Seattle officer investigated for busting too many pot smokers
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So true, Animal Crossing.
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LPT: Using only half an avocado in a recipe? Cut it around the middle instead of lengthwise to (...)
I don't eat enough at a time to use a whole avocado so I cut it in the middle instead of along the length. Less of the fruit is exposed to the air and the pit helps protect a lot
Star Wars
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US condemns shelling of UN school in Gaza but restocks Israeli ammunition
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The Star Wars title crawls are still floating through space.
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designed an engagement ring
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Medical marijuana delivery service Eaze launches in SF, hoping to be the "Uber of pot" (Carolyn(...)
Carolyn Said / San Francisco Chronicle:Medical marijuana delivery service Eaze launches in SF, hoping to be the “Uber of pot”  —  Medical marijuana users link to delivery services with Eaze 
Google releases the source code for its I/O 2014 app as a template for developers (Josh Ong/The(...)
Josh Ong / The Next Web:Google releases the source code for its I/O 2014 app as a template for developers  —  Google today published the source code for its I/O
Samsung VP: two new smartphones coming with six months, one with a "large screen", the other wi(...)
Min-Jeong Lee / Wall Street Journal:Samsung VP: two new smartphones coming with six months, one with a “large screen”, the other with “new materials”  —  Samsung to Launch New Smartphones
DisplayMate: Surface Pro 3 has one of the best, most accurate displays available on any mobile (...)
Brooke Crothers / CNET:DisplayMate: Surface Pro 3 has one of the best, most accurate displays available on any mobile platform and OS  —  Microsofts Surface Pro 3 wins plaudits for
64-Bit Chrome for Windows, Now in Beta (Alex Chitu/Google Operating System)
Alex Chitu / Google Operating System:64-Bit Chrome for Windows, Now in Beta  —  2 months after the Dev/Canary channels, the 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows is now available in
Samsung mobile profit down by a third in 2Q 2014 (Chris Duckett/ZDNet)
Chris Duckett / ZDNet:Samsung mobile profit down by a third in 2Q 2014  —  Summary: A decline in profitability of Samsungs IT and mobile communications division has pulled overall profit
Samsung's Milk Music Update Adds $3.99 Premium Subscription Option (Ryan Whitwam/Android Police)
Ryan Whitwam / Android Police:Samsungs Milk Music Update Adds $3.99 Premium Subscription Option  —  Samsung pitched Milk Music this spring as a totally free music service exclusive to its devices,
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The Wolf - Our Intrepid Reporter At It Again
Surely that missing plane is down here somewhere
Driverless Cars Get Green Light for Testing on U.K. Roads in 2015"'
No description.
Obama's Executive Action on Immigration Looms "'
No description.
Rushed HHS Let Contractors Fumble Obamacare Website, GAO Says"'
No description.
Sam Factor Prepares Rams for Sensitivity Training"'
No description.
The Future Of Retail Work: Many See Low Pay, Little Flexibility'"
No description.
The fading American dream
The award-winning documentary Rich Hill focuses on the fading American dream, through the eyes of three teenagers. One of the films stars, 16-year-old Andrew Jewell, and the director, Tracey Droz Tragos, discuss.
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Gunman Opens Fire On Mobile Home in North Carolina, Killing Two
A North Carolina man is dead following a shootout with authorities after opening fire on a mobile home, killing two people.
Murder, rape charges and no bail for Philly carjackers accused of killing 3 kids
Police were searching for two men who carjacked an SUV and plowed into a group of children and adults selling fruit to raise money for their church, killing three kids and critically injuring their mother and the carjacking victim.
Driver charged with vehicular homicide in death of Cleveland Heights rabbi
Semi driver Cesar A. Ubaldo of Hoboken, N.J., is charged in Cleveland Heights Municipal Court in the May 29 collision that killed Rabbi Yehuda Cohen.
Dog trapped under floor of home rescued: Dog jumps into rescuers arms
As rescuers dig to reach Allie the dog, Allie was digging her way towards her rescuers.
The hidden danger of buying exclusively from local suppliers?
It has become very noble for individuals and companies to buy from businesses located in their own state.
Barclays profits hit by investment bank problems
Barclays investment banking profits almost halved in the first half compared to the same period last year, as trading revenues slumped.
Ferrari 458 replica looks like the real deal
A replica of the Ferrari 458 has been recently spotted out while looking for a new owner, who will have to pay 50,000 GBP before getting his hands on his new ride.
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Family on a flight from Beijing to Detroit encourage their child to take a dump on his chair in(...)
Five years after giving laptops to school kids, Hoboken scraps the whole thing. Anybody want 10(...)
The summer wouldn't be complete without another person having a barbecue grill brush wire surgi(...)
Theme of Farktography Contest No. 482: "Distant Horizons". Details and rules in first post. LGT(...)
Every marriage has its speed bumps, such as a drunk husband
Subby consumes twice as many fruits and vegetables as necessary, unless beer only counts as hal(...)
How's my driving? Call 1-800-HATCHET
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Simon and Martina, of the joint blog Eat Your Kimchi, are a married Canadian couple that moved to South Korea in 2008. They have a YouTube series called TL;DR in which readers can submit questions about living in Korea, and
Five Things You Learn Growing Up In (And Escaping) North Korea
Cracked interviews a NK escapee, an ambassador to NKs grandson, and a journalist covering NK. Want more, without any humor (Cracked is pretty restrained for their piece)? BBC on the people smuggling industry, Yeonmi Park on growing up in North
A raccoon of my own
Only a handful of all the animal species on earth can be tamed, but that doesnt stop a homesick girl of 15 from trying
being the other
World War 3 Illustrated is an anthology series with a left-wing political focus. More Horror Than Hope: The Comic Art of World War 3 Illustrateda little more WW3 Illustrated
"There's no easy way to say this... I'm pregnant Trevor."
Test footage from a Deadpool project looks to be awesome. As this is test footage, it is entirely possible that it wont actually end up in a movie or videogame, but even on its own, its fairly fucking brilliant, and
The Center for Investigative Reporting conducted a year-long investigation into the problem of teens held in solitary confinement and chronicles what it found in the short documentary Alone. Almost half of all teens at New York Citys Rikers Island suffer
On, Wisconsin History!
African American Bowling Shirt. Bra Flag. Liberaces Performance Jacket. The Oscar Mayer Wiener Banjo-Ukulele. A Bull Semen Parachute. These artifacts and their stories are part of the wonderful online exhibit of objects held by the Wisconsin Historical Museum. Enjoy browsing
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