Third person crouching in Crysis 2
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I found a majestic marble sculpture of Ron Swanson at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philly
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China Requires 30% of Government Cars to Be Electric
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Ref see's himself on TV
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Gator vs Octopus, micron pen on 17x14 paper
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Jurassic World Visitor's Guide movie prop (X-post from /r/JurassicPark)
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You've got 6 months Nike.
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How an enthusiast is trying to rebuild Prodigy, the online service that shut down in 1999 (Benj(...)
Benj Edwards / The Atlantic Online:How an enthusiast is trying to rebuild Prodigy, the online service that shut down in 1999  —  Rebuilding Prodigy, one screen at a time  — 
Meet Parisa Tabriz, Google's "Security Princess" in charge of handling Chrome security threats (...)
Clare Malone / Elle:Meet Parisa Tabriz, Googles “Security Princess” in charge of handling Chrome security threats  —  Meet Googles Security Princess  —  As Googles top hacker, Parisa Tabriz thinks like
How Internet Providers Get Around War Zones (Joseph Bernstein/BuzzFeed)
Joseph Bernstein / BuzzFeed:How Internet Providers Get Around War Zones  —  Internet disruptions wreak havoc on global economies.  Avoiding them is dangerous, but lucrative.  —  Via dyn.com  —  In January
Samsung suspends business with China supplier following child labor accusation (Sam Byford/The (...)
Sam Byford / The Verge:Samsung suspends business with China supplier following child labor accusation  —  Korean company finds evidence of “illegal hiring process”  —  Last week watchdog China Labor Watch
This Is How Your Financial Data Is Being Used to Serve You Ads (Sam Thielman/Adweek)
Sam Thielman / Adweek:This Is How Your Financial Data Is Being Used to Serve You Ads  —  Wait, who sees my credit card bill, again?  —  Weve done a lot
Nadella's broad-based memo to employees lacked specifics, foreshadows organizational changes (J(...)
Jean-Louis Gassée / Monday Note:Nadellas broad-based memo to employees lacked specifics, foreshadows organizational changes  —  Microsofts New CEO Needs An Editor  —  Satya Nadellas latest message to the troops -
Electronics companies in Japan are starting to turn themselves around, but they are a shadow of(...)
Economist:Electronics companies in Japan are starting to turn themselves around, but they are a shadow of their former selves  —  Electronics companies in Japan are starting to turn themselves around,
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Man electrocutes himself in Pend Oreille County
No description.
Live: Tour de France Stage 10
No description.
Scalia's major screw-up: How SCOTUS just gave liberals a huge gift
No description.
Samsung Suspends China Supplier Amid Child Labor Allegations'"
No description.
Christmas wishes in Bolivia
No description.
"Take Back the Night" Rally
No description.
butterflies & Spider
Butterflies are cold blooded, so they need the suns warmth to keep their activity levels up. When it is dark or cloudy they become inactive, close their wings and rest. Most will find a safe place like the underside of
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Chicago condo smoking bans and more
The smoking ban at the 2626 N Lakeview condominiums is old news by now, but youll get an expanded look at some of the legal backdrop in the latest issue of the Chicagoland Cooperator .
Dead body rolls into the street after coroner's van door malfunctions
Drivers in Bucks County Pennsylvania were in for a shock on Friday afternoon. They saw something they wont likely see again anytime soon-a dead body on a gurney sitting in the middle-of-the-road.
World Cup 2014: Super Mario and Germany cap impressive tournament, deny Messi his glory
The Germans became the first team from Europe to win a World Cup in the Western Hemisphere, defeating Argentina 1-0 on the goal that late-game substitute Mario Goetze will remember for the rest of his life.
Dog drowns in car when it rolls into lake: Owner left dog tied to car
Dog drowns in car in a freak accident. Owner ties dog to car near lake and the dog gets in through open door and hits emergency break, rolling car into lake.
Area Sales Director & Publisher
Thank you for your interest in the Area Sales Director & Publisher . To begin the application process, please enter your information below.
Clear communications are important during emergencies
This article will use the example of a specific emergency to show why preppers need clear communications during emergencies.
How to derive and validate clinical prediction models for use in intensive care medicine.
Clinical prediction models are formal combinations of historical, physical examination and laboratory or radiographic test data elements designed to accurately estimate the probability that a specific illness is present , will respond to a form of treatment or will have
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Man burns at Burning Man. I thought that was the point
Turns out the Ya'll Qaeda won't be defending our border against those little kids after all. Bu(...)
Salvage crews to begin raising the Corncordia this week. Admiral Tolwyn hopes to finish the ope(...)
Police believe the naked man who attacked them, jumped on cars, broke windows, tried to go in t(...)
Burglar dives out first floor window after run in with Texas homeowner. "I have a tattoo of the(...)
Argentina soccer fans channeling their inner Vancouver
Police chase a drunken man around Legoland for more than an hour, finally subduing him with a Taser
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The Saga of 'Sambo's
Not too long ago, Sambos had 1,117 locations in 47 states—and a reputation for pushing racist iconography along with its breakfasts.
Poor sanitation and childhood stunting
New research on malnutrition, which leads to childhood stunting, suggests that a root cause may be an abundance of human waste polluting soil and water, rather than a scarcity of food. (SLNYT) This research has quietly swept through many of
damn, that's a lot of light pollution
what does your city look like from space?
The End of Unrestricted Celebrity Medicine?
A policy before the Medical Society of the State of New York to regulate celebrity medical expertise
An increasingly-frustrated Google Guy
What if Google was a guy? . Includes special guest Siri. previously: part 1 and part 2
A New Dynasty is Forged
Jeremiah Heaton promised his young daughter Emily she could be a real princess. Because he is not a liar, he travelled to a peculiarly unclaimed 800 sq. mi. region between Egypt and Sudan and planted his flag to create the
a "Bill of Rights for G.I. Joe and Jane"
How the GI Bill Became Law in Spite of Some Veterans Groups
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