What product do you absolutely love, that's actually intended for the opposite sex?
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Neo-Nazi tries to set fire to EU flag but falls foul of EU fire-retardant laws (x-post from r/U(...)
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Air Canada flight crashes on runway in Halifax
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Holuhraun eruption, Iceland
The Director-General of the BBC is being protected by an elite squad of bodyguards after 'credi(...)
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Australia has won the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup
After bowling New Zealand out for 183, they chased it down with 7 wickets and 101 balls in hand. Congrats to both sides on an amazing tournament. submitted by sharptoes to sports
My buddy brings this cutout to raves
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Mattel to introduce Wi-Fi enabled Barbie using ToyTalk technology to analyze speech and produce(...)
Natasha Singer / New York Times:Mattel to introduce Wi-Fi enabled Barbie using ToyTalk technology to analyze speech and produce relevant responses  —  A Wi-Fi Barbie Doll With the Soul of
Profile of Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, who has championed surveillance reform and online priva(...)
Eric Geller / The Daily Dot:Profile of Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, who has championed surveillance reform and online privacy for two decades  —  Ron Wyden, the Internets senator …
The on-demand world isn't about sharing; it's about being served and self-isolation (Lauren Smi(...)
Lauren Smiley / Matter:The on-demand world isnt about sharing; its about being served and self-isolation  —  The Shut-In Economy  —  In the new world of on-demand everything, youre either pampered,
Pebble Time Kickstarter project raised $20.3 million (Hope King/CNNMoney)
Hope King / CNNMoney:Pebble Time Kickstarter project raised $20.3 million  —  During its month-long crowdfunding campaign, which ended 10 p.m. ET Friday, Pebble Time shattered two Kickstarter records.  —  It
Uber plans to pay for drivers' commercial licenses to make an Uber X-like service legal in Germ(...)
Maria Sheahan / Reuters:Uber plans to pay for drivers commercial licenses to make an Uber X-like service legal in Germany  —  Uber plans legal taxi service in Germany - manager
Tumblr's Mobile App Will Now Add 'Buy,' 'Pledge,' And 'Get Involved' Buttons To Select Posts (S(...)
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:Tumblrs Mobile App Will Now Add ‘Buy,’ ‘Pledge,’ And ‘Get Involved’ Buttons To Select Posts  —  Tumblr today introduced a change to its service that will encourage
Microsoft's next Windows 10 Mobile test build on track to support majority of Windows Phones (M(...)
Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:Microsofts next Windows 10 Mobile test build on track to support majority of Windows Phones  —  Summary:Microsofts next Windows 10 Mobile test build, expected around early
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BBC Chief Tony Hall Gets Death Threat After Dropping Clarkson, 'Top Gear' Host
No description.
Is it time to put the Miley Cyrus jokes to rest? The CMA gang didn't think so
No description.
Yemeni warplane fleet destroyed in raids, Saudis say - The Washington Post
Breaking: WaPo reports on Egypts president says Arab summit agrees to create joint military;
Make these simple chick pops and 3 more Easter DIYs with your kids
No description.
Germanwings Crash Co-Pilot Lubitz Had 'Psychosomatic' Illness: Reports
No description.
Nigerians continue voting after violence, technical hitches
AP Latest News;
Arab leaders: Yemen airstrikes to go on until rebel withdraw
AP Latest News;
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Should you play tees/courses based soley from driver times 28?
You make it sound like youre playing PGA tour distances there. I would venture a guess and say that the majority of scratch/low single digit golfers in the USA play from tees that are between 6800-7200 yards.
After all, theyre a modern, progressive and liberal party, the party of the metropolitan elite, the one with all the forward-thinking ideas.
Get Pippen Ain't Easy Content on Newly Updated FanSided iOS App
A one-stop shop app that merges sports, entertainment and leisure together, the newest FanSided app is now available for iOS users. FanSided and Pippen Aint Easy are excited to announce the release of the updated FanSided App for iOS .
New cafe and bistro does hearty salads and sandwiches
You might have noticed something different at the former Rustic Owl cafe: An updated look, some new grilled sandwiches and salads, later opening hours, a slowly-expanding dinner menu.
Woman, 2 year old killed, man injured in Bremerton shooting
Officials say a 29-year-old woman and 2-year-old boy were fatally shot early Saturday. A third victim, a man whose age is unknown, was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle with life-threatening injuries.
In the mountains...
I took this photo in one of the many villages I visited in the area of Chiang Rai. As far as I remember, its a Yao village, a very old ethnic group originary from China.
Ball markers
I have to wonder about some of the playing partners some guys have. I know you dont always choose them.
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Here is all the information you will need to know about Palm Sunday, in case you were wondering(...)
Anti-Muslim protest in Montreal canceled due to the strength of counter-protest. "They spread h(...)
Air Canada flight with 138 passengers crash lands through power lines. Only minor injuries repo(...)
Frat boy pulls an Ozzy Osbourne, with a hamster. At least he didn't pull a Richard Gere
Police helicopter used in pursuit of wine drinking bicyclist
Party in Fort Worth. Queers, steers, beers, and a lot of hetero weird
Ozzy Osbourne's daughter is about to hit it big time. No, not Kelly. The unknown one that nobod(...)
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ein abend eine stadt zwei künstler
Durch die Nacht mit Sibel Kekilli & George R.R. Martin/ Au coeur de la nuit: George R. R. Martin et Sibel Kekilli: an ARTE documentary taking George R. R. Martin & Sibel Shae Kekilli through Martins hometown of Santa Fe,
"the actor who played Merrick would not wear makeup"
In 1980 David Bowie starred as John Merrick in the play The Elephant Man. Tim Rice interviews Bowie for Friday Night Saturday Morning David Bowie, Mark Hamill, Billy Crudup and Bradley Cooper: A Look at the Elephant Man Stars Throughout
"For example, we could transmit the contents of the Internet."
Seth Shostak, director of the Center for SETI Research at the SETI Institute, suggests in a NYT Op-Ed that we should offer the aliens Big Data.Such a large corpus — with its text, pictures, videos and sounds — would allow
At FedEx, we considered that problem for about three seconds
The FedEx Problem: In which the author uses Euclidean geometry to determine, based on the US Population, the idea location for FedExs giant hub in Memphis (spoiler: Its about 315 miles off.Then, the guy who wrote the original scheduling software
Aussies v. Black Caps
In a few short hours the final of the Cricket World Cup will be held at the G. With some games of the World Cup reaching a billion viewers globally, it has now come down to a dream final between
This town is crooked!
Lavenham was a wool boomtown during the 15th and 16th centuries. It grew so fast that many of the houses were hastily built with green timber that proceeded to twist and warp.
The creek the city loved to hate
Charlotte, NC is unusual in not being located on the coast of an ocean, lake, or major river. Instead, it has Little Sugar Creek: The creek the city loved to hate
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