Gravity set too high
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The beautifully curved meander of Reflection Canyon, Utah Photo by Wan Shi
Alaska Pot Legalization Campaign Will Donate to Opponents if They Can Prove Alcohol Is Less Har(...)
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Missiles as minigun ammo
Jeremy Piven, actor from Chicago. Let's get into it, you guys.
Hi reddit. Jeremy Piven here. My latest show is Mr. Selfridge which is on PBS MASTERPIECE Classic. We are currently in the middle of season 2. If you guys need help finding PBS, I am in a service position for
This was always such an awkward situation
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Beautiful penmanship!
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One Medical Group Raises $40M To Help Reinvent The Doctor's Office (Leena Rao/TechCrunch)
Leena Rao / TechCrunch:One Medical Group Raises $40M To Help Reinvent The Doctors Office  —  Disruptive primary care medical practice One Medical Group, is announcing $40 million in growth capital
Ubuntu 14.04 will power "first commercially available Ubuntu tablets" (Jon Brodkin/Ars Technica)
Jon Brodkin / Ars Technica:Ubuntu 14.04 will power “first commercially available Ubuntu tablets”  —  From May 2013, a tablet running an early version of Ubuntu Touch.  —  Andrew Cunningham  — 
Microsoft's Xbox One passes 5M units sold to retailers, but Titanfall boost not enough to beat (...)
Josh Ong / The Next Web:Microsofts Xbox One passes 5M units sold to retailers, but Titanfall boost not enough to beat Sony  —  Microsoft today announced that it has sold
Exclusive: Google's Project Loon tests move to LTE band in Nevada (Martyn Williams/PC World)
Martyn Williams / PC World:Exclusive: Googles Project Loon tests move to LTE band in Nevada  —  Google has expanded its Project Loon tests to the Nevada desert and, for the
Klout to quietly shut down Cinch Q&A app on April 18 (Josh Ong/The Next Web)
Josh Ong / The Next Web:Klout to quietly shut down Cinch Q&A app on April 18  —  Klout notified users of its Cinch question-and-answer app in an email today that
Instacart Could Raise A Big New Round Of Funding Valuing It At $400 Million (Ryan Lawler/TechCrunch)
Ryan Lawler / TechCrunch:Instacart Could Raise A Big New Round Of Funding Valuing It At $400 Million  —  On-demand grocery startup Instacart is fielding term sheets for a big new
Zynga designs its flagship for mobile, launches FarmVille 2: Country Escape on iOS and Android (...)
Brett Molina / USA Today:Zynga designs its flagship for mobile, launches FarmVille 2: Country Escape on iOS and Android  —  Zynga bets the Farm(Ville) on mobile  —  After spending years
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'You Killed my Daughter': Family Erupts in Court After Verdict
No description.
The World's Poorest People Live In These 5 Countries
Two-thirds of the world’s poorest people live in just five countries, according to a new World Bank study.Poverty is on the decline globally and those who are subsisting on less than $1.25 a day are concentrated in five areas --
Fourth Naval Officer Charged in Navy Bribery Scandal
No description.
Rangers Take Game 1 Over Flyers
No description.
Quran burnings spark deadly protests
No description.
'You Killed my Daughter': Family Erupts in Court After Verdict
No description.
GOP establishment declares war on Rand Paul
Michael Steele and Mark Halperin talk about the latest war being waged by the Republican establishment against one of their partys own: Sen. Rand Paul.
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Earthquake: 3.1 quake strikes near Currant, Nev.
A shallow magnitude 3.1 earthquake was reported Thursday afternoon 18 miles from Currant, Nev., according to the U.S. Geological Survey .
Port Jervis man found guilty of killing girlfriend, trying to cover up murder with arson
An Orange County man has been found guilty of slashing his girlfriends throat then setting a fire to cover up the killing.
Heartbleed arrest: Teen computer geek arrested for exploiting Heartbleed bug
Visitors this week to the Canada Revenue Agency website were greeted with a message saying the site had shut down because of the Heartbleed bug.
imperfect 10s
Over the 2014 season , judges awarded 27 perfect 10s while roughly 60 routines earned a score of 9.975, meaning a score of 10 was awarded by one of the two judges present.
15 Steve Job quotes that will change your life
But his life was not a smooth sailing boat. He had his own share of failures. He had to quit the company that he built with his own hands, and then start his life all over again from practically nothing.
First aid for heat stroke in cats
Its a little early to be worrying abut heat stroke; but summer will come fast and cat do enjoy the nice weather very much.
How to find the largest of 3 numbers
Wait, if you are like man, what the hell? This is a silly program and youre like we all have done it in our college or school.
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Scientists pledge to spread their seed around the world
Go home trees, you're drunk
Kansas City Highway Shooter suspect in custody
Gabriel Garcia Marquez begins his first one hundred years of solitude
High school students get into argument over basketball game, decide to settle things on the cou(...)
The worst infographic of 2014, brought to you by NBC News. Remember, someone got paid to think (...)
Rain or shine, snow or sleet, we deliver your mail. And sometimes we even help catch burglars
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poop should be renamed "doof," since that is food backwards
Cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt shadows chef Wylie Dufresne for a day.
I've always wanted to have a neighbor just like you
Wont you please, please wont you be my neighbor? NASAs Kepler Discovers First Earth-Size Planet In The Habitable Zone of Another Star. Kepler-186f is a planet about ten percent bigger than Earth that orbits within the habitable zone of its
Please enjoy this cyberpunk hacking adventure!
High End Customizable Sauna Experience by Porpentine
Suicide, drugs, sex and other dangers of rock and/or roll
How Americans Die - a visual tour through surprising trends in mortality among Americans in the last several decades
Presenting the great poet and musician: Atahualpa Yupanqui
Yupanquis gorgeous and meaningful songs have been covered by musicians, worldwide. Yupanquis are songs about life, revolution, the worker, and everyday things (like a workers cart). Give a listen to some of his songs (and their covers) - even if
Brushed chrome details and a shag carrying case.
ALT/1977 is a series of advertising mock-ups which imagines modern products with the aesthetics and production of 1970s consumer electronics. Faux-wood paneling, angular fonts, and more orange than you can shake a stick at.
"I'll apologize but I won't take off my glasses, because they're famous"
When his parents went out of town, 16 year old Corey Worthington threw a party. When 500 people showed up, things got out of hand. Eventually the police were called, who mobilized units including their air wing & canine teams
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