LPT: Windows 7, Re-shake a window will return all collapsed windows back to original positions.
We all have experienced it, you’re moving a window around on your screen and you accidently shake it. Doing so collapses all other windows that are open. If you let go of the window you shook, and re-shake the same
“I can’t go into safety leaving my children among the beasts”. Principal,burned alive by (...)
Me trying to kill a fly for five minutes is the equivalent of me being chased down by a killer (...)
Assuming the lifespan of the fly is 24 hours and my lifespan is 77.4 years (U.S. male life expectancy according to Wikipedia). submitted by Tessellated_Turtle to Showerthoughts
Mitt Romney: "Sony, Please Release 'The Interview' for Free Online"
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PsBattle: Dehydrated Brother Winning Last Place in X-Country Race
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J.K. Rowling on on the LGBT community.
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What is the stupidest thing a US politician has ever said?
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Book adaptation: How Marissa Mayer fought to turn around Yahoo and lost her way (Nicholas Carls(...)
Nicholas Carlson / New York Times:Book adaptation: How Marissa Mayer fought to turn around Yahoo and lost her way  —  What Happened When Marissa Mayer Tried to Be Steve Jobs 
Palo Alto Networks finds factory-installed backdoor on Android devices from China's Coolpad (Mi(...)
Michael Mimoso / Threatpost:Palo Alto Networks finds factory-installed backdoor on Android devices from Chinas Coolpad  —  Manufacturers Backdoor Found on Popular Chinese Android Smartphone  —  A popular Android smartphone sold
AMC and MoviePass partner for unlimited movie subscription plan, priced between $35 and $45 per(...)
Brooks Barnes / New York Times:AMC and MoviePass partner for unlimited movie subscription plan, priced between $35 and $45 per month  —  From AMC and MoviePass, a Film a Day
Apple to instate country-specific app taxes in EU starting Jan. 1 (Mikey Campbell/AppleInsider)
Mikey Campbell / AppleInsider:Apple to instate country-specific app taxes in EU starting Jan. 1  —  In an email sent out to iTunes Connect members on Wednesday, Apple reminded developers of
Sony Has 'No Further Release Plans' for 'The Interview' (Dave McNary/Variety)
Dave McNary / Variety:Sony Has ‘No Further Release Plans’ for ‘The Interview’  —  Sony Pictures Entertainment has walked out on “The Interview,” deciding against releasing the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy
Costolo's Family Trusts Sell Remaining Twitter Stock (Bloomberg)
Bloomberg:Costolos Family Trusts Sell Remaining Twitter Stock  —  Twitter Inc. (TWTR) Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolos family trusts have sold off the last shares of the company he leads.  — 
Apple's Holiday Product Red Campaign Raises $20 Million for AIDS Research (Dawn Chmielewski/Re/code)
Dawn Chmielewski / Re/code:Apples Holiday Product Red Campaign Raises $20 Million for AIDS Research  —  Apple raised in excess of $20 million in a holiday campaign for Product Red, which
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No title
 Bill Hicks + George Carlin in a unique blended melody, The Big Electron :      
Rescued Frank Lloyd Wright house for sale in Houston
No description.
Escorts Massage Girls in shanghai | shanghaioutcall.com
shanghaioucall.com is a massage escorts agency in shanghai.Our massage girls do this massage vip and noon vip client with normal massage oil in deffrent step, body to body etc.
President Obama big-foots the news cycle
Rachel Maddow reviews the glut of compelling news stories today, all of which were trumped by President Obama generating history-making news with his decision to change U.S. Cuba policy.
Engineering CAD Services
VeeCreate is a CAD Design and Development Services Company specialized in Engineering CAD Services, 2D CAD Drafting Services, Outsourcing 2D and 3D Cad Modeling, and 2D to 3D CAD Conversion Services.
