The Food Gap Is Widening - Wealthy people are eating better than ever, while the poor are eatin(...)
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TIL In Don McLean's "American Pie" they are drinking whiskey *in* Rye. Don's favourite bar, The(...)
TIL there is a water vapor cloud in space which has 100 trillion times the amount of water pres(...)
My wife said yes. Looks good everywhere
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I am Paris Themmen. I played Mike Teevee in the original Willy Wonka. AMA!
Hi Redditors! I'm best known for playing Mike Teevee in the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but I appeared in several other things as a kid and have had a variety of careers since then. It's all on
The cloud in the middle cuts the sun's rays that then cuts the cloud ahead of it into halves
Georgia dealers want Tesla store shuttered for selling too many Teslas
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How Anonymous incited online vigilantism from Tunisia to Ferguson (David Kushner/New Yorker)
David Kushner / New Yorker:How Anonymous incited online vigilantism from Tunisia to Ferguson  —  The Masked Avengers  —  How Anonymous incited online vigilantism from Tunisia to Ferguson. … “I need
Lessons From the Celebrity iCloud Photo Breach (Chris Soghoian/ACLU)
Chris Soghoian / ACLU:Lessons From the Celebrity iCloud Photo Breach  —  Based on initial media reports, it seems that intimate, private photographs from several celebrities online accounts have been accessed
Google Partners With UCSB To Build Quantum Processors For Artificial Intelligence (Frederic Lar(...)
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:Google Partners With UCSB To Build Quantum Processors For Artificial Intelligence  —  Google today announced that it is expanding its research around quantum computing and that it
Lenovo Tab S8: Intel Quad-Core Android Tablet Is $199 (Avram Piltch/Laptop Mag)
Avram Piltch / Laptop Mag:Lenovo Tab S8: Intel Quad-Core Android Tablet Is $199  —  In the world of compact tablets, 8-inch is the new 7-inch.  As consumers gravitate toward larger
Lenovo announces Y70 Touch gaming laptop: 17-inch touch display, 7.5 pounds, available October (...)
Nathan Ingraham / The Verge:Lenovo announces Y70 Touch gaming laptop: 17-inch touch display, 7.5 pounds, available October for $1,299  —  Lenovo built a ludicrously heavy, 17-inch, touchscreen gaming laptop  — 
Apple sets developer rules for HealthKit, HomeKit, TestFlight, and Extensions ahead of iOS 8 la(...)
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:Apple sets developer rules for HealthKit, HomeKit, TestFlight, and Extensions ahead of iOS 8 launch  —  Today, Apple has updated its official App Store developers Review Guidelines to outline the requirements for
Apple Should Be More Transparent About Security (Matthew Panzarino/TechCrunch)
Matthew Panzarino / TechCrunch:Apple Should Be More Transparent About Security  —  It seems that Apple has gotten embroiled in a security scandal of one sort or another every few months. 
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"Dr. Shah Plastic Surgery"-Expert facial plastic surgeon in San Antonio
Are you looking for a professional, trusted and experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon in San Antonio? Dr.Anand G. Shah, MD is a double Board Certified specialist in cosmetic surgery of the face and neck. For more visithttp://drshahplasticsurgery.com
Get Your New Custom Newsvine Keyboard.
For sale. Cheap, too.
Best Tips For Online Travel Booking
Benefits of booking on-line with associate degree Ontario Registered agencyWhen getting travel services on-line, bear in mind to confirm that you simply area unit handling a TICO-registered travel company, as  …
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Professional Ideas On Convenient Plans In Golf
Why not try golf if youre looking to play a new sport? Golf provides fresh air and a wonderful source of entertainment with friends. Body, mind and even spirit benefit from the workout you receive playing golf. This article contains
Ramuan Biar Cepat Hamil
This web parked free courtesy new cache mirip new just reg search welcome learn how you this domain more domains like this this web cara membuat ramuan tradisional agar cepat hamil manfaat cache makanan penyubur kandungan obat serviks cache mirip
The Middle East Needs Heros
In Romans 10:3 we have the cause first stated for which Israel was rejected:For they being ignorant of Gods righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God. For Christ is
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Organizing knowledge to enable personalization of medicine in cancer
To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document.
Air Force instructor convicted in sex scandal dies
The first Air Force instructor convicted of rape and sexual assault in a massive sex scandal at one of the nations busiest military training centers has died while in prison, officials said Tuesday.
The times in which we live - famous actress photo leaks
I am not surprised that this happened, and I think @Abu3baid is wrong to say that most normal decent people wouldnt take such pictures.
Justin Bieber Arrested On Assault And Dangerous Driving Charges In Ontario
Canadian police say pop star Justin Bieber has been charged with dangerous driving and assault after a collision between a minivan and an ATV led to a physical altercation in southwestern Ontario.
New report calls for tougher sentences for hate crimes
They surveyed 14 advocacy groups for those with disabilities, ethnic and religious minorities and the LGBT community, which detailed instances of physical and verbal abuse.
High energy efficiency in the body segment
Raw wood detained and in addition they additionally accomplish individuals of object in which in which can deterioration away well-being.
When Chicago rental services go into thug mode
Rental service agents are aggressive under normal circumstances, but they go into hyper-drive against apartment buildings that wont cooperate with them and pay them a commission, or offer less than a full months rent as commission.
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Students have been back at the University of Iowa for a little more than a week, and already th(...)
Justice Scalia once cited the case of death row inmate Henry Lee McCollum as a good example of (...)
Meet "The Pickle" a bright green RV that just won a contest for being the ugliest motor home ar(...)
Skipper arrested on DUI suspicion after boat runs aground at Venice Beach. Assault charges may (...)
The Russian dash-cam video to end all Russian dash-cam videos
Meet the girl with three biological parents. A direct result of one of her mothers going to New(...)
Couple engage. One wants a Mexican themed wedding, the other wants Star Trek. They make it so
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Why Do We Blindly Sign Terms Of Service Agreements?
NPR interviews Omri Ben Shahar, teacher of contract law at the University of Chicago and co-author of the book, More Than You Wanted To Know: The Failure Of Mandated Disclosure. His advice: You shouldnt bother reading those terms and conditions.
This a little story bout this one time, we got booked to play a show, right? It was down in the Keys, we wuz makin our way - and we ran into the Tiki BarFunk cruises through the Caribbean picking
Fabulous Fabiano
At the Sinquefield Cup Fabiano Caruana is currently 6 wins and no losses.
Tu Kaha O Pango Te Kahikatia!
Whose tradition counts on the basketball courts? The Tall Blacks, New Zealands basketball team did their new Haka before games with their Turkish opponents turning their backs and the American players looking just confused. Marc Hinton dares to suggest that
"It seems like a dead wire leading nowhere."
How does a Dell laptop know what kind of power adapter is connected? The adapter tells it. Reverse-engineering: Hacking the Dell laptop power adapter 1, 2, 3, 4.
"Don't open your story with a picture of an abandoned house."
Wyoming Indian High is located in Ethete, a tiny town of about 1,500 residents, in central Wyoming. The school itself is composed of approximately 200 students, mainly from the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes on the Wind River Reservation.
a "professional interloper" among bronies
I Was the Weirdest Person at BronyCon 2014 Outside of BronyCon where the roles are reversed—where theyre odd for liking My Little Pony and Im normal for ignoring it—the bronies are in a constant struggle to receive the respect that
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