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IamA 21 year old male with a hormone disorder that started puberty 1 year ago. AMA!
I've done a few AMA's in the past but a few people wanted me to update every once in a while. 1 year ago I was prepubescent and was put on testosterone replacement therapy. My body and mind is still
China completes first mission to moon and back
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Arachnophobia chopped out of a man's brain: For the first time, a person's lifelong phobia has (...)
I just realized I haven't seen a single Guy Fawkes mask today. Good job everyone
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Crater Lake has been on my bucket list since I was nine. It was more beautiful than I expected.
George RR Martin Confused by Sexy George RR Martin Halloween Costume
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London police trial gang violence 'predicting' software (Leo Kelion/BBC)
Leo Kelion / BBC:London police trial gang violence ‘predicting’ software  —  Accenture says the software identifies high risk groups rather than specific individuals  —  Police in London have tested software
Google's New Bookmarking Service, Previously Called Stars, Has Gone Live (Sarah Perez/TechCrunch)
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:Googles New Bookmarking Service, Previously Called Stars, Has Gone Live  —  Google Stars, the long-rumored bookmarking service from Google, has now publicly launched, but with little fanfare. 
Xbox Entertainment Studios officially closed after Nancy Tellem, Jordan Levin let go earlier th(...)
Cynthia Littleton / Variety:Xbox Entertainment Studios officially closed after Nancy Tellem, Jordan Levin let go earlier than expected  —  Nancy Tellem, Jordan Levin Leave Xbox Entertainment Studios Amid Mass Microsoft
AT&T bumps data on $40, $70 Mobile Share Value plans; Verizon bumps data for $100, $80 plans (J(...)
Juli Clover / MacRumors:AT&T bumps data on $40, $70 Mobile Share Value plans; Verizon bumps data for $100, $80 plans  —  AT&T and Verizon Boost Monthly Wireless Data in Ongoing
Will He Ever Return? Head Of Google's Web Spam Team Matt Cutts Extends Leave Into 2015 (Danny S(...)
Danny Sullivan / Search Engine Land:Will He Ever Return?  Head Of Googles Web Spam Team Matt Cutts Extends Leave Into 2015  —  The head of Googles web spam team, Matt
Come Out, Come Out: The Tim Cook Moment Is Here (Kara Swisher/Re/code)
Kara Swisher / Re/code:Come Out, Come Out: The Tim Cook Moment Is Here  —  Looking back, I guess we in the media might have asked Apple CEO Tim Cook if
HTC predicts better sales in 4th quarter after 3-year decline, 3rd straight quarterly profit (A(...)
Aries Poon / Wall Street Journal:HTC predicts better sales in 4th quarter after 3-year decline, 3rd straight quarterly profit  —  HTC Sees Brighter Fourth-Quarter Sales  —  Smartphone Maker HTC Faces
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Donald Marvin Rowland, 88, Accused of Killing Elderly Wife in Bed
No description.
Faster than takeout! 5 15-minute dinner recipes
No description.
Sept. 11 Museum visitors exceed 300,000 in first month
No description.
Watch This Adorable Dog Help His Thirsty Owner
No description.
Authors, Artists, Chefs Share Dia De Los Muertos Celebrations
No description.
This Slugger May Become Richest Cuban Defector Yet
No description.
Stewart reportedly to do reality show for NBC
No description.
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11 People Arrested for Supplying Dead Unmarried Men With Dead Brides
This religion worships an execution machine that was popular in Roman times. Maybe one day in the future there will be a religion that worships the electric chair or the drip.
Eye gaze for spoken language understanding in multi-modal conversational interactions
When humans converse with each other, they naturally amalgamate information from multiple modalities . This paper focuses on eye gaze and its combination with speech.
Three people shot after fight breaks out in Queens nightclub
Another woman was shot in the buttocks and leg, while a bullet grazed a male victims hed, according to cops. A woman was killed and two more people were shot when a fight broke out at an after-hours party in
A checkbook-like register GUI lets you enter and track bank accounts stocks, income, and even currency trades. A full set of reports allow you to see the state of your finances.
Tiger Costume Fools Police, Man Charged with Possessing Bestiality Porn
Summary: A man who had a fake bestiality sex video of a woman and a man in a tiger costume was arrested when officers believed the tiger was real. Somewhere, a tiger costume designer should be patting himself on the
Man charged with murder in SWAT officer shooting
A suspected Mongols motorcycle gang member was charged with murder Thursday in the killing of a Pomona SWAT officer during a crackdown on the group. The charge against David Martinez, 36, included special circumstances that could bring the death penalty,
OnStar Can Help You Escape When Monsters Attack
If your car gets swarmed by zombies, would you know what to do? While that question may seem far-fetched, Halloween car safety is an integral part of ensuring every little vampire and mummy gets home safely after trick-or-treating. Chevrolet and
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Six famous internet cats team together for the ultimate selfie, just in time for Caturday
Researchers create harness that translates body language of dogs - which will come in handy whe(...)
What does the world's hottest chilli pepper and an orchestra have in common? When one eats the (...)
Ever wonder what happens after you complain about the putrid freight trains packed with garbage(...)
Alabama man robs four Subway sandwich shops because he was outraged the Jared diet didn't work
Australia urges its medical workers to volunteer to help with the Ebola outbreak, as it's safer(...)
Finland's first suspected Ebola patient confirmed to have the same strain of Ebola as everybody(...)
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Satiregram , you may never post again on social media.
Three Articles about Bob Dylan and Fandom
The Halloween Concert That Reinvented Bob Dylan by Sean Wilentz (an excerpt from his Bob Dylan in America) is an article about Dylans concert in New Yorks Philharmonic Hall fifty years ago yesterday, which was released ten years ago in
Account of an ayahuasca ceremony
Thomas Leveritt at Harpers Magazine writes about his experience participating in an ayahuasca ceremony. A pleasingly (and humorously) well-written, detailed account.
Won't You Come Out to Play?
Beatles Guitar Secrets My videos are really intended for accomplished guitarists who want to polish up their Beatles repertoire and can benefit from seeing how a song is played. If the various chords that I am playing are not familiar
Dr. Zissou or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Shark
Wes Andersons The Life Aquatic trailer in the style of Stanley Kubricks The Shining
He who laughs last, laughs longest
Victor Hugo, famous for Les Miserables and Notre-Dame de Paris, wrote LHomme Qui Rit, or The Man Who Laughs in 1869 on the isle of Guernsey. The story was adapted for film in 1928, directed by Paul Leni and starring
ghosties & ghoulies & lang-legged beasties
For others stuck at home tonight, as I am, answering the doorbell for little spooks, some between-rings amusement.From poetry.about.com, a very fine link farm to some spooky halloween poems. If you dont know Christina Rossettis Goblin Market, go there first.More
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