Bungee jumping like pro
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Che Guevara on a pickle slice!
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Stop PMing us about going dark
We're already discussing it, thanks. edit: if you have thoughts about this, please just comment on this post. edit2: thanks for all the feedback! we will be posting something tomorrow, but right now i gotta go to sleep submitted by
I just started reading the biography Queen Victoria: A Personal History
Has anyone read this book? I'm halfway through and it's a really great insight on Victoria who has been the longest reigning queen in history. I'm sure their people would have been very angry had she been overthrown. submitted by
I don't think that's how you draw...
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TIL that AOL had volunteer mods that filed a class action lawsuit against AOL, claiming that AO(...)
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TIL that when Romania made their ice hockey World Championship debut in 1931, they lost 0-15 to(...)
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Uber Suspends UberPOP In France Following Turmoils And Arrests (Romain Dillet/TechCrunch)
Romain Dillet / TechCrunch:Uber Suspends UberPOP In France Following Turmoils And Arrests  —  Transportation company Uber just announced in an interview with Le Monde that it will be suspending UberPOP
Industry groups say new Chinese security law could force companies to build backdoors, provide (...)
Paul Mozur / New York Times:Industry groups say new Chinese security law could force companies to build backdoors, provide encryption keys, or hand over source code  —  Jitters in Tech
Facebook's Rooms app updated to allow photos and videos in comments, let moderators pin posts a(...)
Napier Lopez / The Next Web:Facebooks Rooms app updated to allow photos and videos in comments, let moderators pin posts and unban users  —  Remember Facebooks Rooms app?  It just
You can now use any Android app on your Mac w/ BlueStacks App Player (Jordan Kahn/9to5Mac)
Jordan Kahn / 9to5Mac:You can now use any Android app on your Mac w/ BlueStacks App Player  —  BlueStacks, a free desktop Android emulator that lets users play any mobile
Reddit moderators shut down popular subreddits to protest removal of Victoria Taylor, AMA co-or(...)
Ashley Feinberg / Gawker:Reddit moderators shut down popular subreddits to protest removal of Victoria Taylor, AMA co-ordinator and Reddits director of communications  —  Reddit In Chaos After Allegedly Firing AMA
Microsoft confirms its new Edge browser won't support Silverlight (John Callaham/Windows Central)
John Callaham / Windows Central:Microsoft confirms its new Edge browser wont support Silverlight  —  Microsoft has already announced that its new Microsoft Edge web browser in Windows 10 will not
Large blocks of IPv4 addresses are no longer available in North America; organizations can eith(...)
Iljitsch van Beijnum / Ars Technica:Large blocks of IPv4 addresses are no longer available in North America; organizations can either join the wait list or request smaller blocks  —  Its official: North America out of
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Nation wary as officials monitor for possible Fourth of July threats
No description.
'The Voice' axes two more hopefuls
No description.
Batman star skirts assault questions in Japan
No description.
If It Walks Like A Duck And Quacks Like A Duck It Is Obviously A Horse.
Denial is not just a river in Egypt.  It is an everyday occurrence for some.  Most of us see a duck and know it is a duck, we may disagree on what kind of a duck however we accept that
Church-run schools in Israel face 'death sentence'
Community leaders fear that Netanyahus party is seeking to curb educational opportunities for the Palestinian minority.Nazareth - Israel is seeking to bring dozens of church-run schools under government control, a move that community leaders have warned will curb the last …
Bubba Watson To Paint U.S. Flag Over Confederate Flag On General Lee:
The recent controversy over the Confederate flag has prompted Bubba Watson to paint a U.S. flag over the Confederate flag atop his pride and joy, the original General Lee, the Dodge Charger made famous on the television show “Dukes of
'How much would you pay to stop an abortion?': Pregnant woman challenges pro-lifers to pay her (...)
