Our two cats look like they were cross-stitched onto the carrier.
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British Right-Wing party (UKIP) calls to strip Islamic State militants of their British citizenship
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If arms manufacturers started using pig leather for gun grips, ISIS wouldn't be able to use them
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My Ice Bucket Challenge without water
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TIL Robert Louis Stevenson’s wife burned his manuscript of "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" because sh(...)
After an unfortunate incident involving my girlfriend, my mom made this cake to apologize.
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Keep exploring, friends!
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HP Reports Earnings: A Nice Beat On Revenue, Profits Are Right In Line (Julie Bort/Business Insider)
Julie Bort / Business Insider:HP Reports Earnings: A Nice Beat On Revenue, Profits Are Right In Line  —  Hewlett-Packard just reported its third-quarter earnings and were sifting through them now. 
Verizon Says It Has No Plans for Another App Store (Ina Fried/Re/code)
Ina Fried / Re/code:Verizon Says It Has No Plans for Another App Store  —  Verizon threw cold water Wednesday on a report that it was in talks to set up
PernixData rakes in $35M to help companies virtualize their storage (Jonathan Vanian/Gigaom)
Jonathan Vanian / Gigaom:PernixData rakes in $35M to help companies virtualize their storage  —  The startups take on software-defined storage allows users to partition high-speed storage into individual clusters that
Infineon agrees to buy Int'l Rectifier for $3 billion in cash
Reuters:Infineon agrees to buy Intl Rectifier for $3 billion in cash  —  (Reuters) - Merger-shy German chipmaker Infineon has agreed to buy Silicon Valley-based International Rectifier for about $3 billion
Amazon.com Coming to Shanghai's Free-Trade Zone (Laurie Burkitt/Wall Street Journal)
Laurie Burkitt / Wall Street Journal:Amazon.com Coming to Shanghais Free-Trade Zone  —  Move Would Allow Retailer to Sell More Merchandise From Abroad Within China  —  BEIJING— Amazon.com Inc. said it
Hands-on with the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook: the same Samsung hardware with deep Nook integration (Terr(...)
Terrence OBrien / Engadget:Hands-on with the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook: the same Samsung hardware with deep Nook integration  —  Hands-on with the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook  —  The Nook tablets
Stealth Security Startup vArmour Secretly Raised $42 Million (Mike Lennon/SecurityWeek)
Mike Lennon / SecurityWeek:Stealth Security Startup vArmour Secretly Raised $42 Million  —  Its rare to hear about a startup that has been able to secure its Series A, B and C rounds while operating in
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'Jaws of an earth monster' among treasures discovered at newly unearthed Mayan cities
Archaeologists have unearthed two ancient Mayan cities hidden for centuries in thick vegetation in the heart of the Yucatan peninsula.Aerial photographs helped the researchers locate the sites in the southeastern part of Mexico’s Campeche state, near a large May …
Tricolour Carried in Easter Parade - RTÉ Archives
No description.
New Photos - Because I'm tired of politics
Something to distract me from the political bickering. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy!
Tomato Season is upon us-- Minnie cooks up a batch of Ratatouille
By Minnie ApolisI went to the local farmers market Saturday and returned home with a haul of broccoli, summer squash, zucchini, and Swiss chard. After stowing my finds in my vehicle, I returned to snap a few photos of the
International Critics Turn Tables and Wag Finger at US Over Ferguson Crisis
The images of conflict coming out of Ferguson, Missouri, often look more like a restless Middle East capital than a Midwest town.Police aggression. Detention of journalists. A call for respect for minority populations. They’re the type of issues the United
Advancements in Forensic Technology Renew Investigation into 30-Year-Old Murder of Virginia Trooper
Federal, state, and local law enforcement are hopeful that advancements in forensic technology can shed new light on the 30-year-old unsolved murder of Virginia State Police Trooper Johnny Rush Bowman. Testing performed by the FBI Laboratory on forensic evidence originally
Obama Doctrine: Speak Often, and More Carrot Than Stick
Editor’s Note:  I typically tend to avoid overtly political and partisan articles on the World Human Rights blog, as I have said many times human rights should not be partisan issues and are far more important than political views.  However
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Lets face it, just because you wore your shirt for one day to work, doesnt make it necessarily dirty - you sit at a desk all day, its not like youre working up much of a sweat.
Pre-semester extended hours begin Monday, August 25
In preparation of the new academic year, the MIT Libraries will offer extended hours from Monday, August 25 through Sunday, August 31 .
New schematic leak reveals one more detail about the iPhone 6
With just a few weeks to go until the iPhone 6 finally becomes official, the leaks are in full bloom, as more details about the handset hit the web each day.
Samsung Gt-S5360 Silver/Black
Delivery,Mobile Phones Delivery cost includes collection from Police Force, packing & onward shipment.
How to build a better business by solving better problems
Think about it the value of your work and the demand for your work are determined by the type of problems you solve.
Ten years on
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Get a warrant: why more oversight is central to national security reform
A proposal to require more external oversight of intelligence agencies as their powers are extended goes to the heart of the debate about more anti-terrorism laws.
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Sometimes you have to ask yourself: is visiting my healthcare provider worse than having Ebola?
Bild bearbeiten Yul Brynner
Figure four leg locks for Jesus
World's most expensive hot dog comes soaked in 100-year-old Louis XIII Cognac
Teenage pilot pulls off emergency landing like a boss. w/pics and vid
When a children's book is titled My Parents Open Carry, it's a sure bet that the reviews on Ama(...)
The drug laws in Holland are nearly as hard to swallow as patatje oorlog
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When he heard the song of the chickadees, he could finally relax
GQ: The Strange and Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit. For nearly thirty years, a phantom haunted the woods of Central Maine. Unseen and unknown, he lived in secret, creeping into homes in the dead of night and surviving
Dancehall in Japan
Dancehall in Japan. A short mini documentary from the Scene Unseen project at #ListenForYourself. There are two other films right now: one about Indie music in Mexico, and another about Electronic Music in India. They are dope.
Well I'll Go To The Foot Of Our Stairs
British subtitles
This has nothing to do with the former Italian prime minister
Bárðarbunga, an Icelandic volcano named after a Norse viking, is maybe going to erupt soon. Webcams are standing by.
Sports and pop culture junkies Bill Simmons and Rembert Browne visit the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention.
CSNY 1974
The Oral History of CSNYs Infamous Doom Tour
Quick and agile, Aquarius has an aggressive fighting style
On Twitch, two fish are playing Street Fighter II. Its unexpectedly entertaining.
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