My aunt riding a lion on water skis in 1972. Just another day..
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Which hero is the true villain? And why?
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My mom sent me this photo of a pit bull and a chihuahua who got adopted together.
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My aunt has procured a world map from ancient Grease.
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A snake coils itself up a tree
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Ohio Cop Refuses to Resort to Deadly Force: 'I Wanted to Be Absolutely Sure'
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My dog refuses to potty anywhere but on my balcony, so I built a balcony potty for him. :D
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Funds left in Google Wallet Balance will now be FDIC insured (Mandi Woodruff/Yahoo! Finance)
Mandi Woodruff / Yahoo! Finance:Funds left in Google Wallet Balance will now be FDIC insured  —  YAHOO FINANCE EXCLUSIVE: Google Wallet just got a lot safer  —  Google (GOOGL) is
Comcast to bring two-gigabit Internet service to Bay Area, boost existing tiers (Mark Hachman/P(...)
Mark Hachman / PCWorld:Comcast to bring two-gigabit Internet service to Bay Area, boost existing tiers  —  Comcast said Friday that it will bring its 2-gigabit symmetrical Gigabit Pro service to
French Senate Backs Bid To Force Google To Disclose Search Algorithm Workings (Natasha Lomas/Te(...)
Natasha Lomas / TechCrunch:French Senate Backs Bid To Force Google To Disclose Search Algorithm Workings  —  Its been a bad week for Google in Europe, with the Competition Commission on
WhatsApp hits 800M monthly active users, stays on pace to reach 1B users by year's end (Deepa S(...)
Deepa Seetharaman / Wall Street Journal:WhatsApp hits 800M monthly active users, stays on pace to reach 1B users by years end  —  WhatsApp Hits 800 Million Users — 1 Billion
Google makes Android for Work available for any device running Android 4.0 or higher (Robert Ba(...)
Robert Bartley / FierceMobileIT News:Google makes Android for Work available for any device running Android 4.0 or higher  —  Google makes Android for Work available on nearly all Android devices  —  Google pushed Android for
Microsoft supports many groups lobbying for regulatory action against Google in Europe and US ((...)
Danny Hakim / New York Times:Microsoft supports many groups lobbying for regulatory action against Google in Europe and US  —  Microsoft, Once an Antitrust Target, Is Now Googles Regulatory Scold 
Galaxy S6, S6 edge review: Exynos is SoC to beat in Android space for the next 6 months, batter(...)
Joshua Ho / AnandTech:Galaxy S6, S6 edge review: Exynos is SoC to beat in Android space for the next 6 months, battery life effectively the same as S5, camera comparable to iPhone  —  The Samsung
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George Lucas Planning Payback With Massive Affordable Housing Project On His Marin County Land
After George Lucas ran into a buzzsaw of opposition from his wealthy Marin County neighbors when he tried to expand his Skywalker Ranch studio, the filmmaker might be getting some payback with plans for one of the largest affordablehousing projects in
Re-interpreting Dante's Divine Comedy Africa-style - BBC News
17 April 2015 Last updated at 23:16 BSTDantes Divine Comedy is a masterpiece of European literature.
How Gwyneth Paltrow succeeded by failing the Food Stamp Challenge
No description.
We Must Stop Allowing Far Right Conservative Christians to Dumb Down and Radicalize This Country
They believe that “God speaks to them,” that laws should be taken from religion, that homosexuality is a sin, that women shouldn’t have control over their own bodies and that all other religions besides theirs are wrong. Oh, I’m talking
The Rude Pundit: Fuck Your Conscience; Do Your Job
Let us say, and why not, that you are a firefighter, the captain of the department in Sisterfuck, Arkansas, a little bit outside Little Rock, and, in your off-duty life, youre a good, loyal member of the Church of the
Michigan high school students toured Florida colleges, ended up as targets of racism
Another day in post-racial America. This time in Floridas panhandle, where a group of Michigan high schools students and administrators were touring Florida colleges. Their bus broke down and the group of 90 students and adults were forced to rent
Rand Paul fights off GOP hawks at New Hampshire 2016 summit
No description.