A pregnant woman has challenged pro life activists to pay her $1 million to keep her baby.In an anonymous essay titled How much would you pay to stop an abortion?, the writer claims she is 26 years old, seven weeks
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From the July issue: Real estate crowdfunding platforms are growing at a dizzying pace. Observers estimate that there are now well over a hundred crowdfunding platforms - websites that raise money for development projects from everyday investors- that are based
The bigger the better: determining nephron size in kidney.
The main functions of the kidney are to excrete metabolic waste products and actively reabsorb essential molecules such as amino acids, ions, glucose and water. In humans, a wide range of genetic disorders exist characterized by wasting of metabolically important
Golfer shoots 57 with 3 aces, 2 of which were on par-4's
What is more likely...that he actually made 3 holes in one or that someone up ahead was playing a prank on him by putting the ball in the hole before they left the tee? So this guy may actually believe
Hay barn up in flames
There is no word on the cause of the fire or any injuries. However, wet or recently harvested hay can spontaneously combust due to microbial growth, causing changes in heat and oxygen availability within the hay pile, according to Washington
Little girl knows exactly where babies come from
Three-year-old Adella is going to be a big sister later this year, and she definitely knows whats going down. When prompted by her dad to tell the camera Whats happening in October?, Adella maintains her flawless composure and simply says
The best use of sex in marketing
We hear the phrase sex sells all the time, but rarely do we take the opportunity to celebrate the fine brands that bring us our most treasured NSFW media. Here are some companies that have excelled at the sex marketing
Louisiana Avenue homeowner arrested after shooting man in backyard, police say
A Louisiana Avenue homeowner was arrested Tuesday after shooting a man in his backyard who he thought was trying to break into his house, New Orleans police said. Luiz Delima, 40, was arrested on a single count of aggravated battery
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Man commits suicide by jumping in front of carnival ride. Officials say he just kept jumping in(...)
Set to start in about two weeks, here's the top 8 conspiracy theories about what Jade Helm real(...)
Meanwhile, in Venezuela: EVERYBODY PANIC
That awkward moment when you mistake a meditating person for a terrorist
ISIS now sets its sights on Egypt's pyramids and sphinx. Mummy, I'm scared
Marijuana-related expulsions skyrocket in Grand Junction, Colorado after marijuana legalization(...)
So, uh... researchers can't exactly track all of those collared wolves in Yellowstone right now(...)
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Hey Ho! Let's Go! Geronimo!
The Acid House trend/moral panic of the late 1980s saw house and techno go mainstream, and in the early 1990s, what was now known as dance music was a regular fixture in the UK Top 40. And a trend for
Arguably more honest than some
A lot of the tent revival footage throughout would be relatively unremarkable, except that you know the guy doesnt really buy into one singular goddamned thing the hes saying to the shouting crowds of gullible hayseeds and proto mega-churchers. You
I was an artist trying to be all those other things
Ricky and Doris - Ricky Syers is an off-beat 50 year old street performer who found his calling as a puppeteer after a lifetime of manual labor. While performing in New York Citys Washington Square Park, he met Doris Diether,
The Children Came Back
BriggsGE, aka Adam Briggs, from a town called Shepparton, just dropped his latest track The Children Came Back featuring occasional collaborator Gurrumul, and Dewayne Everettsmith. Its not just a track though, its an homage to Archie Roachs They Took the
why don't we just terraform the earth?
In the past few years, science has lurched closer to envisioning habitable Mars, though at the moment estimates for creating breathable oxygen range from hundreds to 100,000 years in the future, the soil is currently toxic to astronauts, and travel
The end of open records in Wisconsin
Nearly all records created by state and local government officials, including bill drafts and communications with staff, would not be subject to the Wisconsin open records law under a sweeping surprise change Republicans introduced in committee Thursday as an amendment
Needs must when the devil drives
In principle, it is what scientists call hypodermic insemination: the practice of forcefully depositing sperm outside a female genital tract—and yes, its as usually as rough as it sounds. Bed bugs are infamous for it, as this type of insemination
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