TIL North Korea is only the second least free country in the world - it's beaten by Eritrea, wh(...)
ELI5: What is the cause of the "gay voice" in a large portion of homosexual men?
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Burt Reynolds shaves off his moustache after Steve Martin dares him on the Tonight Show, 1978 ((...)
Science AMA Series: I'm Mike Brown, a planetary astronomer at Caltech and Fellow at the Califor(...)
I like to consider myself the Emperor of the Dwarf Planets. Unfortunately, the International Astronomical Union chooses not to accept my self-designation. I did, at least, discover most of the dwarf planets that we now recognize. These days I spend
We should change LOL to NE (nose exhale) because that's all we really do when we see something (...)
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Cheerleader claims domestic abuse, cellphone video taken by boyfriend shows her as the aggressor
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Baby elephant seal cuddling with random tourist
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PSA: The 2013 Nexus 7 has been discontinued (Stephen Hall/9to5Google)
Stephen Hall / 9to5Google:PSA: The 2013 Nexus 7 has been discontinued  —  It had a great run, but Google has today discontinued the 2013-edition Nexus 7.  The device was arguably—and
Chrome notifications serve Google's strategy by making developers and publishers less reliant o(...)
Greg Sterling / Marketing Land:Chrome notifications serve Googles strategy by making developers and publishers less reliant on apps  —  Chrome Notifications, “The Physical Web” And Googles War On Apps  — 
Comcast's Week-Long Unraveling of TWC Deal Was Months in the Making (Bloomberg Business)
Bloomberg Business:Comcasts Week-Long Unraveling of TWC Deal Was Months in the Making  —  The collapse of Comcast Corp.s plan to buy Time Warner Cable Inc., which played out in public
After hacks, dark web email provider SIGAINT claims a government spied on its users (Lorenzo Fr(...)
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai / Motherboard:After hacks, dark web email provider SIGAINT claims a government spied on its users  —  After Hacks, A Dark Web Email Provider Says a Government Spied on
Google Apparently Testing 'Collections' For Followable, Curated Content Sets On Google+ (Liam S(...)
Liam Spradlin / Android Police:Google Apparently Testing ‘Collections’ For Followable, Curated Content Sets On Google+  —  According to a tipster (and a report over at DroidLife), Google is testing a
Uber and Lyft now operating in Portland after city approved four-month pilot program (KGW-TV)
KGW-TV:Uber and Lyft now operating in Portland after city approved four-month pilot program  —  Uber, Lyft launch in Portland  —  Nick Fish: Uber has to earn my trust  —  PORTLAND,
Swiss postal service to test drone delivery for the first time using drones made by Matternet ((...)
John Biggs / TechCrunch:Swiss postal service to test drone delivery for the first time using drones made by Matternet  —  Matternet To Test The First Real Drone Delivery System In
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Believe it or not, Biden Fever growing as Hillary falters
It’s very easy (and fun) to ridicule Joe Biden as a buffoon, but there are more than a few people who take him seriously as an alternative to Hillary Clinton as Democrat nominee. Biden fever is rising as Hillary herself
On Bruce Jenner and telling the right story
No description.
Take an inside look at the White House Correspondents' Dinner
No description.
Hillary dusts off old 'right-wing conspiracy' nugget to counter book
The “vast right-wing conspiracy” is back. That was the phrase Hillary Clinton herself used to describe the villainous puppet masters behind the Monica Lewinsky scandal back in 1998. And now, her camp has decided to reanimate this ludicrous bogeyman from
Right on Cue, Here Are a Bunch of Christians Telling Bruce Jenner He Needs Jesus
Earlier tonight, Bruce Jenner told Diane Sawyer that “for all intents and purposes, I am a woman.” Congratulations to him (his preferred pronoun) for having the courage to say so publicly. Even for a reality TV star, that couldn’t have been
Tel Aviv mall denies entry to three Arab men - National - Israel News | Haaretz
Tel Aviv’s Azrieli Mall refused to let in three Arab men earlier this week, with the company saying they were West Bank Palestinians and citing Israeli law under which entry permits are granted only for specific purposes.“In this case, they
Census: Record 51 million immigrants in 8 years, will account for 82% of U.S. growth | Washingt(...)
