Satanic Coloring Book Submitted To Fla. Schools for Distribution
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TIL when the Emperor Nero began to go nuts, he would stage long singing performances wherein th(...)
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My daughter's Jawa costume. She was sad she scared little kids.
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How does Sean Connery shave?
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Turned my wheelchair into the Popemobile this Halloween. "Thy Pope has come"
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Seat Swap
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Bethesda has officially canceled Prey 2
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Facebook has experimented with Newsfeed content before voting to analyze effect on turnout (Mic(...)
Micah L. Sifry / Mother Jones:Facebook has experimented with Newsfeed content before voting to analyze effect on turnout  —  Facebook Wants You to Vote on Tuesday.  Heres How It Messed
Joyent Raises $15M To Bring Enterprise-Grade Docker Support To Its Cloud Platform (Frederic Lar(...)
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:Joyent Raises $15M To Bring Enterprise-Grade Docker Support To Its Cloud Platform  —  Until today, cloud infrastructure company Joyent had raised a total of $120 million in
Microsoft's Outlook.com will get third-party app support in spring 2015 (Kip Kniskern/LiveSide.net)
Kip Kniskern / LiveSide.net:Microsofts Outlook.com will get third-party app support in spring 2015  —  3rd party apps coming to Outlook.com  —  Microsoft continues to re-examine and bolster its platform company roots, this time by announcing
Microsoft launches redesigned Outlook for Mac, announces new Office for Mac coming next year (E(...)
Emil Protalinski / VentureBeat:Microsoft launches redesigned Outlook for Mac, announces new Office for Mac coming next year  —  Microsoft today launched a new version of Outlook for Mac, available to
Amazon exec: We priced the Fire phone wrong (JP Mangalindan/Fortune)
JP Mangalindan / Fortune:Amazon exec: We priced the Fire phone wrong  —  When it introduced the Fire smartphone in July, Amazon bet sales would be something worth bragging about.  But
Slack raised $120M at $1.12B valuation in a round led by Kleiner and Google Ventures (Douglas M(...)
Douglas MacMillan / Wall Street Journal:Slack raised $120M at $1.12B valuation in a round led by Kleiner and Google Ventures  —  One-Year-Old Business Software Maker Slack Valued at $1.12 Billion 
Facebook is now available on Tor for more secure browsing (Abhimanyu Ghoshal/The Next Web)
Abhimanyu Ghoshal / The Next Web:Facebook is now available on Tor for more secure browsing  —  After enabling secure HTTPS browsing by default for all users in August last year,
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Charleston murder suspect 'death penalty-eligible'
Marlon Dixon is taken to Kanawha County Magistrate Court by Charleston police after he was arrested in July for allegedly killing Branda Basham. On Tuesday, a federal grand jury indicted him on seven charges, including murder, and prosecutors said Dixon
Maine Nurse Kaci Hickox Ordered to Stay Three Feet Away From People
No description.
My little chickenhawks this year.
About five years ago I noticed a Coopers Hawk had stopped by and was hanging around the farm during Fall Migration. it was an adult with a bright red eye and that beautiful blue-grey head and cap. And so I
Odds and Ends for Foto/Random Friday
Heres what Ive had around. Its been a really busy week so I havent been able to get out much. Im hoping to finish up my Halloween shots today and post them later too. I hope everyone has some fun
MechDaddy 2014
From video intro:My 6-month old son and I as a Sunder from the MechWarrior series.
Child porn nets 'Incest Dad' 27 years in prison
GREENEVILLE -- A 31-year-old Bristol, Tenn., man, who described himself as an active incest dad, has been sentenced to 27 years in federal prison for producing child pornography.by Matthew Lane---FBI Notice
Hagel balks at Obama's Syria strategy? Not really
No description.
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OnStar Can Help You Escape When Monsters Attack
If your car gets swarmed by zombies, would you know what to do? While that question may seem far-fetched, Halloween car safety is an integral part of ensuring every little vampire and mummy gets home safely after trick-or-treating. Chevrolet and
Government 'to propose a 100 off water bill'
Every home in Ireland is reportedly due to get a 100 off their water bill, according to new plans from the Government. The Irish Independent reports the tax relief may be extended to try to ease mounting pressure over the
MLB hot stove: 5 top free agent starting pitchers
A handful of pitchers are going to get big paydays soon. And their new clubs will get a change in fortune.
Big bad but not even a CAT 1
Sandy taught important lessons. Maybe not every student who encountered her teaching has learned as much as she offered, but few went home without a bit more wisdom.
Bumgarner leads SF Giants to Game 7 win, third World Series title in five seasons
Buster Posey #28 and Madison Bumgarner #40 of the San Francisco Giants celebrate after defeating the Kansas City Royals to win Game Seven of the 2014 World Series by a score of 3-2. Buster Posey #28 and Madison Bumgarner #40
redlock-py 1.0.1
This python lib implements the Redis-based distributed lock manager algorithm . Where the resource name is an unique identifier of what you are trying to lock and 1000 is the number of milliseconds for the validity time.
Is it too late to save Honey Boo Boo from mom's pedophile boyfriend?
Honey Boo Boo has been completely silent during the scandal surrounding her mothers sex offender boyfriend, but the world is worried about her nonetheless. This Wednesday news report shares more heartbreaking statements being made by the main victim of Mama
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Tonight for Halloween you might hear some spooky stories, but this Australian surfer lived one.(...)
Bust of John Denver missing after heavy metal ball. Skipper inconsolable
USA: Nobody can be dumber or more fearful about Ebola than us. Best Korea and Russia: Challenge(...)
Monty Python's biggest fan said earlier this year he wanted to meet a beautiful woman almost ha(...)
Research shows a hot drink can make you seem friendlier. Alcoholic drinks still the only ones t(...)
The most popular Halloween candy in each state. Come on New Mexico, get with the program
California waited less than 24 hours to actually mandatorily quarantine an Ebola doctor. Lets s(...)
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See the Psycho shower scene carved in jack-o-jantern stop-motion
About 55 000 Blue whales. (That's quite a lot of Pumpkin.)
Jack Olanterns: Pumpkins and turnips and fungi, Oh My!, a brief but informative blog post by Kirsty Jackson at Plant Scientist.
Mind the Gap
We used to think that the ultimate in security was a stand-alone (that is, off the network) computer, sort of like a room with no doors. How can an attacker get in If theres no way to get in? Such
I scared people in Walmart and got popular. No Excuses
Youre Nick Santonastasso, you got an ...interesting... sense of humour so you team up with uber prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy to scare the shit out of people, making full use of the fact that thanks to Hanhart syndrome you only have
UKIP:Robert Iwaszkiewicz::The Tories:Right wing scandanavians
UKIP have done a deal with a right-wing Polish Party to ensure their Euro group continues to recieve funding. Huffpo: The Polish MEP recruited by Nigel Farage to save Ukips group in the European Parliament has joked about wife beating
Cheers: 5 Cast Members, but mainly Kirstie Alley
Pop Culture Twitter Lists
Complexity and the dysfunctions of central government
One of the most interesting psychological aspects of Whitehall is that their inability to fix their own lifts in no way dents their confidence in advocating that they manage some incredibly complicated process. If one says, given weve failed to
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