Pakistan allows Taliban to meet, choose leader: Defying warnings from Washington and the fury o(...)
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Elon Musk says humanity is currently running 'the dumbest experiment in history'
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TIFU by telling my friend that webcam naughtiness was easy... (NSFW)
TIFU by telling my friend that getting girls to do sexy things on webcam was easy. My friends and I frequently game and have the most ridiculous conversations on Skype. I'd spoken about how I'd frequently convinced random women on
What the FUCK are those?
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Elvis Andrus straight steal of home
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Good guy policeman
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Fake ultrasounds, fake bellies and ‘Fake a Baby.com’ gets Michigan teen in non-fake trouble
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Google Launches Native Ads In Gmail To All Advertisers (Frederic Lardinois/TechCrunch)
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:Google Launches Native Ads In Gmail To All Advertisers  —  Google is rolling out a new ad format in Gmail to all advertisers today.  A few years
Sources: Xiaomi considers launching a laptop, held talks with Samsung for memory chips, may go (...)
Jungah Lee / Bloomberg Business:Sources: Xiaomi considers launching a laptop, held talks with Samsung for memory chips, may go on sale in Q1 2016  —  Xiaomi Considers Introducing Laptop to
Apple TV 4 hardware revealed: A8 chip, black remote, 8/16GB storage, same ports, no 4K (Mark Gu(...)
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:Apple TV 4 hardware revealed: A8 chip, black remote, 8/16GB storage, same ports, no 4K  —  The fourth-generation Apple TV, set to be unveiled at an event
Critical remotely-exploitable flaws found in three popular, internet-connected baby monitors (Z(...)
Zack Whittaker / ZDNet:Critical remotely-exploitable flaws found in three popular, internet-connected baby monitors  —  New security flaws found in popular IoT baby monitors  —  Even internet-connected baby monitors arent immune
NewsCred nabs $42M to expand beyond content marketing (Barry Levine/VentureBeat)
Barry Levine / VentureBeat:NewsCred nabs $42M to expand beyond content marketing  —  EXCLUSIVE:  —  Content marketing platform NewsCred is today announcing a new round of $42 million to help it
Hulu launches commercial-free option for $12 per month (Emily Steel/New York Times)
Emily Steel / New York Times:Hulu launches commercial-free option for $12 per month  —  Hulu Starts a Commercial-Free Option to Rival Netflix and Amazon  —  Hulu announced Wednesday that it was starting a commercial-free version
Sony's Xperia Z5 Premium has an absurd 4K display (James Vincent/The Verge)
James Vincent / The Verge:Sonys Xperia Z5 Premium has an absurd 4K display  —  Sony has unveiled its new lineup of Xperia smartphones, and this years headline model is the
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Oil falls on large U.S. crude stocks
Oil prices fell on Wednesday after U.S. government data showed a big rise in crude oil stocks, adding to concerns about global oversupply and sluggish economic growth in China.U.S. crude oil stocks rose by 4.67 million barrels to 455.43 million
MSNBC Sample Debate 1441210387178
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China, Russia building database
Chinese and Russian intelligence services are collecting personally identifiable information on a grand scale so they can target American government workers for counter-intelligence, a U.S. official told CNN Tuesday.China has been particularly active, the official said, part  …
ISIS: America's failed response (Opinion) - CNN.com
Yes, Mr. Obama there have been setbacks. And those are not the worst of them.Why ISIS wants to erase Palmyras history
No campfire, no problem: Make 1-minute microwave mug s'mores
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Funny Trump making fun of other Republicans not carrying their own states
 Im almost sure Trump will not carry his own state New York in either the primaries or if it gets that far the presidential election. The people of New York have been to the Trumps circus for years and are
Packers Could Be In Major Trouble This Year With Star WR Hurt
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Alaska sits in judgment of B.C.
Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett spent much of last week in Alaska, trying to assure local fishermen and environmentalists that B.C.s mine approval process is basically the same as Alaskas. Bennett visited an abandoned mine in northwest B.C. that
Is the local real estate market healthy?
As someone who survived the crash of the housing market and the great recession as a RealtorA , I have to say that the housing market has come a long way since 2009-2011. There are far fewer foreclosures and home
MNP goes live in Senegal
The transfer of a mobile number to a different operator is free of charge for consumers. to 2015, despite previous assurances that it would go live in October 2014.
Multiple suicide attacks kill 12 Iraqi troops, militiamen
A series of suicide attacks by the Islamic State group outside a town in Anbar province west of Baghdad on Tuesday killed 12 soldiers and allied Sunni militiamen, military and hospital officials said. They said the attack began when IS
TPG begins raiding iiNet. Yep! TPG begins raiding iiNet
For all its promises about keeping iiNet as the internet provider its customers love, TPG is already making substantial changes to its new acquisition.
American anti-dolphin-hunt activist arrested in Japan
Anti-dolphin-hunt campaigner Ric OBarry was being held in western Japan on Tuesday after being arrested the previous night for not carrying his passport. The 75-year-old star of The Cove, a 2009 Oscar-winning documentary about the Japanese dolphin hunt, was stopped
Life histories of Mediterranean pines
In Plant Ecology, Vol. 171, No. 1-2. , pp. 53-68, doi:10.1023/b%3avege.0000029383.72609.f0 To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document.
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Texas man violently sexually assaults a 2-year-old girl. District Attorney: Oh, you
Oh. look. An essay contest to see who gets to take of someone's quaint Vermont inn. This would (...)
Jared Fogle sues the former head of his charity foundation over an unpaid loan of $185,000, say(...)
ISIS you all are slacking on your campaign of cultural vandalism, there's lots more priceless W(...)
Americans needlessly spend over $19 billion per year renting cable boxes, and the FCC is poised(...)
Dust off your Y2K bunker and survival gear and get ready for; Supermoon Lunar Eclipse 2015, on (...)
Photoshop this road to Hell
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How Depression Will Save Skype
Are Thinkpiece Twitter Bots Causing Mefites to Wear Skinny Jeans? and other important thinks and thoughts. See also Slate
Uber for Quinoa
Faced with the prospect of $15 an hour wages for fast food workers, Silicon Valley is re-inventing the automat.
I don't wanna be the President of America
Nicole Frýbortová refuses to ride her bicycle like a normal human being. (SLYT)
Cockatoo Peekaboo
Peek Boo!
The XKCD Survey
Introducing The XKCD Survey - a search for weird correlations
Kings County Penitentiary
The Luxury Brooklyn Apartment Complex at the Site of a Former Prison Now a small group of community members and leaders are trying to halt the development, arguing that it sits on hallowed grounds. Perhaps, they say, the physical remains
Archive Corps: Year One
Manuals Plus was going out of business. MeFis own Jason Scott wanted to save its collection of 200,000 booklets before they were lost forever. He had three days.Introducing the Archive Corps The blow-by-blow account from Jasons blog:In Realtime: Saving 25,000
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