Colbert and Eminem in the same room = gold.
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Kitten and owlet
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Did your high school ever have an "incident" or event? What was it?
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The Perfect Backflop
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Accidentally caught an airplane while recording the moon
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TIL that up until the early 1900's, it was completely normal for children of both sexes in Amer(...)
Oregon Residents Can Now Get Birth Control Prescription Without Doctor's Visit
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Sources: FCC to approve AT&T's $48.5B DirecTV acquisition with conditions as soon as next week (...)
Reuters:Sources: FCC to approve AT&Ts $48.5B DirecTV acquisition with conditions as soon as next week  —  U.S. approval of AT&T-DirecTV deal expected as soon as next week: sources  —  AT&T
Facebook has held early talks with the major music labels, future plans may involve the company(...)
Micah Singleton / The Verge:Facebook has held early talks with the major music labels, future plans may involve the companys video platform  —  Facebook is talking with music labels, but
Hulu reaches deal to distribute its ad-supported content on Pluto TV's website, which presents (...)
Todd Spangler / Variety:Hulu reaches deal to distribute its ad-supported content on Pluto TVs website, which presents online video in a TV-like programming grid  —  Hulu to Deliver Free TV
Google Photos app mistakenly tags black people as 'Gorillas'; Google apologizes, says it's work(...)
Alistair Barr / Wall Street Journal:Google Photos app mistakenly tags black people as ‘Gorillas’; Google apologizes, says its working on a fix  —  Google Mistakenly Tags Black People as ‘Gorillas,’
Apple Music costs far less than $10/month in some countries, just $2/month in India (Josh Horwi(...)
Josh Horwitz / Quartz:Apple Music costs far less than $10/month in some countries, just $2/month in India  —  Apple Music is just $2 per month in India—80% cheaper than the
MasterCard to test approving online purchases this fall with fingerprint and face scanning (Jos(...)
Jose Pagliery / CNNMoney:MasterCard to test approving online purchases this fall with fingerprint and face scanning  —  MasterCard will approve purchases by scanning your face  —  This fall, MasterCard will
Yahoo is testing Google-powered search results and ads (Aaron Wall/SEO Book)
Aaron Wall / SEO Book:Yahoo is testing Google-powered search results and ads  —  Yahoo! Search Testing Google Search Results  —  Search PandaMonium  —  A couple days ago Microsoft announced a
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Purge the clutter! Expert tips on organizing your home for 2015
No description.
Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart cope with early-onset Alzheimer's in 'Still Alice'
No description.
Angelina Jolie's 'bio-identical' therapy raises hormone questions
No description.
Looking for love or want to rekindle the spark? We want you on TODAY!
No description.
Which anchor's spouse has their name tattooed on their body?
No description.
Where should Jenna Bush Hager go next? Vote for the adventure
No description.
Better Homes and Gardens unveils the best products of 2015
No description.
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3D plant scans will help build lighter, stronger cars
Dont look now, but the plants in your backyard might just shape the next generation of cars. University of Freiburg researchers have found a way to study the junctions between living plants branches and stems using MRI scans, giving insight
MRI of cellular layers in mouse brain in vivo.
Noninvasive imaging of the brain of animal models demands the detection of increasingly smaller structures by in vivo MRI. The purpose of this work was to elucidate the spatial resolution and structural contrast that can be obtained for studying the
B.C. still the Wild West for elections
The man behind HarperPAC says it lived and died in a few days to make a point about third-party advertising in Canadian politics. When it launched, I wondered why he would choose such a deliberately provocative name.
Ex-cop sentenced to 15 years for shooting civilian
An ex-policeman was today sentenced to 15 years in prison for the shooting a man in his head during an incident in 2013. Simpson was sentenced to 15 years in prison for wounding with intent and five years for illegal
MiR-133a regulates collagen 1A1: potential role of miR-133a in...
To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document. MicroRNAs play an important role in myocardial diseases.
Man pleads guilty to killing prominent Ky. defense lawyer
A south-central Kentucky man accused of gunning down a prominent defense attorney last year has entered a plea of guilty but mentally ill. Local news outlets report Clinton Inabnitt entered the plea Monday to charges of murder and wanton endangerment
EU roaming charges are going to disappear, and we know when
However, once the change goes into effect, making calls, sending texts, or browsing the web in the 28 EU member countries will no longer incur extra charges. The EU also decided that from April 30, 2016, roaming fees will be
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Science figures out the most effective tactic in any negotiation: crying
Uber proudly announces its drivers are now able to shoot you if you try to rob them, just a lik(...)
A solemn occasion at the South Carolina State House as the confederate flag is retired.... Just(...)
"Excuse me, ma'am, for this question I don't see a box labeled 'NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS'"
It's a world gone mad. Hordes of locusts cover the countryside. Dogs and cats living together. (...)
Worst. Job. Evar: "Last year, Vancouver collected 21,000 kilograms of dog feces from 54 bins at(...)
The Exclamation Comma may not be the punctuation mark you want, but it is the punctuation mark (...)
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A lick is NOT blep
When meh just wont do: blep. But maybe youre not a cat person. In which case: blop. And yes, there is a place for all other animals - meet blup. (Previously.)
Deep web horror
Someone apparently found a strange horror game that was uploaded to a remote corner of the deep web, accessible only via anonymizing tools like Tor. No one seems to know what it is or who made it, and apparently the
Made of the Same Metal
The Families Who Negotiated With ISIS - Until recently, they had not known of one another, or of the unexpected benefactor who had brought them together. They were the parents of five Americans who had been kidnapped in Syria. Lawrence
Motherfucking warrior that likes to eat cake
Thats right, celebrate that Muffintop Theres also this delightful little diddy by Awkwafina, My Vag
New York Times? Get a rope!
The New York Times suggests putting peas in your guacamole. Following up on a suggestion it made two years ago, the Times is offering a guacamole recipe from ABC Cocina in Union Square: a collaboration between the restaurants chef-owner, Jean-Georges
All your passwords belong to us
Yesterday a Fisa court judge issued final authorisation to a programme banned after Congress banned bulk collection of telephone data in the USA Freedom Act. Today The Intercept is publishing 48 top-secret and other classified documents about XKEYSCORE dated up
Why should it be limited to just two individuals?
Its Time to Legalize Polygamy: Why group marriage is the next horizon of social liberalism.No, Polygamy Isnt the Next Gay Marriage: Group marriage is the past—not the future—of matrimony. The Case Against Polygamy: Chief Justice John Roberts says the Supreme
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