Make a business in 10 ㎡
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What's the most fucked up joke you've ever heard in your life?
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My friend took her dog to the vet in Dubai and this was in the waiting room
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Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy Linked to Anxiety in Offspring
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300 people attend girl's 10-yr birthday after her friends decline. Mother's friends spread the (...)
TIL when Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing faced a naked schizophrenic woman rocking silently to(...)
Gyrocopter pilot frustrated message isn't getting through
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Report: most or all of Mt. Gox's missing bitcoins stolen between early 2011 and May 2013, long (...)
Jon Southurst / CoinDesk:Report: most or all of Mt. Goxs missing bitcoins stolen between early 2011 and May 2013, long before the exchange collapsed in February 2014  —  Most Mt
Hands-on with Mini Augmented Vision, BMW's augmented reality glasses prototype for Mini cars (M(...)
Megan Geuss / Ars Technica:Hands-on with Mini Augmented Vision, BMWs augmented reality glasses prototype for Mini cars  —  Mini Augmented Vision is a cool concept trying to solve Google Glass
Comcast, TWC will meet with Department of Justice for the first time since the merger was annou(...)
Wall Street Journal:Comcast, TWC will meet with Department of Justice for the first time since the merger was announced to negotiate concessions that could ease regulatory approval  —  Comcast and
Bad software update kills many Wink smart home hubs (Richard Lawler/Engadget)
Richard Lawler / Engadget:Bad software update kills many Wink smart home hubs  —  Now for the downside of a house loaded up with “smart” devices to allow remote control and
British company Social Chain prospers running a network of big viral Twitter accounts, faces ac(...)
Luke Bailey / BuzzFeed:British company Social Chain prospers running a network of big viral Twitter accounts, faces accusations about plagiarism and troubling advertising practices  —  Meet The Company Secretly Running
Google says experimental UDP-based transport protocol QUIC improves Google search load times by(...)
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:Google says experimental UDP-based transport protocol QUIC improves Google search load times by 3%, ramps up usage in Chrome  —  Google Wants To Speed Up The Web
ACLU: at least 28 inspector general websites for whistleblower reports and the State Department(...)
Washington Post:ACLU: at least 28 inspector general websites for whistleblower reports and the State Department terrorist tip site do not use HTTPS  —  Why confidential tips to the government may
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Missouri police officers resign after black female mayor is elected
Five of the six cops in a tiny Missouri city quit after voters elected their first black female mayor.Two full-time and three part-time officers in Parma resigned shortly before Tyus Byrd was sworn in on Tuesday, KFVS reported.Outgoing Mayor Randall Ramsey
Moore's Law: Beyond the first law of computing
Moores Law: Beyond the first law of computingBy Leo KelionTechnology desk editor
Lindsey Graham Says There's A 91 Percent Chance He'll Run For President In 2016
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said on Fox News Sunday there is a 91 percent chance he will run for president in 2016, and he will make his decision in May based on whether he can raise the money needed.The defense
Israeli Christian Cemetery Vandalized In Apparent Price Tag Hate Crime Attack
Vandals reportedly smashed at least 20 gravestones along with a number of crosses at a Maronite Christian cemetery in the derelict village of Kufr Birim .The AFP reported last year that Kufr Birim, a former Palestinian village, is a ghost
NYPD officials embarrassed and powerless as cop blog fills up with disturbing racist comments
What is this country coming to when you have the Police State being blatant racists in blogs.  Now racism has to do with races there is no way around that.  We cannot shut up on these issues and we need
What's your Dads Ring tone???
 or your momas your Flamesjust something to ponder
2 taken to hospital after train strikes car in Elmwood Park | NJ.com
ELMWOOD PARK — Two people were injured after their car was struck by an NJ Transit train in Elmwood Park early this morning, authorities said.By Dan Ivers
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5 solar + EV partnerships making our world much, much cleaner
Solar power and electric vehicles each get a lot of attention amongst their own segments of followers, and theres certainly a lot of overlap there. Even the mass media is picking up on the exponential growth trends and falling prices
GPP 2015 #14
One of the things I like most about photographing at the fish market in Dubai is also one of the things that makes it most difficult - the vast majority of people there want to be photographed. For example, every
Australian teens arrested in police killing plot: officials
Five Australian teens were arrested Saturday for allegedly plotting to kill police officers in an ISIS-inspired attack. Pictured is a man walking past a broken window from a police raid where one of the arrests took place.
Linstead resident escapes injuries after train derails stopping metres from his house
He said when he looked up the hillside, he saw the section of a train rolling down towards his house. He said he also considered running inside the house but decided against that move in the event that the out-of-control
Mom, babysitter charged with murder in death of 2-year-old Delco boy
Shannon M. Matthews, 30, was escorted out of the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas Friday following the formal charges filed against her that included third-degree murder, simple assault, aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of children, involuntary manslaughter and conspiracy
iTunes Is Bad at Math, Part 2
The other day, I showed an example of iTunes bad math . Heres another. Heres the storage available on my iPhone, as shown in iTunes, and on the iPhone itself.
The RNA Worlds in Context
To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document. A new type of review journal, featuring comprehensive collections of expert review articles on important topics in the
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Gyrocopter dude can't figure out why his message of campaign finance reform isn't getting throu(...)
♩ ♫ My milk truck brings all the crews to the yard and they're like, "It's blocking the roa(...)
What's worse than finding a cockroach in your Big Mac? Finding half a cockroach
French authorities seize two tons of cocaine, immediately realize Jerry Lewis isn't funny
Army morale at 6 year low as soldiers are dissatisfied with their jobs and distrust leadership.(...)
Yeah a lot of you who have visited the Guitar Center in Manhattan lately, don't quit your day j(...)
A travelling we will go with P-22, the LA mountain lion with quite a following
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Opting out.
An estimated 40 percent of all Long Island 3-8 students refused to take last weeks ELA Common Core state tests. Numbers in some districts reached well over 70 percent, with at least one district exceeding 80 percent....It seems clear that
"Every instinct will persuade you that there should not be a Pakistan."
The Los Angeles Times in 1943 further declared that Only an old-school Southerner who thinks Appomattox was a shocking bad show could go for Pakistan.The Longest August: The Unflinching Rivalry Between India And Pakistan, the latest book by long-time Middle
Poor internet for poor people
Why Facebooks Internet.org amounts to economic racism. Mark Zuckerbergs Internet.org project bribes corrupt, non-neutral carriers in poor countries to exempt Facebook and other services of its choosing from their data-caps, giving the worlds poorest an Internet thats been radically pruned
Pay what you're paid
Lessthan100 is a traveling pop-up shop that sells artwork. Customers are charged a price that corresponds to the local gender pay gap.
Automation is coming, but how will labor adapt?
The Machines Are Coming by Zaynep TufekciMachines are getting better than humans at figuring out who to hire, whos in a mood to pay a little more for that sweater, and who needs a coupon to nudge them toward a
"You're so very special"
Radioheads Creep covered in a wonderful mid-20th century style by Haley Reinhart and the band Postmodern Jukebox.
Slip, sliding along
The Town That Creep Built In Hollister, Calif., fault creep shows that no matter what we create the earth will keep on doing what it wants. If were lucky, our concrete will serve to mark the changes we cannot stop.
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