Australian beer ads don't mess around
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The most ridiculously-french-looking movie in the world! (Found in a french castle retreat tv room)
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My first time decorating a cake for my in-laws' wedding anniversary and I couldn't be prouder!
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Dog in shower.
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Why do the continents of the Earth seem to be tapering downwards (top is fatter, bottom is thinner)?
Why do the continents of the Earth seem to be tapering downwards (top is fatter, bottom is thinner)?
Orangutan experts plead for Australian food manufacturers to reject palm oil - Apes, elephants,(...)
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I found these two rocks in Sicily about 100 yards away from each other.
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Uber Now Integrates With United And Hyatt Apps (Grant Martin/Forbes)
Grant Martin / Forbes:Uber Now Integrates With United And Hyatt Apps  —  The car-sharing app Uber has been growing wildly over the last few years, with presences springing up in
China Telecom to sell unlocked iPhone 6 (Cyrus Lee/ZDNet)
Cyrus Lee / ZDNet:China Telecom to sell unlocked iPhone 6  —  Summary: China Telecom said it will unlock the next-generation iPhone by supporting the SIM cards of the other two
Facebook Rolls Out Analytics For App Links, Says 3 Billion URLs Have Been Enabled (Martin Beck/(...)
Martin Beck / Marketing Land:Facebook Rolls Out Analytics For App Links, Says 3 Billion URLs Have Been Enabled  —  The open-source effort that aims to make the mobile web less
Acer Chromebox CXI distills C7 Chrome OS for desktops (Chris Davies/SlashGear)
Chris Davies / SlashGear:Acer Chromebox CXI distills C7 Chrome OS for desktops  —  Acer has outed a new Chrome OS machine, the Chromebox CXI Series, bringing Googles cloud-centric platform to
Intuit releases redesigned Quicken 2015 for Mac, first new version in 7 years (Sam Oliver/Apple(...)
Sam Oliver / AppleInsider:Intuit releases redesigned Quicken 2015 for Mac, first new version in 7 years  —  Financial software firm Intuit on Thursday released Quicken 2015 for Mac, the first
Most smartphone users download zero apps per month (Dan Frommer/Quartz)
Dan Frommer / Quartz:Most smartphone users download zero apps per month  —  Mobile apps have skyrocketed in popularity and utility since Apple introduced the iPhone App Store in the summer
iPhone 6 display panel redesign delayed production, impact on launch uncertain (Reiji Murai/Reuters)
Reiji Murai / Reuters:iPhone 6 display panel redesign delayed production, impact on launch uncertain  —  Exclusive: Apple iPhone 6 screen snag leaves supply chain scrambling  —  (Reuters) - Suppliers to
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The Truth Behind Gov. Perry’s Trumped Up Indictment | RedState
What an ironic twist this was. Lehmberg was able to keep her job after being charged and convicted of drunk driving and Gov. Perry was indicted for exercising his lawful and constitutional authority to veto an appropriation. This indictment took
Exclusive: Ralph Peters on Obama's Reign of Error and How America Lost its Way in the War Again(...)
Ralph Peters, the iconoclastic author and military strategist has been very vocal of late regarding US national security policy and the growth of the global jihadist movement. A former US Army intelligence officer, he is a prolific and very successful author
Catholic archbishop sues satanist group claiming all consecrated communion wafers are property (...)
Oklahoma City’s Catholic archbishop filed a lawsuit against a satanist group Wednesday, alleging it stole a priceless, sacred and revered item from a Catholic church for use in its “black Mass” at the Civic Center Music Hall.
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'Thigh Bone' On Mars Seen In New Curiosity Photo
The object certainly resembles a fossilized femur, but the odds that its anything other than a weird-looking rock are, well, astronomical.Over the years, people eyeing pictures from Mars have claimed to have seen everything from an iguana to a finger to&n …
BBC News - Gaza: Hamas says 18 suspected informants executed
No description.
Faith of Iraqi Christians called unbreakable, despite persecution :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)
No description.
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The circadian gene Period2 plays an important role in tumor...
To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document.
Dating Naked Contestant Furious VH1 Showed Her, Uh, Naked
When someone gets naked on a reality television show, exactly how naked is he or she agreeing to get? It might seem like a pretty simple question, but thanks to a $10 million lawsuit, its now a whole lot more
Former LA County Sheriff's Deputy Arrested On Child Porn Charges
A former LA County sheriffs deputy, who has been under investigation since April, was arrested Wednesday on charges of distributing child pornography over the Internet.
Justin Bieber to Face Criminal Charges in Border Bribery Scandal?
Even though Justin Bieber shaved his mustache last night, the Canadian crooner may soon find himself being tried as an adult! TMZ reports that a Canadian border officer has been fired after her superiors learned that shed accepted $10,000 in
Re: VIDEO: DeMar DeRozan leads Team USA in scoring with 13 points
Nothing is guaranteed, but DeMar DeRozan saw extended playing time on Wednesday in the USAs 105-62 victory over the Dominican Republic.
Teen surrenders in Macon shooting; Marietta murder suspect arrested in Ohio
Teen accused of shooting man multiple times in Macon surrenders and a Cobb County murder suspect was arrested in Ohio, officials said.
Parents apologize after students arrested in alleged mass-shooting plot
The parents of two South Pasadena teens charged with plotting a mass shooting at their school apologized to the community Wednesday for their sons alleged behavior.
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Rapper Talib Kweli flips his shiat, while talkin' 'bout hits, taken to Brown's melon, biatchin'(...)
Is there such a thing as a 'good psychopath'?
Residents of one neighborhood are perplexed at the sudden increase in coyote sightings and the (...)
Having stress in your life is actually good for you, according to an article written by your boss
NPR explores what its coverage of the British burning Washington 200 years ago might have sound(...)
Man trolls coworker by continually stealing his sandwich
Don't you just hate it when you're out scuba diving, trying to set up a cool selfie shot and so(...)
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Words and Music with Oscar Peterson
Oscar Peterson interviews Joe Pass and Count Basie for his 1980 show Words and Music. For your further listening pleasure: Count Basie Oscar PetersonJoe PassOscar Peterson and Count BasieOscar Peterson and Joe Pass
Henry Rollins: Fuck Suicide
Henry Rollins: Fuck Suicide Reactions incoming.
Heavy Metal Be Bop Part 1
In the imagination of a young Parisian named Pablo Padovani theres a land called Moo. Its a fantastical place that celebrates nature, the elements, romanticism and sweets The disc (Le Monde Möö by MOODOÏD) is a walk in the world
Knowing where the trap is - that's the first step in evading it.
Omni Presents: The Top 10 Dune Art Tumblr Like Sites.
The All-Male Cast is a Revelation!
If pop culture treated men the same way it treats women. I know youre all way too cool for Cracked but I thought this was both hilarious and on point.
Dad; one of Warhol's "13 Most Wanted Men"
George Lawler always knew his father was a criminal — his mug shot had been on New York Citys most wanted list in 1962. What he did not know was that his father had been a muse, of sorts, for
Like taking a cold bath with someone you dislike
Reviews of classic books, culled from the internets think tank.
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