Psychologists estimate a concentration of psychopathic people in corporate senior executive rol(...)
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Two weeks after Zuckerberg said ‘je suis Charlie,’ Facebook begins censoring images of prop(...)
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Spain charges 12 priests with child sex abuse
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TIL That there used to be pills that contained tapeworms, and when you lost the amount of weigh(...)
Geneticists have found evidence for the existence of ten individual men, in addition to Genghis(...)
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My friend spotted this at Party City...
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In space no one can hear you scream
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Yahoo's spinoff of Alibaba holdings is tax-free, remains so if Alibaba eventually buys spinoff (...)
Matt Levine / Bloomberg View:Yahoos spinoff of Alibaba holdings is tax-free, remains so if Alibaba eventually buys spinoff  —  Yahoo Would Rather Not Pay Taxes on Its Alibaba Shares  — 
Lockitron Announces The $99 Bolt, A Deadbolt You Can Unlock With Your Phone (Kyle Russell/TechC(...)
Kyle Russell / TechCrunch:Lockitron Announces The $99 Bolt, A Deadbolt You Can Unlock With Your Phone  —  Y Combinator alum Lockitron is today launching the Bolt, a $99 follow-up to
Apple sold 5M Apple TVs since April of last year for a total of 25M units since its debut (Pete(...)
Peter Kafka / Re/code:Apple sold 5M Apple TVs since April of last year for a total of 25M units since its debut  —  Apple TV Hasnt Changed in Years, but Has Sold 25 Million Units
Misfit Flash will gain ability to control Nest, August, and Logitech connected devices, communi(...)
Scott Stein / CNET:Misfit Flash will gain ability to control Nest, August, and Logitech connected devices, communicate with IFTTT, Yo, and Spotify  —  Misfit turns $50 Flash fitness band into
Microsoft is no longer manufacturing the Surface 2 (Josh Lowensohn/The Verge)
Josh Lowensohn / The Verge:Microsoft is no longer manufacturing the Surface 2  —  Microsofts Surface just had a very healthy quarter, bringing the company $1.1 billion in revenue.  While we
Apple Just Had The Most Profitable Quarter Of Any Company Ever (Greg Kumparak/TechCrunch)
Greg Kumparak / TechCrunch:Apple Just Had The Most Profitable Quarter Of Any Company Ever  —  Apple had a pretty good quarter.  —  And by “pretty good,” I mean it was
Microsoft confirms Windows 10's 'Spartan' browser to get extensions (Mary Jo Foley/ZDNet)
Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:Microsoft confirms Windows 10s ‘Spartan’ browser to get extensions  —  Summary:Microsofts new ‘Spartan’ browser will include support for extensions at some point, Microsoft officials have confirmed. 
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Retired Generals Club: U.S. set for failure in Iraq and Syria without clear strategy
The United States “needs to come out from our reactive crouch and take a firm strategic stance in defense of our values,” Mattis, a former commander of U.S. Central Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee. He went on to
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No description.
Trail To The Chief: Ultra-Premature VP Edition
When we started Trail To The Chief, the first question we got was: Are you sure its not too soon to start ranking presidential candidates? And thats fair: We dont really know what the field looks like. Maybe it pays
Alabama's Top Judge: Gay Marriage Rulings Are Federal 'Tyranny'
No description.
Ed Show--Jan. 27, 2015
No description.
Lean On Me~Playing For Change~Song Around The World.
As usual, here is a wonderful Cover by the Gals and Guys over at Playing For Change. Lean on Me was originally written by the talented and accomplished musician, Bill Withers. The song then, as it does now, reminds all
UW predicts layoffs, no campus closings under Scott Walker budget cuts
No description.
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What your workspace says about you
You may not know it yet, but that collection of stuff on your desk could be revealing a lot about your personality. According to a UK study taken in 2012 the average person spends about 5 hours, 41 minutes sitting
10 of the coolest hotels around the world
There are a lot of different ways to make a hotel unique and as long as youre traveling, you might as well consider making your hotel a travel-worthy destination as well.
3 hot email companies you should follow
Its a brand new year. And its a new opportunity for you to take your email marketing to another level of sophistication and effectiveness.
Avx (AVX) Q3 2015 Results - Earnings Call Webcast
The following audio is from a conference call that will begin on January 27, 2015 at 10:00 AM ET. The audio will stream live while the call is active, and can be replayed upon its completion.
The iPhone case that might get you killed
Youve already seen an iPhone case that could get you arrested -- and if not, feel free to check it out -- but theres an even more potentially hazardous smartphone cover out there. This Gun Grip Case is
Dog rescues owner swimming in shallow water
A hilarious online video shows a canine leap into a lake and land on his victims head as he attempts to save him. The owner appears to be fine, but his pet takes his hand in his mouth and leads
Long-ranged and soft interactions between charged colloidal particles induced by multivalent coions
Forces between charged particles in aqueous solutions containing multivalent coions and monovalent counterions are studied by the colloidal probe technique. Here, the multivalent ions have the same charge as the particles, which must be contrasted to the frequently studied case
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Five East Bay people called 911 last night to see when Facebook would be back online
"So I have 16 warrants right now. Lol they know where I'm at tho, so it must not be TOO bad"
Guy to city: "I broke my ankle during the flood, due to a submerged broken drain." City: "Here'(...)
Now that the 1 percent has successfully programmed an entire niche of halfwits into believing t(...)
Republicans are getting more and more certain that the only thing that can stop them from takin(...)
Photoshop these tourists
I'm a shark, I'm a shaaaark, take my extreme closeup piiiiiiic, I'm a shark
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The Dream of the '90s? Jon Chait on P.C. 2.0
Todays political correctness flourishes most consequentially on social media, where it enjoys a frisson of cool and vast new cultural reach. And since social media is also now the milieu that hosts most political debate, the new p.c. has attained
"If ASMR has a godfather, it is television painter Bob Ross."
How a bunch of YouTubers discovered a tingling sensation nobody knew existed.
I open up my wallet and it's full of blood
Breaking Madden: the 2015 Super Bowl.
Spider-Man in Love
I knew, from a very early age, that there was love in my house, imperfect love, love that was built, decided upon, as opposed to magicked into existence. That was how Peter loved Mary Jane. In The Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates
Diary Of A B Grade Hooker
Kinja user Curious Squid is an Australian woman who moonlights as a prostitute. She keeps a diary of her life as a sex worker, writing about the banal (arranging jobs) to the very interesting (sexual violence against sex workers).
♪ ♫ ♬ ♩
The Thurston Moore Apartment Tour (1988) An interview with Sonic Youths Thurston Moore recorded in his apartment in September 1988.
'We Are Koch'
Kochs Plan to Spend $900 Million on 2016 Campaign - an unparalleled effort by coordinated outside groups to shape a presidential election that is already on track to be the most expensive in history... These donors represent the largest concentration
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