Pet shaming has gone too far
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TIL President James K. Polk is nicknamed by some historians "the least known consequential pres(...)
Billy Zane officially joins the cast of 'Zoolander 2'; First image released
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Found an astronaut carved into the entrance of this 900 year old church in Salamanca, Spain.
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When marijuana is legal people will say 4/20 is just another commercialized holiday.
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Norbert, the 3 lb therapy dog.
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Every Sunday I make pizza.
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Spotify's ad revenue increased 53% YoY in Q1, with mobile ads growing 380% (Tim Ingham/Music Bu(...)
Tim Ingham / Music Business Worldwide:Spotifys ad revenue increased 53% YoY in Q1, with mobile ads growing 380%  —  Spotify ad revenue jumped 53% in Q1  —  Spotify saw a
FAQ: Google's mobile friendly algorithm update, coming April 21st, explained (Barry Schwartz/Se(...)
Barry Schwartz / Search Engine Land:FAQ: Googles mobile friendly algorithm update, coming April 21st, explained  —  Tomorrow Is Mobilegeddon - Are You Ready For The Google Mobile Friendly Update?  — 
IBM's sales decline for 12th quarter but revenue in line with estimates at $19.6B (Morris Mac M(...)
Morris Mac Matzen / Reuters:IBMs sales decline for 12th quarter but revenue in line with estimates at $19.6B  —  IBM sales fall for 12th quarter, currency weighs  —  (Reuters) -
YouTube app to stop working on older Apple TVs, iOS, Google TVs, older smart TVs, and gaming co(...)
Juli Clover / MacRumors:YouTube app to stop working on older Apple TVs, iOS, Google TVs, older smart TVs, and gaming consoles by late May as Google retires YouTube Data API
Federal appeals court rejects Paul Ceglia's requests to revive lawsuit that claimed he owned ha(...)
Jonathan Stempel / Reuters:Federal appeals court rejects Paul Ceglias requests to revive lawsuit that claimed he owned half of Facebook and to block criminal case against him  —  Fugitive fails
Atlanta Hawks selling a limited number of tickets to Wednesday's game exclusively via Twitter, (...)
Jason Del Rey / Re/code:Atlanta Hawks selling a limited number of tickets to Wednesdays game exclusively via Twitter, a first for an NBA team  —  Twitter Begins Selling Sports Tickets,
Apple details the technology and functionality behind Apple Watch's heart rate monitor (Sarah G(...)
Sarah Guarino / 9to5Mac:Apple details the technology and functionality behind Apple Watchs heart rate monitor  —  Ahead of the Apple Watch making its way onto the wrists of consumers, Apple
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Almost 2 out of 10 men in their prime are not working
No description.
Matt the Cornhusker
No description.
Prince William, Kate to get marital counseling
No description.
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Fox News, usually the one throwing stones, ducks for cover after biting off more than they could chew by offering a NY OWS protester a platform to speak his mind in 2011
The final five face off on 'Project Runway'
No description.
'Downton Abbey' stars tease money woes, wedding and 'roller coaster to come'
No description.
Kathie Lee and Hoda enjoy brief 'Daily Show' fame
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Man Shot In Back At Sheepshead-Nostrand Houses, Gunman On The Loose
A man was hospitalized after being shot in front of the NYCHAs Sheepshead-Nostrand Houses on Nostrand Avenue on Saturday, and the gunman remains free, police said. An unidentified 33-year old-man was shot in the courtyard of 3549 Nostrand Avenue, part
Who needs a demo permit?
Walking down the street whistling on a wonderful warm day. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? A rodent bait sign on the door.
Do you recognise this person?
ACT Policing is seeking public assistance in identifying a man who may be involved in the theft of a set of keys from a taxi earlier this month. About 3:50am on Friday 10 April 2015 a set of keys was
ISIS Takes Credit for Suicide Bombing That Killed at Least 33 People in Afghanistan
Hours after the suicide bombing attack Jalalabad, Afghanistan that saw 33 people killed and more than 100 injured, ISIS took credit for the slaughter . The attack in Jalalabad, the capital of eastern Nagarhar province, targeted a crowd of soldiers
Matt Kuchar's tee shot yields birdie on No. 7 at RBC Heritage
In the final round of the 2015 RBC Heritage, Jim Fuyrk holes a 48-foot putt for birdie on the par-4 8th hole. Read More In the final round of the 2015 RBC Heritage, Jordan Spieths 19-foot putt rolls in for
Election manifesto 2015
This manifesto sets out the National Health Action Partys policy pledges for the upcoming general election.
Toddler found dead in barrel
Reports are that the mother of the toddler said she was preparing to give her daughter a bath but got distracted with other children. Another family member went in search of food in a barrel where food and other items
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Remember how the world hunger problem will be solved once we finally get used to eating insects(...)
Judge throws out charges against off duty cop that fired into an unarmed crowd, killing a woman(...)
"When my daughter is born next month,
Photoshop this rehydration method
Living with agoraphobia isn't a walk in the park, you know. Sometimes it's a walk into a manhole
CDC advises no sex with ebola survivors. I'm gonna go out on limb here and say probably no sex (...)
When you die, you too can be Groot
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Bitcoin done (or at least demo'd) Right
...MIT Media Lab announced the launch of the Digital Currency Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to bring together global experts in areas ranging from cryptography, to economics, to privacy, to distributed systems...previously previously-er more-previously more-er-previously oh-heck-kittens-in-boxes
A nude female corpse is allowable, of course.
Editorial guidelines from Spicy Detective magazine, 1935:
Two Countries, Separated By A Common Tongue
How to Pronounce UK Place Names (SLYT) Anglophenias Siobhan Thompson teaches Science Frictions Rusty Ward—and the rest of America—how to pronounce difficult British place names.
"I was doing fine until they started bunting."
Philadelphia — 1912. In a matter of hours, college student Allan Travers, 20, went from having never pitched a game in his life to starting pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. A few days earlier, Ty Cobb took to the stands
Day 1,825
1,825 days after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Perrin Ireland (@experrinment) and the Natural Resources Defense Council ask: Whered the oil go?
The Catastrophe
He had always wanted his suicide to be high drama , but in the end he said nothing to anyone; he simply disappeared from sight and silently returned to the sea.Oliver Sacks looks at the last years of monologuist Spalding
Taco nights, competitive board games, group viewings of Game of Thrones
Moving to Mars. The volunteers perched in the lava fields of Mauna Loa on the HI-SEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) mission are as close as Earthlings will get to Mars in the foreseeable future. ...Since the nineteen-sixties,
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