Scottish of Reddit, Are you voting yes or no tomorrow? Why?
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When parents get a divorce, they should have to switch houses every week so the kids don't have to.
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Lil Dicky - "Lemme Freak"
The Air Force will now allow airmen to omit ‘so help me God’ from enlistment oaths
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The best dating advice column ever
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TIL in 1929 the US supreme court voted 8 -1 in favor a Euginics program requiring forced steril(...)
LPT: When you get a new job, save the job description to use on your resume for the future
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1Password 5 for iPhone and iPad goes freemium, brings iOS 8 Touch ID, action extension support (...)
Joseph Keller / iMore:1Password 5 for iPhone and iPad goes freemium, brings iOS 8 Touch ID, action extension support  —  1Password has been updated to version 5 today with support
Android Browser flaw a "privacy disaster" for half of Android users (Peter Bright/Ars Technica)
Peter Bright / Ars Technica:Android Browser flaw a “privacy disaster” for half of Android users  —  Thanks to a bug in the Android Browser, your cookies arent safe.  —  Surian
Apple TV updated w/ Beats Music channel, refreshed design, Family Sharing, & iCloud Photos (Zac(...)
Zac Hall / 9to5Mac:Apple TV updated w/ Beats Music channel, refreshed design, Family Sharing, & iCloud Photos  —  In addition to shipping iOS 8 to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Cloud storage company Hightail laying off about 100 people, half of its workforce, following Br(...)
Arik Hesseldahl / Re/code:Cloud storage company Hightail laying off about 100 people, half of its workforce, following Brad Garlinghouses departure  —  Hightail Chops Workforce by Half in Wake of CEOs
Apple to Require App-Specific Passwords For Third-Party Apps Accessing iCloud (Juli Clover/MacR(...)
Juli Clover / MacRumors:Apple to Require App-Specific Passwords For Third-Party Apps Accessing iCloud  —  Apple is now offering app-specific passwords for third-party apps that access iCloud, allowing users to generate
Indiegogo Tries Out "Forever Funding" Campaigns Without End Dates (Josh Constine/TechCrunch)
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:Indiegogo Tries Out “Forever Funding” Campaigns Without End Dates  —  Indiegogo is expanding beyond temporary crowdfunding projects and into hosting permanent crowfunded businesses.  In the next few
Storehouse brings its design-savvy visual storytelling app to the iPhone (Josh Ong/The Next Web)
Josh Ong / The Next Web:Storehouse brings its design-savvy visual storytelling app to the iPhone  —  Storehouse has shrunk down its iPad app for creating beautiful photo and video stories
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Burned Armpit Hair Led to Idaho Car Crash: Sheriff
No description.
Digging and Surfing In Israel
With an excellent year-round climate and great swells, Israels waves are attracting surfers from all over the world.Amateur archeology experience in Israel lets you connect with the past and search for treasure, one careful shovelful at a time. The two-
Amazon Unveils Seven New Kindle Tablets and E-Readers
No description.
Syria Reveals More Secret Chemical Weapons Facilities After Shunning Inspectors | Business Insider
THE HAGUE (Reuters) – Syria has revealed a previously undeclared research and development facility and a laboratory to produce the poison ricin to the global chemical weapons watchdog, diplomatic sources told Reuters.Syria has detailed three new facilities to the Organisa …
Texas Executes Woman for Starvation of Boy, 9
No description.
Manchin warns against being drawn in to Syria
As the Senate prepares to vote tomorrow, the political debate in Washington continues to revolve around the question of combat troops in Iraq. Chris Hayes talks with Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin.
Boeing Saves Room for Tourists in Orbital Space Taxi
No description.
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Most feminist moments in sci-fi history
Their contributions are so essential that without them, the genre could not possibly have grown into the blockbuster behemoth it is today.
Woman charged in Slidell murder and arson pleads guilty to obstruction charge
A woman charged in a 2012 murder and arson in Slidell has pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice, admitting that she tampered with evidence that could be relevant to the case. Katelyn Lusich, 20, was sentenced to 40 years in
Where do you get player statistics?
As a semi casual fan trying to learn more, Ive made a half hearted attempt to get things like heat charts and pretty much failed. Take this as a request to my more learned colleagues to share sites/techniques to gain
DataNumen Disk Image v1.0
DataNumen Disk Image is a tool you can use to easily create disk or drive images. It can clone the raw data of the disk or drive byte by byte.
EE overhauls its SIM-only plans, gives you more data for your money
EE has overhauled its range of SIM-only plans, with more affordable options available, and more data included as part of its tariffs. From today, getting a SIM-only service with the UKs largest 4G network will start from just 9.99, which
Vix Bit
This might seem like a bit of a specialty tool, but for a homeowner or finish carpenter, it makes installing any kind of fixture a snap. Vix is a brand name for the S.E. Vick company, more generically its a
Final Fantasy XV demo reportedly launching in March 2015
The demo, dubbed Episode Duscae, is said to offer access to early sections of the title, with some game progression elements altered to fit the experience. A demo voucher code will be included with copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD,
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Woman successfully boards plane to NYC, despite having a boarding pass with another person's na(...)
Michigan teenager describes her relationship with her parents as "better...we actually have a s(...)
Photoshop this disapproving baby
Mobile Fark has a new look - come check it out and let us know what you think
The Parent Television Council has watched hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hou(...)
Meet the woman who is the last surviving food taster for Adolf Hitler
From the "Seriously, what the fark is wrong with people?" File: women increasingly undergoing p(...)
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You won't believe the data on this Star Trek: TNG character!
Search for word usage in movies and television over time.Movies and television shows often reflect cultural trends of the time they are made in. Even movies that take place during the past or future can say something about the present
Calculus without limits
Hyperreal numbers: infinities and infinitesimals - In 1976, Jerome Keisler, a student of the famous logician Tarski, published this elementary textbook that teaches calculus using hyperreal numbers. Now its free, with a Creative Commons copyright! (pdf—25mb :) also btw :PThe
It's-a me, Mercutio, gimme all your money or I'll cut you!
Bad video game merchandise found on a Chinese website
Walk, Don't Walk, Dance!
The Smart car folks have come up with an idea to make crosswalks a little safer (SLYT, Smart Blue), the Dancing Traffic Light.
Chip and Dale cartoon compilation (slyt)
Falling from grace... and walking on your own
Kumari in Kathmandu, Nepal: Living pre-pubescent girls are believed to be the earthly manifestations of divine female energy, incarnations of the goddess known as Taleju. There can be as many as 13 Kumari at any one time, and the practice
For fifteen hours, we hold sovereignty in our hands
Polls will open in less than twelve hours for a referendum to end the 307-year Union between England and Scotland. With an unprecedented 97% voter registration, including hundreds of thousands of 16 and 17 year olds, there are predictions of
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