle, with addresses at Basin Street, Dublin 8 and in Swinford, Co Mayo is accused of attacking the footballer on Dorset Street last month. He was on his way home at around 5am the following morning when a man
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Drinking soda daily ages you as much as smoking daily
Canada's Sergeant-at-Arms is farking hardcore: "In one motion, he dove to the floor around the (...)
Two little kittens trapped in a storm drain, might have drowned if it had rained, but they were(...)
This story has everything, from the surveillance video of the woman 'just sitting down', the wo(...)
Angry mob gathers outside mosque in Alberta - and helps clean up vandalism
The same team of criminal investigators that cracked the Boston Marathon bombing are now huntin(...)
It's raining nerds as a computer engineer breaks Felix Baumgartner's free fall record
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"It was all about me, my life, and my choice."
So I had no choice. At work, I spoke to my friend Shirley, who promised to call around her Bronx neighborhood that night. She knew someone who knew someone, and in a few days, it was arranged. I would stay
Welcome to the jungle!
Walk in the footsteps of Jane Goodall on Street View: Gombe National Park.
Oh btw just beat Baumgartner's skydiving record LOL
Google executive Alan Eustace beats Felix Baumgartners skydiving record. It took more than two hours to hit an altitude of 135,890 feet (41,419 metres), from which he separated himself from the balloon and started plummeting back to Earth. Eustace hit
No, not 6 minute abs, 7! Seven is the magic number!
For those of you who wanted to follow the exercise plan featured in the NY Times on the 7 minute workout (previously), they now offer an app to make it easier to follow their program. Bonus: The reference to the
Do you like vintage training/educational fims? Meet Jeff Quitney.
Jeff Quitney has curated hundreds and hundreds* of YouTube playlists with thousands and thousands of vintage educational, training and institutional films and documentaries. If you hate multi-link posts you can jump right in because the playlists arent organized. In addition
Non non non
Unless you are a monomaniacal specialist of the 80s, there is very little chance that Cha Cha Guitry will ring any bell. And yet this band, buried away in Saint-Etienne – at the very heart of France – could have
I love tortoises, and I love to crochet.
Katie Bradley loves tortises: At this point, I have made well over 1500 turtle cozies.
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