Arches of a church that is abandoned in Brazil being swallowed by the sea.
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TIFU by letting my boyfriend suck my breast.
We were home alone for the first time in a while, and I decided to initiate some sexy time... He gave me kisses from my lips, cheek, then trailed down to my chest. After a short while, I noticed a
GLaDOS ceiling lamp that moves. Shut up and take my money
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A boy sells lemonade from his front yard stand in 1973.
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Foods ranked by protein per calorie
Updated spreadsheet on Google Docs The original table This isn't an exhaustive list, but it gives an idea of the better sources of protein. I've used UK prices here, but I imagine they could still be used elsewhere as a
And baby you got yourself a roast.
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TIL that in 1847, a doctor performed an amputation in 25 seconds, operating so quickly that he (...)
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UK government warns of legislative action if search engines don't stop linking to pirate sites (...)
Andy / TorrentFreak:UK government warns of legislative action if search engines dont stop linking to pirate sites  —  UK Govt. Warns Google, Microsoft & Yahoo Over Piracy  —  Developments over
Apple, Nordstrom in Talks to Partner on Payments (Ian Kar/Bank Innovation)
Ian Kar / Bank Innovation:Apple, Nordstrom in Talks to Partner on Payments  —  Department store Nordstrom is reportedly in talks to be one of Apples early merchant partners when the
Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker, a law enforcement tool popular on hacker forums, downloads fu(...)
Andy Greenberg / Wired:Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker, a law enforcement tool popular on hacker forums, downloads full iCloud backups given stolen credentials  —  The Police Tool That Pervs Use to
SoftBank's humanoid robot Pepper will go on sale in US within a year, coming to Sprint stores ((...)
Bloomberg:SoftBanks humanoid robot Pepper will go on sale in US within a year, coming to Sprint stores  —  SoftBank to Sell Robot in U.S. Stores Within 12 Months  —  Billionaire
A look inside the hacker networks dealing in stolen celebrity data (Nik Cubrilovic/New Web Order)
Nik Cubrilovic / New Web Order:A look inside the hacker networks dealing in stolen celebrity data  —  Notes on the Celebrity Data Theft  —  An interesting aspect of information security
Greg Wyler, satellite executive and founder of 03b Networks, has abruptly left Google (Jessica (...)
Jessica E. Lessin / The Information:Greg Wyler, satellite executive and founder of 03b Networks, has abruptly left Google  —  Abrupt Exit for Google Satellite Exec  —  One of the leaders of Googles effort to build
Drug Market 'Agora' Replaces the Silk Road as King of the Dark Net (Andy Greenberg/Wired)
Andy Greenberg / Wired:Drug Market ‘Agora’ Replaces the Silk Road as King of the Dark Net  —  For two and a half years, the Dread Pirate Roberts and his Silk
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Friends Suspect Pregnant Bay Shore Woman Was Victim Of Revenge Killing
BAY SHORE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A pregnant woman gunned down outside her Long Island home Saturday night may have been targeted by an enemy of her husband, friends say.
Syria: ISIS Rebels, Assisted by Israel, Jordan and the U.S., Detain UN Peacekeepers in Israeli-(...)
The United Nations says 43 of its peacekeepers have been detained by “armed elements” fighting in the Golan Heights, the Associated Press reports. DEBKAfile, an Israeli intelligence asset, reports the ISIS and al-Nusra effort to wrest control of the border a …
USDOJ: Maryland MS-13 Member Pleads Guilty inViolent Racketeering Conspiracy
aryland MS-13 gang member pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to participate in a racketeering enterprise known as the La Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, and acknowledged his involvement in attempted murder and extortion in furtherance of MS-13. Assistant Attorney General Leslie
FBI — International Fraud Scheme Now Targeting Houstonians
 FBI Houston August 29, 2014 Special Agent Shauna Dunlap (713) 936-7638
Interview: Monte Beauchamp on His Collection 'Masterful Marks: Cartoonists Who Changed the World
 An index of other interviews and reviews Ive done is hereMasterful Marks: Cartoonists Who Changed the World by Monte Beauchamp is impressive and fascinating. Rather than just tell short biographies of the 16 cartoonists featured, it instead has other cartoonists
Obama and Cameron to tell Nato allies to increase defence spending
Barack Obama and David Cameron will tell their Nato allies to increase defence spending in a showdown at this week’s summit in Wales. The US president and the Prime Minister will call on European leaders to do more to defend the
20 budget-friendly superfoods
No description.
