Millipede and centipede.
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Insane Japanese Animation Team Holy Shit
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3D tattoo
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Mattel apologizes for inept computer engineer Barbie
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I just realized that my son's first birthday party will also be his first surprise party since (...)
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Perfect timing
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The Federal Reserve is to launch a major review into whether it is too close to the banks it su(...)
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Amazon's AppStream can now stream any Windows application (Liam Tung/ZDNet)
Liam Tung / ZDNet:Amazons AppStream can now stream any Windows application  —  Summary: Amazon expands support for its streaming service that targets games developers to any Windows application.  —  Liam
Amazon Moves Closer To A Free, Ad-Supported Video Service (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:Amazon Moves Closer To A Free, Ad-Supported Video Service  —  Amazon has been gaining ground on Netflix as the most popular video streaming service in the U.S.,
Aereo CEO: Court Made Incredibly Wrong Decision, Cord-Cutting Is Inevitable (Jordan Crook/TechC(...)
Jordan Crook / TechCrunch:Aereo CEO: Court Made Incredibly Wrong Decision, Cord-Cutting Is Inevitable  —  This morning, Aereo filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11, marking the end of the road for
Square Announces Plans to Begin Accepting Apple Pay in 2015 (Kelly Hodgkins/MacRumors)
Kelly Hodgkins / MacRumors:Square Announces Plans to Begin Accepting Apple Pay in 2015  —  Speaking with CNN, Square founder Jack Dorsey confirmed that the payment processing service will support Apple
Apple launching automated iAd buying with many ad tech vendors including Rubicon, AdRoll, Media(...)
Peter Kafka / Re/code:Apple launching automated iAd buying with many ad tech vendors including Rubicon, AdRoll, MediaMath, The Trade Desk, GET IT Mobile, Accordant, and Adelphic  —  Apple Kicks Off
Microsoft Adds Skype Chat to Office Online (Paul Thurrott/SuperSite for Windows)
Paul Thurrott / SuperSite for Windows:Microsoft Adds Skype Chat to Office Online  —  Hey, you got your Skype in my web browser  —  If you use Outlook.com or OneDrive, you
Net neutrality looks doomed in Europe before it even gets started (David Meyer/Gigaom)
David Meyer / Gigaom:Net neutrality looks doomed in Europe before it even gets started  —  Leaked documents from the Italian presidency of the Council of the European Union show that
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Shock Treatment Lets Men Experience Pain of Childbirth
No description.
This Week in Pictures: Nov. 15-21
No description.
TODAY's Willie Geist and Carson Daly Undergo Live Testicular Exams
No description.
The Fallacy of Ideals and Libertarianism
.                                             In The Beginni …
Obama's selective memory!
I taught constitutional law for ten years. I take the Constitution very seriously. The biggest problems that were facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not
Ford Boosts Fuel Economy for New Aluminum F-150 by Up to 29%
No description.
Stop Whining, Republicans | Joe Peyronnin
that fine, fine republican whine. 
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Man, 67, struck, killed in roadway: Woman killed, 3 others injured in collision
Cobb County police are investigating the death of an elderly man who was struck while in the roadway while Fayetteville police are investigating a collision that left a woman dead and three others, including two teens, injured, officials said. Cobb
Dim Sum Club
The small bill on this magnificent mallard made for a migration worthy meat mitt.
What Time to Test?
Ive been workng on a new feature with a few other devs, and were eager to get it done and into our master branch so that it can be deployed sooner than later. To that end, after dinner and some
CBI arrests 3 CPI-M activists in RSS leader murder case
CBI on Thursday arrested three CPI-M activists in connection with the September 1 murder of RSS leader E Manoj in the district, official sources said. This is the first arrest after CBI took over the case on the request of
Owner saves dog from python in viral video: Dog in eerie python death grip
Owner saves dog from pythons death grip: Dog is being squeezed by snake and the dogs owner steps in with a leafy branch! The owner of a dog saves the pooch from a python s clutches, as the dog was
Gunman killed, three others wounded in FSU campus shooting
A gunman is dead and at least three people were hospitalized following a shooting early Thursday morning on the Florida State University campus in Tallahassee, Fla. About 12:30 a.m., Florida State University police received a call of an armed man
Jan. 16 Trial Date Set for Man Charged in Traffic Deaths
A Southwest Justice Center judge Tuesday set a Jan. 16 date for the start of a jury trial in the c... A Southwest Justice Center judge Tuesday set a Jan. 16 date for the start of a jury trial in
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The lesson here, folks, is to avoid putting pureed raw frog on your eyes
K-Mart tells employees if they don't come in to work on Thanksgiving, they will "automatically (...)
Oh my, unintended truck advertising is unintended
NYPD decides to show those n00bs in the Ferguson PD how you're supposed to shoot an unarmed bla(...)
Monty Python's 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life' passes Frank Sinatra's 'My Way' as the (...)
Suspected child molesters arrested after enrolling in elementary school to recruit victims. No,(...)
No pants fires reported at world's biggest liar competition
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Intersex Awareness
Inter/Act Youth is a group for young people with intersex conditions or disorders of sex development (DSDs) who share their stories with the world. Their parent organization is Advocate for Informed Choice, a legal group that works to stop irreversible
Baby bear seeks big bear for honey and other treats
A man uses Grindr to get free stuff.
They still do not sell t-shirts.
27 years after their recording, Fugazi gives their first set of demos an official release. Alternative Press checks in with an appreciation (with SoundCloud streams of the entire release). The Washington Post recounts the bands early years. Previously, previously, previously,
Tchotchkes of our inner lives
There is more to passwords than their annoyance. In our authorship of them, in the fact that we construct them so that we (and only we) will remember them, they take on secret lives. Many of our passwords are suffused
How to Endear Yourself to an Asian Woman Writer
Here Be Dragons People in the US are usually surprised when I say that my Thai mother lives in Ireland. How did that happen? Thats so strange. Strange, and their little laugh that accompanies the statement, are code for their
Liberal Dude Erotica
#all men are garbage but this kind especially
A tale of music and memory unspooled through a schoolgirl's mixtape
Groove Is in the Heart celebrates the ritual of recording a compilation tape in the days before the infinite jukebox of the internet. A lot of people will be familiar with the ritual it portrays: marking the first phase of
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