NASA satellite imagery shows that rain forest deforestation is speeding up, not slowing down as(...)
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Leonard Nimoy Funeral: Westboro Baptist Church Cancels Protest Plans, Can’t Find Where Funera(...)
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Comcast pays Al Sharpon $750,000 per year to continue public support for comcast on issues of d(...)
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I've never posted with my chocolates before, but I hope you like them!
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My best friend shot himself in the leg not too long ago and was in ICU for a week. I saw this s(...)
Unmelted snow in shadow of tree
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Being very poor for 9 months has given me incredible perspective on things.
The past year was really, really tough. I think I made something like $7,000 last year. And I pay rent, and eat, and have a phone bill. I don't live at mom and dads. I'm 27. Honestly, I sponged more
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Bitcoin, not the Blockchain, is the killer app, because Blockchain tech needs Bitcoin to work ((...)
Joe Coin:Bitcoin, not the Blockchain, is the killer app, because Blockchain tech needs Bitcoin to work  —  Crypto 2.0—And Other Misconceptions  —  “Its the Blockchain, not Bitcoin thats the real killer app.”  —  Ive been
Sony launches Xperia Z4 tablet with a 10-inch 2K display launching globally in June (Vlad Savov(...)
Vlad Savov / The Verge:Sony launches Xperia Z4 tablet with a 10-inch 2K display launching globally in June  —  Sonys VAIO replacement is the ultrathin Xperia Z4 Tablet  —  Announced
Meerkat for iOS lets you live stream video to your Twitter followers (Amanda Connolly/The Next Web)
Amanda Connolly / The Next Web:Meerkat for iOS lets you live stream video to your Twitter followers  —  No, this is not an app livestreaming meerkats going about their day. 
How Small Bitcoin Miners Lose on the Crypto-Currency Boom-Bust Cycle (Nathan Schneider/The New (...)
Nathan Schneider / The New Republic:How Small Bitcoin Miners Lose on the Crypto-Currency Boom-Bust Cycle  —  “Mining” is the engine that keeps the Bitcoin network working, but it has swelled
Netherlands' NXP Semiconductors to acquire Austin-based chip maker Freescale in an $11.8B deal (...)
Michael J. de la Merced / New York Times:Netherlands NXP Semiconductors to acquire Austin-based chip maker Freescale in an $11.8B deal  —  Chip Makers Will Merge in Deal Worth $11.8 Billion  —  NXP Semiconductors said
Lenovo launches sub-$200 tablets, Android-based Tab 2 A8 and A10, and Windows-based MIIX 300 (N(...)
Nicole Lee / Engadget:Lenovo launches sub-$200 tablets, Android-based Tab 2 A8 and A10, and Windows-based MIIX 300  —  Lenovo rolls out new sub-$200 tablets, two with Dolby Atmos  —  Lenovo
Why Silicon Valley is the new revolving door for Obama staffers (Washington Post)
Washington Post:Why Silicon Valley is the new revolving door for Obama staffers  —  In 2004, when Barack Obama was running for the U.S. Senate, he made his first visit to Googles campus and saw firsthand
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Accused Cusack stalker accepts plea deal
No description.
Meerkat Is The Livestreaming App Twitter Should Have Built
Everything’s more interesting if it’s happening right now. Jokes seem funnier when you hear them told in person. A dense political debate becomes captivating when watched live on TV. Real-time performances carry a peculiar vividness and urgency you can’t get
Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Top 6 New Features
Samsung unveiled Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone at Barcelona on Sunday.
Los Angeles Police Kill Man in Confrontation Caught on Video
The fatal shooting occurred Sunday in a homeless encampment downtown, where officers had gone in response to a robbery report.