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Air Force instructor convicted in sex scandal dies
The first Air Force instructor convicted of rape and sexual assault in a massive sex scandal at one of the nations busiest military training centers has died while in prison, officials said Tuesday.
The times in which we live - famous actress photo leaks
I am not surprised that this happened, and I think @Abu3baid is wrong to say that most normal decent people wouldnt take such pictures.
Justin Bieber Arrested On Assault And Dangerous Driving Charges In Ontario
Canadian police say pop star Justin Bieber has been charged with dangerous driving and assault after a collision between a minivan and an ATV led to a physical altercation in southwestern Ontario.
New report calls for tougher sentences for hate crimes
They surveyed 14 advocacy groups for those with disabilities, ethnic and religious minorities and the LGBT community, which detailed instances of physical and verbal abuse.
High energy efficiency in the body segment
Raw wood detained and in addition they additionally accomplish individuals of object in which in which can deterioration away well-being.
When Chicago rental services go into thug mode
Rental service agents are aggressive under normal circumstances, but they go into hyper-drive against apartment buildings that wont cooperate with them and pay them a commission, or offer less than a full months rent as commission.
Defense Attorney for Accused 9/11 Terror Attack Leader Resigns
Summary : Major Jason Wright, defense attorney for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, accused of being one of the main players in the September 11 terror attacks, has resigned, claiming the U.S. government left him with no other choice.
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Couple engage. One wants a Mexican themed wedding, the other wants Star Trek. They make it so
Princeton University demands employee stop taking life-saving medicine or be fired
Remember for decades the Fed kept telling everybody to save money and not spend it all? If you (...)
Photoshop this winner and loser
NJ governor Chris Christie's transportation policy angers motorist, who responds by joining his(...)
Despite Indiana's reputation as a backward state, lawyers must wear socks in the courtroom
Having private photos stolen and posted on the internet isn't a scandal, it's a sex crime
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a "professional interloper" among bronies
I Was the Weirdest Person at BronyCon 2014 Outside of BronyCon where the roles are reversed—where theyre odd for liking My Little Pony and Im normal for ignoring it—the bronies are in a constant struggle to receive the respect that
"Eating and walking is a false economy, time-wise"
How to eat: burritosIt may be categorised as street food, but eating a burrito while walking is hazardous. Weve all been there: you take a bite from one side of the burrito, which leaves a quivering lip of rice-loaded tortilla
What happened to...?
Lost treasures of Baseball -The Dauvray Cup-Shoeless Joes Confession-The McGreevy Collection of Baseball pictures-Eddie Grants plaque from the Polo Grounds-Bill Mazeroskis home run ball from the 1960 World Series-An eight-foot tall statue of Babe Ruth
ffish Custard
One pound of Almons beat them small, in the beatingput in the Row of a Pike 4 dates cut and the yolkes of4 Eggs temper it with cold water Straine it through aStrainer & make a quart of it Season
The Dying Russians
The Dying Russians In the seventeen years between 1992 and 2009, the Russian population declined by almost seven million people, or nearly 5 percent—a rate of loss unheard of in Europe since World War II. Moreover, much of this appears
The Dragon's Current Situation
...to focus laser-like on providing flavor-rich yet detail-free idea stimulation for fantasy RPGs in the form of random tables for the underused 12-sided die.
If nothing else, Grover Norquist had a great time at Burning Man
In a year that saw increasing awareness of how the wealthy are coming to Burning Man in catered and chaperoned camps (costing up to $25K a head), Grover Norquist at least sounds like he had a memorable time and even
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