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Sunday newsagency management tip: be a specialty retailer
Newsagency businesses are your quintessential independent specialty retailer but how much of a specialty retailer are you? What do you offer in your business that is specialty or unique? What do you offer to differentiate between your business and other
R2-D2 delightfully plays with young 'Star Wars' superfan in wheelchair
A fan-made R2-D2 unit rolled up to a young boy in a wheelchair at the Star Wars Celebration convention in Anaheim, California, on Friday. In the video, the pair play around on their wheels, doing a delightful dance together -
I like it when another person thinks like me. This guy read a study, called bull____, and used common sense/experience to explain why the scientific study is obvious bunk: What men really talk about in the pub .
3 charged with murder in 2012 slaying on Dan Ryan
Garrett Glover, 27, Patrick Calvin, 21, and Tyronne Mixon, 23, all of Chicago, are charged in the Sept. 5, 2012, shooting of Larry Porter, 25, near 87th Street on the Dan Ryan, according to Illinois State Police.
UN: death toll in Ukraine fighting now above 6,100
The United Nations says the number of people killed in a year of fighting in Ukraine has now passed 6,100, and says its increasingly worried that breaches in a cease-fire will further worsen the human rights situation in parts of
First Shots Fired in Brooklyn Bridge Park Miraculously Don't Kill Anybody
The first gunshots fired in Brooklyn Bridge Park went wild yesterday, by some miraculous twist of fate killing no one. Warm weather brought youthful crowds to the incredibly popular park, which seems to have no permanently-stationed cops patrolling its rolling
Robert Allenby almost holes bunker shot at RBC Heritage
In the opening round of the 2015 El Bosque Mexico Championship, Peter Malnati and Casey Wittenberg fire a pair of 65s to take a 2-stroke lead over the field. Read More Following his opening-round 65 at the 2015 El Bosque
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Ever wonder what happens when a cop doesn't fear for his life?
Can you really be called a 'Tree Ninja' if police catch you trying to chop a tree down with a h(...)
"By the time Orlando firefighters and police arrived, the kitchen staff had cleaned the floor, (...)
What happens in Kansas when a kid knows more about a subject than their teacher? Child Protecti(...)
Let's do this. Philadelphia Fark Party May 2nd at Frankford Hall
When they make this horror movie, the tagline will read: based on true events
Today's Fark-ready headline: 'Church of Bacon' protests bank policies
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This time, we are the aliens.
Over a mere 22 episodes between 1994 and 1995, a rag tag group of adventurers, thrown together by a shadowy government conspiracy explored a strange new world, ruled by an underground government and populated with strange new creatures. It was
The golden ratio has spawned a beautiful new curve: the Harriss spiral
is a new fractal discovered by mathematician Edmund Harriss.
40 years ago, two men married for immigration benefits in the US
40 years ago, a clerk in Boulder, Colorado let 6 same sex couples get married. One of them was a couple with an Australian national facing deportation. This is their story. Imagine falling in love and then being told that
This is a wound I shall bear forever.
I am in the depths of despair. Jonathan Crombie, the raven-haired actor best known to a generation of literature lovers as Gilbert Blythe in the classic Anne of Green Gables miniseries(es), has died at age 48 of an apparent brain
Director, Special Projects for the State of Eternity
The one work of art by James Hampton was the The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly. He built it when not working as a janitor for the General Services Administration.What does it mean? Good
Lord of the Shadows
An Iraqi (intelligence) officer planned Islamic States takeover in Syria and SPIEGEL has been given exclusive access to his papers. (by Christoph Reuter)The story of this collection of documents begins at a time when few had yet heard of the
Who pays for the legal battle over same-sex marriage?
As a historic constitutional showdown over gay marriage looms this month at the U.S. Supreme Court, attorneys are fighting over another bitterly disputed issue: their fees. In some cases, the fee requests run well into seven figures and are submitted
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