TIL The only character to appear, played by the same actor, in 10 different series is Richard B(...)
Blizzard problem solved.
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Giroux's Handles
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She passed out playing on the train
No description.
US could cut power emissions 78% by 2030 using existing technology, says study - This system co(...)
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TIL The only character to appear, played by the same actor, in 10 different series is Richard B(...)
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Character actor Abe Vigoda has passed away at 94.
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Twitter's algorithmic timeline is like expanded version of "while you were away" feature, accor(...)
Casey Newton / The Verge:Twitters algorithmic timeline is like expanded version of “while you were away” feature, according to users testing it; opt-out is available  —  Heres how Twitters new
Jack Dorsey responds to #RIPTwitter, links Twitter's identity with real-time, doesn't deny an a(...)
@jack:Jack Dorsey responds to #RIPTwitter, links Twitters identity with real-time, doesnt deny an algorithmic feed but says there was no plan to launch next week  —  Hello Twitter! Regarding #RIPTwitter: I want you all to
John Giannandrea's appointment as Google's search chief shows that AI is key to maintaining Goo(...)
Mark Bergen / Re/code:John Giannandreas appointment as Googles search chief shows that AI is key to maintaining Googles dominance in search  —  Why John Giannandrea, Googles AI Research Head, Will
GCHQ's data-mining techniques revealed in new Snowden leak (Glyn Moody/Ars Technica UK)
Glyn Moody / Ars Technica UK:GCHQs data-mining techniques revealed in new Snowden leak  —  Shhh!  Top Secret—dont pass it on...  (credit: GCHQ)  —  A “Data Mining Research Problem Book” marked
Amazon and other retailers should stop selling cheap USB-C cables with faulty wiring that can d(...)
Dieter Bohn / The Verge:Amazon and other retailers should stop selling cheap USB-C cables with faulty wiring that can damage laptops, and instead demand certification for these cables  —  USB-C
Google Creative Lab partners with publisher Visual Editions to offer immersive and interactive (...)
Brendan Klinkenberg / BuzzFeed:Google Creative Lab partners with publisher Visual Editions to offer immersive and interactive books designed specifically for smartphones  —  Google Is Publishing Unprintable Books  —  Early Wednesday
Autodesk to cut jobs by 10 percent as it transitions to cloud (Kshitiz Goliya/Reuters)
Kshitiz Goliya / Reuters:Autodesk to cut jobs by 10 percent as it transitions to cloud  —  AutoCAD design software maker Autodesk Inc (ADSK.O) said it would cut about 10 percent of its workforce in the
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Iraqi migrant raped a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna | Daily Mail Online
Migrant, 20, arrived in Austria via Balkans in September and was taxi driverRaped boy in cubicle of Resienbad pool - then had fun on the diving boardTold police he knew it was wrong - but he had not had sex
From Flint to Indian point,. The Water Crisis goes HOT.
New York Gov. orders probe into ‘alarming’ radioactive water leak at Indian Point plant — RT USAOne of the three wells in question, according to Cuomo’s statement, had “radioactivity increasing nearly 65,000 percent,” while in total …
Man With History Of Mental Illness Was Able To Buy A Gun And Kill This Woman Who Told Him 'No'
Christopher O’Kroley was a co-worker to Caroline Nosal. Christopher wanted Caroline as his girlfriend, but Caroline said no. Two days later, Christopher murdered her in the parking lot where they used to work, saying it was “easy” to kill her
Modern Medicine Explains Why Your Desire To Punch Ted Cruz In The Face Is Completely Natural
Germans call it Backpfeifengesicht. It’s a colloquialism which translated means “a face that needs to be hit.” However, you don’t need to be German to want to punch Ted Cruz in the face. While there hasn’t been any formal polling
BREAKING: N. Korea launches space rocket in defiance of sanctions threats - AFP
The satellite-bearing rocket took off at around 9:00 am Pyongyang time (0030 GMT), according to the South Korean defence ministry which was monitoring the site.Its pre-orbital flight arc was planned to traverse the Yellow Sea and further south to the
Zika - Medical Mystery With a Global Reach
Medical Mystery With a Global ReachA sudden, sharp increase in babies with “no foreheads and very strange heads” was baffling doctors in Brazil. The search for answers led to a little-known pathogen, the Zika virus.By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr. ,
Starving Baby Sea Lion Rescued After Wandering Into Restaurant, Falling Asleep
SAN DIEGO (AP) — A starving sea lion has been rescued after finding its way into the booth of a fancy San Diego restaurant.
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Its lazy enough to use the same symbolism in two articles just a few pages apart. However, its particularly lazy to use symbolism thats not even applicable in the UK, where none of our judges use gavels.
13 thoughts about grammar that will make you feel like a genius
If there is one thing the Internet holds dear, its a well-crafted sentence with correct grammar. Your Facebook statuses, your tweets and even your hashtags are always in danger of the grammar troll in your life coming out of the
British Columbia Investment Management Corp Raises Position in Henry Schein, Inc.
British Columbia Investment Management Corp raised its stake in Henry Schein, Inc. by 42.9% during the fourth quarter, according to its most recent Form 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm owned 49,032 shares of the companys
What happened to
RB recuit Denzel Mitchell? He was like the #3 RB that committed after the 14 Bama game. Did he flip to another school or was he not academically eligible.
3 dead in apartment fire
Police say three people are dead, and 15 others are being treated in hospital for various injuries following a fire at a seniors building in Toronto. Paramedic spokesman Peter Rotolo says four people were taken to hospital in critical condition
NFL free agency 2016: Top offensive tackles
The Browns have a free agent of their own at tackle. Hes on this list of offensive tackles available in the offseason.
When you should book a flight to these top cities
While many of us might think booking a flight early is the best bet to lower costs, sometimes the opposite can be true. To help make it easier, KAYAK analyzed flight searches from the US and Canada between November 1,
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Angry customer fires off load at Tampa strip club, killing one and wounding seven. I guess that(...)
Aspiring California DJ finds new life as a mixmaster Sonic Drive-In employee in Kansas town: "I(...)
Photoshop this steamer
That one sentence in the article says it all. Can you spot it?
Pentagon releases hundreds of Abu Ghraib torture photos. In other news, George W. Bush has actu(...)
Sarlacc pit discovered in Arizona
Albuquerque police looking for female "Zapp Brannigan" who might have a lead in a shooting inve(...)
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Red Africa
The Calvert Journals Special Report: Red Africa: When international socialism met the developing world Building blocs — How Ghanas architecture was reimagined with a little help from communist EuropeThe sound of independence-era AfricaBlack in the USSR — The children of
this is what happens when i stay up 5 hours and 13 minutes past my bedtime
High resolution images of The Garden of Earthly Delights
Hieronymus Boschs amazing painting, The Garden of Earthly Delights. Exceptional detail, zoom in or out inside the painting. There are many stories hidden behind the images inside the painting. Click on the white text boxes to listen to and/or read
New Beyoncé video
Kamp Kafka
Instilling existential dread, for generations to come. There should be a camp for Jews who dont like camp, I said. Who feel alienated by camp. To which a colleague exclaimed, Camp Kafka! It came together after that. A comical short
The Lions of Alatash National Park
Hidden population of up to 200 lions found in remote Ethiopia During my professional career I have had to revise the lion distribution map many times, says Hans Bauer, who led the expedition. I have deleted one population after the
Pink Prepping: On pitching disaster readiness to women
Lisa Bedfords Survival Mom blog, which aims to help women, and especially mothers, be ready for a myriad of possible disasters, is part of the new accessible, female-oriented, and, crucially, logical face of prepping. Even that word — prepping —
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