Adult coloring book
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A high school student in China has carried his disabled best friend to every class for three years
Can you determine the volume of a bottle by the note it makes when blowing over the opening?
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Saved trapped snake, and rewarded with a surprise
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The face of innocence
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What episode of The Price Is Right is this from. I want to see what happens next!
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Safe... Out
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Twitter rolls out tailored Trends with descriptions on the web, removes Discover tab (Martin Be(...)
Martin Beck / Marketing Land:Twitter rolls out tailored Trends with descriptions on the web, removes Discover tab  —  Twitter Is Rolling Out Trends With Descriptions On The Web  —  Expanding
How Comcast failed to get merger support in Congress despite $25M spent on lobbying in 2014 (Er(...)
Eric Lipton / New York Times:How Comcast failed to get merger support in Congress despite $25M spent on lobbying in 2014  —  Intense Lobbying Failed to Assure Comcasts Deal  — 
Critical HTTPS bug may open 25,000 iOS apps to eavesdropping attacks (Dan Goodin/Ars Technica)
Dan Goodin / Ars Technica:Critical HTTPS bug may open 25,000 iOS apps to eavesdropping attacks  —  Just when you thought it was safe to use AFNetworking apps, a new threat
Google Works To Improve Spam Detection Systems On Google Maps After Obscene Edits (Sarah Perez/(...)
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:Google Works To Improve Spam Detection Systems On Google Maps After Obscene Edits  —  Google says its working to improve its spam-detection systems in its Google Maps
PSA: The 2013 Nexus 7 has been discontinued (Stephen Hall/9to5Google)
Stephen Hall / 9to5Google:PSA: The 2013 Nexus 7 has been discontinued  —  It had a great run, but Google has today discontinued the 2013-edition Nexus 7.  The device was arguably—and
Chrome notifications serve Google's strategy by making developers and publishers less reliant o(...)
Greg Sterling / Marketing Land:Chrome notifications serve Googles strategy by making developers and publishers less reliant on apps  —  Chrome Notifications, “The Physical Web” And Googles War On Apps  — 
Comcast's Week-Long Unraveling of TWC Deal Was Months in the Making (Bloomberg Business)
Bloomberg Business:Comcasts Week-Long Unraveling of TWC Deal Was Months in the Making  —  The collapse of Comcast Corp.s plan to buy Time Warner Cable Inc., which played out in public
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Kathie Lee, Hoda and Sara talk Favorite Things
No description.
The 'demons' got my beautiful, loving daughter
No description.
The disaster that Judaism won't survive - Features - Israel News | Haaretz
About five weeks after the election, we can declare the advent of a new genre among those who write about Israel in the international media: the lamentation. It’s hard to find a media outlet, certainly in the Western democracies, that
Wounded Vet: Frat Spit On Us
(CNN)The University of Florida and Emory University are investigating allegations that Zeta Beta Tau fraternity members disrespected wounded war veterans last weekend at Panama City Beach, Florida, by spitting, urinating and pouring beer on them.They actually spit on me and
Do You Argue In Front of Your Children?
No description.
Nepal Earthquake Devastation Could Cost Billions: Here
No description.
Charlie Chaplin YouTube video
No description.
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A comparison of arthropod abundance and arthropod mediated predation services in urban green spaces
Little is known about the ability of different types of urban green spaces to support biodiversity and provide ecosystem services. * In this study, we compared the abundance of beneficial arthropods and measured predation services in two different types of
Domestic Violence Murder Case Ends with Suspended Death Sentence
As China edges towards greater legal protections for sufferers of domestic abuse , a Sichuan court passed a suspended death sentence against one prominent victim on Friday. Li Yan killed her husband in 2010 after he reportedly burned her with
Escaped Buffalo Herd Shot Dead In New York
The herd, which escaped Thursday night from a farm in Rensselaer County, swam east across the Hudson River and ended up in the town of Bethlehem, local news reported. It became clear to their owner, George Mesick, that the bison
The promise-and massive challenge-of making games for the Apple Watch
Trivia Crack is one of a number of quiz games coming to Apple Watch. The simple gameplay of the genre makes it well suited to the small screen.
Woman accused of killing her boyfriend found guilty
Authorities say 24-year-old Shayna Hubers shot 29-year-old Ryan Poston six times at his condominium in 2012 after the couple fought. Hubers has said she shot Poston in self-defense.
Judge in Colorado theater shooting case won't move trial
The judge in the Colorado theater shooting case has denied defense attorneys longstanding request to move the trial to another county. District Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. said in an order Thursday he would have to search outside the state
Chill, Deadheads: John Mayer may tour with Dead members, not the Grateful Dead
John Mayer and a few surviving members of the Grateful Dead may be ramping up a fall tour that would follow the bands Fare Thee Well sayonara shows - but it wont impugn the spirit of their finality because not
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Puppies saved after being dumped outside a Goodwill store in a box labeled "stuffed animals." C(...)
While Marathon bombing victims pay for motels, meals, parking & hobble into court, the Feds hav(...)
"I shall re-return"
Ten things you never see in successful people. #11: A Fark account
Let's do this. Philadelphia Fark Party May 2nd at Frankford Hall
Photoshop this lone warrior
Passenger sues airline after being given a Sprite instead of a 7UP, branding airline's employee(...)
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Is passionate work a neoliberal delusion?
Angela McRobbie on the rise of the creative economy. Why are young people attracted to creative jobs with low pay, and how does this benefit the neoliberal project?
el chico de la espina
Heaven Knows Im Mexican Now: Morrisseys Latino connection goes live I would hate to see a cheesy Mexican tribute to Morrissey, he says. I knew I had to use well-known Mexican artists – among others, the group features underground icon
NASA Project HAVOC - Exploring Venus with a Blimp and a Floating City
Project HAVOC gallery Story published this week about exploring Venus using a manned and/or a robotic blimp, and ending with a proposed floating city. Any resemblance to my story about floating cities on Jupiter is purely coincidental. :-)
Earthquake in Nepal
An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 has hit Nepal, killing over 1,000 people. The epicenter was just outside Kathmandu, but the effects have been felt as far away as Tibet, Bangladesh, and India. Regular updates at The Guardian.
"I'm not one of those who will ever say to you 'No regrets.'"
Kate Mulgrew tells the Chicago Tribunes Heidi Stevens about giving her daughter up for adoption and reconnecting 20 years later (Video). The story is a key moment from her new autobiography Born With Teeth. Also: NPR audio/transcript, AARP article.
Can't stay for long, just turn around and I'm gone again
An oral history of The Littlest Hobo, Canadas greatest TV show.My second episode was a few years later, as a DEA agent who was tracking some drug smuggling that was going on in a movie unit. So I was undercover
Texas True Crime
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