Bill Murray joins the cast of 'The Jungle Book' alongside Christopher Walken, Idris Elba, and S(...)
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I have never understood a true dilemma..
Two men are having a drink in a bar. One says: "You know, I've never really understood what a dilemma is..." "Let me tell you a story," says the other man, "Imagine you wake up in a bed with two
It's My First Birfday!
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Wladimir Klitschko pours water over the head of his stalker
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one of my fav simpsons moment.
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Getting movers? Why? This is how I load my work truck, and how you can do it yourself.
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Scientists Discover Massive Species Of Extinct Penguin
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43Tbps over a single fiber: World's fastest network would let you download a movie in 0.2 milli(...)
Sebastian Anthony / ExtremeTech:43Tbps over a single fiber: Worlds fastest network would let you download a movie in 0.2 milliseconds  —  A research group at the Technical University of Denmark
Amazon Appstore Expands to 41 New Countries and Territories, Including Egypt, Indonesia, Singap(...)
Peter Heinrich / Amazon Developer Services:Amazon Appstore Expands to 41 New Countries and Territories, Including Egypt, Indonesia, Singapore, and Turkey  —  Now available in 41 additional international locations, the Amazon Appstore has expanded its global
PlayStation Now is a glimpse at the future of gaming - for a price (Ross Miller/The Verge)
Ross Miller / The Verge:PlayStation Now is a glimpse at the future of gaming — for a price  —  The technology works, but the business model doesnt  —  “Honey, can
H-P to Pay $32.5 Million to Settle Claims of Overbilling USPS (Anna Prior/Wall Street Journal)
Anna Prior / Wall Street Journal:H-P to Pay $32.5 Million to Settle Claims of Overbilling USPS  —  Justice Department Claims Computer Giant Didnt Comply With Pricing Terms of Contract  — 
12 Years After Its Debut On Hacked Xboxes, XBMC Changes Its Name To Kodi (Greg Kumparak/TechCrunch)
Greg Kumparak / TechCrunch:12 Years After Its Debut On Hacked Xboxes, XBMC Changes Its Name To Kodi  —  Back in 2002, a small group of developers whipped together an app
Beats and Apple Dispute Reports of Layoffs (Andrew Flanagan/Billboard)
Andrew Flanagan / Billboard:Beats and Apple Dispute Reports of Layoffs  —  Apple and a source close to Beats are disputing the characterization in recent reports that a significant round of
New Twitter experiment provides definitions for some hashtags (Elliot Bentley/Wall Street Journal)
Elliot Bentley / Wall Street Journal:New Twitter experiment provides definitions for some hashtags  —  Twitter Testing Easier-To-Use Hashtags  —  Twitter appears to be testing a feature that will better organize
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Dead Firefighter Mike Herdman Had Ecstasy, Booze in Body: Report
No description.
Rare Whale Fossil Excavated from SoCal Man's Backyard
No description.
Search engine optimization is extremely important for website...
Search engine optimization is extremely important for website success, and it pays to have your SEO strategy in place before you begin. The best way for first time customers to find you is through search engines. You need to get
A Russian Leader Just Started A Ridiculous Twitter Beef With Obama: "We have different values a(...)
A Russian Leader Just Started A Ridiculous Twitter Beef With ObamaPutin is well-known for his alpha-male branding and is frequently photographed showing off is toughness, including: holding a gun while shirtless, performing judo moves, and posing with animals like polar
Assets of Community Value: The Key Issues for Residential Developers
Every wedding ceremony preparing we undertake it is primarily...
Every wedding ceremony preparing we undertake it is primarily based on the client’s character and requirements, and each occasion is established from zero to the finish with incredible and distinctive suggestions, as every wedding ceremony is various.
irongame: http://twitpic.com/ddesk0 Belgravia Villas Original Floor Plans http://belgraviavilla(...)
irongame: Belgravia Villas Original Floor Plans
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Car parts plant blast in China kills 65, hurts 100
Sixty-five people were killed and dozens seriously burned Saturday by an explosion at an eastern Chinese automotive parts factory that supplies General Motors, state media reported.
Ex-con who posed as cop busted in Brooklyn rape
Jason Forgetta, 37, is charged with rape, robbery and criminal impersonation charges following the attack on Wednesday, police said.
Kit Kat, scared and alone, is out of time at high-kill upstate shelter
According to Facebook: Greenville County Pet Rescue , this beauty is running out of time at the high-kill upstate shelter.
146 cops killed in 3 years
A total of 146 police officers have been murdered while off-duty over the past three years, Police Minister Nkosinathi Nhleko said on Friday.
2 Americans detained in North Korea seek US help
Two American tourists charged with anti-state crimes in North Korea said Friday they expect to be tried soon and pleaded for help from the U.S. government to secure their release from what they say could be long prison terms.
A new star of the air show
TOM Lackey is 94 and has already done quite a few things most of us would never dream of attempting.
A Day of Remembrance
The photo, which was taken from the victims point of view, was of the Tower, as seen through a window with two gaping bullet holes in it.
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French hospital is planning on building a wine bar with the hope it will improve the quality of(...)
It's all fun and games 'til you piss off the the wrong otter
Bristol waste recycling plant would like to advise their customers that they do not currently h(...)
When you break into a store and tell police you got "locked in the bathroom overnight" its best(...)
Father builds son a Apollo 13 simulator with LED readouts, rumble speaker, and a robot arm depl(...)
Airport ground crew fix helicopter's broken wheel ... as it hovers 8ft above them
Woman finds IKEA bags stuffed with 80 human skeletons. No word on if she was able to assemble t(...)
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This is literally the greatest thing that has ever happened.
On September 1st, Paul F. Tompkins officially checks in to the Superego Clinic For Analytical Pscience™ for the long-awaited fourth season of the groups comedy/improv podcast. Cant wait? Theres good news! Throughout the month of August, Superego will be posting
no stoppin' this hog - so let's get busy in a bog
Tired of all this glossy, portentous and preachy music that tackles the big issues? Double Turds and their addictive 46-second Nintendo hit Crankin My Hog might just be your antidote. (lyrics NSFW)
Social networking
Muckety maps the connections of the rich and famous. Favorites:Why the U.S. hasnt punished Russian oligarchsOur map to the George Washington BridgeGoldman Sachs & the world banking systemThe lofty connections of Helena Bonham CarterMuckety Founder Discusses Journalistic Entrepreneurshipmuckety and the
Where's The Juice? Commercial Speech versus Truth in Advertising
In June of this year, POM Wonderful won a round in a food fight with Coca-Cola in the case about how a fruit juice blend is labeled. Its a case of commercial speech, to which John Oliver opined that in
"We're both so happy! Say that we're happy."
One of the most exhilarating cinematic works of the Czechoslovak NewWave is Vera Chytilovás 1966 film, Daisies, the story of two young womenwho declare the world is spoiled and rotten, and so make a pact that theywill be too. --
Beyond "tea, Earl Grey, hot" and Soylent green
MIND MELD: Food in Science Fiction versus Fantasy This week we asked about Food and Drink in SF. Food and Drink in science fiction sometimes seems limited to replicator requests for Earl Grey tea and Soylent green discs. Why doesnt
The Putter
A putter is a putter together of scissors. This short documentary by Shaun Bloodworth follows the work of Cliff Denton, who works at Ernest Wright & Sons of Sheffield, one of the last remaining hand manufacturers of scissors. More from
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