Good Guy Boat does his thing.
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Dad, on the day of my birth 1978
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This must be the coolest dog ever not allowed here...
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Well I mean if it's for Jesus...
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Cosplay has changed.
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If a Penguin were to Eat You, this is the last thing You would see.
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All the months at the end of year are 'embers' it's like the year is burning itself out...
NovEMBER DecEMBER That was my primary thought this Monday morning... submitted by PhoenixGrey to Showerthoughts
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Apple lists top 10 reasons apps are rejected; missing info and bugs are two most common causes (...)
Apple:Apple lists top 10 reasons apps are rejected; missing info and bugs are two most common causes  —  Common App Rejections  —  Before you develop your app, its important to become familiar with the technical,
NASA working on traffic control system for drones, first commercial drones expected 2015 (Conor(...)
Conor Dougherty / New York Times:NASA working on traffic control system for drones, first commercial drones expected 2015  —  Drone Developers Consider Obstacles That Cannot Be Flown Around  —  SAN
Microsoft refuses to comply after judge revives overseas data search warrant (Zack Whittaker/ZDNet)
Zack Whittaker / ZDNet:Microsoft refuses to comply after judge revives overseas data search warrant  —  Summary: A US judge has lifted a stay on a ruling, forcing Microsoft to hand
Apple Says It is "Actively Investigating" Celeb Photo Hack (Arik Hesseldahl/Re/code)
Arik Hesseldahl / Re/code:Apple Says It is “Actively Investigating” Celeb Photo Hack  —  Apple said it was “actively investigating” the violation of several of its iCloud accounts, in which revealing
Cities scramble to upgrade "stingray" cellphone tracking devices as end of 2G network looms (Cy(...)
Cyrus Farivar / Ars Technica:Cities scramble to upgrade “stingray” cellphone tracking devices as end of 2G network looms  —  Cities scramble to upgrade ‘stingray’ tracking as end of 2G network
Naked celebrity hack: security experts focus on iCloud backup theory (Charles Arthur/Guardian)
Charles Arthur / Guardian:Naked celebrity hack: security experts focus on iCloud backup theory  —  After intensive examination of file data leaked by one or more hackers, suspicion grows that iCloud
Xapo CEO explains their heavily guarded offline Bitcoin vaults & the future of cryptocurrency ((...)
Ben Popper / The Verge:Xapo CEO explains their heavily guarded offline Bitcoin vaults & the future of cryptocurrency  —  Meet the man building the Fort Knox of bitcoin  —  Can
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Kindergarten Student Viciously Attacked On Playground
A 5-year-old girl was beat up on a playground at school so bad, that she sustained severe injuries. The incident happened Tuesday in Pascagoula, Mississippi.Gulf Live reports that the student is Avalynn, as indicated on social media sites. Her mother,
Fox Pundits Have The Gall To Complain About The Media's Loss Of Credibility | Crooks and Liars
No description.
Celebrity Nude Photo Hacking: Should You Be Worried?
No description.
Heroin Addict Beginning to See a Life 'Without Drugs'
No description.
Analysis: Suppose Gaza were a woman | Maan News Agency
As recently reported in Maan, a discourse of sexualized violence has risen markedly within Israel in the wake of its latest assault on Gaza. From Israeli womens sexualized hero worship of IDF soldiers to local, jingoistic, eugenics-like  …
Study: Citizens United elected more Republicans
The 2010 Supreme Court decision that helped usher in a new era of political spending gave Republicans a measurable advantage on Election Day, according to a new study.The advantage isn’t large, but it is statistically significant: The researchers found the
Tom Tomorrow- Reality Collapse
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Fla. man shoots dead three relatives, tries to kill fourth: police
George Mason III, 42, barely survived after a person driving by the murder scene accidentally hit him with a truck.
Make-ahead dinner: cheeseburger meatloaf and mashed potatoes
This is another in a series of to help families with school-aged children spend more quality time with their children around the dinner table as opposed to having to rush home to cook dinner.
Mass cytometry analysis of human T cell phenotype and function.
To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, select your preferred citation style below and drag-and-drop it into the document.
Are You Going To The UK?
Our portfolio contains very attractive and diverse property options for various needs .
Zeop achieves 400Mbps download speeds in tests
Reunion-based fibre-optic broadband provider Zeop has achieved downlink transmission speeds of up to 400Mbps, online portal Dom-Tom- ) package for EUR100 per month, is believed to preside over a subscriber base of around 13,000, chiefly concentrated in the south and
Details emerge on daughter and boyfriend accused of killing mother in Indonesia
Police have two suspects in custody in the murder of an American tourist whose body was found inside a suitcase in Bali.
video.NET (64-bit) v0.9.1.0 beta
Outputs are MKV and MP4. If you do not have an AfterDawn.com accout yet, please enter a nickname and your email address below.
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Chinese insurance policies cover against your bride becoming pregnant before the honeymoon, you(...)
Archaeological dig at US college finds remains of a colonial-era brewery on campus
Dust storm triggers a 50 car pile-up in A) Arizona B) New Mexico C) Washington, the Evergreen State
Photoshop this boogie man, man
Russians send geckos to space to have sex, but they died. Not sure if I feel sad or jealous
If there's a car crash, odds are that nine out of 10 times it's caused by someone in the medica(...)
Finally, bacon that could possibly give you super powers
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keeping up with the Joneses
give me gratitude or give me debt In terms of parenting, marriage, home, clothes – I will not be a slave to the Tyranny of Trend any longer. I am almost 40 years old and no catalog is the Boss
Damn The Man, Save The Empire
When Carol Heikkinen reached working age in her hometown of Phoenix, she got a job at the coolest possible place for a high school kid: Tower Records. When she was in college, she spent a summer working at another Tower
Publish or PERISH!!!
LEGO Academics experience the trials and tribulations of their taller, less-plasticy peers (previously 1, 2).
Heres how one small company is slowly, surely beating its way into the most monopolized category in technology: Inside DuckDuckGo, Googles Tiniest, Fiercest Competitor.
The Insurrectionist
Patrick McLaw, under the pen name Dr. K. S. Voltaer, wrote a novel about a school shooting in the year 2902. However, Mr. McLaw is a 23-year-old middle-school teacher in Cambridge, Maryland. Because of the content of his sf novels,
"People were either taken by it or felt it was the Antichrist."
Consider an arthouse, darker, noir version of Men in Black with secretive alien refugees trapped in Manhattan, tentacle sex and concept art by H. R. Giger. Clair Notos The Tourist could have been transformed into a great movie in the
"...every angel has a past and every sinner has a future."
Staten Islands Pill Problem: New York City is the heroin capital of the country, and the epidemic has hit its most tranquil borough the hardest.
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