Exclusive: SEC plans to level playing field for newer ETF firms
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission may strip Vanguard Group, BlackRock Inc and State Street Corp, the oldest and biggest providers of exchange-traded funds, of an advantage they hold over newer rivals in how they assemble
Scott Walker is headed for trouble with the GOP establishment
Byron YorkPALM BEACH, Fla. -- Scott Walker likes to tell a story about shopping at Kohls. Under instructions from his wife Tonette, Walker has learned how to pile on the discounts and coupons whenever he goes to the popular Wisconsin-based
Los Angeles police shoot, kill man after Skid Row struggle
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police shot and killed a man Sunday who struggled with officers on a sidewalk in the Skid Row section of downtown Los Angeles,...
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To golfers who score in the 70s - What's your story?
This is kind of related... In your 65/20/15 thread you talk about the amount of time on that... but as for number of shots its about the same, correct? Nah. You can hit more short game shots in a short
Truck crashes into tree
The driver of the truck was able to walk away from the crash and seemed to be uninjured after he was checked over by paramedics at the scene. Its unclear at this time what caused the truck to drive into
Blasts in Iraq leave 37 dead
Members of Iraqi security forces and Shiite militia fighters make their way in vehicles from Samarra to the outskirts of Tikrit, north of Baghdad, Saturday as Islamic State suicide bombers and fighters struck targets in the northern Iraqi city of
Single stack
In the tech world a stack refers to all the elements of something. For the mortgage industry, the idea of the single stack is that one platform can either meet all of the functional requirements involved in assembling a mortgage,
February 2015 Round-up
Well, February seems to have had enough and is slinking off into obscurity, or at least the past, which I suppose its time for the usual summary thingy.
Photo: Bottles of nut chocolate liqueur are displayed in
Bottles of nut chocolate liqueur are displayed in VOM FASS at the Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015. The store sells whiskeys and liqueurs on tap and lets shoppers sample them before purchasing.
Raptors Play Badly, Crushed by Warriors
My eyes still hurt from staring into the flames of burning garbage for two hours as the Raptors were spanked like naughty school boys in front of 20,000 fans last night at the Air Canada Center. The game started off
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Things you don't want to hear your doctor say in the emergency room: #1 - "Well, this is someth(...)
A view inside the Crayola factory is a lot like a trip to Willy Wonka's factory
Last month officially the coldest in Canada in 115 years: "The February 2015 temperature anomal(...)
Ever wonder what happens if you die on a plane? Besides no more beverage service, presumably
Photoshop this remarkable anise
A look at the golden age of drug marketing, a tale of glass, opium, alcohol, and neurotoxins
"The doomed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was taken on an emotional 'last farewell' fly-past o(...)
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Violin videos: Women playing music written by women
Each video inside depicts at least one woman playing Western art music composed by a woman, on a violin. Most of the videos include other performers and other instruments as well. Before you can perform the music of women composers,
Titan, awash in oceans of liquid methane and full of azotosomes?
A press release from Cornell explains how the researchers used some creative chemical modeling to construct a hypothetical, methane-based cell thats stable in Titans sub-zero oceans. They call their alien life form an azotosome. It order search for this hypothetical
On pregnancy, waiting and the malleability of time
I am waiting for my baby, waiting for summer, waiting for knowledge, but the waiting itself becomes the knowledge and then, even as I am so hungry for transition I am practically clawing out of my skin, I begin to
The Book of Life
After a year, The Philosophers Mail (previously) has concluded its project. But fret not: it has been succeeded by The Book of Life, a continuously updated online book that aims to be the curation of the best and most helpful
"But the man's uniquely evil, isn't he?"
John Gray: The Truth About Evil: Blair made this observation in November 2002, four months before the invasion of Iraq, when he invited six experts to Downing Street to brief him on the likely consequences of the war. The experts
In Style: The Dress Doctors
Before ready-to-wear and before fast fashion, American women created affordable clothing for themselves and their families with help from the Dress Doctors—the thrift experts, home economics professors, and fashion guide authors who advised women how to craft the most appropriate
"This movie was made in 1986. It invented all the cliches."
Matt Zoller Seitz hosted a sleepover for his 11 year old son and his sons friends. Soon it came time to watch a movie, which produced: Notes on watching Aliens for the first time again, with a bunch of kids
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