It's a flawless system
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Despite being the visual inspiration for Dr. Evil, Blofeld (played by Donald Pleasance) never d(...)
A Japan Railway maglev train hit 603 kilometers per hour (374 miles per hour) on an experimenta(...)
Look, a racoon!
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I made a how-to for putting on a sweater if you're disabled exactly the way I am.
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Just saw IMAX preview of Batman v Superman
It was the same trailer that was released online except after the ending title, the were three extra shots, close up of batman and superman scowling at each other and then they charged. It cut to black before they collided.
Chewie, We're home!!!
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Failed Apple Rootpipe Fix Leaves Backdoor On All Macs, Researchers Claim (Thomas Fox-Brewster/F(...)
Thomas Fox-Brewster / Forbes:Failed Apple Rootpipe Fix Leaves Backdoor On All Macs, Researchers Claim  —  When Apple released the latest version of Mac OS X Yosemite earlier this month, it
Profile of Lydell Glover, a small-town employee of PolyGram and Universal Music and once the wo(...)
Stephen Witt / New Yorker:Profile of Lydell Glover, a small-town employee of PolyGram and Universal Music and once the worlds leading leaker of pre-release music  —  The Man Who Broke
Microsoft to open its first flagship store outside of North America, in Sydney (Pip Marlow/Micr(...)
Pip Marlow / Microsoft:Microsoft to open its first flagship store outside of North America, in Sydney  —  All eyes on Australia: First Microsoft flagship store in Asia Pacific lands in
Yahoo's 8-K on Microsoft search deal: termination at will for either party in four months, high(...)
Matt Rosoff / Business Insider:Yahoos 8-K on Microsoft search deal: termination at will for either party in four months, higher Yahoo revenue share, more flexibility  —  It looks like Marissa
Twitter Now Lets You Opt In To Receive Direct Messages From Anyone (Sarah Perez/TechCrunch)
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:Twitter Now Lets You Opt In To Receive Direct Messages From Anyone  —  Twitter has for years tested a feature that would allow anyone to opt in
Spotify's ad revenue increased 53% YoY in Q1, with mobile ads growing 380% (Tim Ingham/Music Bu(...)
Tim Ingham / Music Business Worldwide:Spotifys ad revenue increased 53% YoY in Q1, with mobile ads growing 380%  —  Spotify ad revenue jumped 53% in Q1  —  Spotify saw a
FAQ: Google's mobile friendly algorithm update, coming April 21st, explained (Barry Schwartz/Se(...)
Barry Schwartz / Search Engine Land:FAQ: Googles mobile friendly algorithm update, coming April 21st, explained  —  Tomorrow Is Mobilegeddon - Are You Ready For The Google Mobile Friendly Update?  — 
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The Siege – cultural resistance in Palestine | International Solidarity Movement
20th April 2015 | Frida and Jenny | Jenin, Occupied PalestineThe room was overflowing with people who had come to witness the opening of the play The Siege. Pushing our way through the throng we managed to find some seats,
Two fired after pic near Tomb of the Unknowns sparks outrage
No description.
oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: Ten Wonderful Things I'm Grateful For (Irony Alert)
Since every volume on the nearly endless shelf of pop psychology self-help books recommends working up some gratitude as the key to happiness, Ive conjured up a list of what Im grateful for. (Please turn your irony setting on.)
'Jean de Florette' director Claude Berri dies
No description.
Is Sunday insomnia real? Survey reveals our weekly sleep habits
No description.
Piven calls Broadway departure 'humbling'
No description.
Live From Studio 1A: Couples Dating
No description.
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Woman charged with murder, kidnapping in new mother's death
An Indiana woman was charged with murder, kidnapping and criminal confinement Monday after police say she duped a new mother into believing she was a child-welfare worker, stabbed the woman to death and stole the infant to pass off as
Freeline skate tricks
Id never heard of freeline skates before...theyre like little skateboards, one for each foot. This video shows how theyre used for tricks and such: That looks hard, much more difficult than skateboarding or inline skates.
Could this new material make it possible to clean up oil spills with a net?
This piece of steel mesh doesnt look like much but it might be one of the only things that can separate oil from water . The mesh allows water to go through, but it causes oil to float on top,
Man Shot In Back At Sheepshead-Nostrand Houses, Gunman On The Loose
A man was hospitalized after being shot in front of the NYCHAs Sheepshead-Nostrand Houses on Nostrand Avenue on Saturday, and the gunman remains free, police said. An unidentified 33-year old-man was shot in the courtyard of 3549 Nostrand Avenue, part
Who needs a demo permit?
Walking down the street whistling on a wonderful warm day. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? A rodent bait sign on the door.
Do you recognise this person?
ACT Policing is seeking public assistance in identifying a man who may be involved in the theft of a set of keys from a taxi earlier this month. About 3:50am on Friday 10 April 2015 a set of keys was
ISIS Takes Credit for Suicide Bombing That Killed at Least 33 People in Afghanistan
Hours after the suicide bombing attack Jalalabad, Afghanistan that saw 33 people killed and more than 100 injured, ISIS took credit for the slaughter . The attack in Jalalabad, the capital of eastern Nagarhar province, targeted a crowd of soldiers
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Photoshop this centerpiece
Couple finds rare Beanie Baby worth over $93,000, hope to use that money to invest in pogs
Heritage Foundation says gay marriage will cause a rise in abortions, because if there's one gr(...)
Ask not for whom the Blue Bell tolls, it tolls for listeria
French customs agents seize a record 2.25 tons of cocaine from a sailboat. Sacre blow
Downside: Accidentally destroying your immaculate new lawn. Upside: Accidentally creating large(...)
And the winners of the 2015 Cannabis Cup ARE... truly amazing (w/pot porn pics)
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How a San Francisco Architect Reframes Design for the Blind
Even though Lorenz, who, like Downey, is blind, cant see the space before her, she knows exactly what to expect. On her desk at the ILRCs current office on Mission Street, she keeps a tactile floor plan that Downey printed
The Man Who Broke the Music Business
At work, Glover manufactured CDs for mass consumption. At home, he had spent more than two thousand dollars on burners and other hardware to produce them individually. His livelihood depended on continued demand for the product. But Glover had to
The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before
Why Zev Love X became MF Doom and put on that metal mask
In 1991, Daniel Dumile was part of KMD, a trio with his brother and another kid from their neighborhood, when they released their first album on Elektra, Mr. Hood (YT playlist). Dumiles next album wouldnt come out until 1999, and
a beguiling stream of unsullied strangeness
Kill Screen Daily has an interview with FM Towns Marty (NSFW), who posts images and gifs from otherwise inaccessible retro Japanese computer games. His images were controversially used in Jon Rafmans video for Oneohtrix Point Nevers song Still Life (Betamale)
Bitcoin done (or at least demo'd) Right
...MIT Media Lab announced the launch of the Digital Currency Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to bring together global experts in areas ranging from cryptography, to economics, to privacy, to distributed systems...previously previously-er more-previously more-er-previously oh-heck-kittens-in-boxes
A nude female corpse is allowable, of course.
Editorial guidelines from Spicy Detective magazine, 1935:
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