Why the Fed Thinks US Economy Still Needs Its Help - ABC News
If you didnt know about the lingering damage from the Great Recession, the U.S. economy would appear remarkably strong.The unemployment rate is a close-to-healthy 5.8 percent. Inflation is unusually low. Crashing oil prices are rewarding consumers with a tax cut of s …
Feets of Fury: China to Require Every Child to Play Soccer
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Double jeopardy in inferring cognitive processes.
Inferences we make about underlying cognitive processes can be jeopardized in two ways due to problematic forms of aggregation. First, averaging across individuals is typically considered a very useful tool for removing random variability.
internetarchive 0.7.7
You need to supply your IAS3 credentials in environment variables in order to upload. You can retrieve S3 keys from https://archive.org/account/s3.php can be a very powerful command when used with jq , a command-line JSON processor.
NBC will live stream their broadcast programming, as long as you have a TV subscription
NBCU has joined CBS, HBO and others in offering live streaming of their broadcast programming online and on mobile devices. Unlike the aforementioned companys service, however, you will need to have a TV subscription to get access to the live
Envirotouch outlet lets you control your energy use
Most homes have a handful of appliances or electronics that keep sipping away at electricity even when youre not using them. Many electronics companies have gotten better at implementing standby power settings that curb energy use, but still many havent.
The Gunman Who Killed Six Family Members In Pennsylvania Was Found Dead Of Apparent Suicide
Bradley William Stone then locked himself in his house, then somehow managed to escape and took police on a crazy manhunt around the suburban Philadelphia area. After holding up a driver at knifepoint yesterday in Doylestown and then disappearing once
Pakistan In Shock After School Attack That Killed More Than 100
In one of the worst terrorist attacks in Pakistans history, militants belonging to the Pakistani Taliban on Tuesday launched a brazen attack on a military-run school in the city of Peshawar. Officials said the eight-hour siege left at least 141
Casein kinase 1: Complexity in the family.
To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document. The CK1 family of serine/threonine kinases regulates diverse cellular processes, through binding to and phosphorylation a myriad of
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Jingle Bells was never meant to be a Christmas song, but a drinking song written by a 'jerk'
Two racecars known as Romeo and Juliet stolen from parking lot. Mercutio Towing believed to be (...)
Just when you thought that the anti-vaccine simpletons couldn't get any batshiat crazier.... VA(...)
Drunk driver with crack pipe in car mows down five in Manhattan. Topless selfies on Facebook (n(...)
If you happened to steal a trailer from a motel parking lot, Oklahoma City police would like to(...)
Man offers a free round the world trip with only two requirements. 1. Be named Elizabeth Gallag(...)
Sexy psychologist decapitates her 'abusive' husband, chops up his body with a chainsaw then sca(...)
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The Enduring Art of the Lowcountry Basket
Grass Roots: The Enduring Art of the Lowcountry Basket (video 27:21). Sweetgrass Baskets: This basket-making tradition came to South Carolina in the 17th century by way of West African slaves who were brought to America to work on plantations. The
The rise of Bolivia's Aymara people, as seen in architecture and fashion
Bolivia has undergone a significant change under the three terms of President Evo Morales, the first president to come from the countrys indigenous majority. Members of that majority have found prosperity, increasing the prestige of indigenous design and style, as
The Best of Paul Stanleys Epic Stage Raps - the video companion piece to People, Let Me Get This Off My Chest
Spoiler: Schadenfreude
What happened When Marissa Mayer Tried to Be Steve Jobs
Love before War
Theres all this talk about a manned trip to Mars. But theres another planet to consider visiting before a trip to Mars - NASA is now studying how to send people to Venus.
Twitter Bots for My Real Friends, Real Bots for My Twitter Friends
Darius Kazemi, aka @tinysubversions, is a bot-maker extrordinaire. Known for his inspiring talk on creativity and the lottery at XOXO last year, Kazemi has founded NaNoGenMo and the Bot Summit, created such wonderful Twitter Bots as Olivia Taters, For My
Behind the scenes at the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens
Are you interested in plants? The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew arent just a tourist attraction -- they also run one of the worlds leading botanical research institutes. To show off how important and fascinating modern plant science can be,
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