Mission to Mars is necessary for ‘survival of human race’
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3 Generations Feeding
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As a Teaching assistant I just witnessed this during finals
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Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne Finally Wrote a Song So Awful that the Internet Has Collectively(...)
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Boy given baseball. He can't believe it.
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ELI5: Why can there be fat police officers?
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Microsoft unleashes 'Bing in the Classroom' ad-free search (Dara Kerr/CNET)
Dara Kerr / CNET:Microsoft unleashes ‘Bing in the Classroom’ ad-free search  —  The tech giant looks to get an A+ with the roll out of a student-friendly version of its
Alleged Galaxy K cameraphone pictures appear, with the 10x zoom lens all the way out (Daniel P.(...)
Daniel P. / PhoneArena:Alleged Galaxy K cameraphone pictures appear, with the 10x zoom lens all the way out  —  We had the first claimed sample from Samsungs Galaxy K (S5
FCC to Release Draft Net Neutrality Rules in May (Amy Schatz/Re/code)
Amy Schatz / Re/code:FCC to Release Draft Net Neutrality Rules in May  —  Federal regulators are expected to release draft net neutrality rules in mid-May as part of an ongoing
IBM Opens Chip Architecture, in Strategy of Sharing and Self-Interest (Steve Lohr/New York Times)
Steve Lohr / New York Times:IBM Opens Chip Architecture, in Strategy of Sharing and Self-Interest  —  IBMs chip business needs help.  So the company has opened up the technology of
Study: Samsung's Apps Are Ubiquitous but Unloved (Jonathan Cheng/Wall Street Journal)
Jonathan Cheng / Wall Street Journal:Study: Samsungs Apps Are Ubiquitous but Unloved  —  As Samsung Electronicss best-selling smartphones face increasing competition from a horde of Chinese lookalikes, one of the
Windows 8 Start Menu set to return in August (Tom Warren/The Verge)
Tom Warren / The Verge:Windows 8 Start Menu set to return in August  —  Microsoft revealed earlier this month that the Start Menu will return to Windows 8.  While Microsoft
Christopher Mims Named New WSJ Tech Columnist (Brian R. Fitzgerald/Wall Street Journal)
Brian R. Fitzgerald / Wall Street Journal:Christopher Mims Named New WSJ Tech Columnist  —  We are delighted to announce that Christopher Mims is the new technology columnist for The Wall
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Holder: Don't Look at Me Thinking Racial Inequality Is Over
No description.
Georgia governor signs sweeping gun bill into law
No description.
Violent Murder Shocks Senior Citizen Community
No description.
Don't 'Es-stress' Over Spanglish, Say Some Scholars
No description.
US Citizen Detained In Cuba 'Not Doing Well'
No description.
Duchess Camilla's brother Mark Shand dies from head injury in New York
No description.
MSNBC Article 1398275736965
No description.
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Man Arrested for Trying to Sell North Miami High Girls as Sex Slaves
David Llama Lopez, 46, has been arrested and is being held without bond as police investigate a scheme in which he allegedly tried to sell girls who attended North Miami High School into sex slavery.
this is your baby on drugs
Youve probably seen a lot of fantastic anti-substance abuse campaigns, but can you recall any using babies, using? Yeah, thats right.
Photo: WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., le
WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., left, hits a body pad worn by Nate Jones during a media workout at the Mayweather Boxing Club Tuesday, April 22, 2014.
Mocking the Draft Live Draft
Hello! Its that time of year again! Dan Kadar, the head man at your favorite draft site, Mocking the Draft has given the authorization for Music City Miracles to host this years 7 Round Live Draft.
Portland Winterhawks vs. Kelowna Rockets
April 22, 2014--Portland Winterhawks Matthew Dumba defends against Marek Tvrdon in the first period of the third game of the Western Hockey League western conference championship at the Moda Center in Portland Tuesday night.
Is chivalry really dead, or just hiding?
Ask any twenty-something girl about chivalry and likely she will tell you chivalry is dead.
Texas man forced to strangle his dog in mercy killing after deputy leaves scene
A Texas man is grieving the death of his dog, whom he had to strangle and drown with his bare hands following shooting by police.
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Germany warns of war in Europe. This is not a repeat from 1938
"It's hard to fault Foote for not going into greater detail about the underlying science, since(...)
Man gets fitted with bionic eye, claims to be the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey
Only the Shadow knows who it was that was caught on camera at this South American soccer game t(...)
If you took an ambulance for a four block spin last night, the Montgomery County Police would l(...)
The most extreme conspiracy theory yet in the missing Malaysia Airlines plane drama: Passenger (...)
Apparently these milk executives thought the public was of the opinion, "You know, I would buy (...)
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"So... do you... do you suppose we should... talk about money?"
Introducing Sociology: Tim Kreiders influential 1999 essay (previously) on how Stanley Kubricks Eyes Wide Shut uses sex and infidelity to cover up a story of greed and murder by the elite gets a brand new afterward by the author to
The Most Dangerous Mission...The Most Daring Escape...Behind Enemy Lines
VHS Cover Junkie showcases examples of the now lost art of the home videotape cover.
Inside the giant panda research centre
Photographer Ami Vitale was allowed exclusive access into the Wolong National Nature Reserve managed by the China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda as it trains pandas to be released into the wild. The Problem With Pandas.Is Breeding
The Truman Show, a critically (yt) acclaimed movie from 1998, is set to become a TV series.
Dirtbag Romeo and Juliet
HBO content to be available via Amazon Prime
Amazon and HBO on Wednesday announced a first-of-its-kind deal that will make HBO content available to Amazon Prime subscribers. ... Content covered in the new deal includes The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire, Eastbound & Down, Family Tree, Treme,
"Whip out your gun and follow that car." ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Dmitri Nabokov, Car Guy : Dmitri Nabokov, son of Vladimir: his fathers work (Lolita, Pale Fire, Ada, etc.), and cars. Some stand out photos include: - Véra Nabokov with the Bizzarrini Strada- Four of Dmitris cars in Switzerland: Ferrari 348
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