Half life 3 mystery solved
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Sassy Martial Arts Kids
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Ray LaMontagne storms offstage during concert, saying "Why don't you go the (expletive) home an(...)
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My Lego Art
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Mighty Mount Manakau, Kaikoura Ranges, New Zealand
Chinese doctors bowing down to a 11 year old boy diagnosed with brain cancer who managed to sav(...)
The face of a new father of quadruplets....
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The new $350 Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is now shipping (Richard Lawler/Engadget)
Richard Lawler / Engadget:The new $350 Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is now shipping  —  We were expecting to see the new iteration of the Oculus Rift arrive on developers
Josh Topolsky of The Verge Is Joining Bloomberg (Ravi Somaiya/New York Times)
Ravi Somaiya / New York Times:Josh Topolsky of The Verge Is Joining Bloomberg  —  Josh Topolsky, the co-founder of the technology website The Verge, will join Bloomberg as the editor of a series of new
Up to 50,000 sites commandeered via exploit of vulnerability in MailPoet WordPress plugin (Dan (...)
Dan Goodin / Ars Technica:Up to 50,000 sites commandeered via exploit of vulnerability in MailPoet WordPress plugin  —  Mass exploit of WordPress plugin backdoors sites running Joomla, Magento, too  —  As many as 50,000 websites
Facebook stock surges to record high of $76 in early trading, doubling its IPO price (Sarah Fri(...)
Sarah Frier / Bloomberg:Facebook stock surges to record high of $76 in early trading, doubling its IPO price  —  Facebook Shares Surge to Record as Mobile Ads Fuel Gains  — 
Google Voice offers web-based calls through Hangouts, no G+ profile needed (Timothy J. Seppala/(...)
Timothy J. Seppala / Engadget:Google Voice offers web-based calls through Hangouts, no G+ profile needed  —  The rumor is that eventually were going to see Google Voice merged completely into
Duolingo launches Test Center, a $20 alternative to standardized language exams (Nick Summers/T(...)
Nick Summers / The Next Web:Duolingo launches Test Center, a $20 alternative to standardized language exams  —  Duolingo today launched Test Center, its own English language certification exam that can
Security firm finds de-anonymizing zero-day vulnerability in Tails OS popularized by Snowden (E(...)
Exodus Intelligence:Security firm finds de-anonymizing zero-day vulnerability in Tails OS popularized by Snowden  —  Silver Bullets and Fairy Tails  —  Introduction  —  This week we made mention on Twitter of
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Beyonce Re-Records 'Crazy In Love' for 'Fifty Shades'
No description.
This cartoon has a bit of "TRUTH" to it
 Yeah - the URL is a bit long, but it works.  Of course, when it comes to the situation like the bimbo who is suing be …
Mom Locked Two Kids in Car, Gambled at Casino: Cops
No description.
Mummified Bodies, Corpses on Gurneys at Fort Worth Mortuary
No description.
Michelle Malkin | » The Left's dark money managers: Meet Philip Gara LaMarche
Philip Gara LaMarche is a secretive political operative who funnels billions of dollars from undisclosed donors to nonprofits and astroturf groups. But you won’t hear unhinged Harry Reid railing Queegishlyabout him on the Senate floor. Why?Here’s why: LaMa …
Democrat Senator Caught In Plagiarism Scandal
Confronted this week with the damning evidence, Walsh alleged that he does not remember using any of the source material he allegedly plagiarized.“I didn’t do anything intentional here,” he claimed.Mercy me, another democrat who lied!!!
U.S. health insurers to pay $330 million in premium rebates
U.S. health insurers will send out about $330 million in rebates to employers and individuals this summer under President Barack Obamas healthcare law, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said on Thursday.
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Air Algerie plane disappears from radar
A flight operated by Air Algerie and carrying 116 people from Burkina Faso to Algerias capital disappeared from radar early Thursday, the planes owner said.
Easy and safe in use
It is true what will the jury here at trial officer broke was there anything about this your interrogation your interview with the suspect that make you concerned that height be the white one got there was he confessed to
Free Chicago rental services and great apartment deals
Chicagos piratical rental services would like renters to believe that their services are free.
Happy 4th
A 4th of July party at J and Ks meant incredible bbq chicken that was brined, marinated, low oven-cooked and finished on the grill with a family recipe sauce.
Sudden cardiac arrest: Bang your dead
Sudden cardiac arrest happens when all of a sudden your heart stops beating, your blood no longer circulates to the brain and other organs, you stop breathing, you have no pulse, and it happens so suddenly you were caught without
A good small brand for kids
The In The Night Garden plush range is a nice counter offer parents like to see in the toy / plush range.
Micron issuing $750M in debt to get rid of convertible obligations
The memory giant will use some of the proceeds to extinguish its obligations for 1.875% convertible notes due 2031, a move that could include payments in settlement of conversions of or to repurchase or redeem such notes.
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The Methodist church may split in the middle because of homosexuality
Old and Busted: Leaving babies in the car. New Hotness: Leaving your mom locked in the car
Sarah Palin finally gets her name at the top of the ticket
Don't you just hate it when you're so drunk you confuse the cabin door on your flight with the (...)
Photoshop this bright idea
Snowden Ukraine ebay manpad H5N1 wild tunnels lead lined shipping containers NSA TOR Taliban fi(...)
There once was a man from Limerick/ Who stepped out back with an exposed dick/ He looked at two(...)
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"I think it was such a fluke that I got published at all,"
You Are Now Entering the Demented Kingdom of William T. Vollmann: Home to goddesses, dreams, and a dangerously uncorrupted literary mind.
Roman à clef
David Simon runs into Governor Martin OMalley on the Acela. OMalley, current governor of Maryland and former mayor of Baltimore, was one of the inspirations for Tommy Carcetti, the ambitious Baltimore politician in Simons series The Wire. OMalley hates this
The Guardians of the Bay
Narrowly saved from the scrapyard just a few years earlier by then-mayor Dianne Feinstein, San Franciscos historic fireboat Phoenix has been credited with saving the Marina District from a blaze in the wake of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Following
I had been in the arms of my best friend's wife
Unlike most murder ballads, The Long Black Veil doesnt retell the story of an actual murder. Danny Dill and Marijohn Wilkin borrowed bits of stories about Valentino and a murdered priest and a Red Foley chorus and crafted their own
A Man From The Future
Pet Shop Boys, still going strong after over 30 years, and still as inventive as ever, debuted their orchestral pop biography in eight parts for electronics, orchestra, choir, and narrator at the BBC Proms last night. A Man From The
"Crack Mississippi, and you crack the whole South."
In 1964, less than 7% of Mississippis African Americans were registered to vote, compared to between 50 and 70% in other southern states. In many rural counties, African Americans made up the majority of the population and the segregationist white
"a whisper of perfection in an otherwise cruel and inhumane world"
Beyoncés Rosie the Riveter Instagram photo is causing internet waves. The Independent has a more substantive, historically concerned article.
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