Legal and illegal immigrants will hit a record high of 51 million in just eight years and eventually account for an astounding 82 percent of all population growth in America, according to new U.S. Census figures.
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Domestic Violence Murder Case Ends with Suspended Death Sentence
As China edges towards greater legal protections for sufferers of domestic abuse , a Sichuan court passed a suspended death sentence against one prominent victim on Friday. Li Yan killed her husband in 2010 after he reportedly burned her with
Escaped Buffalo Herd Shot Dead In New York
The herd, which escaped Thursday night from a farm in Rensselaer County, swam east across the Hudson River and ended up in the town of Bethlehem, local news reported. It became clear to their owner, George Mesick, that the bison
The promise-and massive challenge-of making games for the Apple Watch
Trivia Crack is one of a number of quiz games coming to Apple Watch. The simple gameplay of the genre makes it well suited to the small screen.
Woman accused of killing her boyfriend found guilty
Authorities say 24-year-old Shayna Hubers shot 29-year-old Ryan Poston six times at his condominium in 2012 after the couple fought. Hubers has said she shot Poston in self-defense.
Judge in Colorado theater shooting case won't move trial
The judge in the Colorado theater shooting case has denied defense attorneys longstanding request to move the trial to another county. District Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. said in an order Thursday he would have to search outside the state
Chill, Deadheads: John Mayer may tour with Dead members, not the Grateful Dead
John Mayer and a few surviving members of the Grateful Dead may be ramping up a fall tour that would follow the bands Fare Thee Well sayonara shows - but it wont impugn the spirit of their finality because not
Low: Big Ten beating SEC at its own game
The staging of satellite camps could be short-lived, so were proposing Big Ten options for additional satellite camps this offseason. Earlier this month, the Big Ten Network announced its slate of Big Ten night games in 2015.
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There is bipartisan support in Pennsylvania to make it illegal to taunt or challenge police off(...)
New trend in L.A. dining: Haute Cuisine Pop Tarts
Remembering Gallipoli 100 years later. Where the British and Ottoman Empires died, Australia an(...)
College campus enrollment center excavation halted because of: A) Indian burial grounds, B) Mam(...)
Real estate agent: Sure it's a fixer-upper that hasn't been on the market since 1953, but it's (...)
Man steals a cooler of ice cream from a convenience store while flipping off the security camer(...)
If you're nervous right before making a corporate presentation in the boardroom in front of the(...)
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10 Minute Dosage of Engrossing Web Design
Form Follows Function is a beautifully designed collection of interactive mini-experiences, coded in HTML5, and designed to work as flawlessly on mobile as on the desktop.
Dave or Ed? The 2015 UK General Election
In just 12 days, the 2015 general election for the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) takes place. On the surface, the math is simple: there are 650 seats, so winning 326 gives you a simple majority. In the
What sound does a coyote make when he takes a bottle of earthquake pills
Usually the kind of sound effects you heard in the earliest cartoons were strictly sound effects produced by musical instruments. What happened with Treg Brown is entirely different; he would bring in sounds that were recorded in the library at
The Last Ride Of The Polo Shirt Bandit
William Guess was his name - and it was prophetic. When he shot himself while surrounded by the police, he left unanswered the question that had stumped his pursuers: why did an ordinary middle-class Texan turn into the states most
And Holland Has Tulips
What Its Like to Have Down Syndrome—and Care for a Sister With Disabilities While the initial focus was to portray Alyssa as just another member of her family, the project changed slightly when Carly began to lose neurological ability. Although
Where No Freak or Geek Has Gone Before
Other Space: A sci-fi workplace comedy created by Paul Feig. Featuring Milana Vayntraub (a.k.a. the lady from the AT&T ad), Karan Soni (a.k.a. the dude from the AT&T ad), and Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu from MST3K.
Teaching evolution to Muslim students
Associate Professor Rana Dajani describes why she teaches evolution to Muslim students in Jordan.
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