What's the stupidest thing to ever make the front page of Reddit?
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Not just "Crazy Eyes." Uzo Aduba here from Orange is the New Black. AMA.
I am a first-generation Nigerian-American actress, writer, art-maker. You probably know me from Orange is the New Black, but my journey began in the theatre and the opera. I love sports, and volunteering & giving back as much as I
I was out of the office for 2 weeks and found this when I got back. Thank you, co-workers.
TIL in 1960, the computer at NORAD warned with 99.9% certainty that the Soviets had just launch(...)
LPT: Have dandruff problems and dandruff shampoos are not helping? Try using a sulfate-free shampoo!
I have suffered from dandruff and itchy scalp since I was young. My skin is not dry anywhere else on my body. I tried all popular brands of dandruff shampoos and conditioners including Neutrogena T-gel (tar shampoo) which was prescribed
The Christopher Walken School of English
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Zombie 360
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Wikipedia goes fully native on iOS and now lets you edit articles too (Paul Sawers/The Next Web)
Paul Sawers / The Next Web:Wikipedia goes fully native on iOS and now lets you edit articles too  —  As one of the biggest brands on the Web, Wikipedia needs
IE 11 on Windows Phone will soon support non-standard web features akin to iOS and Android (Pau(...)
Paul Thurrott / SuperSite for Windows:IE 11 on Windows Phone will soon support non-standard web features akin to iOS and Android  —  Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1: Internet Explorer  — 
Hulu Plus Android app update offers users more free content including Hulu Originals (Jordan Ka(...)
Jordan Kahn / 9to5Google:Hulu Plus Android app update offers users more free content including Hulu Originals  —  Hulu announced today that its updating its Android users to offer both smartphone
LinkedIn Beats The Street In Q2 On Sales Of $511M, EPS Of $0.51 (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:LinkedIn Beats The Street In Q2 On Sales Of $511M, EPS Of $0.51  —  With social networks Facebook and Twitter handily beating analyst estimates for Q2 earnings,
Wunderlist becomes a platform, aiming to be "the home of all the world's lists" (David Meyer/Gigaom)
David Meyer / Gigaom:Wunderlist becomes a platform, aiming to be “the home of all the worlds lists”  —  Wunderlist 3 is a faster, slicker, more collaboration-friendly iteration of the popular
Oracle buys TOA Technologies, fills in field service gaps (Larry Dignan/ZDNet)
Larry Dignan / ZDNet:Oracle buys TOA Technologies, fills in field service gaps  —  Summary: Oracle said it plans to integrate TOA with its Service Cloud, which is part of the
Stripe Backs Non-Profit Decentralized Payment Network Stellar, From Mt. Gox's Original Creator (...)
Kim-Mai Cutler / TechCrunch:Stripe Backs Non-Profit Decentralized Payment Network Stellar, From Mt. Goxs Original Creator  —  Theres Bitcoin, the asset and hedge against fiat currencies and the politics of their
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Do Payphones And Disposable Phones Provide Secure Communications? - No - Modern Warfare Series
ABCs Brian Ross made some comments about avoiding dragnet surveillance, using Payphones and throw away phones.  These are the latest measures that a supposedly free press in the US must use these days.  You can read the transcript here:
'Ed Show' poll: July 31, 2014
No description.
The Nature of Nature: Invasion!
Yesterday my neighbor, Lee, came to my front door.  He was holding out his hand for me to see something. The something turned out to be a very well preserved Cuban tree frog skeleton. Take the time to do a
Reince Priebus: GOP gains among minorities won't happen overnight
No description.
– Ignorant Texans Hilariously Say They'll Never Vote For A Heterosexual President (VIDEO)
Bigots aren’t known for being the smartest people around. Yet you’d think when it came to issues they claim will be the downfall of the United States — like homosexuality — they’d at least not confused their position with the exact opposite …
"She was working steadily when the investigator found her."
No description.
Don't Worry, the 'Grown-Ups' Will Deal With Gaza
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Metro Police ID officers in shooting of suspect in fatal home attack
Metro Police have identified two officers in Tuesdays fatal shooting of a suspect in a carjacking and attacks at two Las Vegas houses where a homeowner was killed and two women were critically injured.
Ottawa County prosecutor will take up case against former Kent County prosecutor on sex crime c(...)
The 61-year-old former Kent County prosecutor charged with assault and criminal sexual conduct has decided not to represent himself as he faces as much as 10 years in prison.
Saluting our 999 heroes
They work unsocial hours under immense pressure. Like most public sector workers, they have seen their pay cut in real terms for quite a few years in a row.
HTC's latest J Butterfly is a supercharged One M8 in a waterproof body
Japanese carrier KDDI has just announced a new HTC J Butterfly , a handset which resembles the HTC One in specs but with features aimed at its home market.
Gunman Opens Fire On Mobile Home in North Carolina, Killing Two
A North Carolina man is dead following a shootout with authorities after opening fire on a mobile home, killing two people.
Murder, rape charges and no bail for Philly carjackers accused of killing 3 kids
Police were searching for two men who carjacked an SUV and plowed into a group of children and adults selling fruit to raise money for their church, killing three kids and critically injuring their mother and the carjacking victim.
Driver charged with vehicular homicide in death of Cleveland Heights rabbi
Semi driver Cesar A. Ubaldo of Hoboken, N.J., is charged in Cleveland Heights Municipal Court in the May 29 collision that killed Rabbi Yehuda Cohen.
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Random act of ..... flamingos
When your teacher tells you to keep your arms inside the bus, you LISTEN
Dallas/Fort Worth ranks third on list of top tourism destinations in the U.S. Apparently, touri(...)
NYC Back to school special August 21 at 7PM
Fark Food Thread: Time to break out the steak prep to show off the goods. When it's time to do (...)
News: Rare three-tusked walrus discovered. Alaska: and immediately eaten by locals
Photoshop this explosive reeinactment
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FPP: Foundation Paper Piecing
Many types of quilt blocks can be built by stitching together simple geometric shapes. Then theres paper (sometimes called foundation) piecing. Paper piecing is an old technique (wikipedia suggests very old) thats been steadily developing over the past few decades
Where Techy Meets Pretty
Who knew structural engineering could be so sweet? Justina Yang is the paper engineer behind Fiber Lab, a design studio located in her sunroom. She creates paper art, décor, bracelets, bowties, and lamp shades. In her short videos, she demonstrates
Smackdown 1973
Behold the five Oscar-nominated Supporting Actresses of 1973: a bitchin babe (Candy Clark), a pint-sized con-artist (Tatum ONeal), a possessed teenager (Linda Blair), a selfish carnival dancer (Madeline Kahn), and a vinegary New York institution (Sylvia Sidney). A roundtable discussion
R.I.P. Harun Farocki
Legendary experimental filmmaker Harun Farocki, whose films and installations critiqued institutions of power and explored complicated relationships with the image, passed away yesterday at the age of 70. Official site. At Film Studies For Free.
Are you a horrible person, or only pretending to be a horrible person?
The Case against Cards Against Humanity
"Capturing scenes of others 'not making it' as well"
Hollywood Streets, 1979-1983 I went to Hollywood to make it, but didnt, and ended up taking pictures of Hollywood, capturing scenes of others not making it as well.
Veto bunnies
Who uses their veto in the UN Security Council the most, and what for?
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