The all new Xbox Tree Fiddy™
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This Week in Technology
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My sister works at Domino's. Today a 6 year old wanted to buy the pizza using his Dads credit c(...)
Because Physics
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LPT: If youre saving up for something, save up more than what it costs. Never let yourself end (...)
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TIFU by spilling black widows all over my living room
I'm a graduate student in Oklahoma and I work in a greenhouse. One day while chasing a lizard around the bay where my experiment is kept, I stumbled across a black widow female. I trapped her in a water bottle,
Was cleaning out an older laptop. Found this collection of artwork for Star Wars set in an 80's(...)
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Vivendi Sells Its 13% Beats Stake to Apple for $404 Million (Kristen Schweizer/Bloomberg)
Kristen Schweizer / Bloomberg:Vivendi Sells Its 13% Beats Stake to Apple for $404 Million  —  Vivendi SA (VIV) sold its stake in Beats Electronics LLC to Apple Inc. (AAPL) for $404 million as part of
Legislative restrictions on popular bloggers come into force in Russia (RT)
RT:Legislative restrictions on popular bloggers come into force in Russia  —  As of August 1 all blogs having 3,000 daily readers or more will have to follow many of the
Amazon quickens push into tough local services market (Deepa Seetharaman/Reuters)
Deepa Seetharaman / Reuters:Amazon quickens push into tough local services market  —  (Reuters) - Seattle audio and video technician Todd Mueller showed up last year for what might have been
Scrap the mystery: High-tech vision for Google barge crumbles in a heap (Tom Bell/The Portland (...)
Tom Bell / The Portland Press Herald:Scrap the mystery: High-tech vision for Google barge crumbles in a heap  —  The barge has been sold and the four-story structure will be
Launching an indie game on Xbox One cost one developer $5K (Brett Douville/Happion Labs GameDevBlog)
Brett Douville / Happion Labs GameDevBlog:Launching an indie game on Xbox One cost one developer $5K  —  Making A Shoestring Budget Game For The Xbox One  —  Just last month
Poorly Managed HealthCare.gov Construction Cost $840 Million, Watchdog Finds (Louise Radnofsky/(...)
Louise Radnofsky / Wall Street Journal:Poorly Managed HealthCare.gov Construction Cost $840 Million, Watchdog Finds  —  Government Accountability Office Says Risks Remain Without Improved Oversight at Health Agency  —  The federal agency in charge of building
Facebook's Slingshot introduces 'reactions-to-reactions', for photo, video, or text replies to (...)
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:Facebooks Slingshot introduces ‘reactions-to-reactions’, for photo, video, or text replies to reactions  —  Facebook Slingshots First Update Makes It Conversational With Reactions To Reactions  —  Facebooks standalone
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Random farm photos for Friday August 1st, 2014.
Its Friday and August already! I thought Id put up my random photos before we left for the city, see ya later.
Federal review stalled after finding forensic errors by FBI lab unit spanned two decades - The (...)
U.S. officials began the inquiry after The Washington Post reported two years ago that flawed forensic evidence involving microscopic hair matches might have led to the convictions of hundreds of potentially innocent people. Most of those defendants never were told of t …
GOP Disarray Hands Democrats a Big Midterm Gift
No description.
(CEASEFIRE VIOLATIONS) Israel kills 35 , claims soldier missing as Gaza truce unravels
ISRAELI WAR CRIMES CONTINUE: Despite a short 72 hour ceasefire announcement, Israel continued its aggressive acts of killing civilians and committing more war crimes genocide of Palestinians.
Gaza War: 72-Hour Cease-Fire Unravels, Soldier Feared Captured
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — A Gaza cease-fire quickly unraveled Friday as violence erupted in and around the southern town of Rafah, with 35 Palestinians killed by Israeli shelling and the military saying one of its soldiers may have
Palestinians: We're No Longer Welcome at Cairo Peace Talks
No description.
World War I in motivational popular prints from 1914 |
All these illustrations were put up for auction this year in Moscow and sold. The lowest price per lot was 18,000 rubles, and the highest — paid for this particular illustration — was 520,000 rubles. // Popular print. Wilhelm is
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A new star of the air show
TOM Lackey is 94 and has already done quite a few things most of us would never dream of attempting.
A Day of Remembrance
The photo, which was taken from the victims point of view, was of the Tower, as seen through a window with two gaping bullet holes in it.
Fatal dog attack: Animal owners face murder charges in West Michigan native's death
Prosecutors in Lapeer County have filed second-degree murder charges against a couple who police say owned Cane Corso dogs that attacked and killed a West Michigan native, the Flint Journal reported .
Why do singers hate karaoke rotations
Every karaoke host has his or her own method of setting up and maintaining their list of singers during shows .
Over 50 wonderful ways to do nature study in your homeschool
Nature study is such an important part of every homeschool education and it can also be one of the most enjoyable.
Metro Police ID officers in shooting of suspect in fatal home attack
Metro Police have identified two officers in Tuesdays fatal shooting of a suspect in a carjacking and attacks at two Las Vegas houses where a homeowner was killed and two women were critically injured.
Ottawa County prosecutor will take up case against former Kent County prosecutor on sex crime c(...)
The 61-year-old former Kent County prosecutor charged with assault and criminal sexual conduct has decided not to represent himself as he faces as much as 10 years in prison.
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I've never seen a man with so many chickens in his SUV. I've never seen a man with so many chic(...)
Photoshop this tech-savvy trucker
Remember when you could borrow a baggie of sugar from your neighbors without everyone in the ap(...)
Old and Busted: Glow-in-the-dark ice cream. New Hotness: Ice cream that changes colors as you e(...)
A breakdown of who's still smoking in the United States. Hmmm....confused and mostly uneducated(...)
Japanese farmer lynches Elmo doll, erects innovative scarecrow that will chase away all crows, (...)
Unable to wait patiently for ebola to make it's way to the US naturally, the CDC decides to imp(...)
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Advice on how to be creative from people who are
Dont just say, Oh, I need to work on that. Say, I need to work on this element of that. Absolutely eat dessert first. The thing that you want to do the most, do that. Fast Company interviews Joss Whedon
The Aesthetes
The Aesthetes - For the legendary expats of Tangier, a life devoted to beauty reaches full flower in this North African hothouse of history and hedonism.
Resistance is not futile? /Hugh
I come from the future , and Im here to tell you: transcending the limits of the flesh can be downright dull. Push hard on my skin, and youll find... two lumps of glass, metal, and plastic embedded in my
The Not So United States of Infographics
One of the more ubiquitous formats for infographics these days is the U.S.A. Map Comparing Individual States and promoting interstate rivalries. After all, wherever you live in the U.S. of A., you need bragging rights for something, right?Recently, Business Insider
50 Female-Directed Movies You Should Watch
DISCLAIMER TIME! 50 is a very small number. I make no claims to any of these lists being either comprehensive or some sort of objective analysis of the best films directed by women. I make selections based on on what
So many bumps.
- A vast repository of Adult Swim bumps dating back to 2001, including audio and video downloads, live streaming, and musical artist information for each bump.
"Two girls can often do what one on her own cannot."
British romance novelist Ida Cook (1904-1986) wrote over a hundred books for Mills & Boon under the name Mary Burchell, including the thirteen-book, opera-focused Warrender saga. The passion she and her sister, Louise Cook, shared for opera carried them across
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