TIL I'm bad at posting at the right subreddit
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DIY Mommy Command Center
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Ronda Rousey caught in submission hold by a fan
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LPT: If you're looking for a job, spend 8 hours a day applying and looking. Because that is you(...)
I can be very lazy and slack. So I would apply for two or 3 jobs and call it a day. This made me change my view on things. submitted by insidemyroom to LifeProTips
So my grandparents sent me a gift for my birthday
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As the world mourned Cecil the lion, five of Kenya’s endangered elephants were slain
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Fat squirrel with corn on the cob
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Sony Posts $780M Profit On Strong PlayStation And Sensor Businesses (Jon Russell/TechCrunch)
Jon Russell / TechCrunch:Sony Posts $780M Profit On Strong PlayStation And Sensor Businesses  —  Sony today reported a $780 million operating profit for Q1 2015, up 39 percent annually, as
Obama's New Executive Order Says the US Must Build an Exascale Supercomputer (Jason Koebler/Mot(...)
Jason Koebler / Motherboard:Obamas New Executive Order Says the US Must Build an Exascale Supercomputer  —  President Obama has established a new initiative across multiple government agencies that will focus
Office Mobile apps for Windows 10 are here! (Kirk Koenigsbauer/Office Blogs)
Kirk Koenigsbauer / Office Blogs:Office Mobile apps for Windows 10 are here!  —  Todays post was written by Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office Client Applications and Services team.  —  Its a big
Like with News Feed, Facebook wants to encourage organic interaction with businesses before mon(...)
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:Like with News Feed, Facebook wants to encourage organic interaction with businesses before monetizing Messenger and WhatsApp  —  Facebooks Playbook For Monetizing Messenger And WhatsApp  —  With
Uber to lease cars directly to UberX drivers with Xchange Leasing pilot program, which includes(...)
Leena Rao / Fortune:Uber to lease cars directly to UberX drivers with Xchange Leasing pilot program, which includes unlimited mileage and limited early termination fees  —  Uber now offers its
Wi-Fi Sense in Windows 10, used to share access to Wi-Fi networks with contacts, requires opt i(...)
Sebastian Anthony / Ars Technica:Wi-Fi Sense in Windows 10, used to share access to Wi-Fi networks with contacts, requires opt in, encrypts passwords, and is easily disabled  —  Wi-Fi Sense
Facebook mobile ads accounted for $2.9B in revenue, roughly 72% of total Q2 sales (Financial Times)
Financial Times:Facebook mobile ads accounted for $2.9B in revenue, roughly 72% of total Q2 sales  —  Mobile advertising propels Facebook revenues  —  Facebook revenues soared by nearly two-fifths in the
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PoliticsNation 7/29/15
Rev. Al Sharpton discusses the days top political news.
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health & beauty tips
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Termites Damage Inspections Brisbane
We provide experienced expert team for termite damage inspections all around Brisbane. We offer inspection services and inspect whole building and find issues and do better services for the future. Our services are reliable, efficient, affordable and better quality.
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A note on taking photos
With many newsagents using photos on Facebook and elsewhere to market their businesses, I encourage people to contender investing in a good light box. This small investment, not much over $100, will allow you to take better quality photos that
University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing indicted for murder in the shooting death of Sam Dubose
A University of Cincinnati police officer, Ray Tensing, was just indicted for the murder of Sam Dubose. After a routine traffic stop for not having a front license plate on the car, Tensing shot Dubose in the back of the
Suicide attacks kill at least 12 Iraqi troops near Ramadi
Iraqi officials say back-to-back suicide attacks targeting security forces near the Islamic State-held city of Ramadi have killed at least 12 troops. The two officials - one with the Iraqi army, the other with the countrys elite counterterrorism forces -
Saudi police officer shot dead in the east of the kingdom
Authorities in Saudi Arabia say a police officer has been killed in a drive-by shooting in the east of the kingdom. Police said in comments carried by the official Saudi Press Agency on Wednesday that the officer was killed late
Simple housefly shows up 2 dudes trying to dance
Check out these two dudes trying really hard to look cool, only to be showed up by a fly with some impressive break dancing moves. is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation.
Terrorist attack in Gurdaspur and terror apologists
The latest terror strike in Gurdaspur has happened nearly after eight years of any terrorist attack in Punjab, and nearly after two decades of a terrorist attack of such a scale. Although there are fatalities including one Punjab Police Superintendent,
Swampscott dog trainer charged with killing puppies whose bodies...
Jason Gentry, 35, who ran a dog-training facility in Lynn, had bail set at $1,000 today on charges he hanged two Pinscher puppies, then disposed of their bodies behind a Revere gas station last fall, the Suffolk County District Attorneys
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Birthday party cut short after scissors found in cake
Your visit to France would not be complete without a complementary spraying of manure on your c(...)
If you put fireworks inside the SunRail ticket machine, police would enjoy a word
City commissioner upset with sewage problem he described as "third world bad" under fire for us(...)
Dear Abby, I didn't realize my parents hide cameras around the house and am mortified to think (...)
Theme of Farktography Contest No. 534: "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" Details and rules (...)
Trooper lets girl decide whether dad gets a speeding ticket or not. She chooses wisely
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Planning for the next Vesuvius eruption
This Italian giant is nestled in the sprawling metropolitan area of Naples, population 3.1 million. Were not talking nearby like Rainier is to Seattle or Popocatépetl to Mexico City. Were talking a volcano smack in the middle of the city.
Greenpeace Protestors Hanging off Portland Bridge to Stop Shell Ship
13 People are hanging off the St. Johns Bridge in Portland blocking the outgoing path of a Shell Oil icebreaker that came here for repairs. NBC article has video. (Pieces of it autoplay.) I love my city. From the Greenpeace
Will the endgame pairing be Jo/Laurie, Jo/writing, or Jo/Cyborg Bhaer?
CW Developing Hyper-Stylized Reboot of Little Women Disparate half-sisters Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy band together in order to survive the dystopic streets of Philadelphia and unravel a conspiracy that stretches far beyond anything they have ever imagined – all
A Renegade Trawler, Hunted For 10,000 Miles By Vigilantes
It was an unexpected end to an extraordinary chase. For 110 days and more than 10,000 nautical miles across two seas and three oceans, the Bob Barker and a companion ship, both operated by the environmental organization Sea Shepherd, had
"like Piers Morgan in a lift"
The top 50 assholes in cinema - by Andrew Blair, Den of Geek
The Verges web sucks.
'Feminist' seemed to put guys off, but now I realize, who cares?
Bumble, founded by Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe, is a dating app where women call the shots. Whitney Wolfe left and settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with Tinder out of court (previously). Now has started over again, partnering with Badoo founder
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