Best headline I've ever read
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A few words of wisdom...
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Medical Examiner Says Chokehold by Police Officer Caused Death of NYC Man; Ruled Homicide
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Gimme that banana, bitch!
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Found this little gem on Tumblr and thought it was too motivating not to post :)
Asian-American couple held in Qatar for years as authorities refuse to believe their adopted Af(...)
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Wet dream
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12 Years After Its Debut On Hacked Xboxes, XBMC Changes Its Name To Kodi (Greg Kumparak/TechCrunch)
Greg Kumparak / TechCrunch:12 Years After Its Debut On Hacked Xboxes, XBMC Changes Its Name To Kodi  —  Back in 2002, a small group of developers whipped together an app
Beats and Apple Dispute Reports of Layoffs (Andrew Flanagan/Billboard)
Andrew Flanagan / Billboard:Beats and Apple Dispute Reports of Layoffs  —  Apple and a source close to Beats are disputing the characterization in recent reports that a significant round of
New Twitter experiment provides definitions for some hashtags (Elliot Bentley/Wall Street Journal)
Elliot Bentley / Wall Street Journal:New Twitter experiment provides definitions for some hashtags  —  Twitter Testing Easier-To-Use Hashtags  —  Twitter appears to be testing a feature that will better organize
Formerly Nexus-only Google Now Launcher out for all Android 4.1+ devices (Andrew Cunningham/Ars(...)
Andrew Cunningham / Ars Technica:Formerly Nexus-only Google Now Launcher out for all Android 4.1+ devices  —  Replacing the home screen on a Droid Razr Maxx HD.  —  When KitKat was
Mobileye closes first day of trading up 48% after raising $889.7M in IPO (Automotive News Automaker)
Automotive News Automaker:Mobileye closes first day of trading up 48% after raising $889.7M in IPO  —  Mobileye shares surge 48% after $890 million IPO  —  Collision avoidance software firm profits
Dong Nguyen releases "Flappy Birds Family" with two-player mode, exclusive to Amazon Fire TV (M(...)
Michael McWhertor / Polygon:Dong Nguyen releases “Flappy Birds Family” with two-player mode, exclusive to Amazon Fire TV  —  Flappy Bird is back, and now you can play with friends  — 
Airbnb officially closes its $475 million mega round (Harrison Weber/VentureBeat)
Harrison Weber / VentureBeat:Airbnb officially closes its $475 million mega round  —  Airbnbs widely rumored $475 million funding round is now official: the company confirmed the raise in a public
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MSHA issues 52 citations at WIPP
CARLSBAD >> The Mine Safety and Health Administration issued 52 citations at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) this year according to documents released by the Department of Energy (DOE) this week.The violations were issued over the course of multiple
Veterans' Response to Senator's PTSD Remarks Mixed - ABC News
The fact that this Senator uses his Military experience to reach out for votes and then does something like  plagiarism in a paper is wrong. Claiming it is PTSD is something like that is a slap in the face to
More of the Audio from the Police Car
No description.
Hamas 'wants end to Israel's Gaza blockade' - International / News / The Courier
Hamas Haniyeh said in a televised speech that we cannot go back, we cannot go back to the silent death of the blockade.He said all of Gazas 1.7 million residents shared this demand.Gaza has decided to end the blockade by its
House Passes Border Bill, Obama Says He'll Go It Alone
No description.
5 ways the new T-Mobile is stretching the truth
No description.
More of the Twins' Police Interview
No description.
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Kit Kat, scared and alone, is out of time at high-kill upstate shelter
According to Facebook: Greenville County Pet Rescue , this beauty is running out of time at the high-kill upstate shelter.
146 cops killed in 3 years
A total of 146 police officers have been murdered while off-duty over the past three years, Police Minister Nkosinathi Nhleko said on Friday.
2 Americans detained in North Korea seek US help
Two American tourists charged with anti-state crimes in North Korea said Friday they expect to be tried soon and pleaded for help from the U.S. government to secure their release from what they say could be long prison terms.
A new star of the air show
TOM Lackey is 94 and has already done quite a few things most of us would never dream of attempting.
A Day of Remembrance
The photo, which was taken from the victims point of view, was of the Tower, as seen through a window with two gaping bullet holes in it.
Fatal dog attack: Animal owners face murder charges in West Michigan native's death
Prosecutors in Lapeer County have filed second-degree murder charges against a couple who police say owned Cane Corso dogs that attacked and killed a West Michigan native, the Flint Journal reported .
Why do singers hate karaoke rotations
Every karaoke host has his or her own method of setting up and maintaining their list of singers during shows .
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"The problem with Ebola for the more sensational sections of the media is that it's too good a (...)
The inventor of the cronut inches mankind closer to sugary destruction with 'ice cream sundae i(...)
Daily running doesn't have any real health benefits
Tribe emerges from Brazilian jungle for first time ever. Hears about Kardashians, runs back int(...)
If you're gonna get shot, it's better to be naked, presumably because it makes for a better Far(...)
Old & busted: Fighting fire with fire. New hotness: Fighting monkeys with monkey impersonators
Mayor of Calgary criticized for lacking comprehensive peace plan for Middle Eastern conflicts
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Beyond "tea, Earl Grey, hot" and Soylent green
MIND MELD: Food in Science Fiction versus Fantasy This week we asked about Food and Drink in SF. Food and Drink in science fiction sometimes seems limited to replicator requests for Earl Grey tea and Soylent green discs. Why doesnt
The Putter
A putter is a putter together of scissors. This short documentary by Shaun Bloodworth follows the work of Cliff Denton, who works at Ernest Wright & Sons of Sheffield, one of the last remaining hand manufacturers of scissors. More from
The Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker
The protesters say theyre opposed to abortion because theyre Christian, Parker says. Its hard for them to accept that I *do* abortions because Im a Christian.
Linguistics in the Amazon
Unlike other hunter-gatherer tribes of the Amazon, the Pirahã have resisted efforts by missionaries and government agencies to teach them farming. They maintain tiny, weed-infested patches of ground a few steps into the forest, where they cultivate scraggly manioc plants.
A Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire
A Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire is an OpenLayers map that uses a new geographical dataset constructed from the award-winning Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World (previously), along with several other sources. You can search for sites
story of your life
My Cousin is Not a Hero: But its not fiction, its real life. Its the night of his dads funeral and were standing there together, and neither of us is a hero. Neither of us is on an epic journey...
A tandem jump, an accident, and a bond that will last forever.
There are thousands of things that can go wrong during a sky dive. Usually, Dave Hartsock packed his own parachute. He could just about do it with his eyes shut: straighten the lines, roll the canopy, fold in the outside,
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